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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> i love the poorly educated. >>reporter: his unorthodox pronouncements notwithstanding, his tearing up the field. rubio seems to call him out. wednesday as he talked about occupying the white house. >> and ever want you to watch me out tv cringes that supported him. if he told them his lead team like wherever real space and in florida. he will make an insurance of the cadillac golf championship next thursday at the trump resort. thank you gary. clinton spend her time focusing on south carolina while bernie sanders campaigned in ohio. he told supporters that polls show him and clinton beating
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she spoke about the late president in cinches choose the school year. voting on florida's primary is on the way, according to politico more than for her 15,000 people have cast absentee ballots in florida. 15% are republicans and 47% of democrats. early voting begins on monday, including miami-dade county and broward county begins march 5. ford is a closed primary state, meaning the winner takes all 99 delegates and it means you must be registered voter in the primary for which the primaries being held. stay with us for continuing coverage. let's turn our attention to the weather and it has been a picture-perfect day..
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tonight. craziest tell us how chilly. >>reporter: 40s that and a cold front that came through, a reinforcing cold front will be keeping air around into the early part of the weekend and the stage is set tonight with clear skies. computer model shows us going down to the 50s. 40s along most of the peninsula 50s and 60s in the keys. tomorrow we don't warm up a lot. mostly 60s and maybe 70 and tomorrow night. cooler yet. 60s and 50s. don't stick around because temperatures will bottom out in the 40s and 30s west of the late, definitely some colder for this time of year. when we were warm back up, coming up in a bit. a show support for the
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>> i have a lot of people behind me. >>reporter: the police say the teenagers that killed him appeared in court. since this one appears on a charge of second-degree murder with no bond. >>reporter: a community remembers six-year-old king carter. >> a candlelight vigil is getting underway were that six- year-old boy lost his life. peter has more. >>reporter: there is probable cause for the charge of second- degree murder with no bond. >>reporter: leonard adams and irwin pressley was quietly is the judge raise the charges against them. >> you are registered for second-degree murder and attempted murder. smith, they killed six-year-old king carter. after shooting at another ball
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chest not going to the store to get candy. >> it can go to those anyone. pressley was wearing a gps monitor and on probation for strong-armed robbery. a battery and adams went to the complex to kill someone named gigi. pressley in advance had a beef with someone on social media. >> that resolutely spoke with those >>reporter: bit . jones said he may assume that lexus like this hopeless are looking for. it has bullet holes in it. king carter. so there has will call police
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for community support. he had a big heart. you're looking at the intersection of 12 am and they are saying prayers that of the sun-i been more on the 7:11 pm. one suspect was a nine-game were. placing saying anything about. the word anyway.
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crimestoppers. another rally against violence is being held tonight were two teenagers were shot minutes apart. last night i wanted not survive. 17-year-old david goldbaum was killed as he walked to the store near 14th ave. and seventh street and down the street gordon was shot in the leg as he talked with his friends nearby. >> when i woke up i saw him punching a shotgun evidence and he just took off. no remorse. no sentence. so it was investigating if this is related to the other shootings in the area. a press conference was held a little while ago to bring it to the gun violence in our community. >>reporter: this message is being put out by former nfl player who came to the police
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word that children should always be doing something productive, keeping them out of trouble keeping them away from guns. >> when you take up a kids time you go from negative to positive very quickly. >> randall hill played for the university of miami and the nfl. he has set up with the deadly guviolence involving children and teenagers. one solution is right in front of everyone and readily available. sports. >> a lot of kids and families complain that have a family or a father figure. the coaches right there. take the ipads and the phones out of their hands and put them back into sports for there is a lot of discipline and teamwork a goal. >>reporter: where barely to the week in a sexual has been shot and killed, the accused shooter's, two teenagers. pressley and adams turn
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killing of king carter on saturday. two more teenagers were shot the blocks and moments from each other. 17-year-old david goldbaum a shot and killed in front of his sister, young kid got out of a car and opened fire. he was related to 15-year-old hill, who was dragged from his bike and executed in a vacant lot last month. and also gordon was shot on it, got out of a car opening fire shooting gordon the leg. the community needs to be proactive and get in front of this gun violence problem. sports and coaches are an integral part of the solution. >> that time is taken up so there's not as much time for you to get in trouble. they make sure all of our time was taken up. we are back at live. one more chads the long list of teams involved in the shootings a 14- year-old boy shot in the arm
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carter was killed. finally commissioners today said they voted to approve implicit agreement with the government. it means the justice department will spend the next few years looking over the shoulders of miami's 1300 member force. the police chief said it will not affect have the released to the public who are emergencies. this be approved for supervision of officers, james caster was appointed as an independent monitor to look into the chief complaints. what? miami-dade commissioners
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around of the passengers on board a cruise ship that sailed into hurricane force winds want more than a free cruise after their terrifying trip. today, 75 of them filed suit in federal court in miami.
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stories of the ship was battered at sea. smith the cruise that terrorize people on board the anthem of the seas. some for thousand passengers survived being tossed around by the royal caribbean ship sailing into hurricane force winds. now passenger frank deluca suing along with 75 others. he took his wife on the first crews for her birthday. >> i was wondering who had controlled about. it seemed to be out of control. it tossed all over the place. >>reporter: deluca said he can't figure out why the ship sailed into the storm in the first place. >>why would a ship not know what kind of waters. it was cruising and two. >> attorney mike winkelmann said the captain knew the
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planned to out run a.>>when the ship docked in new jersey where caribbean said it would review the storm avoidance policy. >> it should never happen. we have to do better. >> for attacking a challenge, those orders with 4500 passengers and 1600 crew members, i find it quite disturbing. smith we asked welker event for a comment and they did is-i for they said they don't talk about pending litigation. summit florida firefighters have been suspended for having sex on the job. lieut. william fry and fire medic tiffany seabolt work at station 49 in clearwater. fellow firefighters described the environment as living with arguments. fry was suspended for 30 days without pay in seabolt has been suspended for 15 days without pay. summit miami-dade county held a workshop to discuss legislation
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service, uber today commissioners held a workshop to talk about legislation. they talked about fingerprinting drivers as part of a safety measure. she cited the shooting at kalamazoo, michigan allegedly caused by driver. student the president of the fraternal order of police in miami who originally announced a boycott against bite--bf it was to speak with her directly. >> instead of this continuing to be a discussion of--a topic of conversation, would awesome if we could get together with nancy and have a dialogue and start rebuilding our relationships among the community and the police.
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request to beyonci requested to meet with her. the group believes beyonci super bowl halftime performance and information music video sense and anti-police message. the miami police department. it miami-dade police department say there will be security at the concert despite the boycott. beyonci has not released a statements on the matter. i think the weather is great. craig. >> is so great to hear that you like our weather. enjoy it through the weekend because it's going to be nice and clear. 66 right now miami and 66 in
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quite low. a dry day tomorrow after a cold night tonight. temperatures over the past week, 70s a week ago had yesterday's high was 86 and the current temperature is below what we saw for the 70s at midnight last night. we are in store for a few cool days. the reason for the coolness sticking around, we're going to head down the peninsula tomorrow night so a chilly start tomorrow with sunshine and cool air in place and a second cold front comes through. pretty chilly early in the day and sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. sunday the high pressure start and warmer temperatures in the 70s by next week. winds keep warming up. temperatures by tuesday should
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rain chances are fairly low. maybe a stray shower next week. it's cool in the northeast and temperatures in the 30s and 40s in the midwest because of the huge low-pressure area extra parts of new england. only warm spots in the nation. 73 in las vegas 82 in phoenix. here's our forecast, clear and crisp and mid-50s on the beaches and mid-40s in one. tomorrow a chilly start sunshine will climb out of the 40s into the upper 60s. winds out of the northwest and not too bad on the day with temperatures in the mid-70s through the weekend. a couple of cool sunny days in store anyone of the texas from the 60s to the 80s by the middle of next week.
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tonight on cbs4 visit 11 pm. stuck a lot of stores have price matching policies. less than 5% of customers take advantage of price matching policies. >> if you don't ask for it, you don't get it. but will you get it if you ask for? mystery shoppers but the price match policy to the test three major retailers. we have the test results tonight at 11 pm right here on cbs4 news. and next uber in his here with sports. you can watch all of our newscast streaming
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avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes?
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talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert,
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no trophies for good effort of ambiguity. >> nobody should be proud of the heat because they took them rights to the wire. those two guys, just ridiculous. the heat played light chance of losing to the champs. it was a great game with a bad ending. you can tell, duane relished playing.
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he had moments of dominance. but it was clear that golden state stayed calm. the ball goes right back to steph curry and what can you say? the guy is crazy. all they could do was to their hats.>>steph curry is who he is but he couldn't play any better. he made big-time shots. after a much-needed break the panthers about unwise hosting arizona. they have not played since saturday when they knocked off one of pay. speaking of that, they have extended sean horton's contract through the next season. he loves the panthers useful-
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>>these teams are snaky and good and we are on the radar. i think they are just going to keep improving so i am happy to be part of this for one more year. smith there he is hunting for new talent at the nfl scouting combine in indianapolis. he has taken a hard look at the roster. he inherited. so far it seems like he likes some pieces but he has to figure out how it all fits together. >> it will be teaching the offense, it's going to take some time. we have to figure out what's best for us. we have a different set come a different group to what we had chicago so we have to figure out what we do best and that's what we will hang our hat on. a big time college baseball weekend. we should be plenty stoked to see top-ranked florida rolling. they should play a three-game series that could conjure up
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sent him home from the college world series with a 15 and three shellacking. >> it was a big school with a big rivalry game. no more. this is where we want to be. >> it's a great rivalry and it will be a great weekend. some of the first guy was jacob hayward and his brother is jason heyward who place for the cubs. >> how long has it been since they won a world series? >> it goes back a long way. i think jim morris is one.>> there is always hope. , you can tell us what you
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finally tonight kids learned an important lesson on the danger playing with fire. the children's fire safety festival was held today. posted by the university of miami. jackson memorial hospital burn center. the kids took part in fire drills and interactive learning stations to help prevent fires and help learn how to keep safe during a fire. more than 70,000 students received training since the event began, 31 years ago. that's our news for now. thanks for joining us. the cbs evening news is next for look for the day's headlines and don't forget you can watch our newscast streaming live on our website cbs have a great evening.
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republican debate takes on new urgency. it could be the last chance to catch trump before next week's super tuesday. also tonight, elizabeth palmer takes us inside syria at a turning point in the civil war. >> reporter: there is certainly no cease-fire here at the moment, and there's not going to be any time soon. >> pelley: daylight reveals the destruction done by a night of violent storms. and will this idea take off? plans for a widebody aircraft for wide bodies. >> at the end of the day, it's all about making money. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight, the five republican presidential candidates are holding their final debate before super tuesday, the 12 primaries and caucuses that could be the turning point. for some it is a fight for survival, but for dominant donald trump, he is expected to


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