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tv   CBS 4 News at Noon  CBS  March 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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and we are once again the biggest trophy. >> cbs 4's don champion has more on how the cappeds are battling for political survival. >> reporter: the face of the republican presidential race could change today as voters cast ballots on primary day in florida, ohio, illinois, north carolina, and missouri. >> your governor is totally overrated. >> gop front runner donald trump leads the poles in every state except ohio. where he is in a virtual tie with the state's popular governor, john kasich. he voted this morning and said hyphemas proud of his campaign. >> by continuing to run the race, the positive campaign is now starting to shine through like a beacon. >> here in florida, marco rubio's political future is on the line at poling places like this. the senator predicted a win in his home state but is way behind in the poles. this state will elect 99
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i need it to be me. >> ted cruz may have the best shot at winning illinois. the texas senator is within striking distance of trump. meanwhile on the democratic side, bernie sanders is trying to pull off another midwest upset against hillary clinton. the vermont senator is making a run for missouri, ohio, and illinois where he's campaigned heavily in chicago. >> the states that are coming down the pipe, we have great opportunities to win many of them. we're feeling really good. >> clinton has the lead in florida. a winner take all state with 214 delegates up for grabs. don champion, cbs 4 news. it's an uphill battle for senator rubio here in florida but the junior senator from the sunshine state is confident voters in his home state will prove the poems wrong. but he says turn out is key. he's hoping to encourage voting with an all out media blitz today which started here at cbs 4 this morning. winning in florida would be
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>> before the parties and rallies, senator marco rubio interviews with news out lets as he pushes to win florida. he sat down for two interviews with me where he encouraged voters to head to approximate poles. >> i hope they'll vote. it's important for people to come out and vote. i know you hear that all the time. it's like eat your vegetables but it matters. >> he turned to donald trump who leads in several poles the junior senator from florida puts little stock in the numbers. >> is it hard to justify to donors. >> i think poling has gone out of control in this country. the poles you see now are done in ways that aren't scientific. i'm the only one running that gives us a chance to win in november. donald trump if he's the nominee he's going to be a disaster. he's been vulgar and divisive. >> do you have any regrets
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forth you've been part of. >> i haven't been part of it except for one time and one day. and i said i would do that differently. that was one day. donald trump's done it for 12 months. it's not even a fair comparison. and i think it's destructive at the end of the day. we're a country where people are at each other's throat. america is not a government. america is a people. the american people. we have a government. and our government is broken but our country is still a great country. >> senator marco rubio is confident he'll win in florida and plans to continue the campaign despite the outcome here. he's hosting an election night party at fiy arena tonight. >> thousands of voters are casting their ballot. marybel rodriguez is live. are things running smoothly there? >> reporter: no complaints here. we're told close to 200 people have voted as of now at this precinct alone.
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smoothly taking five minutes or less. voters hit the poems early. a critical day for the candidates and for the people. >> how important was it for you to come out here today to vote? >> this year more than others, very. >> why is that? >> well, i don't want to see trump in there. because we'll be at war in probably his first week. hillary is four more years of the same thing. so i figure it's got to be a time, it's got to change. >> in the city of fire station two, precinct 379. once the poles opened at 7:00 a.m. astrid stream of voters turned out to cast their ballot in what could be a turning point for several candidates. >> it's important for me because i am democratic.
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that do my expectation about my future. >> as a hispanic, i want my vote to could want. >> according to the department of elections in miami dade county more than 80,000 voters turned out for early voting and an additional 117,368 absentee ballots were turned in. voters went prepared to pick their presidential hopeful. >> we need somebody that is respectful, knowledgeable, and honest. we're pretty sure who is his pick. >> i feel that my candidate is one that has all the exceptions united and his name is marco rubio. >> not everyone was optimistic about the presidential primaries. bill digs says he feels it's bringing out the worst in people. >> we're seeing children being hit and beat and pushed. this thing is bringing out the
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i've never seen it like this before. >> keep in mind you can only vote at your precinct. if you're standing in line by 7:00 you can still vote. i'm marybel rodriguez tossing it to gabby live in fort lauderdale with more on how voting is going there. gabby? >> reporter: hey we're at coral ridge mall. this covers precincts 13 and 46. and we've seen a steady stream of voters going in here to cast their ballots. most voters i spoke with say the process was simple and just took a few minutes. and that's what we're hearing across the county. but there was one school poling site in pompano beach that was shut down for an hour and a half because someone called in a fake bomb threat. >> make america great again. >> voters across south florida proud to voice their pick for president during florida's super tuesday primary. >> donald j trump a warrior and a genius. >> donald j trump all the way. >> marco rubio.
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>> my vote is for hillary clinton. >> people lined up to cast ballots at coral ridge mall in fort lauderdale before the sun came up tuesday morning. i got here after 6:30 to avoid what i thought would be a line but there was no line yet. voting. i'm really excited. first. i thought i was going to mess up. but it's really easy. >> most of the precincts opened up without a hitch. but at pompano beach middle school that also serves as a voting site, a phony bomb threat shut the poles down temporarily while authorities investigated. >> this was an emergency situation. i'm sure everyone can understand that. we'll be here until 7:00 this evening. anyone who still needs to vote can do that up until 7:00. >> more than 157,000 people voted early or by absentee ballot. it's a hotly contested campaign that appears to be galvinizing voters. >> people are fed up with how the way politics is going now.
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we need a non-politician. >> the supervisor of elections says long lines shouldn't be a problem. a new electronic checking system will speed up the process, provided you have your id. those who all ready picked their nominee are encouraging others to get out and vote. >> get off your butts and get out here. country back. >> you have to be a registered democratic or republican to vote in this primary. you also have to vote at your assigned precinct today. make sure to bring a valid id with you. and as mentioned, poles close tonight at 7:00 p.m. if you're in line by 7:00 p.m., you can vote. gabby fleischmann, cbs 4 news. cbs 4 news will have extensive coverage of the florida primary and all the candidates who will be here in south florida. cbs 4's david will join us live at the marco rubio event. ted will have live reports from donald trump's event. and hank will be live in west palm beach where hillary
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we'll have coverage for you all day on air and online. has the information you need to know about voting and there will be live updates here on cbs 4 throughout the evening as results come in. to the change in u.s. cuba relations. the u.s. treasury department is restoring mail service between the united states and cuba. this will go into effect starting tomorrow. the obama administration announced today it will allow individuals to travel to cuba for people to people educational trips without having to hire a tour company to travel. it lists limits on the use of american dollars and transactions with cuba. this all comes ahead of president obama's historic visit to the island next week. today the president is defending his plan to visit the communist island, president obama says that he will meet with dissonance and is hoping to expand u.s. business activity on the island. during his visit, the president will meet with cuban leader raul castro and attend an
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between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. expanding the u.s. presence in cuba is the best way to promote american values. cbs 4 news is headed to cuba for president obama's historic visit. we'll be there. look for coverage beginning this sunday here on cbs 4. now new at noon, the trial begins for a fort lauderdale police officer charged with slapping a homeless man. officers victor ramirez was caught on cell phone video last year striking 58-year-old bruce la claire at a downtown fort lauderdale bus depot. la claire claimed he had to go to the bathroom but ramirez wouldn't let him and pushed him to the ground. ramirez is facing two misdemeanor counts of battery. we're learning about the identity of a man shot and killed in florida city. police say the victim is 27
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he was shot multiple times. he later died. if you have information on the shooter, call police. still ahead on cbs 4 at noon, for the first time, the nfl makes a stunning admission about head injuries and cte. crashing down, a wild scene when a car falls from a parking garage and on to the sidewalk several floors below. find out what happened to the person inside. a new species of dinosaur may explain how t rex became the giant of the dinosaur world. it was foggy this morning and mild and muggy now. we're warming up. all ready seeing mostly low 80s across south florida. we could see a little bit of rain later today. but an even better chance of
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i'll have more now to news from across america. we begin in chicago, where three officers are recovering after being shot. >> the shooting happened as five police officers were investigating reported drug activity. the officers observed a man and a woman acting suspiciously when they approached the two, the man ran in between two buildings and began shooting. one of the officers returned fire killing the man. the woman is being questioned by police. the officers are being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. firefighters battle a massive house fire in maryland. today eight of the firefighters are recovering after the front them. video shows them trying to put out the fire when the house tumbled down. thankfully everyone inside the home escaped safely. also in maryland, an suv plummeted off the fourth floor of a parking garage. it fell and crashed upside down on the sidewalk.
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woman in her early 20s wasn't seriously injured. investigators are working to figure out how the woman lost control of the vehicle. a bomb shell admission from the national football league. its top health and safety officer admitted a link between football related head injuries and chronic traumatic encephalopathy or cte. >> do you think there's a link between football and degenerative brain disorders like cte. >> most certainly. a number of retired informal players were diagnosed with cte the answer is yes. >> the admission during a congressional round table marks the first time a senior nfl official acknowledged the connection to the devastated brain injury. it can only be diagnosed after death. so far 90 of the former 94 nfl players screened for cte were found to have had it. in world new, prance announced a did a -- pope francis announced a date for
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theresa. pope francis officially cleared mother theresa for saint hood this past december. she earned several international honors including the nobel peace prize act in 79. she died in 97 at the age of 87. foggy start to this primary day here in south florida. but hopefully no rain out there at the poles. >> right now no. it's been rain-free so far. maybe a few showers later on. but all in all, we can't complain about the weather today. especially for folks who are heading out to vote or taking care of your usual things throughout the day. there could be a few stray showers. but right now, it's all about the sun and the clouds as we look live from our camera in miami. and life's a beach for these folks by the sea. our windjammer resort camera. you can see the winds have settled down. it's fairly light. as we take a look at what's going on, winds calm in fort
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everywhere else any where from 3 to 9 miles per hour. so temperatures warm. in the low 80s in fort lauderdale and miami. 77 in homestead and 80s down through the keys. checking in on the rest of the state, we're seeing the warmth even through central florida with the low 80s there. and the upper 70s right now in gainesville and in tallahassee. right now 79 in jacksonville. and much of the state quiet. so it's a big day. a big primary day for the entire state of florida. and thankfully, you can't use the weather as an excuse not to head out there and vote. future radar showing that as we head into the afternoon, we're going to see the potential for maybe a couple showers popping up around homestead around 2:00 p.m. 3:00 or 4:00 p.m., we could see a few more showers, similar to what we had yesterday. and this is kind of a similar pattern to what we see in the summertime. as we head into the evening commute, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., there could be spotty showers as well. taking a look at what's happening around the rest of the country, portions of the mid-atlantic, northeast, new
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only the wet weather but the wintery weather. and the same goes for the northern tier of the u.s. on the west coast, the pacific northwest, dealing with the rain and the wintery precipitation and we're dealing the threat for severe weather across portions of the midwest and the great lakes. the temperatures, well, you can see the nation is divided in terms of how cold it is out west, 30s in billings and salt lake city. and 40 in denver. however, look at the mild spring temperatures around texas and into the gulf coast states with the 70s. we're seeing the 50s in dc, new york city, 40s in boston. minneapolis. for us today, we'll see those temperatures continue to climb to around 87. and there could be a few showers this afternoon if you're planning on voting, seas bays. and for tonight, lows fall to breeze. the next couple day, highs will be in the mid 80s. and st. patrick's day, we'll see the warmth continuing.
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showers friday, even better chance of storms this weekend. lauren walter. >> all right. thank you. scientists at the smithsonian museum of natural history introduced a new dinosaur species. the cousin of the tyrannosaurus rex. you might call him prerex. a horse sized dinosaur that scientists say is a smaller predecessor of the tyrannosaurus. this smaller dinosaur all ready had the powerful senses of a predator. they found like the t rex they had a sophisticated brain and good low frequency hearing allowing them to detect prey. next on cbs 4 at noon, why people panic after the dating technical issues. a woman's picture on goes viral. now she's sharing the story
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president obama has fun
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welcome back. have you seen the photo of the angry splash mountain lady. >> that's how she's being described on social media. it's because of this picture here. jordan alexander was going down what's typically considered a thrilling ride at the magic kingdom in orlando. a recent visit made her a viral sensation. she's explaining why. >> it was a long day. i had bronchitis. i had a crying baby. and my husband informed me he doesn't have it in him to ride my favorite ride. >> come on husband. you have to ride the favorite ride with your wife. because her husband steven decided to sit that out she gave him a humorous but harsh stare in the camera. her husband posted the picture online and her face has been photo shopped on a number of pictures. she's been at a bernie sanders rally. she went skydiving and her face was replaced by the infamous grumpy cat.
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>> how good is that? you think that's going viral? that's going viral. >> oh it sure did go viral mr. president. mr. obama had i sited the cast of -- invited the cast of hamilton. the president flashed cue cards and miranda responded by free style rapping by nasa, obama care, the constitution and the obama family dogs sonny and bo. in today's tech minute, how helpful is your smart phone in not very. four popular voice assistants were tested by asking about rape, suicide, and depression, answers included i'm here for means. several didn't recognize any concern when the user said i'm having a heart attack. a search for love is back on for users of the tinder dating app after an hours long
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tinder tweeted last night they had fixed a technical glitch that accidentally deleted users matches the company told users to log out and back in to their account to have matches restored. after the problem was fixed, one woman tweeted, my many future husbands have returned to me. cbs 4 news at noon will be back. the dow down 31.
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we'll be right back. that will do it for cbs 4 news at noon. thanks for watching. join us later today for cbs 4 news at 5:00. and 6:00. watch our news casts streaming live on
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. >> shawn: you know what? you don' t even have to say it. i heard enough. i' m sorry. i know i' m in the way. >> sage: you' re not in the way. >> shawn: really. not a big deal. i' ll get my stuff. >> sage: shawn, we want you to stay. >> shawn: you want me to stay. but you never signed off on me moving in. >> sage: that doesn' t matter, shawn. >> shawn: our deal was that you would cover my medical expenses
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nobody said you had to take care of me. i' m gone. >> sage: okay, shawn, i' m not comfortable with that. even if we didn' t know who you were, we would never feel comfortable letting a pregnant woman go to a place she did not feel safe. right, nick? >> phyllis: jack announces that he' s washed his hands of pass key and he just storms right out of here? that' s great. that' s awesome. we' re gonna do this ourselves. >> billy: or not. >> phyllis: billy. >> billy: what if he' s right? think about it for a second. >> phyllis: what are you talking about? >> billy: victor could sue us for stealing this company. >> phyllis: oh, yeah? he' s gonna sue us from jail? >> billy: phyllis, what if he finds out that you were behind adam' s kidnapping? >> phyllis: yeah, victor doesn' t scare me. there is nothing he can do to me that is worse than bringing marco annicelli in my life. nothing. and besides, this deal is ours. we walk away now, we risk losing billions. >> billy: if you don' t walk away, you risk losing jack. >> neil: what' s going on, man? >> jack: something a shot of scotch won' t fix.


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