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tv   CBS 4 News at Noon  CBS  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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$85 million. it will take an one time cost of 475 cost to emplacement the plan which means getting the approval of congress. >> it would be illegal transfer foreign terrorist into the united states. >> the chairman of the house said this is more of a p.r. move. he told the radio it's not impossible to shutdown getmo. he urges congress to act quickly. reaction to the president's plan is quickly coming in. less than 1 hour ago senator marco rubio said the plan makes no sense.
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ton grain ton guantanamo but they will not have a trial in manhatten. several families are looking for a new place to call home after an apartment building caught fire. >> 15 people have been gabby is live at the scene with more. >> >>reporter: there are several families that are looking for a new place to call home after a fire was started. they believe the fire started from a iron left unattended.
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confirm that. flames were shooting through the roof of the apartment building and smoke billowed through the air. >> i was so scared. the fire and smoke was coming up so fast. >> the fire started around 7:30 tuesday morning. this man was inside but didn't want to talk about how the fire got started. he alerted neighbors knocking on their doors and calling for help. all of the residents made it out safely and watched outside while the fire kept spreading. many of them videoed it. >> the roof collapsed. it assessed the damage and everything inside was destroyed. 6 units destroy and dozens left
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>> i've never been in some thing like this before. >> they say the building is condemned. i can't go back in and get my stuff. >> it's devastating. it's not good to see everybody is out without their values. thank god everybody is still alive. >>reporter: unfortunately no residents or firefighters were injured. right now they are helping residents with a place to stay. it's unclear when they will be able to come back home. gabby fleischman. we have a look outside. you can see clouds are out their and it's warm and humid. keep the umbrellas close. >> we might see it because
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might be a cool front. >>reporter: i wonder where you heard that. >> eshe's pregnant. >>reporter: yes, 33 weeks. yes, you saw gaby. she listened to the forecast. as you look live from our camera you can see the clouds are turning more dark and producing precipitation in spots. you can see the green on the radar reflecting. you can see plantation, davey, everything is moving to the south. around princeton and homestead and in the upper keys. we have a strong southeast breeze anywhere from 13 to 21- miles per hour. that's helping drive the tropical moisture leading to showers. it's warm and muggy. upper 70s and we are headed to
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warm and windy with spotty showers this evening. realing bumping up the storm chance tomorrow. the models are indicating we have strong gusty storms. you will want to keep it hear we'll see the potential for heavy storms. i'll have the complete forecast ahead. >> thank you. police are looking for the gunman responsible for devils advocating king carter. he was plays outside on saturday when he was hit by a bullet. the father has hush words. >> it's out of my hands now. for me turn yourself in before closure before your family talks about how they miss you.
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for anyone that can lead police to information. call crimestoppers. two people were injured following a shooting in overtown. it was at 1756 north court. both people were taken to the hospital. surveillance video shows when a hit-and-run driver slams into a teen and took off. police are searching for that driver that sent the teen to the hospital. marybel has the latest. >>reporter: take a good look at this video. it happened in a instant. a truck driver hits the 15-year-old. we paused thevideo here. the driver never stopped. a clue was left behind. >> multiple pieces throughout.
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the scene. >>reporter: a mercedes. >> the vehicle had the green light. it's not at fault. once they get hit-and-run it aggravates the situation. they left a juvenile on the ground not rendering aid and himself. >>reporter: many say he was a bright student. >> he was an amazing kid. to here sad news like this scared all of us. >> we have to be careful and look where you are walking and make sure you look four times before you cross the street. >> we have severe head trama and bleeding of the brain and fractures to the face. >>reporter: we have pictures of the car that was caught on
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the car has hood damage and a damage windshield. >> he got struck and a family member that witnessed it and almost got stuck himself. we are learning more about a standoff that ended with an officer shooting a man at the scene. 71-year-old richard was distraught and armed when officers arrived. he fired several shots through a door. 3 hours later officers fired am him when he pointed a gun out the window. he was hit in the hand. no one else was hurt. we have video of a terrible accident at golf street park. the man was riding the horse when the horse in front clipped another horse. the man broke his wrist and his helmet prevented a much more
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>> the helmet was split in two. it could have been worse. >> i don't remember when i saw some thing this serious. >> another jockey had serious injuries. they had to putdown the horse. caught on camera, a woman is caught at gunpoint while at a drive up atm. this took place on december 22 around 10:00 p.m. that's when the man approached the car. she tried to withdraw $800 knowing it would decline and another car pulled up and the crook ran off. the gop race takes on sin city.
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their say in the presidential race.
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claims he's welcome back. the republican caucus is in nevada today.
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beat ted cruz and marco rubio again. >>reporter: donald trump has a massage for for nevada -- for nevada voters. senator marco rubio and ted cruz are expected to battle for second place. >> it's important to say i'm the alternative to donald trump. it has to be a close second. >> what an incredible pleasure to be with you. >>reporter: cruz is under ultimate pressure. he fired his director for sharing misleading information. >> everything some thing comes out that's not true. >> this guy is sick, there is some thing wrong with this guy. >>reporter: cruz said he's running a campaign with the highest standard.
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invested a lot of time and money. it will be up to voters to decide if anyone can slow donald trump. bernie sanders picked up spike lees endorsement. now to news from across america. a 16-year-old passenger that was injured in a violent helicopter crash in hawaii has died. >> the teen and two family members were visiting hawaii from canada were on the helicopter that crashed in the water. there is no cause for the crash. a prosecutor said an 45- year-old jason dolton that he took peoples lives.
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between the shooters they said they received one complaint about his driving. there was an individual villain in kalamazoo. one person said there is a lot of pain in the community. two other victims including a 14-year-old girl are still in the hospital. bill gates is siding with the fbi against apple. he said apple should cooperate. they are appealing the decision that apple should unlock the phone. demonstrators are expected to today. we need our umbrellas and coats, did i get that right?
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tomorrow. you will need sweaters and jackets. we'll see lows dipping to the 50s and possibly 40s. i know you are happy. we have to get through today and tomorrow. it's been on the cloudy side. it's soggy in spots. we look at our resort camera. look at how strong the wind is as it sways the palm trees. i show you this camera to make a point. it's a high risk of rip currents. you will want to take a stroll on the sand. you want to avoid swimming. it's not safe at all. we see a mix of sun and clouds and the radar is active in spots. you see the green indicating water around the lakes. everybody is moving from the
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right now you are getting soaked know which are seeing prescription around the springs and the airport. homestead is also dealing with scattered showers as well as cutler bay. the winds are really kicking out of the southeast. anywhere from 17 toe 21 miles per hour right now. temperatures are warming up to the 80s already. we'll see highs climbing to the low to mid 80s. we have 30s and 40s stretching from the mid at -- at lab northeast. 65 in houston and 70 in new orleans. where we have the contrast is where we are seeing strong to
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there is wintry weather on the western edge of it. we have tornado warnings. damaging gusty winds. gusty storms throughout tomorrow. threaten we'll see clearing cooler conditions as we get into thursday and into the weekend it loose looking beautiful. cool temperatures tonight. warm and steamy breezy. the flags will be flying dangerous on the water. 71 degrees tonight. tomorrow it's looking wet. lows in the 50s by friday and saturday. highs in the upper 60s as we get into the weekend. >> thank you.
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zika virus continues to grow. scientist studied the virus and working with the brazilian government. omar reports. >>reporter: white powder in this glass vail is the zika virus. >> we have a sample of it. >>reporter: this scientist knew about it since the 60s. no one was interested in and know we know how much we don't know. >>reporter: this may be linked to the birth defect. the condition is marked with abnormally small heads due to stunted brain growth. berzil is in the fight against it. dr. shannon recently traveled and saw the effects of the virus. >> it's heartbreaking and
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>>reporter: the university of texas medical branch is world to the largest collection of viruses. 7,000 samples are stored at the facility. a team of scientist are working on a quick test to study the virus in humans and develop a vaccine. >> are we closer to a vaccine? >> yes, every day. we are closer to a vaccine every day. >>reporter: there could be a vaccine by the end of 2017.
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next on cbs 4 news. welcome back on the health watch. good news for chocolate lovers. that appears to improve mental skills.
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least once a week performed better. farther studies are needed to see how chocolate improves brain power. they believe plant based foods are a contributing factor. it plays were shopping is a pleasure is one of the most admired stores in the country. publics is one of the highest. apple tops the list and amazon and the disney store also made the list. it will cost amazon customers more to get free shipping. they will have to spend $49. that's up from $35. their $99 a year prime program
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all orders. online reviews are are the norm but can a review go too far. >> i hate, you stuck, this pizza stinks. that's the stupidest carry eveest car i've seen. the way i understand the first amendment is you are entitled to say your opinion. >> this man is a web designer and is at the centerin a defamation lawsuit. we have what you need to know before you press submit so you line. watch ruined by a review only here on cbs 4 news. >> you will have to be nice again.
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>> i have the numbers on that's it for cbs 4 news at noon. >> remember you can watch all of our newscast online at
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>> nikki: elise. you're looking well. how is your husband's reelection campaign coming along? >> elise: nikki, you made it very clear in the phone call that this conversation wasn't requested, but mandated, so why don't you just cut to the chase and please tell me why i'm here? >> nikki: quite frankly, judge moxley, you can be of use to me. >> natalie: [ gasps ] >> summer: jumpy much? >> natalie: i'm overtired. >> summer: hmm. yeah, you do look like one from the walking dead. >> natalie: and you look like a walking cupcake, but do i hold that against you? >> summer: so, did you work all night again? >> natalie: yeah. still no closer to figuring out what's wrong with my program. >> summer: well, maybe you need a break or something. it'd be good for you. >> natalie: yeah.


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