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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  March 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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one guy streaking down the middle. >> ian: victor. an air ball. >> chris: my goodness. >> ian: a 2 point yale lead. 6.8 on the clock. >> len: spread the floor. if you get in prince's hands you do. >> ian: medford turns it over. >> chris: foul. >> ian: with 2.2. the foul is against baylor. the ball bounced over to sherrod. medford trying to work quickly. he was out of control. >> chris: tries to go behind the back. and -- well! makai mason said i did not foul. i wanted to make sure on that play. >> ian: baylor did not even get
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down by 2. 2.2 on the clock. motley fouled out. 59 points and 7 rebounds for the sophomore. now the focus is on brandon sherrod. he can put an end to this game with a pair of makes. >> [crowd noise]. >> ian: 2 point lead for yale. sherrod. first one is good. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ian: 78-75. >> chris: don't even think about missing. just trying to let the clock run out. we have seen something strange happen. >> ian: he's got it. 79-75. lindsey tosses it up. >> [buzzer]. >> ian: march magic for the yale bulldogs. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ian: their first ncaa
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history. james jones in his 17th year at yale. and the bulldogs have done it. they upset baylor. 79-75 to advance to the second round. >> chris: they did it with moxie and look at the last play here. the point was moot. yale celebrates. >> ian: baylor is going home. yale is moving on. >> [cheers and applause]. their first appearance in the ncaa tournament since 1962. it's a win for yale!
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yale gets it done. evan washburn, take it away. >> evan: coach, the program waited 54 years. you waited 17. what does it mean it get here and keep playing? >> coach: absolutely unbelievable. our guys played great tonight and gave us everything they had. i could not be more proud of this group of guys. >> evan: at no point did this moment seem too big for this team. where does that confidence come from? >> coach: we have been building for a couple of years. they stuck together. >> evan: you called him a bad little man. makai mason had a legendary afternoon. what is it about his game that allowed him to have this type of performance? >> coach: he is the toughest nut you will ever meet. a really tough kid. nothing shakes him or bothers him. he was unbelievable tonight. >> evan: enjoy it. >> coach: i will. >> evan: makai mason, come on in
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congratulations. an unbelievable performance. your demeanor seemed stoic throughout this game. what was your approach from the start? >> player: trying not to get too up or down. i try to lead through example. they will make a run. they made a couple of runs. we stayed calm and weathered the storm. >> evan: what does this mean to this program? >> player: it's huge, man. we have not made the tournament in a very long time. to win it today is special. >> evan: duke is waiting on saturday. your thoughts on that match up? >> player: i am glad we have a rematch. we thought we could hang with them in the first game. we might surprise some people. >> evan: fun to watch. see you on saturday. >> ian: first time in the big dance in 54 years. if you ask the yale fans it was
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they could not be prouder of their team. >> chris: showed moxie and makai mason. set them on the course. they continue to follow it. >> ian: it will be yale and duke with a chance to advance to sweet-16. the yale bulldogs pre-season favorites in the ivy league. they roland to the title. then they carried the momentum right into the ncaa tournament. with a win over the baylor bears. it's a 12 seed knocking off a 5. we have seen a lot of these celebrations for the 12 seed. bure elation for james jones. the 52-year-old head coach of the yale bulldogs. long island native. played in albany. didn't get to play in an ncaa tournament. now he has coached in one and
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>> chris: coach told these guys i have not won one. his team repaid him. we will win one for you. that's the best feeling you could have as a player in the locker room. win a game no one thought you could win except the guys in the room with you. >> ian: yale advances. 79-75 win over the baylor bears. tournament games continue on tnt, tbs, and tru-tv. cbs prime-time begins at 7 o'clock eastern. chattanooga. after a quick break to our ncaa studio. the madness underway. if you treated your tablet like greasy fast food treats your body... you'd have no way to watch cat videos. so say no to greasy, fast food... and treat your body right... with the delicious rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway. made with our new
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great moments are born from great opportunity. that's what you have here, tonight. that's what you've earned here tonight.
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a big problem during a pep rally. a performer and several students rushed to the hospital. >> everyone was panicking and running out of the gymnasium. >> what set off this fiery emergency. the performer was a hired firebreather. >> joan murray is live in delray medical center where the victims were taken. >> reporter: the fire breather is doing fine. i spoke with him by phone. his name is charles and he told me that what happened today might have been the result of using a different fire retardant. he's doing well and that is good because what you are about to see looks scary. we want everyone some of what you watch might be disturbing. it was supposed to be an uplifting pep rally at atlanta community high school. a firebreather demonstration when something went wrong.
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performer caught fire and began running desperately throwing off his jacket while other performers try to put out the flames. >> i was going along with it until i realized he was running around trying to put the fire out and i was shocked. everyone was panicking trying to evacuate. >> people started running out but then once the fire comes down all the ap and principles told everyone to sit back down. >> a couple of teachers got a fire extinction but the fumes caused chillier to suffer an asthma attack. she and six other students were taken to the hospital complaining of breathing problems. >> she was in distress. she was scared also because she was having an asthma attack. she was upset. >> reporter: the firebreather who owns the company called inferno challenge suffered extensive burns but >> he has burns from the neck up.
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face. >> reporter: performer has been with him to the hospital and he never lost consciousness. he describes what happened. >> as he blew the fire and it goes with them as body he noticed there was a small spot that was lit on his shirt. he went to padded out like this and if you get something on his neck or hand and it sparked up. >> reporter: the district said classes resumed as normal after the commotion. but some parents are questioning the wisdom of bringing in a firebreathing act to a gymnasium full of thousands of students. >> right now i'm glad the kids are okay. i don't think it was a wise decision. >> reporter: her daughter and six others were transported to area hospitals. 2 were taken here and five to another hospital. the fire department said they all are expected to be treated and released. as for ricardo charles remains here and will stay overnight. he will have a news conference
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what happened. senator marco rubio is back to work in washington and talking about moving on from life as a politician. >> marco rubio back to work on capitol hill and in good spirits. following his exit from the presidential race. >> would you consider being a vice president? >> i will not be anyone's vice president. i don't mean a and is respectfully but i'm not going to be vice president. i'm not running for governor of florida. i'm going to finish my term in the senate and work hard for the next 10 months and then i will be a private citizen >> you'll not rethink this and go back in april? >> i'm not running for reelection to the senate. i'm going to finish my term and then i will be a private citizen. >> reporter: since defeat in the primary on tuesday the has
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supporters telling them he considers ted cruz to the only real conservative left in the race. >> what do you make of donald trump's comments that he might incite riots? >> at this point it's ideally appearance. of stuff he says. there's not going to be any rights. >> rebel -- will be reflected on his own campaign and truck's right >> i understood who could run a campaign based on speaking to people's frustration and anger. but i continue to believe these disruptions in our economy while incredibly painful also provide opportunity. but politically it's not something that cuts through in a year where someone like donald trump has been able to capture that frustration and anger and exacerbate it in a
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>> he has four kids and wants to be a private citizen. that makes -- you forget he's a lawyer. in the last 18 years he's only been out of elected office two of those 18 years. this will give them a chance -- it was too early for him to run for governor. this makes sense. make some money and he is 44. he has a long career ahead of him. >> i have a feeling we'll hear from him again. while he's getting out of the familiar face is cutting back in. former congressman dave ribera enough supporters nothing to say he has filed paperwork to run for the florida house of representatives. he began his political career in the statehouse. he lost his seat after he was embroiled in a federal criminal investigation into a campaign finance scheme.
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next week what will be on the table when he sits down with cuban leader raul castro. eliott rodriguez has more on what is planned and reaction from local cuban americans who met with mr. obama yesterday. >> reporter: the president will do a lot in three days. he's been spending time preparing for the trip. last night he met with a group of prominent cuban-americans and today he sent a letter to 76- year-old woman who lives in cuba and is eager for the president to arrive on cuban soil. a country that badly needs a facelift is getting it. at least it is if this havana a small stadium where president barack obama will attend an exhibition game next week. the white house has released details of the president of this visit. it begins sunday with a tour of old havana and a visit to
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will meet cardinal ortega. monday mr. raul castro as well as cuban entrepreneurs and attend a state dinner. on tuesday he will directly addressed the cuban people from cuba's national theater. will be with members of civil society and dissidents before attending the exhibition baseball game between tampa bay rays and the national team. was night he met at the white house with 16 comments cuban- americans. including emilio estefan. >> we might not agree on many things about his trip to cuba but we share the same hope that making it a better future for cuba. >> reporter: the meeting lasted two hours and those who attended said the president listened intently taking notes and asking questions. many in the room stressed the importance of mr. obama meeting with dissidents who can shed light on the status of human rights on the island. >> i said i love everyone here is a great feeling about the future of cuba. but we cannot forget about the medical that die and are in
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my goal is one day to have free elections and a free cuba. >> reporter: also in the meeting work healthcare executive mike fernandez and businessman carlos saladrigas who said the president addresses to the cuban people next to date will be a once-in- a-lifetime opportunity to promote change. >> i would like to see this president connect with the cuban people. he's immensely popular in cuba. he's a product of change. he is someone who became president because the country was able to change. and i think that's a powerful message to the cuban people that they should not need to fear change. >> reporter: a letter from the president is making its way to cuba the direct mail which began this week from the us. 76-year-old ileana your zen wrote to say she supports the president's efforts to bring the nations closer together.
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an impression on the people like that lady of convincing the cuban government to change will be much more difficult. today cuba's foreign minister says political and economic reforms will be off the table during talks between us feel and will castro. it will be up to president to decide when he talks about when he addresses the cuban people
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another hot day today. >> it felt like summer and it's not even spring yet. >> the good is it a cold front is coming next week. live picture from the everglades camera where we can get on the water anywhere which is better. 87 it was the high today and moral is 80. record is 88 so we were only 1 degree shy. winds come from the south which helped bring the seabreeze and break some of the heat. this pattern repeat tomorrow with hot temperatures by midday and later in the day temptress fall off with the seabreeze. temperatures now in the low 80s. tonight mild and muggy. patchy fog developing again overnight. fun and comes tomorrow and warm again with high temperature around 87. pollen count showing mold is low juniper oak and a very moderate. through the weekend one more warm day was funny
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rain comes saturday night exciting basketball but a mini 5:30 newscast. >> but our normal 6 pm. >> jampacked with news. here is what is had. an elderly woman and her daughter come face-to-face with a man holding a gun in their own home. find out what happens next and two japanese are looking for.
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prisoner alan gross talks about his first year of freedom only with cbs 4. what he told about his time in jail and help he's released paved the way for the new relations between cuba and the us. sea world new direction. more on the future of the theme park company following a decision to end its organ breeding program. with the miami seaquarium is saying about the change. the news at 6 starts now. >> i refuse to be afraid to have coffee in my backyard. >> we begin with a safety alert. horrifying moments for a 91- year-old woman and her daughter . the women were at their deerfield beach home when they were robbed at gunpoint and now there's a new composite sketch of the person who did it. peter dench is live at the home and peter, what is the daughter
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>> reporter: she has already taken secretly precautions. young garment wrapped her and her mother after opening up the gate to the backyard and walking in. she never thought this would happen and now she's having locks to the gates. >> my reaction is to i start to screaming. this was a kid with a gun that do not belong in mallorca >> reporter: harbor and sutton said she was sitting on his couch in the backyard after 6 am tuesday when a young stranger seeing in this composite sketch opened the latch on the gate and approached her. >> i was looking at a quilting video on youtube and i looked up and there was a kid with a gun in my face. >> reporter: are 91-year-old mother was inside. he pushed past into the house and put the gun to my mom.
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lunatic. i woke every neighbor up to the suspect who was described as between 17 and 19 years old and was wearing a gray hoodie and dark pants pointed the gun at's mother. >> he did not act bridled or frightened. he was as calm and quiet. that will stay with me forever. >> reporter: the next rene bourque who do not want to show her face called 911 >> i was woken up by someone screaming. >> because i was so screaming he just scanned and snatched my prayers of the kitchen counter >> reporter: the gunmen also fled with a wallet and $200 in cash. and to apple iphone six phones with $700 each >> because apple has they find it phone up the police were able to track so they knew the general direction he went. he tossed my phone so i was able to get that back but my personal identity is gone. >> reporter: site is putting new locks on your gates to keep intruders out
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cup of coffee in my backyard. >> reporter: barber and told me neither she nor her 91-year-old mother were injured but she's processing the iphone that was recovered to see if dna quickly to a suspect. if you can help bso the case how crimestoppers at (954) 493- tips. there's a reward of up to $3000. preparations are underway in down to miami for the ultra music festival. thousands of electronic music fans are in town but if you are not added to the event you want to avoid the area if possible. gary nelson has more on what you need to know. >> reporter:@bayfront park the tents have been elected and the lights are up and the stage is set for the ultra music festival. three days of loud mindbending music and a pulsing sold-out


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