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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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short sleeves, warm, breezy police release a critical clue to find the hit and run driver who hit a teenager trying to get on a bus.
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february 23rd, i'm lauren pastrana. >> and i'm walter makaula. thanks for being with us. vanessa borge is going to tell us about going to work and school. >> it is a warm day ahead and we are, indeed, waking up with much warmer temperatures. low to mid-70s this morning and we should be enjoying low 60s. but not to worry, we'll be cooling down. highs in the low 80s this afternoon. you need your umbrellas. we look live mainly dry but rain across the questions. look at these numbers, 74 in pompano beach. 70 in key west. not to mention the fact that it is muggy. stronger today, 10 to 18 miles per hour, pumping in the moisture and humidity.
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is quiet but we are seeing heavy downpours across portions of the lower keys. throughout the day potential for scattered showers. highs in the low to mid-80s, breezy through the evening and then it is looking quite stormy. strong storms with gusty winds. more on that in my complete forecast. broward county looking great at atlantic boulevard. southbound tail lights heading right toward the atlantic boulevard west exit ramp. looking great in both directions in broward county. the stalled out car on 22nd avenue. on the airport expressway the right lane is blocked off by that broken down car. 112 there is construction right as you approach okeechobee road. police release video of the moment a hit and run driver slammed into a teenage and took off.
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searching for the driver who sent the teen to the hospital. marybel rodriguez is live at the hospital. >> reporter: we are told the teen is in serious condition. he was transported here yesterday morning after he was struck. police released the surveillance video with the hopes that someone will help them find the person responsible. >> reporter: take a good look at this video. it happens in an instant. a teenager is struck by a driver who keeps going. we have chosen to pause the video just before javier valdez is hit as he tried to catch a bus. the driver never stopped. detectives do say a critical clue was left behind. >> multiple pieces of the silver paint. >> reporter: a silver mercedes c-class, that is the car detectives say was involved in
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the vehicle had the green light. they are not at fault. but once they commit a hit and run, it aggravates the situation, much less not rendering aid and leaving the scene and leaving him behind to fend for himself. >> reporter: valdez is a bright student and a basketball player. >> he is amazing. honestly it scared all of us. you have to be careful and look where you are walking and make sure you look four times before you cross the street. >> severe head trauma and bleeding of the brain and possible fractures to the face. >> reporter: police have put out this flyer of the car that was captured as it went by. >> it is horrible he got struck, but much enhanced he has a family member who witnessed it right in front of
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himself. little brother. javier valdez is in serious condition. they are asking anyone with information to call 305-471- tips. marybel rodriguez cbs4 this morning. police are searching for the people responsible for killing a 6-year-old in broad daylight. on monday the community marched for justice in an effort to end the street violence that took king carter's life. the boy was struck and killed saturday afternoon while playing outside. officials are looking for three men. anyone with information is urged to call police. nevada republicans will hold their caucus today to select the party's presidential nominee. after winning primaries in south carolina and new hampshire, front runner donald trump is looking to beat rivals
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cruz asked his communications director to resign. the wife of bill cosby will resume giving a deposition sometime next month. camille cosby answered questions under oath for attorneys in a defamation lawsuit yesterday. bill cosby's attorneys tried to prevent camille from being deposed. now caught on camera, a woman is held up at gunpoint while using a drive up atm. surveillance video shows the 23- year-old woman at bank of america. a man with a gun approached her car and demanded $300. police say instead the victim tried to withdraw $800, knowing her card would be declined. that is when another bank customer pulled up and the crook ran away. just this weekend alone, two children were shot in south florida, one fatally. the death of 6-year-old king carter, another indication that
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many have been making a call to action, asking how to stop the cycle of violence. >> our weekly franchise mentoring matters features people and organizations that are committed to mentoring the youth in our community. we want to meet a young man working his way to the top with the support of the initiative and people like you and me. >> reporter: dozens of shots were fired. two teens and a young man all killed. >> reporter: another shooting. at life lost. to many this is just something you hear about on the news.
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heartbreaking reality of life in liberty city. cecelia future tears -- gutierrez says she grew up on food stamps, and in section 8 housing. she eventually earned a masters degree in public administration and says she knows firsthand what it takes to change the course of a child's life. >> both my brothers have been in and out of jail. i can articulate what was the difference. there were adults in my life who told me i was going places and no adults in my brothers's
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>> i would hear guns being shot, ambulances in the neighborhood. >> reporter: 17-year-old tyrone is one of mci's success stories and a sign of hope. tyrone has had a lot of first, first suit, first tie, first paycheck. he takes the bus to a place where everyone knows his name, the miami dade county mayor's office. >> >> reporter: tyrone is one of 34 students in an mci youth program placed in an internship position. >> it takes experiences like there for them to kind of relate to us and open up a world of opportunities for them. >> it is a great work experience for him, to see how county government works. >> reporter: tyrone is aware of how much this internship has
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it is the kind of opportunity cecelia gutierrez fights for every day. >> this is the first time i actually started thinking about changes i can make in my community. >> he is probably better at it than i am. >> reporter: miami children's initiative has a community center in the heart of liberty center and they are always looking for volunteers and donations. they are gearing up for their annual fund raising event over the edge which you may have seen before. people rappeling down the side of the j. w. marriott hotel in downtown miami, all to raise money for the cause. we posted information in the website listed toward the bottom of the page. rudabeh shahbazi cbs4 this morning. >> it is for a good cause.
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>> maybe i will do it if they ask. sounds like fun. amazon free shipping is now going to cost you more. we'll explain in this morning's money watch. apple versus the fbi. the feds are fighting to hack into the locked iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. your facebook news feed could turn into a personalized video channel. new features, just ahead. we have all been posting our live facebook posts throughout the past couple of weeks. hopefully you'll find us on there. right now the weather story of the day is warm and breezy with scattered showers. tomorrow though, it is looking
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throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. a live view from our biscayne bay camera miami. right now we are mainly dry and quiet there, as well as in broward county. that is a different story for the keys. we have been dealing with a soggy start across portions of the middle and lower keys. a few heavy downpours and we will start to see scattered
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for storms strong to severe tomorrow, your wednesday. the winds have kicked into gear, increasing anywhere from 10 to 18 miles per hour out of the southeast. with the wind flow off the ocean pumping in the moisture making it feel muggy. we are warmer this morning in comparison to yesterday. we should be waking up to average lows in the low 60s. instead we are 10 degrees below that. already keep in mind our average lies these days should be in the upper 70s. so we are getting close to that already at already 5:45 in the morning. in sharp contrast, 20s and 30s across much of the northern tier of the country. upper 50s, low 60s for new orleans, houston, atlanta. we have these contrasting air masses and a frontal boundary and also an area of low pressure. that is where we are seeing the active weather stretching all the way in the mid-atlantic, the carolinas, gulf coast states.
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dangerous weather today and also across texas. we have another area of low pressure that is developing and not only bringing wet weather across the central u.s. and plains but also the snow wrapping around the system. there you see it. the threat for tornadoes, damaging gusty winds and severe thunderstorms across the deep south. each into the panhandle of florida. gusty storms, warm and humid since we'll have a strong cold front that will be sweeping through. behind it though, it will be beautiful. showers thursday morning and then we are going to clear things up and also, we'll be drier for the weekend. polar high pressure takes over and that means winter sunshine and cooler temperatures at night. for today though, warm, steamy, breezy with scattered storms, highs in the low 80s and a dangerous high-risk of rip currents not safe to go swimming and boaters, still a little choppy for you.
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with the potential for severe storms. then we'll see lows in the 60s thursday. 50s friday and saturday morning with highs in the upper 60s. vanessa? looking great for the weekend just in time. let's start you off tuesday morning i-95 at sterling road. northbound side, you are seeing on the right shoulder a couple of stalled cars there, so be careful as you are approaching that area. starting to get busy at 5:47 in the morning. let's talk about miami dade, state road 112 westbound at 22nd avenue the right lane still blocked off. you continue westbound on the airport expressway at u.s. 27 or okeechobee road. there are three different south florida highways shutting down this week for major construction projects. take a look at the details.
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travel lanes will be closed nightly at southwest eighth street through thursday. eastbound lanes on 595 west of the sawgrass expressway will be closed nightly. at the same time all northbound lanes will be closed nightly. drivers will be detoured to the entrance ramp to eastbound i 595. >> go to our website at cbs the heat go to overtime to take down the pacers. plus the hurricanes bounce back in a big way against virginia. here's jim berry. >> reporter: the canes redeemed themselves over third ranked
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jim didn't like a call, coach, calm down. your team was determined last night. looking good against virginia down low. the three part of the team's 21 points. still they couldn't relax, the knockdown eye three and it is still too close for comfort. angel rodriguez playing tough d, that will do it as the canes win 64-61. nobody goes through life without getting knocked down. it is how you respond to it. we got knocked down big time on saturday. you have to get back up and fight to show what you are made of and i thought we did that tonight. >> they certainly did. dwayne wade back in action for the heat after missing a couple of games with a sore knee.
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take the need. but the pacers had them on the ropes late. miles turner with a swooping rebound. heat down three but they would force overtime and that is when wade finally gets his offense going and climbs the ladder for the rebound and the old pro puts it back. after that the crowd realizes they can cutlass a little bit. the heat win 101-93. >> after the last two games, we like that. we'll take those. 38%, 39% and you find a way to win. >> for the heat this is their third straight win. they may have to be a whole lot better than that on wednesday because steph curry and the golden state warriors come to town. >> that is going to be a tough
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before we have to face the golden state warriors, let's talk about the last few games. a big win in overtime, especially for that sun whiteside. >> reporter: it has been fantastic to watch. last week chris bosch went down, not knowing if he would be back. on top it have dwayne wade having knee problems. all of a sudden definitely leading the team, playing more of his style, up tempo basketball. and what can you say about hassan whiteside. another big boy double double last night. he has just been out of this world. hey the better story is they
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they seem to be getting it. six players in double figures. everybody is involved. kind of a new style basketball, where everybody needs to step up and be part of it. they have been one of the best stories in basketball, they are 3-0 since the all-star break and now they get to see the freak show tomorrow night up close, golden state is in town. >> do you think they can go 4-0 after the all-star break. considering they are facing the golden state warriors. the story just gets better and better for the warriors. >> reporter: lauren i think it is fantastic to watch. when they are on, you have to watch. you never know if you are going to see steph curry go for 50. 50 wins already. i think it is the best show in professional sports right now.
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are on the road or at home and telecontinue this. they have the night -- and they continue this. it is going to be a tough one for the heat. the heat basketball team and all the guys they have playing well, including their bench right now, what a nice surprise it has been. but they better bring their a game. golden state can score. >> the aaa is going to be packed. >> reporter: even you are going to be looking to go to that game and give up this early morning job. >> i'm trying to see who could hook me up. joe thanks so much. straight ahead, facebook just added a flu feature that
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starbucks is changing the way it rewards its loyal customers. identifying the candidate that best fits your views. good morning i'm rudabeh shahbazi. >> do you ever post about a
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>> your opinion is not one of the most admired countries in the country. publix is the highest ranked florida company on the list. apple tops the list and amazon, starbucks and disney are among the top ten rated for social responsibility quality and financial soundness. amazon is change think what you have to do to get free slipping. jill wagner is joining us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> reporter: good morning walter. most americans, including bill
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in a standoff with apple. the company is appealing a court order to hack into the phone of the san bernardino shooters. 58% of americans agree. it is going to cost amazon customers more to get free shipping. they'll now have to spend $49 up from $35. members of the prime program will still get two day shipping. amazon costs for shipping have outpaced its revenue. and starbucks customers will earn points on how much they spend. some people are steamed, pardon the pun, because they might have to spend more money to get free stuff. walter. facebook you know every
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people that we have to wish happy birthday to. now facebook is upping its birthday game. >> facebook wants to bring your happy birthday messages to life with the launch of birthday video cam that lets you record 15 second videos for your friends that will appear on your friends' profiles. you can also add a birthday theme frame. for now it is only available on i o s. they are really making people work for that happy birthday walter. >> reporter: imagine getting all the videos from all of your friends. clips of them taping messages for you. that is pretty cool. >> yeah your 1000 closest friends on facebook. i'm sorry, i shouldn't be that way. it is very nice. >> thanks jill. >> i'm imagining a bunch of off key renditions of the happy
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cbs4 this morning at 6:00 starts right now. next at 6:00, march for justice. a community gathered to end street violence after a 6-year- old boy is murder in a drive-by shooting. the search for the killers. campaign 2016, donald trump doesn't hold back. who the gop front runner says he wants to punch in the face as voters prepare to caucus in never new year's eve. trouble on the tracks. a nasty spill sends jockeys flying. plus trending this morning. outrage after a man grabs a shark out of the water. find out what he did next. lots of wild video this morning. i'm lauren pastrana. >> and i'm walter makaula. say good morning to vanessa borge standing by with traffic. >> but first let's check in


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