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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  March 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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coming up, caught on camera. >> terrifying video of the toddler falling out of the trunk of a moving van and the driver does not even notice. the debate over whether apple should rake into an iphone link from the san bernardino at tac or is front and center on capitol hill. a perfect day for green eggs and ham.
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who would've turned 112 years old today. drivers, it may be 5:42 am, but we have a busy palmetto at northwest nw. 21st st. all of the headlight drivers, we're going to talk about accidents out there after the break. speaking of dr. seuss, i am sure there will be tons of folks reading the amazing looks at the school today. were waking up with a cool, comfy, 60 degrees. jack is this morning, but we're going to need the short sleeves by this afternoon. warmer with plenty of sunshine. will we see changes as we head to the second half of the week. details ahead. good morning.
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right now, we're looking live from our cbs for camera. many of you may be up with your babies, your kids, and thankfully you do not read -- need the rain gear right now. it is nice, cool, and comfy. 60 degrees and candle. 62 in homestead. we're seeing the midshipman to upper 60s in fort lauderdale and in miami. the same goes down into the key. there a similar set up to what we had yesterday. the winds are calm or light. we will see a southeast breeze. check out the clouds still lingering across most of the state. we should see some more sunshine. were talking about how dry it is today. the rainfall for the winter season, that was 20.24 inches of rain, breaking the old record set in 1905 of night point -- 19.06 inches. around alabama, and even mississippi, it is now just
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atlantic seaboard. quite active. if you are traveling, there is some delayed winter weather on that system. it stays warm until the weekend. push through. if you showers and not as warm. if you are heading out to water boating, no problems. tonight, lows in the upper 60s near the coast. inland areas, 62 degrees. the next couple of days, we will continue with the warp. if you stray showers. on saturday, waking up with a few showers. on sunday, were waking up to a high of 76. i-95 near sheraton street, that is what we're looking for. right before you get to sterling, you can see the overhead sign there. all of the lanes are opened and everybody is moving on north and south band -- southbound of
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on per road and -- the scene is clearing up. this is taken a while because it is a hit and run. 826 southbound to bird road, the exit ramp has been closed off as a result of another accident as well in that area, possibly related on -- related to the accident. as you get out of the interchange, it slows down a bit. green arrow is all the way down to you. from you start off from us one and had northbound all the way up to the dolphin expressway. caught on camera, a two-year-old child falls out of the trunk of the van in china and onto a busy street. the driver of the van, the grandfather, driving. the car behind them, he pulled
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the trunk lid does not close properly. cbs number four -- cbs for sports. here is jim barry with your wednesday morning sports report. >> good morning. what a night last night for miami heat. they said a franchise record by stampeding the chicago bulls. eric reed honored. at halftime he was honored for the fine work over the years. he gives them a show. is 24 points in his home debut. the heat building a 19 point lead. your come chicago. aaron brooks knocking down a three and the fourth. it is a six-point game. the heat regroups. hassan leading the way to 67% from the floor.
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the heat went big 129-111. >> we let the one embossing get away, but it is a learning experience. we have joe johnson. great pickup, he. he is an amazing player and he is on our side. meanwhile, randy moeller taking it in. that looks tricky. the panthers on the road down to the third. the second goal of the night, that ties the game at two. a few minutes later, a quick wrist shot. that rings through as the panthers went on the road by the score of 3-to. i am jim barry.cbs4 sports. live from the wq a.m. studios. joe, the he played yesterday, super tuesday.
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>> it is amazing, isn't it, lauren? everything he does. now, out of the all-star break, a mission. they pick up joe johnson. he has not played like that in two years for brooklyn. he was unbelievable. he hit 10 of 13 shots. they had guys with 20+ points. it was incredible. they play like this, and way they played since the all-star break and joe johnson gets more in touch with everything everybody is doing. he looks like he already fits in. they have a chance in the eastern conference. this is fun to watch. they have the real week part of the schedule coming up with a couple of games with billy -- with philadelphia.
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and set themselves up nicely for the playoffs. >> i am getting excited. they tweeted yesterday he loves the team. the team tweeted back at the feeling is mutual. it seems happy and positive. let's keep going on that train of thought. >> there is a lot of love. >> in a love right now between the dolphins and vernon? the dolphins planning on learning -- vernon leaving? what is going on with the transition tag that they put? >> i thought it was going to be the transition tag after talking to everybody yesterday. i do not think that it looks good. i did have, last night, a very good feel to it or a very good look to it. he can go out. he is a free agent. the 49ers, the new york giants and teams like that that have $60 million in cap space can frontloaded contract and blow the dolphins right out of the
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the dolphins have a lot of needs. if i throw up something, it is frontloaded with a lot of money the first two years for young olivier vernon. i think that he is gone. i do not feel good about olivier vernon being back but he is going to make a lot of money somewhere. >> let's see the things that they do during the off- season.>> thank you. the time is 5:53 am. would you be comfortable with a self driving car? what a new report is rebilling this morning. >> it is another morning of
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welcome back. on the money watch this morning, would you ride in a self-driving car? plus, the battle with apple and the fbi takes another turn.>> reporter: good morning, lauren. the debate over whether apple
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the iphone of a san bernardino shooter was front and center on capitol hill yesterday. fbi director compared the encryption that prevents access to the phone to a vicious guard dog. apple says that if it complies, it would weekend security of all apple products. americans are not ready to take their hands off of the will. three out of four americans say they are afraid to ride in a self-driving car. forbes is out with the animal list of the richest people. bill gates is number one. ortega is in second place. warren buffett is third even though his net worth did drop a bit as the stock market lost value. his book are household names in a special tribute to dr. seuss. tell us about this.>> reporter: that is right.
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author would have earned -- would have turned 112 today. the publishers are donating 50,000 new dr. seuss books to kids in need. i love that. lauren? my son's library is filled with dr. seuss. hopefully those books bring some happiness. >> that is a great idea.>> i will share the pictures on facebook, jill. have a good one. that will do it for cbs weather at 5 am. next at 6 am, donald trump is closer to securing the presidential nomination. hillary clinton surges ahead of bernie sanders. we have live coverage including what is next for the presidential hopefuls, including florida senator,
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scandal rocks a university. what the coach of the women's basketball team is accused of doing to one of its players. touchdown. astronaut scott kelly makes his way back to earth after almost one year in space. good morning, it is 6 am. i am walter. >> and i am lauren pastrana. traffic and weather this morning. let's get a check of the forecast with alyssa gonzales. >> so far so good this morning. we're looking live from our fort lauderdale camera. we are rain free. were: comfortable with low 60s inland. right now, 66 in fort lauderdale. 66 in miami. it is very similar to yesterday. winds are calm and light. later on, veering out of the southeast.
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as we head into the afternoon, we will see some warm sunshine. highs climbing to the low 80s. they be a stray shower into the evening. we will have a check of the traffic. we will start off on the palmetto and move over to brouwer's. 8:26 am -- we want to show you that it is a busy drive. here is a northbound commute. nw. 25th st., here's a southbound drive leading to the dolphin expressway. palmetto, looking great. no accidents. no construction. here's i-95 in miami dade. there is a southbound side and northbound. leaving you want i-95 in broward county, sheridan street, no accidents. it is a good drive at 6 am in the morning. super tuesday is in the books. now, the focus on florida.>> i love you my me. >> i'm so excited to be here in florida.


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