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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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is standing by with our look at the roads. meteorologist lissette gonzalez. what do you have for us? >> reporter: i have nothing. it is nice and quiet. i like that on a friday actually i want to mention something important later on dealing with the dangerous risk of rip currents. that is really the main weather have something actually. biscayne bay camera, miami, we are not seeing anything on the radar in terms of rain. we are dealing with the potential if a few sprinkles here and there. the breeze is kicking out of the northeast anywhere from 8 to 17 miles per hour and that will continue to increase throughout the day today. it is a comfortable start, not as cool as yesterday but still refreshing with low 60s and upper 60s near the coast. downright windy at times, and we will see the potential for stray showers and sprinkles.
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so although it will be tempting it is not safe to go swimming. a high-risk of rip currents and a small craft advisory. right now let's check your traffic with vanessa. we have a traffic alert on i-95 southbound right around the dolphin expressway where it meets the dolphin and 395. we are getting word the ramp from i-95 southbound to the causeway is shut down as a result of this crash. we are already seeing delays building on the southbound drive right before you approach at 395. you can see here 95 and northwest 20th street, delays are building. take your side streets and jump off of 95. 826 drivers south lanes blocked off, once you get to 88th street, all the lanes are blocked off you can't continue southbound past 88th on 826.
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vanessa thank you. we begin with a cbs4 news exclusive. the president of the miami fraternal order of police explains why some local cops are boycotting beyonce. the superstar is scheduled to perform at marlins park in two months. >> cbs4's marybel rodriguez joins us outside marlins park with the boycott. good morning. >> reporter: lauren, walter good morning. on april 27th beyonce will take over marlins park to kickoff her world tour. the head of the miami police union wants his fellow officers to boycott the concert. but the city of miami police says that will not happen. >> reporter: tens of millions of people watched beyonce and her dancers perform at halftime on super bowl sunday. but javier ortiz, head of the miami fraternal order of police, was not one of them.
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>> reporter: ortiz said her message honored the black panthers movement and he chose not to watch. these pictures showed the group of dancers with fists raised after the performance, something the black panthers formed in the 1960s that roused violence against police. ortiz also takes issue with beyonce's video for the song formation and its images of a young boy and police officers with their hands up, which ortiz says is an inaccurate portrayal of what happened during the michael brown shooting in ferguson, missouri. ortiz says the members of the fraternal order of police voted to boycott beyonce's upcoming concert at marlins park in april. >> it was unanimous. we are not going to sign up to work for a woman that has portrayed a message that is antipolice. >> reporter: the miami police
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meeting. they are saying if there was a one. they saw no vote. >> reporter: moss says ortiz works for the police department but does not speak for the police department. moss says ortiz speaks for the represents. bottom line, moss says if there is a concert like beyonce's upcoming show in miami, the police will be there to protect and serve. >> anybody that wants to go to that concert and enjoy themselves at that concert can rest assure police will be there to protect them. >> reporter: we tried to get a response from beyonce's representatives. we did leave a message but have not heard back. may have been rod cbs4 -- marybel rodriguez cbs4.
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are on the hunt if a woman they say used a stolen credit card to buy a pricey purse from a south florida mall. look at the woman wearing the pink hoodie in this video. she used the card to buy a $2100 louis vuitton purse. the card belonged to a doctor who had her wallet stolen. in all someone used three stolen credit cards and two atm cards to rack up $7300 in charges. and check out this video. you can see a man in a black hoodie, robbing a woman at a west flagler street atm. the crook pulled a gun and snatched her purse. police, of course, want to find that robber. they also just want to talk to the other man seen in the video. you can call crime stoppers if you have any information on these crimes. the latest in the historic change in relations between the united states and cuba now.
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quite a few people in south florida. gaby fleischman has more. >> reporter: hey walter the president is looking forward to the trip to havana. not everyone is excited about it. cuban americans and cuban exiles we spoke with see this as a giveaway. many say cuban dissidents and detained. castro has vowed opening up trade and travel will not socialist revolution. the white house says president obama's visit will make a difference. >> we see it as a means of pushing forward this normalization process, trying to achieve greater opening between the united states and cuba. >> we denounce this visit as another in a long series of unilateral concessions to the castro regime by the obama
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>> we are all headed to cuba saturday. >> really? >> yes we are. and i think it is about time. >> reporter: and the president's visit is scheduled for march 21st and 22nd. again he is expected to meet with raul castro but not fidel and also business leaders and dissidents. >> gaby thank you. to the campaign trail now and look at this. this is the front page of this morning's new york daily news. it is donald trump in a fiery setting with the headline antichrist. the headline comes after pope francis slammed the gop front runner for wanting to build a wall at the u.s. mexico border. cbs4's craig boswell reports. >> reporter: gop front runner donald trump softened his stance on pope francis.
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i think he's got a lot of personality. i think he was given false information. >> reporter: trump first went off after francis said a person who thinks of building walls not bridges is not a christian. >> to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> jeb bush, a catholic, says a person's faith is a private matter. >> i don't think it is propose to question donald trump's faith. >> john kasich's said it is the u.s.'s right to build a wall. >> donald trump holds a 2-1 lead over ted cruz. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton has an 8- point lead over bernie sanders in the latest national poll. but they are neck and neck in nevada ahead of saturday's caucuses. both clinton and sanders discussed immigration reform at
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>> i was the first person to call out donald trump. i said enough. guichet to take 11 million undocumented people in this country out of the shadows. >> reporter: the -- i want to take 11 million undocumented people in this country out of the shadows. stay with us for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. thousands of mourners are expected to pay respect today to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. a private ceremony, including family, friends and justices will take place at the court this morning. scalia's casket will be in public view for the rest of the day. president obama and mrs. obama will pay respects later this afternoon. his funeral will take place tomorrow. now at 60:00, we are -- now at 6:09, we are hearing from a
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walker and her mother, spoke with investigators. an investigation was launched after they stopped at a north miami beach temple last friday and saturday and reportedly displayed a quran. photos were displayed of the women, she says she wanted to learn more. >> i wanted to meet new friends. get in touch with my brothers and sisters. i'm a social person. i love people. i love being around people. >> reporter: north miami beach police say no laws were broken, still the chief urges you to speak up if you see something that looks suspicious is that operation clean up is in the books. early yesterday morning officers hit the streets and went after burglars and even people tied to a prostitution ring. a 13-year-old boy is robbed at gunpoint. now he is talking about his
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but first a tourist helicopter flying over pearl harbor slammed into the water. what happened to the people on board, coming up after the break. trending, outrage on social media as two baby dolphins are pulled from the water simply for people to take selfies with them. and there is a battle between team cruz and team rubio over this photo shopped image that has gone viral. i-95 southbound the ramp to the causeway eastbound, for those of you going to miami beach this morning that route is shut down. take 195 instead. and it look at the delays on i-95 itself heading toward 395. we have a couple more issues out there. everything when we get back. what a mess. it is quiet and breezy, a little on the coolish side 50s in central florida.
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there is a lot going on, including the dolphins cancer
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i will let you know happy friday. we were talking about the
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to be eating and brunch. many of you are probably making plans as well at home. the good news is you don't have to rush out in terms of the welt, because it is cooperating -- the weather, because it is develop rating right now. -- cooperating right now. rain chances low at 10%. because we have a strong onshore flow, we could see maybe a stray shower at best. a few sprinkles across the upper keys and around the rest of florida so far. because we have this northeast breeze anywhere from 9 to 17 miles per hour, it will be crank and go increasing throughout -- cranking and increasing throughout the day today. looking at the numbers, not as cool as yesterday but comfortable with upper 60s in miami. homestead 62 and upper 60s through the keys. the rest of the united states, we are talking 20s through washington d.c. new york city
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40s from cincinnati atlanta. 30s in minneapolis. however kansas city 67 and 60s through texas because the jet stream has lifted to the north and that allows 50s in california, 40s in the pacific northwest where there is indeed a storm system there. rain and a wintry mix for the plains. all this is sliding to the east. however we have high pressure that will lead to a dry, stable atmosphere for the most part. pleasant sunshine this weekend, then we start to warm things up with a mix of sun and clouds on monday and storm chances increasing on tuesday. we will see the possible of strong to severe storms as we get into tuesday and wednesday of next week. however today is looking nice, we will see clouds from time to time blowing in on the northeast breeze. a dangerous high-risk of rip currents, not safe to go swimming, not a good day for boating.
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place at sun life stadium to kickoff the big dolphins challenge. tomorrow mostly sunny, breezy conditions. cbs4 is a proud sponsor and many members of our team will be out there to help battle cancer. the weekend is looking good. upper 70s, warmer next week with a better chance of storms tuesday and wednesday. we finally have chopper 4 over the scene of this crash on i-95 southbound. the ramp to 395 eastbound is shut down. this is a really bad scene. you are seeing what looks like possibly a jeep flipped over on its back. the tow truck is going to tow the car out of the way. hopefully the driver and any passengers are okay. it is on the ramp to 395 eastbound so they are detouring everybody. what you are going to have to
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tuttle causeway instead. we have one other issue to worry about. the delays at northwest 20th street leading to 395 is bad. after that 826 drivers construction was blocking off a number of lanes, that has finally cleared up. guys? vanessa thank you. joe rose is live, hard to believe spring training is just getting underway for the pros. the big season opener friday night. national title or bust for the canes this year, what do you think? >> reporter: well there is no question they've got a very good baseball team. but their first goal has to be, be healthy, play your best and get to the world series. that is the number one goal. it is not easy. you can have really talented teams and if you are not playing your best late in the year, it is tough to get there. jim morris has himself a heck
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first of all tough conference the acc has some of the best, florida state, florida, both very, very good. they are going to have a lot of work cut out to stay toward the top in the rankings this year. got to come out of the acc and have a chance for the world series. but man he has himself a nice baseball team. >> yeah he does and i love he said someone sent him anonymously omaha steaks. hopefully a sign of things to come. >> reporter: get to those steaks. let's talk about canes hoops now. canes versus unc tomorrow at chapel hill. >> reporter: two best records in the acc. doesn't that sound cool to say that? university of miami and north carolina. the big game on cbs tomorrow. i mean that is big time.
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game and here they are with one of the best records. getting this group of guys towing, they are going to have confidence and this is the first of four really difficult games they've got coming up. they still have virginia, louisville and they've got to go to notre dame. those are all really tough games, coming up. i'll take a 2-2 split what about you lauren? >> they have to keep on winning. it is almost time to dance. march madness is right around the corner. keep on moving joe right? >> reporter: all about dancing lauren. and i have a feeling you are a really good dancer. >> i have my dancing shoes on already at 6:20 this morning. joe thanks so much. we'll talk to you later on. and of course as joe mentioned a reminder for you cbs4 is the only place you can see the hurricanes take on the tarheels, tipoff set for 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. time to find out what is trending on social media this
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vanessa is here with what is hot right now. >> reporter: lauren dancing, obviously. south florida have you seen the pictures of a small dolphin hoisted over a crowd that is taking selfies with it? these pictures are causing outrage all over the word. two baby dolphins pulled from the water in argentina and paraded around on land for people to pet last week. at least one of the dolphins died, it is believed from dehydration. one of the tourists claims the dolphin had died before people started taking selfies with it. this image from a pro ted cruz group is making the rounds. the image of a smiling marco rubio shaking hands with president obama. cruz's campaign admitted to using a doctored image online, calling it an illustration. we have seen a lot of lady gaga lately, a david bowie
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can see her on the catwalk. the ringing in your ear is from the catwalk. the supermodel walked the marc jacobs runway and looked like a pro. she is about our height lauren. when you see them all lined up, she is here and they are like here. >> i need a pair of those heels. thank you vanessa. and now to news from across america. five people are alive but shaken after the helicopter hawaii. take a look at this. it happened yesterday morning near the pearl harbor memorial. this is the memorial in honolulu. some people onshore jumped in the water to help rescue the people on board and we are told a teenager in the helicopter does have some critical
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meanwhile, five people are awhile, but shaken. here is some of what we are working on for you tonight at 11:00. >> comes in we constantly retate. i never know who is next to me on top of me wherever on the bed on top of the bed. it is wherever they want to go. >> those dogs run that house. many people sleep with their pets to make them feel safe and relaxed. but is it really good for your health? tonight i talk with the experts. watch sleeping with your pets tonight only on cbs4 at 11:00. hacking coughs, not all are the same. exactly what does your cough mean? also ahead, robbed at gunpoint. a 13-year-old describes the terrifying day he was held up
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police make an arrest in the case. plus a dog finds herself
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what crews did to free this 2-year-old boy is the son of a miami dade police officer. alex flores faces the fight of his young life. doctors recently diagnosed him with leukemia. marvin and vanessa flores were so stunned, it took them a few days to tell their family. the young couple finally gave in to help from their brothers and sisters in uniform who created a gofundme page that has already raised more than $19,000. >> it is overwhelming, all the support he is getting and nice to know the support, everyone stands behind him, you know it makes us stronger for him. >> alex is in the hospital, quarantined for days of more chemo. the hope is little alex won't need a bone marrow transplant. nora o'donald is joining us
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what do you have planned for today? >> reporter: good morning to you walt and lauren. we are talking with john dickerson and don schieffer about the pope's comments. plus the nypd deputy of intelligence joins us here, we are going to get his take on apple refusing to help the fbi, and why the government doesn't have the power to hack phones. also the couple who may have to pay almost $7000 for a negative yelp review. and the gravity defying athletes you don't see. how the skiers behind the camera capture these stunts. >> i always wondered how they got those images. >> i can barely just stand there with skis on. >> nora thank you. >> it kicks off at 7:00 a.m. right here on cbs4. in this morning's top news the sole kardashian brother is popping up more in public these
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but his sisters aren't seeing too much of him. rob kardashian's girlfriend posted this snap. his sister posted this, with the caption it is simple. i miss you. the girlfriend happens to be tyga's ex, who is involved with kiley. bond. an auction included 007's sexy aston martin's sports car. christie's auction house didn't identify the new owner. driver. the cars aren't street legal, so basically that car might sit in the driveway for awhile. >> i'm going with the powerball winners from melbourne beach. >> they did say they wanted a
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>> she wanted a car and a massage. i'll take a few massages. >> i'm with you lauren. you took the words out of my mouth. i would love a massage this weekend. forget about the car. many of you getting ready to hop in the car, the good news is, it is friday. we are mainly dry and quiet, a couple of clouds from our biscayne bay camera in miami as we look live at the sun. radar has been mainly quiet with a few sprinkles here and there. a little bit of a sprinkle around ocean reef. the breeze out of the northeast anywhere from 9 to 17 miles per hour. that will be the big story today because of the rough surf and dangerous rip currents and rough boating conditions. upper 60s near the coast. so it is comfortable. with the breeze it could feel a little on the coolish side. mid 70s and again it is not safe to go swimming.
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i'll talk more about the dolphins cancer challenge and what you can expect the rest of the weekend in my forecast ahead. let's get a traffic alert with vanessa. >> reporter: i-95 drivers the ramp shut down to 35. macarthur causeway eastbound because of a rollover accident. a jeep flipped over and they are having to tow it out of the way. hopefully everybody is okay. that drive is a mess southbound. this is approaching the exit ramp to 395 eastbound but well before the crash. you are going to start seeing the delays. this is i-95, northwest 54th street. around this time of the morning we don't see this, because of the crash at 395. this is 54th right before you choose which ramp to take. it is going to be a slow one this morning. take express lanes if you have to get on to i-95 southbound. broward county total opposite, great looking drive. no accidents. northbound 95 at sterling road. guys? vanessa thank you.
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from the 13-year-old investigated of a suspected serial robber -- victim of a suspected serial robber. cbs4's david sutter reports from west miami dade. >> reporter: his name is alvarado garcia. and he robbed a 13-year-old at gunpoint last month in front of his school. >> he is quite brazen. he threatened a 13-year-old walking with friends with a gun and was able to get away with it. >> reporter: the surveillance video hit the airwaves, giving police the tips they needed. >> with the 13-year-old, someone recognized that man, they called us with information, and that is how we got the ball rolling. >> reporter: we spoke to the 13- year-old and his friends seen in the video. >> now i can walk around safer and i don't have to worry about him.
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around without having to look back. >> reporter: garcia is no stranger to law enforcement. check out his rap sheet. burglary, battery, grand theft, cocaine possession, and now five robberies. that's right, five robberies detectives have died to him across miami and that is not all. >> detectives are certain he may be a sect in other open cases we have within our city. >> reporter: burke-parsons- bowlby corp. is being held on no bond. when he was arrested authorities say he told them he was on a cocaine binge and -- bond. when he was arrested, authorities say he told them he was on a cocaine binge. officials tell us this plane was trying to land at a small private airport when it crashed. the pilot was the only person on board. no one was hurt. a scuffle at school ends
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police say a fight broke out at red land middle school -- at redland middle school. one student fell to the floor and hit his head. his injuries were serious enough to require an air rescue. >> you get nervous about it. seems like all the young kids now done lost their mind. >> police are investigating. no one will be charged in connection with that fight. a broward attorney accused of having sex with her klein in jail was back in court by his side. jessica michelle asked a judge to release israel grand on bond as he awaits trial. she claims the sexual allegations were made up by the guard. she claims the guards got word grand was acting as a confidential informant, working on a corruption investigation inside the jail. he remains locked up. a fired ft.
6:35 am
be at a hearing today fighting for his job. yesterday police chief frank attarly testified just feet away from james wells. >> i've never seen this in the 35 plus years i have been here, i've never seen an engagement with the community, the response that we have had, national attention. this is the worst i've seen. >> reporter: attarly said the messages damaged trust with the community and the words made it impossible to prospects. wells says he isn't racist. the arbitrator isn't expected to rule until the spring. a big decision from the florida supreme court. it threw out the conviction and
6:36 am
core don't that, the south florida woman do, cordoba. in 2011 she was sentenced to death for the torture and murder of her son in 1990. the 3-year-old's body was found in bushes on miami beach. the state attorney had some response, while we are saddened by today's florida supreme court decision in the case, we are prepared to retry this homicide. the murder deserves our fundamental commitment. coming up which car was crowned the title of biggest ticket magnet. and check this out. it looks like a fire and a tornado all wrapped up in one. we'll have more of this wild video. plus talk about a close call. what happened to the bus driver who had a bus, packed with students just a few feet from a speeding train? traffic alert.
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shut down for a rollover crash. these are the delays before you get to the ramp. we are going to talk about that traffic alert and a couple of other issues out there when we get back. lissette? at the bus stop this morning, cooler and breezy. upper 60s near the coast, windy with sprinkles this afternoon. mid-70s, i'll tell what you you can expect for the weekend in my complete from the. stay with us. good morning i'm rudabeh shahbazi. >> does this lady's predicament sound familiar? >> one moves, the other comes in, we constantly rotate. i never know who is next to me
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>> do you move over hash browns. mcdonalds is testing something new for breakfast. plus which cars get the most speeding tickets. jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning, when it comes to getting speeding tickets and other violations
6:41 am
blimp. looked at which cars get most tickets. lexus, nissan 350 z and the dodge charger. all day breakfast at mcdonalds has been so successful the fast food chain is coming up with new items. the latest is the chicken mcgridal. a fried chicken patty between two buns. if successful it could end up on the permanent all day breakfast menu. we are learning what you wear during workouts may actually matter. what is this about? >> reporter: okay so what you wear or think you are wearing actually does matter. when people wore or used products from certain brands like nikki, they actually performed better. they tested people at their golf putting skills.
6:42 am
just thinking they are in nikki helped. so-called performance brands reduced anxiety and made people feel better about themselves. lauren? >> first thing i do when i get home is put on workout clothes but then i never actually go to workout. confession. >> reporter: you know that is interesting though. i do the same. put my workout clothes on. because i think it is going to force me to go to the gym. >> and then i lounge around and watch tv. >> and then i'm in my sports bra all afternoon. >> lift the chips to the mouth like wade. thanks jill. look at this wild video from missouri. fire crews battling a raging grass fire captured this fire tornado. you can see it swirling around on the ground. no word on what sparked the fire but so far there are no reports of any injuries. >> wow. >> wow is right. i had a chance to cover some fire tornadoes when i worked on
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back to the workout clothes. i confess as well. sometimes i throw on yoga pants and never do yoga. some of you are heading to work and school this morning. happy friday, you made it and we are ready for the weekend. right now a live view from our windjammer resort. palm trees swaying, surf looking a little on the rough side. throughout the day, that will be the big story for us locally in terms of any hazards. a dangerous high-risk of rip currents. so although many of you may be tempted to head to the beach, today it is best to stay out of the water, avoid swimming. not safe. another live view from doral looking toward the miami skyline, we are seeing some clouds. thankfully right now the radar is quiet except if a few sprinkles. we had a few sprinkles across the keys and throughout the day today. and even this weekend a 10% chance of rain. an isolated shower, sprinkles possible.
6:44 am
the northeast anywhere from 9 to 17 miles per hour. upper 60s near the coast. comfortable, not as cool as yesterday. 62 in kendall, always a bit cooler inland. 20s in dc, new york city and boston. 40s in cincinnati and atlanta. 30s in minneapolis, however 60s across kansas city into texas. 50s in california. a storm system moving across the northern plains. the midwest and great lakes dealing with wintry precipitation but we have high pressure to thank for a pleasant, sunny weekend. then early next week a little bit warmer. we are bumping up the storm chance as we get into tuesday and wednesday as we'll have another cold front rolling through. for today it is mild with mid 70s, makes the sun and sprinkles and a gusty breeze
6:45 am
rip currents at the beach. choppy on the bays, seas 6 to 8. breezy and cool for the big party launching the dolphins cancer challenge. for those of you headed out for the routes, mostly breezy, upper 70s. i know many of us from cbs4 will be there upper 70s this weekend, pleasant sunshine, warmer next week, a better chance of storms tuesday and wednesday. vanessa? we have the traffic alert. the roll over crash. chopper 4 flew over the soon just a few minutes ago. 95 southbound -- the scene a few minutes ago. 95 southbound. the jeep you just saw was flipped over, the ramp is still closed. hopefully the people in the car are okay, but in terms of your drive, it is a mess out there,
6:46 am
southbound side of 95, approaching 395. 86 westbound the right lane blocked off because of a crash and u.s. 27 a police involved accident northbound on okeechobee partially blocking the roadway. slowest spot the turnpike from 288 northbound up to 84th. caught on camera a houston area school bus driver is out of a job after a terrifying near miss crash with a train. the train nearly slammed into the back of the school bus, which was full of high school students. it happened last week. students were on their way home when the close call happened. after the incident the driver brought the bus back to school saying the students were so loud the bus couldn't be driven safely. this morning a pennsylvania family is reunited with their dog after one major scare.
6:47 am
out sky, a 7-year-old golden retriever, from a sinkhole. she disappeared monday but yesterday her owners heard her barking from the 60-feet deep hole. she went to the vet to make sure everything was okay. tomorrow is the dolphins cancer challenge. cbs4 is once again a proud sponsor of the annual event. thousands of riders will head out with all the routes leading back to the stadium for a concert featuring melissa ethridge and cheryl crow. it will be a big party there and promises to be a lot of fun. will include surprise guests. now an important reminder that tomorrow's cancer challenge will impact traffic. six different rides including a 100-mile ride. if you want to look at the courses and for more
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challenge, go to our website cbs straight ahead, do you get enough sleep? probably not. which states have the highest and lowest sleep rates. plus it is cough and cold season but not all coughs are the same.
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at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. p hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. at hillshire farm, there's a reason our slow roasted turkey
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seconds after carving, we not only seal every slice, we double seal it. the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's
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it is a familiar sound this time of year. that hacking cough. >> colds and congestion can take over in the winter but not all coughs are the same. don champion reports. >> reporter: merrill felix has had it with her nagging cough. >> i have been ill for a week or so now and i haven't gotten any better. bronchitis. >> reporter: so what, exactly, does your cough mean? mt. sinai says most patients have a cold and cough this time of year from post nasal drip. >> the cough gets deeper into the upper part of the chest. >> reporter: if a person has a dry cough that ends with a
6:52 am
when the cough is wet with colored mucous, that can be a sign of pneumonia. >> coughs that are particularly concerning that should prompt someone to go to a doctor earlier would be coughs that are associated with real difficulty breathing. >> reporter: other coughs to watch out for, a dry cough that gets worse when someone lies down or eats can mean reflux disease. and a severe hacking cough followed by a high pitched pitched sound could be whooping cough. >> bronchitis typically lasts two to four weeks. >> reporter: an asthma medication is recommend today open her passage ways and dark honey to soothe her cough.
6:53 am
get enough sleep. experts recommend adults 18-60 sleep at least 7 hours each night for good health. the cdc says south dakota had the highest sleep rates, hawaii had the lowest.
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breaking news. american war planes struck targets in libya overnight, hitting an isis training camp. it is believed the strike targeted a terrorist leader tied to two attacks that killed dozens of people. now here is a quick wrap-up of your morning headlines. the president of the miami fraternal order of police wants police to boycott beyonce's concert coming up in south ortiz says team members voted to boycott the concert on april 27th at marlins park, but miami police major moss says ortiz does not speak for the police department, only union members.
6:57 am
long list of charges. this is him robbing a 13-year- old in front of his school last month. garcia is accused of being involved in at least five robberies across miami and could be connected to others. we are learning more about president obama's trip to cuba next month. cuban president raul castro has said he will meet with president obama. thousands of mourners are expected to pay respects today to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. a private ceremony, including family, friends and justices will take place at the court this morning. the president and first laidry expected to be there late -- lady are expected to be there later this afternoon. joe, the boys of summer firing up for spring training. marlins pitch enters catchers
6:58 am
what are you looking forward to. >> reporter: staying healthy and good luck there. but i'm also looking forward to don mattingly being the manager and what barry bonds can do. i think it will be fun having these guys and the credentials they have as players and what they have been able to do along with all the rest of the guys. i want everybody to know marlins got themselves a nice baseball team if they can stay healthy. it could be a lot of fun to watch for baseball season and hopefully people will get behind it, starting up in jupiter, nothing like spring baseball and we'll see what happens from there. >> those are big ifs, though joe, we'll have to wait and see. thanks so much. talk to you later. >> reporter: i'm staying positive. you are starting to work on plea a little bit. nice job by you. >> there you go. a last look at your
6:59 am
>> reporter: no debby downers. let's try to be positive pollys this morning. my brother and sister taught me that little expression. we are kicking it off with rough, dangerous surf so heads up for your beachgoers. a high-risk of rip currents and hazardous marine conditions. upper 60s near the coast, low 60s inland. don't swim today, it will be dangerous. upper 70s, pleasant sunshine, warmer next week with a better chance of storms. vanessa? a traffic alert this morning. 836 westbound at 27th avenue, now you can hear me, a crash blocking the right lane on the westbound drive. a live shot of 395, it is going to be a lot of anticipation, there it is. 395 westbound. lucky you, you live in south florida. >> favorite slot of the week by far.
7:00 am
have a good captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 19th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump fires back at the pope on immigration and faith. a new poll shows his lead narrowing in south carolina. breaking news. american war planes target a major isis operative linked to two terrorist attacks. the bombings reportedly killed dozen. a helicopter crash in hawaii's pearl harbor. the race to trap those inside. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, i can promise you that the pope would have wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president.


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