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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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candidates is not so positive. >> we are not going to close guantanamo. >> don't shut it down. expanded. >> 40 transfers could take place legal obstacles would likely need to be overcome. administration officials say they are planning conversations with lawmakers, but the outcome remains hazy. smith there are 91 detainees at guantanamo right now. 35 have been approved for transfer. we continue coverage with gary nelson. he is engaging local reaction to the president's proposal. >> in south florida, all things cuba striker resonating chord that was the case today with a- year-old issue and they debate. pres. elect barack obama eight years ago. >> i said repeatedly, i intend to close guantanamo and i will
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the president saying it's time to close the detention center on the tip of cuba. house of derision from the local gop candidate. student the president is planning to close guantanamo, maybe even giving it back to the cuban government.>>critics say this president was purposely trying to hurt our national security interests, he could not be doing a better job. a booster of the cuban regime can see where the president is coming from. sat there are serious human and legal right issues not happy detainees for such a long time. >> out on campus. some students found this camp, not the american way. >>i think we should have some sort of due process but just locking them up does not seem
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this memory, the attack on america, the reason it exists and should not be closed. >> is a horrible idea. it makes the sense whatsoever. you can bring somebody like that over here or anywhere. they should be in a place with a cannot get out. >> and the president years ago. >> regain america's moral stature in the world. >> and today. >> when will we deal with that? >> here we go again. if you give a lame-duck a chance of selling a vacant supreme court see. the view is the same on his renewed purpose to shut down guantanamo bay. >> we are headed to cuba next month when obama makes his historic visit. look for a live report march 21 and 22nd.
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from downtown miami were a storm rolled through earlier today . changes are in store for the rest of the week. craig fletcher is tracking them for us. showers and thunderstorms expected tomorrow before a cold front comes through. right now it's all that's left to what we saw earlier today. tonight showers working their way out that miami-dade into broward other showers coming up and these can reach south florida later on. the reason for the rain wins ahead of the deep south and a tornado outbreak underway parts of louisiana and mississippi as well, including the florida panhandle. we have had several reports of tornadoes half a dozen tornadoes and warnings. going into effect. the computer models show. this is going through these
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tomorrow and reach south florida by late in the day tomorrow. and we will have more what that means for us in the forecast for the weekend coming up. police are back on the scene where a sexual boy was shot and killed. on nw. 104th st. and 12th ave., miami. a monthly program where police meet with local community residents. on saturday before a robust thing outside of his home where he was stuck by a bullet and killed. there is a $26,000 reward for anyone who can lead police to an arrest in the case. some people have lost everything. after a massive fire tore through an apartment building. we just learned what caused it. we are alive with new information from the investigators. >>reporter: good evening. elliott. this morning we had six
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turned upside down on the fire swept through this building. code enforcement has been here. we put stickers on the doors of 60 units that have been declared uninhabitable. firefighters say the reason, a man left a hot iron unattended. systemic it was a fast-moving fire started in the first story apartment of the fair place complex. the flames a shot three second floor unit of thick smoke blanketed the building. >> i was scared because the smoke of the fire spread so fast. >>reporter: julia white grabbed her nine-year-old daughter and ran for their apartment. firefighters say this man is responsible. they say he left a hot iron unattended and when he returned a fire was burning. the spiraled out of control. >> we had to get everyone out of the structure because of the
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drug to assess the damage for these are pictures showing a whole of the roof. everything inside destroyed. the red cross is helping six families, 23 people have been displaced. carmen was overwhelmed to find yourself suddenly homeless. >> the building has come down and i can going to get my stuff. >> others are grateful. everyone made it out alive. >> that god everyone is still alive. they god for that. i think that that god everyone is still alive. they god for that. ------thank god that everyone is still alive. thank god for that. one person is under arrest
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the critically hurt a teenage boy and the suspect is related to a miami commissioner. simeon boy can turn himself in today to police say he was behind the wheel of the mercedes that hit now that is monday morning, putting him in serious condition. boykins cousin, commissioner hardiman. he went to console the ant today. boy can did not have to be convinced to turn himself in. >> he knows what he did. he is facing responsibility. >> if he is being treated differently because he is related to commissioner. he has to face the consequences of his actions. >> . boykins was driving with a suspended license. is not clear his car he was driving. the commissioner said it was not boykins car. coral gables is taking a hard line on mosquitoes and the kesha virus.
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concerning a florida power and light property that is a magnet for mosquitoes. the plant is in palmetto bay near the coral gables line. leaders have been threatening legal action to get the property cleaned up. >> we reached an agreement daily have raised public awareness on the need for everyone to take a look at their properties to see if there is any standing water or drains to do anything to keep the mosquitoes down.>>they have increased-i for there they agreed to increase grass mowing and the mosquito spraying at the plant. if the republican turns a nevada. gop voters head to the caucuses in a few hours. donald trump is the favorite in the latest polls. he leads rubio and tran20 five by double digits. campaign trail. he grew up in las vegas. and tran20 five is looking to get back on track after he
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false news report about rubio. stay with us continuing coverage of campaign 2016. up next, an animal in trouble on a florida beach. we are taking into the operating room is veterinarians tried to say the bird that needs a lot of help. imsi one of these brand-new lifeguard towers. it's very cool. if you want to know what it looks like, stick around. bracing for the storms, 10 million people are on alert for tornadoes. plus, the cdc reveals more cases of sexually transmitted, tran31 virus in the us.
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guan a severely injured bird has a second chance at survival. thanks to good samaritans who found him on a south florida beach. he had a hook in his throat and was shot at least two times. clear in fort lauderdale. as doctors perform delicate
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>>reporter: major lifesaving surgery presented the feathers is a burden trouble and pain. >> we did a quick x-ray and there is a large hook in his tummy. >>reporter: that's not all. >> he was also shot in his way and the back of his abdomen. --he was shot in his weighing in the back of his abdomen. >>reporter: people on the beach found him. they are normally on the water or flying over. when it didn't move. they knew something was wrong.>> you can see strain of the gentleman felt his neck and you can feel it in his throat. we knew he was in bad shape. >>reporter: people jumped into action wrestling the bird. even enter. this is a strong animal. >> it bit me right underneath
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it made it to the operating table at the s. florida wildlife ctr. the camera was rolling on the giant hook was pulled out. >> i started crying watching the surgery and he was a fighter that's what it takes. i am praying with this work a live. >>it was tricky surgery. >> he is a tough recovery ahead. that huge hook tore his esophagus, meaning there could be a infection. >> we give him a 50-50 chance or maybe worse because of the perforation. we do not know how much damage was in there. >>reporter: the teachable moment, properly dispose of fishing lines and hooks. >> we have to take care of our world and clean up our mess. >> the last 48 hours want to be crucial to this birds of survival.
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bird a lot of antibiotics and attention.>>miami beach has some new additions and they are impossible to miss. the city unveiled six they lifeguard towers today. rodriguez shows us how they combine style with safety. -i for the city unveiled six new lifeguard towers today. >> out with the old and within a. six brand-new lifeguard towers are standing tall. said they could not have done a better job. >> two decades ago they began working on this project. after many old towers were wiped out. >> we want to show folks, we are protecting you how we are doing that in a art deco style, which is our brand. >> keeping that vibe is tough on their list but providing safety was priority for
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>> everything is newer and the chairs are better and the windows are 100 times better. >>it so windy out here. it's not even moving. >> miami beach officials used nothing but the best heavy-duty materials to build a stand for mother nature for decades. >> stainless steel, aluminum, for longevity. >>brand-new towers of the locations throughout miami beach and i hope to have 29 of the oldies replaced by the new ones with the next few work- -few years. >> they look great.
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able to return to the beach?>> you need a temperature of at least 82. we are far away from that. a live picture from the downtown fort lauderdale camera. this shower had some interesting clouds hanging from it. 76 in miami and 77 in fort lauderdale and committed. he has rushed back in. we had a guest of 28 miles an hour and half an inch of rain and here's where are camera was and you can see it gradually working
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significant amounts of rain. two thirds of an inch of rain this afternoon showers. overall set up. low-pressure in the eastern part of texas. a front to the north and where the air is colliding with cooler air and the wind profile, we are seeing a tornado outbreak. this whole system will slide east. for us the tornado outbreak will stay away and the cold front is going to come our way and ahead of it. we could see some strong storms later in the day that spotty showers and a storm chance increases weight and the cold front comes through tomorrow night with cooler temperatures on thursday and that will last through friday saturday and sunday.
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temperatures in the 60s. some areas drop into the 40s. as we go into the weekend. a few showers around low temperature near 72. a few showers during the day and the best chance for storms later in the day winds coming up out of the south at 20 to 25 kn. small craft advisory in effect. another warm day head back to the 60s for highs some areas dipping into the 40s. a reminder is still technically winter. tonight. online reviews have become the norm mechanic review go too far? >> as minas people can be you have a right to be in this country. this is not china, north korea, or cuba. i hate you, you. so, this pizza stinks. that's the stupidest dog i have ever seen. those are opinions.
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amendment is it you are entitled to say your opinion. spend this south florida, web designers at the center of a defamation lawsuit involving a local veterinarian. we talk to the experts about what you need to know before you press submits through not accused of crossing the line. watch ruined by a review tonight at 11 pm right here on tran05's news. estimate tonight our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool
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i am excited about baseball. >> it's time but the marlins become a winning team. >> it's been a while. >> the marlins have turned a page. their full squad hits the field like a team on a mission. they have a real manager again. and they have a slugger, number 27, who can change things with a mighty swing but right now he can pick the brains of the hitting coach barry bonds. these guys are on the same page.>>similarities with things
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with what i do in my mindset. our minds together would be great. the heat are bracing for an option to play as champs. finding their footing. last night they got a tough win over indiana. the ball never touches the floor. we had a fit over time and the heat wins their third straight. so bring on steph curry of those hotshot golden state warriors. they are gunning for the best record in nba history. atlanta last night. holding their record to a 50 and five for this is a game to look forward to. >> you want to face the best teams, the best competitors. that's who they are right now.
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golden state, just like we had a great 4 year run. there will be a lot of fans here. a lot of heat fans will be here looking for us to do great things. in college hoops, national buzz. a win over virginia was a big morale boost. it's all about making those threes counts. read had 21 and they can still win the acc regular-season--and finally, if you want to where my right has been, there it is. the outfielder checking into spring training with this three wheeler beauty. it's just 20 grand but it's
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so he has a few extras. very conspicuous. >> it only has three wheels. >> they can go fast but i would drive it fast. >> and they have to be so consistent because they lost to
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that was very disappointing. a massive hornets nest covering an entire couch pretty family and eastern texas found in the backyard trailer that they had not said that in for years. it's more than 5 feet tall. the family is working with a pest-control expert to get it
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we wish them luck. >> pelley: dangerous weather hit the south. millions of people in five states are on alert for tornadoes. also tonight, more cases of zika in the u.s., spread by sexual transmission. apple's lawyers say unlocking the iphone of a terrorist is a slippery slope. >> apple knows how to do lots of things, buof but it is not an employee of the united states. >> pelley: and who let the dogs out? wait till you see. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: a tough day is turning into a rough night in much of the deep south. multiple tornadoes have been spotted, as well as a water spout, near new orleans. we've been told of fatalities at an r.v. park in st. james paris in louisiana. as many as 10 million people in


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