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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  February 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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florida's cbs 4 news this morning. thank you for waking up with us. >> thank you for being with us on this friday morning. it is not a better word than friday. traffic and weather today. vanessa is standing by with a look at the road. of course she has to work on saturday so not so exciting for us. >> there's no better word than friday. >> i am happy vanessa is able to anchor and i know that's something she's looking forward to. however i am looking forward to two days off and sleeping past 3:00 a.m. yes. in of you will be excite window the weather morning as it is much cooler and you will need your heavier jackets and coats. make sure the little ones are bundled up. skys are clear. temperature versus dropped to the 50s across broward and dade county, 55 in fort lauderdale, he 60s through keys.
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more degrees as we approach sun rise and 7 to 15 miles per hour. helping to transport the dry, cool, stable air throughout the day today. we are looking mostly rain- free, upper 60s and low 70s with tonsover winter sunshine. it will be even colder tonight into tomorrow morning. i will have more on the complete weekend forecast straight ahead. >> at least i can look forward to no alarm tomorrow even though i am working. >> 5:01 in morning, south mr. if your alarm just went off and -- south florida. if your alarm just went off you have no zens to worry or or construction southbound 95. let's talk about miami-dade because we do have a major construction closure northbound, all lanes are shut down for overnight construction. it should be clearing up.
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watch out on i-7 a. that is shut down. >> police are investigating another mass shooting. four people including the shooter are dead in town of hson. more than a dozen others were wounded during the shooting rampage. they identify the shooter as cedric ford, a man who use today live right here. the shooter was actively firing on any target. >> police say an employee shot shot people at xl industries shortly after 5:00 thursday in his hospital bed, jesus remember it is moment he got hit. >> people were just running and
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and the next thing you know, i felt like i. >> the shooter was 38-year-old cedric ford. he was killed in a gun fight with the first officer who got to the scene. tucker knew him. >> everything was fine, i mean, it seemed like this kind of guy. >> before getting to plant, the gunman randomly shot at motorists hitting two. anxious family members could be seen looking for their loved ones. >> i feel like i'm in a nightmare. >> jennifer says someone was shot right next to her husband. >> moments later that happened on live television. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> you can come in here. >> dan champion. >> ford was armed with a long gun and a pistol. we found similar pictures on his facebook page.
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we have found that he use today live in both miramar and miami gardens and has an expensive record. we also found this video of ford shooting a rifle on his facebook page as well. you can see the bullets going into the ground. it was posted on september 20 of 2015. look for much more on the mass hooting coming up later beginning at 7:00. he shows it to a lobbiest who's probably here for 38000 legislation is passed. you tell me about -- 380,000 legislation is pass. he inherited $200 million. if not, you know where donald trump would be, selling watches in manhattan. >> now to campaign 2016. >> marco rubio goes after donald trump in a fiery gop debate. this was the last chance for
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was caught in cross fire of his closest competitors. >> donald trump was the target of most of the punchs in the debate last night. in came from marco rubio. this fiery exchange on health care was one of the most tweeted moments of the night. >> the biggest thing we have got and the reason we have no competition is because we have lines around the state. >> so that's the only part of the plan, just the line. >> no, you will have in different plans. you will have competition. you will have so in different plans. >> now he's repeating himself. >> no i'm not. >> the attacks between trump and cruz got personal. >> look. >> donald, relax. >> i'm relax. you are a basket case. >> he also took hits from people off stage. the billion their candidate said he hasn't released his tax returns because he's being audited but mitt romney questioned the response via twitter. >> he just wants to remain relevant. he's going to support marco
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the two lower polling candidates, carson and kasich. >> can somebody attack me, please. >> whoa. >> the former neurosurgeon criticizeed it tone of the night. >> i think there was no attempt whatsoever to be equitable with the time or question. >> while the ohio governor appeared more optimistic. >> i think i kind of traded and second a message to people around the country, about the fact that i am qualify today be president of the united states. >> -- qualify today be president of the united states. >> 6 hugely gats are up for -- 600 delegates are up for grabs on supertuesday. >> another person taking aim at donald trump is fox. he was asked about the promise to build a wall on the border. >> i declare, i am not going to pay for that. [ bleep ] wall. he should pay for it. he has got the money. >> the wall just got 10 feet
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it just got ten feet taller: that was his response last night in the response. fox also said he's troubled by all the support trump is getting. this latest poll shows marco rubio could be in trouble, in florida's primary. it shows trump up among likely republican primary. ted cruz is third%. florida primary is the first winner take all, all 99 delegates will go to the first place finisher. this a close primary, that means you must be a registered democrat or republican to vote. here is what is next in 2016. voters will head to pollpolls in south carolina for the democratic primary. that is followed by supertuesday on zillions. 13 states and american samoa will hold primaries and
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stay with us for more -- stay with us for more coverage. the broward sheriff's is working a death investigation. the victim was found dead inside a home, but he didn't liver there. >> reporter: late thursday night, workers in the broward county office, homicide investigators spent hours at the home searching for clues to unravel the mystery of the man's death. they respond today a call of shot's fired around 2:00 p.m. they found a man dead inside other people in the residences. >> occupants in the home are definitely cooperating and talking to detective. >> the dead man did not live in home and they're working to determine his relationship, if any to the people who do live there. at this time, they're not released any information on the man's identity, how he died to circumstances surrounding his death. they're only calling this a death investigation. it is all deeply unnerving for
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>> the violence in south florida is very unnerving. >> i will make sure my doors are locked. >> the goal is to find out what happened, how he died and if anyone needs to be held accountable. >> is a life loss. there's someone who's dead who has parents and we're just trying to figure out what happened and solve that for them. >> they're working to notify the dead man's family members. once that occurs they will release his identity. at this time, they're looking for information, if anybody knows anything about what happened here, contact crime stoppers. that number is 954493-tips. cbs 4 this morning. new this morning the pentagon has launched a new campaign of cyber attacks against isis militants. the goal is to erode the ability to use social media and the internote recruit fighters and followers. this comes after ash carter asked commanders last month to ramp up the fight against isis
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more on a vacation nightmare. >> passenger that is sailed into hurricane-forced winds want more than a free cruise after the terrifying trip. >> and seaworld, they admit that their employee versus posed. >> what cheryl said about one of the sports illustrated cover models that has a lot of people talking this morning. happy friday. 60s yesterday morning, this morning the 50s and as you can see we have the 40s across the rest of the state. we will be likely waking up with some 40s by tomorrow morning. what about rest of the weekend? i
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>> hey there. welcome back.
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we are waking up to clear, crisp, cool conditions. in fact, it is even colder this morning compare today yesterday. looking at the radar -- compared to yesterday. looking at the radar you can see we are nice and quiet. it should that that way the -- it should stay that way for the next couple of days. we have a breeze northwest from 7 to 15 miles per hour. yesterday, it was all about 60s in morning, this morning it is all about the 50s in broward and dade county. 55 in fort lauderdale, 56 in miami. we're seeing low 60s down through the keys. by tomorrow morning, we could see lows dipping down into the 40s. in fact as we look at the model, throughout the day today, highs will struggle to reach the low 70s. so most areas upper 60s, low 70s, as we get into 3:00 p.m. overnight we are going to see the temperatures falling. so around tomorrow around 5:00 a.m., we could see low 50s and
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40s and tomorrow afternoon is a little tricky. some areas may sit in the upper 60s while others may actually reach the low 70s. it is cold around the rest of the u.s. wow. look at these number, 30 stretch prosecuting boston to new york city and dc, -- stretching from boston to new york city, dc. we have arctic high pressure building in. that's why we are seeing the temperature versus dropped. behind it with the wind chill, it could feel like the teens for our neighbors up northeast. for us we will have a cool start with bright sunshine. enjoy it. we have carve value on the mile and the south beach food and fine festival. the weather will be cooperating and today will be stun being the winter sunshine in full effect. -- stun being the winter sunshine in full effect. a small craft advisory.
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for tonight, 50s to the coast and dipping to 40s. you will absolutely need to bundle up tomorrow morning, high around 70 and then 74 on sun. 77 on monday and it is not until tuesday and wednesday of next week we see the return of the 80s. let's check your traffic right now with vanessa. >> we compound on the return of the 80s. >> traffic and weather -- we count on the return of the 80s. >> traffic and weather together. no construction, no accidents on 95. here is the southbound commute, a lot of people waking up and getting on to i-95. there's the tale lights. let's talk about a couple of issues. luckily there's no accident, it is all about construction. a major construction closure here, all your lanes are shut down at the parkway and at state route 112 heading toward the airport at 17th avenue you will see two light lanes blocked off and finally if you are jumping on i-75 eastbound try to get on to palmetto northbound, that's also shut down for construction but
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in miami dade or broward. your travel time looking good. you start off at the interchange and head westbound and southbound you need a total of 13 minutes for the commute. >> thank you, vanessa. this morning passengers from a cruise ship in the at atlanta rick suing royal caribbean. >> the proposed class action state it is company knew or should have known of warnings for hurricane forced winds during the trip. donna reports from miami. >> oh my gosh. >> i can see the water coming up to balcony. >> it was a cruise passenger worst nightmare, some 4500 passengers aboard royal caribbean anthem of the seas survived beings toed around early thermo. -- survived being tossed around. >> i was wondering who had control of the boat, i mean, the boat seemed to be out of control. it was pet a chaotic scene. >> he had -- it was a pretty
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jersey to florida and the caribbean. by the second day, 30-foot waves and high winds shook the ship. they can't understand why the ship sailed into the storm to begin with. >> why would a ship that big not know what kind of water it was cruising into. certainly they had the tech nothing on board to know where the storm -- technology on board to know where the storm was. he said he was going to out run the storm. >> clearly concurrent, the noaa forecasted there was going be hurricane-forced winds. >> days later they said they would review the storm avoidance policy. >> for the captain to challenge those waters with 4500 passengers and 1600 crew members, i find it quite disturbing. >> we reached out to royal caribbean head quarters here in miami for comment on this
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does not comment on pending litigation. cbs 4 this morning. also, seaworld admits it went undercover to spy on animal rights protesters. they sent a worker to ill filtrate a protest in san diego. the worker was later suspended but allow today keep his job when they accused him of trying to insight violence during the otherwise peaceful violation. seaworld says the spying will not happen again. tonight at 11:00, paypal is one of the largest payment companys in world and they process millions of dollars in transactions every year. but some sellers claim the company is taking sides when it comes to disputed transactions. >> i am left now with a missing bag and paypal was holding the money from me. >> we have a policy, we think of the buyers almost always
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always wins. >> may pal disagrees saying there's no -- paypal disagrees saying there's no merit. sellers beware tonight at 11:00 on cbs 4 new. >> >> astronaut scott kelly is ready to return to earth after a year in space but what it is what he said in news conference that's trending that morning. >> model cheryl teeth doesn't agree with a full figured woman being on the swim suit edition cover. hear what she had had say after the break. inside an inferno. a firefighters perspective as he battles a massive fire in fort lauderdale. >> and a look at what's happening in south florida for
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radiant skin. brandon thinks hellmann's is heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from... farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best. >> welcome back. the president of the fraternal order of police in miami who recently announced a boycott against beyonce says he wants to speak with her directly. >> instead of this continuing to be a topic of conversation
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would be awesome is if we could get with bee i don't know say have some dialogue and mend those better bow i don't know say and mend those fences and start bending our relationship. >> he claims he sent that interview to beyonce asking to meet with her to discuss the vote to boycott her upcoming concert the group believes her super bowl half time performance and new formation music video sent an antipolice message. the police department have said there will be security at the concert, despite the possible boycott. beyonce has not released a statement ton matter. all right. let's check in with vanessa for the hot topics trending on social media this morning. >> the # whichhillary has resurfaced after black lives matter activist confront hillary clinton at a private
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take a listen. >> [inaudible. >> this happened wednesday night at a fund raiser in charleston the protester, you can kind of hear her. she said she's not a superpredator. clinton used that term during a speech in 1996 saying then that superpredators are not just gangs of kids anymore. clinton said she shouldn't have used those words during that speech. >> former supermodel cheryl, theigue isn't happy with sportings illustrated. she thinks body activist and plus size model, ashley graham, the current cover girl is not healthy. >> it is glamorizing them your waist should be smaller than 35. that's what dr. oz says and i'm sticking to it. >> i'm going to leave that right there. >> all right, astronaut scott kelly said he could spend
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kelly has spent more time in orbit on a single mission than any other u.s. astronaut. but he said on thursday, he could hold out even longer. he's scheduled to return to earth on tuesday, capping his time off the planet, at just over 11 months. for more trending stories like our facebook page, let us know what's your favorite story of the day. >> if you are looking for someone to follow on twitter, he posted the most incredible photos because he sees every sun rise and every sun set. >> and video toss. >> he's really funny. >> you also need to follow this woman right here, lissette. >> i try, but i can't compete with the sun rise and sun set photos from space. however we have amazing cameras and do try to give you the sneak peak of the sun rise here across south florida which should be gorgeous this morning by the way. bus stop forecast showing upper 50s.
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. developing right now at 5:30 a mass shooting, four people are dead after a man opens fire inside a plant in kansas. this morning we have the suspects ties to south florida. >> plus, children under fire, an are arrest is made in the
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legits community gets ready to say the final -- shot in the leg as the community gets ready say the final good-byes. you are taking a live look outside. 56-degree, oh my goodness, so chilly but hey it is friday. >> it is going warm up a little bit. >> good morning. i'm lauren pa at that. >> and i'm walter. >> -- pastrana that. >> and i'm walker. >> thank you for being here with us. >> let's check in with lissette. >> i will do a special wave. >> hello, everyone. >> yes. >> hello, weekend. are you ready? get ready for significantly cooler temperatures as compared to yesterday, when we had the 60s this morning, mostly 50s. the sky versus cleared and temperature versus tumbled and we see -- temperatures have tumbled. the students are ready to head school. make sure they have sweaters


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