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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  March 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. from miami-dade, broward, and the keys, this is south florida's cbs4 "this morning ". >> right now at 5:30, an nfl player is badly injured in a dirt bike crash in northwest miami-dade. we're live with an update on his condition. deputies are searching for a brazen burglar who broke in to a home and held a 91-year-old
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her daughter with her at the time speaks about the scary ordeal. it's 5:31, i'm lauren pastrana. >> and i'm walter ma -- makaula. we've made it. there she is! >> there she is! oh, walter, you set me up for that. [ laughter ] yes, we made it to the weekend. i'll let you know what's happening today and tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that. you know how we roll here at cbs4, i'll have your six-day forecast coming up. but right now checking in on our fort lauderdale camera on broward county, low 70s down in fort lauderdale and miami, upper 70s down through the keys, can you tell we're happy it's friday? upper 60s in kendall and homestead and the winds are fairly calm or light. although i'm working this weekend. so there you go, you can tune in during the evening newscast for my weather. right new visibility is looking okay.
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our north with a mix of clouds already this morning. so, this afternoon, very similar to yesterday, hot, highs in the upper 80s, there could be a couple of showers, in to the evening and tonight, we'll start to bump up that rain chance and that is the trend as we head in to the weekend. it is looking like we'll see more scattered storms around, more on that on my complete forecast. lucky lady vanessa is off but a check of your traffic with danny rivera, who is helping us out. how are you doing? good morning, lissette, miami-dade roadways much busier than usual, the crash on miami garden, the right lane and south of that it at the dolphin, the exit ramp temporarily shut down in both directions and now a new crash on the palmetto northbound at southwest eighth street. 122 no problems as far as crashes heading ardz the dolphin. broward county, 75 northbound before you get to royal palm and
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crash will be there and no major problems, southbound xwerd xwerd got my seatbelt on, i'm danny rivera, back to you guys. 5:33, an nfl player from miami-dade recovering from a bad motorcycle accident. gaby fleischman is live at the hospital with more, gaby good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, police telling us that tray walker is listed in critical condition here at rider trauma center after crashing his dirt bike straight in to it an suv. i want to give you a look at the scene at liberty city, the 23-year-old baltimore ravens player was riding the bike left on northwest 75 street at around 8:00 last night with no lights on. he was wearing dark clothing when he crashed in to that suv,
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going, reports of another nfl player from another being at the scene of the crash but who or why remains under investigation. he's a milwaukee native and northwestern alum, rushed over to the hospital after hearing the news, friends and family are devastated, saying walker has been home for a couple of weeks. >> we hear that it was very bad. >> we praying, we ask everybody else to pray and keep tray in their prayers, make sure he come out of surgery. >> reporter: and ravens head coach john harbaugh, he released a statement late last night saying oh my god, this is devastating news, prayers and tonight. police are telling us the driver of that suv did stay on scene detectives. we're live from jackson memorial hospital, gaby fleischman, cbs4 "this morning ". >> gaby, thank you. we're following breaking news out of miami right now
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this is a live look now at the scene at 7155 northwest 17th avenue. you can see the significant damage left behind what we're being told right now is no one had to be taken to the hospital, no word yet however on what caused the car to crash in to this building. and here more of your friday morning headlines, the fire breathing performer who lit himself on fire at a pep rally stunt going very wrong, holding a press conference this morning from the hospital where he's covering that. the video shows the performer desperately trying to put out the flames with the help of other performers. this happened at atlanta community hospital, rushed dell ray community center, several students complaining of breathing problems. the fbi and new york police department are investigating what sources tell cbs4 is a threatening piece of mail sent to donald trump's son, eric. a source close to the investigation said the letter
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threatened harm to donald trump's children if he doesn't drop out of the race. and senator marco rubio plans to become a private citizen in january. senator rubio returned to washington dc yesterday for the first time since suspending his campaign on tuesday. he says he has no plans on being the gop presidential running mate, he won't run for reelection for senator or run for governor as florida. now to cbs4 safety alert, deputies searching for a brazen burglar who held a 91-year-old at gunpoint, breaking in to the deerfield beach home with a mother and daughter inside. >> i was looking at a quilting video on youtube and i looked up, there was a kid with a gun in my face. pushed past me in to the house, put the gun to hi mom. -- to my mom. i was screaming like a lunatic the whole time, i woke every neighbor up. >> the burglar was able to get away with a purse and two cell phones.
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this sketch is asked to call the broward sheriff's office. and now time to check this out, a better look at exactly what happened when a car smashed in to a pizza restaurant in oakland park. happened at the downtown pizza grill off cypress creek road and northeast ninth avenue just after midnight on thursday. surveillance video shows an suv pull up outside, the driver appears to be parking, but instead of hitting the brakes she steps on the gas, hitting two people inside. one of the victims tells us he was with his fiancee waiting for their food order, a car pinned him against the pizza counter. >> all i see is this, you know, blue car or whatever just make a sharp, sharp turn and all i heard was the engine rev up, just plowed right through the glass. i pushed my fiancee out the way. and i took the full force of the car. >> both he and his fiancee were treat ted hospital and are expect -- treated at the hospital and are expected to be okay.
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injured, the crash under investigation, no word on if charges will be filed. a sad update to lily the labrador retriever firefighters rescued from a miami-dade canal, she's passed away after respiratory complications. firefighters pulled her out of the water, taking her to a vet where she was being treated for water in the lungs, hip trouble and kennel cough. they hoped she would recover and be put up for adoption. big changes are coming to seaworld, the marine mammal theme park phasing out its orca program. it's partnering with the humane society of the u.s. to focus on marine mammal education and conservation, also going to change the whale shows to an educational performance in a more natural setting. the announcement has natural rights activists ramping up for lolita, the resident whale to be freed. >> we're really happy to hear
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its customers and to marine experts, and orcas should not belong in captivity. we're here to urge this aquarium to do the same for lolita, follow their footsteps and put her in a sanctuary somewhere where she can thrive. >> this aquarium released this statement saying in part quote, the marine mammal show at florida is evolving to cooperate with national elements, we'll continue our commitment to education, conservation and the appreciation for all marine species, including lolita, our resident orca. all right, straight ahead, a resident where machines serve you food. and one fast food chain says they're considering it. plus, ikea issues a recall after reports of certain lamps that are shocking customers. plus, google play and youtube team up with t mobile on their binge streaming program, why it signals a change of heart for google.
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survival in the divergent series allegiance. the final installment. ultrakicks off today in downtown miami, a lot of streets will be closed. how bad will the traffic be? and will some of the ugly problems from years past resurface this year? we'll be there for you.
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happy friday, south florida. welcome to the weekend! as we look live at our biscayne way camera in miami, the ultra music festival taking place, many of you will be headed out there for some fun, keep in mind it's going to be a hot one today, stay hydrated and there could be a couple showers later on. maybe you're headed to the fair, indeed, a very warm afternoon, already seeing the low 70s in fort lauderdale, and in miami. upper 70s now through the keys. upper 60s in kendall and homestead, a little cooler inland and closer to our average lows which should be in the mid 60s this time of year. so the winds are fairly calm or light and because of that, we could see patchy fog developing in spots, the visibility looking okay across the board. radar and satellite showing that we do have clouds streaming in
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wet weather, across the panhandle where there could be severe weather. here looking quiet, in the afternoon, a couple showers pop up here or there around 2:00, 4:00, 5:00 as the models are indicating for the morning commute, scattered showers can't be ruled out, the better chance for rain will start overnight and then tomorrow in to sunday as we have a fropt on the way -- front on the way. active weather across the northeast areas as well as the central plains, the rain and the snow there, even m -- in to the four corners region, the greatest threat will be from texas, oklahoma, mississippi, new orleans, and even in to portions of the florida panhandle. for us, [ indiscernible ] storm, it won't be a complete washout but more rain compared to what we see, passing storms on sunday ahead of a cold front on monday. and then behind that front we will be cooler. for today, highs will climb to the upper 80s and we're going to
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boaters see a light chop on the bays and for tonight, lows will fall to around 70. and we'll see the potential for scattered showers overnight. some spotty storms tomorrow, 86, the start of spring on sunday with the vernal equinox, stormy, comfortable, highs in the mid to upper 70s to next week, a check of your traffic with danny rivera. thank you, lissette, good morning, miami-dade roadways just length buzz -- a little bit busier than typical, southbound 95 just before miami gardens drive block the right lane, south of that at the dolphin, the exit ramp making that connection temporarily shut down in both directions. on the palmetto you can see, not too bad, 122 street, not too bad, heading towards the dolphin light travel for now, in broward county, a major problem, accident northbound 75 just before you get to royal palm. that accident is blocking off three left lanes, that crash
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need extra time if you're taking that ride for the commute this morning. have my seatbelt on, i'm danny rivera, back to you guys. and now, cbs4 sports. >> miami hurricanes survive and advance against buffalo in the opening round of the ncaa tournament. jim berry on how they did it in this morning's sports report. >> good morning, the canes are up and running in march madness as they survive a first round scare against buffalo. we go to providence, a st. patrick's day tie but the buffalo bulls have the luck of the irish going on. knocking down the threes, canes down eight. but then they would get going, here's newton setting up reed, the canes fearing it on the bench as they grab the lead for the first time, and then rodriguez makes the game his as he pours in 24 points. he also had seven rebounds and how about the ninth assist here, kerry for the punctuation, canes
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>> in march where you play teams you've never played and probably never seen them on tv. so it's a challenge at first and, you know, as you can see, it works for us. but we just kept fighting and fighting and fighting. >> next up for them, saturday against wichita state. the heat of the aaa last night, up 15 early on before charlotte comes roaring back, walker bearing the three behind the screen, the heat try to hang this there thanks to the wide side and another storm game for heat and off the bench. but at the end, wade needing to make a three, not his game. just 11 points for d-wade as they lose, a tough one at home 109-106, from third to sixth now in the east. the panthers though, better luck on the road last night, [ indiscernible ] to dc, getting his team early in, two early goals, a crazy
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hits the post and then ricochets on in. headaching it a close -- making it a close game, so they have to keep on fighting until they're able to ice it with the empty netter, panthers go on to win by the score, 4-1. i'm jim berry, cbs4 sports this morning. now it's time for talking with joe, joe is live from the wqem studios, be honest, is your bracket busted already? >> i am bracket busted, lauren. that didn't take long! [ laughter ] couple of 12s, a couple of 11s, upsets on teams and all of us -- i had baylor going to the final four, you talk about being stupid. i'm done today, it doesn't look good. >> i picked yale, i picked yale. so, you know, i'm very proud of myself. >> you did? you like the smart schools, i knew that about you. >> those smarties probably have a formula to win. >> yeah, right!
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>> the canes, also, the canes also -- >> joe, what about the canes, they're looking good, slow and advance, a nail biter but they did well, what do you think? >> well, i'll tell you what, angel rodriguez, everybody talks about their guards are going to have to be special, their guards and angel rodriguez and mcclellan put on a show, what i like best, angel rodriguez, he's just a tough son of a gun and he talked about klutz, how about all the free throws he made at the end of a tight game. buffalo gave them all they could handle but the klutz shooting, knocking down the free throws not easy to do in a tournament, and he was smooth at the end of that dwaim, hit -- game, hit some big threes, beautiful passes, i just thought those guys, even though they had a couple other guys play well, i thought it was set by rodriguez well in this game.
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baylor and little rocket, perdue as well, perdue lost, 12-2 in the seed, isn't this so much fun to watch? >> there is no question, and i even cheated! i actually watched all these shows, to find out what all these experts thought about this. and they messed them up. so i felt, you know, we were already talking about arizona, right? arizona, miami, we're going to play on saturday, i don't think so. arizona is going to be home on vacation a little bit early, wichita state wins that game, all of a sudden the canes will start. yeah, but it is definitely what makes the tournament. i came in early, i checked everybody to see how they did, everybody here, at cbs radio is definitely bracket busted this morning. so i feel a lot better. >> i'm 12 for 16! that's pretty good; right? >> oh, that's good! you're off to a strong start. now, did you do it all yourself? or did you get a little help, be
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>> i promise you, i did it all by myself. i should've asked my husband for advice or our executive producer alex hernandez, but i didn't. i think i asked him about one team, i think it was gonzaga, but that's it. that's the only help i got so far. >> lauren, don't worry, i heard you kick your husband's butt, you're a lot better, i know wub of your bud -- one of your buddies, he said your husband's no good, you don't need him! that! [ laughter ] have a good day, he's in trouble now. >> yeah, he knows! >> play it on dvr later on. straight ahead, some important information on a recall affecting popular canned tuna. plus, friday, friday flicks, the beginning of the end for the divergent series, this weekend as part one of the final installment allegiance hits theaters, coming up. plus, don't have the smarts
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now to a cbs4 news consumer alert, canned bumble bee chunk
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recalled, tuna in oil, water, and the four pack, more than 31 thousand cases are impacted, the listed can code here is impacted by dates through 2019, no illnesses linked to the tuna but you're being advised to throw away the recalled product. for more information on the recall, just head to the consumer section of our website, money watch this morning, one fast food team's idea to replace machines, plus google has a change of heart on binge streaming. cbs4's henna daniels joining us live, in -- front of the new york stock exchange, good morning >> reporter: good morning, although walter, despite qualms, google is joining the streaming service. t mobile was slowing down the speed of video streams, certain customers are allowed to stream movies and tv services without it counting against their data
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ikea is recalling all its go tham cable and floor lambs because it could -- lamps because it could cause a shock to users. having damaged cables, so far three people this europe have been injured. and carl jr.'s restaurants may be more like the jetsons soon. robots could be serving up your purr gers. the -- burgers. the company says it's considering complete automation. may make the move after minimum wage hikes have taken a bite out of their profits. walter? >> well, hena, i've seen in my mind's eye, these drones delivering our food, what do you feel about that? >> reporter: um, you know, if it makes the delivery faster, i'm all for it! [ laughter ] >> so we're also healthcare that getting -- hearing that getting to our destination by driving is getting easier, what's this about? >> reporter: never miss that appointment or show up late
5:57 am
the road navigating waze has a new feature, planned drive. it will tell you when it's best to leave and the best routes to take. you can also sync that app to your calendar or facebook. walter? >> i like that idea. we can use that for work every morning; right? >> reporter: not too much traffic when you head in though; right? >> oh, well, you know, that is true. but living here in miami, there's traffic all the time, hena. thanks so much. >> reporter: i believe you. >> we'll see you in the next hour. that overnight construction is a killer. the weekend is here and ha means it's time to catch some friday flicks. this week, jennifer garner stars as a mother fighting for her daughter as the seemingly impossible happens in miracles from heaven. and fighting for survival in the divergent series allegiance, here's kevin frazier. >> i should've warned you. >> xw, go! >> reporter: after discovering the shocking truth about their
5:58 am
james must brave the wall that surrounds the city to discover an even bigger secret and save what's left of humanity in a world divided and getting over that wall was no easy feat. >> we did this, shay had to be facing down, it was -- >> i was facing the ground, walking backwards, holding on to theo's shoulder. my only dependency. >> we can't go out there. >> we have to. there's no turning back. >> i'm not leaving this hospital until i know what's wrong with my daughter! >> reporter: and in miracles from heaven, garner stars at christy beam, a mother whose daughter had an incurable disease that was miraculously haemed by a freak accident, the importance of family and faith, something that resonated deeply with garner. >> it's just a simple idea, but i love that in this story, christy struggles with her faith. she struggles seeing her
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something so awful and to say, hello, where are you? but the idea that her daughter's faith is so pure, it kind of carries her through. >> he told me i'd be fine. >> who told you you'd be fine? >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier now back to the studio. >> it looks like i'll be crying when i watch it. >> that will do it for cbs4 "this morning" at 5:00. >> cbs4 "this morning" at 6:00 starts right now. next at 6:00, an nfl player's badly injured in a dirt bike crash in northwest miami-dade. we're live. then a fiery accident during a high school pep rally sends a performer and students to the hospital. and this morning, the fire breathing victim is set to speak out. and the ultra music festival gets underway, what you need to know if you don't want to get stuck in the huge crowds. good morning, 6:00 a.m. on this
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makaula. >> and traffic in a bit, let's start with lissette. >> what can we expect today? we're waking up with warm conditions. good morning to all of you at home, happy that it's set, couple showers possible, broward county and we're seeing a mixed back of slightly cooler, upper 60s in fort lauderdale kendall and homestead. winds calm out of the northwest, south through the keys. visibility is looking great, that's a huge improvement from this past week. some clouds though, streaming in from the gulf and there's some rain across northern florida as we head in to the afternoon it will be heating up to the upper 80s and there could be a few showers in to the evening. a better chance of rain as we head in to the weekend, we could see thunderstorms.


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