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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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it aggravates the situation, much less to leave a juvenile on the ground., leaving him behind defend for himself.>> reporter: classmate say he plays basketball and is a bright student. >> he is a great student. to see such sad news scared all this. >> you have to be careful and look at where you're walking and make sure you look four times before you cross the street.>> we have bleeding of the brain and possible fractures to the face. >> -- >> reporter: police put up these flyers. the car likely has hood damaged and possibly a damaged windshield.>> a family member was a witness who almost got struck himself.>> reporter:
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hospital with other family members. he is in serious condition. if you have any information on that car, you are urged to call crimestoppers. you can remain anonymous, 305- 471-tips. joan murray, cbs4 news. caught on camera, two crooks getting away with the delivery drivers car as she delivered pizza. this is video of the two men moments before stealing the car from a hotel. the delivery driver left her car running as she delivered the pizza at a days inn. that's when the men hopped in and drove off. asked to call police. an attorney is behind bars after being arrested on federal child pornography charges. david rothenberg was arrested on saturday at his home in margate. he is charged with distribution of child pornography. he is being held in the broward county jail. at 5:30, woman held up at gunpoint using a
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the 23-year-old woman was at the bank of america on sunrise boulevard at 10 pm when a man with a gun approached her car and the managed $300. police say the victim tried to withdraw $800, knowing her car would -- card would be decline. another customer hold up in the suspect ran away. oakland police need your help finding a man who went shopping with someone else's credit card. cameras captured the man walking into home depot on w. oakland park blvd. with a girl november 2. the man used to debit card stolen from a woman in north carolina to purchase a gift card and a rubber mat. the man may have been driving a white four-door sedan with dark tinted windows. anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers at 954-45 -- 493-tips. a health alert, another
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the 11th confirmed case in miami dade county. broward is at four cases. raul castro says he has assigned thousands of soldiers to fight the zika virus in a front-page message. he called on the entire country to help kill the mosquito that carries the disease. he says 9000 military personnel and 200 police officers will help reinforce the efforts to spray neighborhoods for mosquitoes and eliminate breeding spots. castro added cuba has yet to report a case of zika, which is suspected of birth defects in brazil. this weekend, two children were shot, one fatally. the death of king carter, another indication we are a community in crisis. many have been making the call to action asking how we can stop the cycle of violence.>> we here at cbs4 are committed to doing our part. mentoring matters features organizations committed to mentoring youth in our community.
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you to me a man working his way to the top with the support of the miami children's initiative and regular people like you and me. >> dozens of shots fired. >> two teens killed.>> reporter: another shooting. another life lost. >> somebody drove by and opened fire on the house. >> reporter: to many, you hear about this on the news. for this woman, it's the heartbreaking reality of daily life in liberty city. too many young lives lost. cecelia gutierrez is the president and ceo of miami children's initiative. the mci's goal is to invest in
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generational poverty through education.>> we are the champions, we're the hope for the community. no one is coming into liberty city to save the community. >> reporter: gutierrez says she grew up on food stamps and section 8 housing. she earned a masters degree and says she knows firsthand what it takes to change the course of a child's life.>> i have had brothers in and out of jail. now i almost articulate what the difference was. the difference was there were adults who told me i was going places and no adults my brothers life who told them they were going places.>> are usually hear guns being shot. i hear them in my neighborhood. >> reporter: tyrone is a success story and a sign of hope.>> you have to be prepared, always. >> reporter: tyrone's has had a lot of first, first suit, first
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he takes the bus to a place where everyone -- everyone knows his name. the mayor's office.>> how are you? >> good, how are you?>> how are you?>> hi, tyrone.>> reporter: tyrone is one of 34 students and mci youth program placed in an internship position.>> he takes experiences -- it takes experiences like this to open up opportunities.>> this is a great work experience got to see how county government works. it kind of works, right? >> reporter: tyrone is aware of how much this internship is changed his life. is the kind of opportunity gutierrez fights for every day. >> we are the ones to make sure this community will have a different future than it has had for the last bunch of decades. >> this is the first time i
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changes i make in my community.>> he wants to take your job. >> is probably better at it than i am.>> the initiative has a community center in the heart of liberty city. they are looking for resources and volunteers and donations. they are gearing up for their annual fundraising event, over the edge. people rappelling down the side of the jw marriott in downtown miami. very brave. it's to raise money for the cause. we posted information on our website, it's down towards the bottom of the page. err i love this series in these stories. it seems like a simple thing to do to talk to young person about their future and let them know all the different possibilities. >> just a little time goes so far. orr i am glad we met that young man. dance with me. she is 106 and she is so excited about her first trip to the white house she could not contain herself, especially
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you will hear from her straight ahead. starbucks is changing its rewards program. what that means for your coffee fix up next. the internet buzzing with the release of this photo. that is st. west. the news is not all positive the kardashian's. nancy o'dell has that later on. cbs4 weather control, check out the sunrise. spectacular, blue skies. a beautiful day. there are changes headed our way. the details on that forecast coming up. i am elliott rodriguez. all-new on cbs4 news at six, the death of the six-year-old, the latest victim of gun violence, sending shockwaves through the community. tonight, we asked city leaders and local police what's being done about it. the furniture hasn't moved out of jeb bush's campaign office in miami, and already some of his big with a
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i will bring you the story.>>
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong.
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enough talk. give us a plan. liquidators underestimated the health risks of exploring. cbs reported that it sold
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health and safety limits for formaldehyde. the cdc says people exposed extra -- exposed to the flooring are three times more likely than the agency thought. lumber liquidators said today that it is strengthened -- it has strengthened its quality assurance procedures. we often hear about gender inequality when we talk about paychecks. now it appears it also exists when it comes to online sales. researchers looked at 600,000 ebay auctions and found that when men and women sold the same products, women received less money, about $.80 for every dollar a man-made. starbucks is making a change to their rewards program. the new program would be based -- will be based on how much a customer spend. in many cases, customers were asking breezes to bring up items as separate items to rack up more points. starbucks hopes this new method will stop that from happening.
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abuse the system. a 100 and six-year-old so excited to meet the president and first lady she could not contain herself.>> what she says about her viral meeting after the break.>> kim kardashian used -- introduces her son to the world.
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dominating new at 5:30, families of those who died in sandy hook were in court today trying to hold a gun maker partially responsible. they say the bushmaster assault rifle that adam lansy used to kill 26 people in connecticut should never have been sold to the public. the gun maker says federal law protects it from being sued since lance's mother bought the weapon.>> the firearm was not used to injure people by the person who purchased the firearm, namely nancy lanza. >> he did not choose another weapon. he chose the ar-15. the manufacturers need to be held responsible.>> a connecticut judge will judge -- rule soon on whether that cusk and move -- case can move forward. a temporary truce will not stop allies from striking isis. this comes after washington and moscow agreed on a cease-fire that will take effect saturday.
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negotiating team says the truce might be successful in some areas but the government has the right to continue to combat terrorism. an investigation underway after a bus bursts into flames in illinois. all three people were able to be evacuated safely. the driver pulled over after hearing a loud pop near a tire. the bus was shortly after involved -- engulfed in flames. it was all its way to minneapolis. all the luggage was destroyed. in tonight's tech minute, a big move into the world of virtual reality with a camera that lets users shoot virtual- reality video. the gear 60 -- gear 360 has two cameras. it's designed for consumers who want to capture 360 degrees video and photos. it works with a headset and is compatible the number of samsung devices including its
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house visitor over the weekend. she left quite an impression on the first couple with her dance moves. take a look.>> all my goodness. i want to be like you when i get older.>> come on. >> that is the best. virginia mclaren, 106. she says she never thought she would live to get inside the white house. she did, and she made the most of it. she danced with the first lady and she was complemented -- complemented for her manager. she will not soon forget the day.>> i have never been so happy before in my life to meet the president and his wife. i was so happy.
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good. it was the most happiness thing i have ever met in my life. to meet a black president.>> what a beautiful woman. her visit was part of the white house is ongoing celebration of lack history month.>> she looks sharp. well-dressed, a great dancer. she was definitely the leader of the group of dancers. craig is dancing -- back with us. you could dance for us every once a while. >> not that well. let's show you what's going on outside. a beautiful afternoon, south florida, february, afternoon, the sun sinking in the west. temperatures a bit warmer. a wet broward on a nice evening. the high today, 80. normal is 79. pretty close to that. normal is 63.
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in qs. temperatures right now not too bad, mainly in the mid to upper 70s. satellite showing a few clouds going by from time to time. plenty of son as we have gone through the day today. a little bit of moisture working its way up the golf. looking pretty good tomorrow. spotty showers possible on a warm day. then this big mess out here will wind up into a very powerful storm system, work its way across the deep south. then on up into the northeast, this will be a big weather deal for much of the eastern and southern part of the country by the middle and later parts of the week. it will swing a cold front through our area. the main threat will be the threat for thunderstorms. severe weather is expected. the risk high for parts of mississippi, alabama, and louisiana for tornadoes tomorrow. the area shifts to the east wednesday. it includes florida, but i
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will be low with this system because it will be mainly a cold front and they typically produce squall line thunderstorms. the tornado threat is fairly low with that type of activity. rain already underway for much of the deep south, temperatures in the 60s, some 70s in the northeast today. pretty cold over upstate new york. temperatures are in the 20s and 30s. it's warmer to the south, 51 in new york city. here is our forecast for tonight. breezy along the beaches, a low near 69. some sun clouds, warm, 83 for the high, some spotty showers. pollen count, mold is low. taking us into the weekend, highs warm for a couple of days. gusty storms wednesday. much cooler by the end of the week. here's what we are working on for you tonight at 11.>> obviously the price is
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i thought the clothes looked really cute. when i opened it, this really rank smell came out of the bag. it was a mix of mildew or food. i had to go with teeny tiny scissors and cut the whole thing apart. i am no seamstress. >> it looked like it worked out. you see those ads all over facebook, great-looking clothes at low prices. what do you get when you order from overseas companies? we have a buyer beware warning for you. watch our special report at 11 only on cbs4 news. kim kardashian's latest attempt to break the internet is her
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she is if you're going to say "better ingredients. better pizza." you better deliver. which is why i'm introducing our new papa's quality guarantee: love your pizza, or get another one, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings pfor just $9.99. online only. at taylor swift is putting up big bucks to help pop singer ke$ha. she is donating $250,000 in her legal dispute with dr. luke.
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emotional and sexual abuse. dr. louis -- dr. luke insists the abuse did not happen -- happen. the judge recently ruled against ke$ha. the connections -- kardashian's are making headlines tonight, both good and bad news. you can see cam showing off a brand-new photograph. >> her mom face to not warm reception over the weekend. entertainment tonight was there. nancy o'dell has the details.>> kris jenner stayed strong amidst a chorus of boos at the i heart 80s party saturday.>> kris jenner.>> reporter: the booing lasted nearly a minute. 56 seconds to be exact.
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the crowd down. >> the lasting of the -- influence of the next band can be felt... >> hey, people!. >> reporter: people could not hear her introduction. the first tip on how to handle the haters is keep calm and kardashian on. chris smiled off the sears and introduced boy george.>> give it up for the culture club.>> reporter: sunday afternoon, this happen. kanye and north caught taking a nap. around six this morning, kim did this, posting the first photo of st. the internet -- internet reacted with means. some call it an evil genius move and something you expect from the kardashian's.>>
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month for her app. it makes sense you would use this picture as exclusive content. >> reporter: see how kanye had to keep the peace when paparazzi started fighting around him. for more on the kardashian's, watch entertainment tonight at seven and the insider a 7:30. >> there is so much going on with that family.>> never short on headlines. >> we need to lengthen our newscast to get all the kardashian news in.>> he is q1, though. here's what's ahead at six. a mother mourns the loss of her six-year-old son as a community calls for action after another child is killed. a judge rules in the resentencing of michael hernandez. a big political shift in
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picks up major endorsements. cbs4 news at six starts right now.>> this is south florida's cbs4 news. tonight at six, family heartbroken and the community outraged over the senseless shooting of an innocent six-year-old boy. king carter was killed during a drive-by shooting on saturday. his mother spoke out today for the first time as more voices are demanding that something be done about gun violence in south florida. peter dench begins coverage from northwest miami-dade.>> reporter: king carter's mother told me she is overwhelmed with her grief. she said the shootings of children have to stop. there was also a post on facebook today from the victims father and the case is growing.>> he took my baby from me.
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speaks out about the loss of her six-year-old son cocking carter. a police source says he was caught in the crossfire saturday between drug dealers going from his northwest apartment to buy candy.>> my baby deserved to go to high school, go to college. >> reporter: a makeshift memorial filled with teddy bears is at the spot welded child collapsed. >> even though he is only six, he had a great personality. everybody loved him. >> reporter: king's father posted on facebook the devil new the only way to get me was through my kids. the lowest low i ever took in life. i love my baby boy. may his soul rest in peace. saturday, carter told us...-- alberto carvalho paid his respects at a memorial site and stop by school to console
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seems it is a crime to be a child in miami. far too mac many pay the ultimate price. 's -- >> reporter: students are coping with the lost of a first grader blocks away from the school gunned down.>> what happened when you heard what happened to him?>> i started crying.>> reporter: ministers are adding to the reward. eric retton presented this check for $1000 to crimestoppers.>> somebody needs to be brought to justice. it's sad and sickening to my soul that a six-year-old cannot even be outside to play anymore without having to suffer gun violence.>> if someone would just come forward. it's got to stop. is going to be somebody else's child tomorrow. and after that and after that. they have got to come forward.>> reporter: miami-dade police say there were two shooters.


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