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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  January 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a teenager gunned down. now at 11:00, hillsboro deputies telling us the accused killer is off the street. >> thanks for joining us. 17 years old calea everett shot in front of his house. >> tonight, the family talking about big break in the case. >> reporter: it was an emotional day but a gratifying
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finally face justice and this family can begin healing tonight. >> never, never. [cries]. >> lewis says the face of her fiance's killer still haunts her. >> it is really hard, i feel like i lost my best friend. >> donaldson and lewis confronted with everett. >> he didn't say anything and he just stood there and all of a sudden he pulled a gun out and said give me what you got. >> the gun was pointed at her and everett. >> everett would die at the scene from being shot in the stomach. this is four days after proposing to donaldson.
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run for more than a week until polk county deputies caught up to him. >> i didn't get a chance to say good-bye or i of you. >> darlene lewis wants to be everett's mother in law. >> it will never bring him back. >> i will forgive him but i will never forget. >> the 17 years old in this case is being charged with first degree murder tonight and also assault with a deadly weapon as well as armed robbery. i am cameron abc action news. >> the unidentified man tells officers that he saw the suspect hit two vehicles and chased him down. at the endof the chase, the suspect jumped into the good samaritan car.
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don't encourage witnesses to shoot at suspects but the good samaritan probably will not face charges. a st. louisburg woman loses the love of her life in a horrible car accident. she's determined to use that crash to help others. >> abc action news reporter, mare some joining us now with more of the message. >> it is been shared more than 100, 000 times. she wouldnever imagine it would capture that much attention with her boyfriend's story that could help save a life. >> i love that picture. it reflects our relationship. >> how could you ever forget the love of your life. >> bob irwin meant everything to susan shayne. >> he was always making me laugh and he's always smiling and goofing around. >> their love story began as teenagers. >> they decided to be friends recently when there is no way they could be apart. >> we knew this time is going
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were making plans which is what makes us really heartbreaking. >> troopers say the 29 years old may have been using his phone around the time of the accident. >> it was the worse thing i have ever gone throug , the pain of his family and i felt and i hope nobody ever experiences that. >> which is why on the last day of 2015, susan tries to prevent tracted. think about, is this call worth >> do i want to die over this won't happen to you, but it can. >> susan can hope through her pain and words and his pictures and his story, it will save
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>> he loved more of his 29 years than most people do in lifetime and that's why it is so hard that he's gone. >> i check with the florida highway control because of distracted in our area because of cell phones including texting, there is been more than 5300 crashes and a lot of them >> abc 7 news. good evening everyone, we are tracking some rough weather all the way across the gulf on the other side in louisiana. this is what is headed our way at least later on tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. the timebeing, skies are clear and rain free. there is stillsome moistures out there left over from the rain early on, we'll see some fog first thing in the morning. itcould be dense at times but it stays dry at least for the first half of the day waking up
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under partly cloudy skies and some 50s and 40s as you head up to the north to talk about the severe weather threat coming up in just a few minutes. a philadelphia police officer recovering from this encounter with the shooter who claimed to be inspired by isis. >> i am shot and i am bleeding. >> police just releasing that 911 call as well as video of the horrifying ambush. the suspect firing at least 11 times into jesse hearten's car. >> other officers then managed to arrest. >> he stated that he pledges his allegiance to the islamic state and he followed their laws and that's the reason he's called upon to do this. >> the gunman is 30 years old
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out how he was radicalized. right now, el chapo is one of the wanted men in the world is behind bars. >> we are hearing mexican marines launched before dawn. five cartel members were killed. tonight, they're stillfinding weapons like snipers and rocket propelled grenades from el chapo's hide out. tonight, we aregetting a first look at a texas easter error suspect, al harden making his appearance in court. >> he came to the u.s. back in 2009. >> the federal indictment accused o f harden providing material support and resources to isis. a 14 years old boy is in jail.
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county gas station when the kid asked him to a ride to the house just a mile away. >> as soon as they got on the road, limon aroad, the kid road, the kid attacked him with a glass bottle. >> the sheriff says the 14 years old was arrested last month. new developments tonight of a twip rozzelle murder. deputies releasing this photo of a white van. investigators believe the shooter drove that car away from the killings on east magnolia drive on lakeland on wednesday. >> david washington and angel
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shootin s. butlies threatened to attack him when he's least expected it. the grandmother tells us, he's getting no help from school and the taunting continues. >> they would push me around anded call me names. >> he said one threatened to rip his spine out. >> the superintendent tells abc action news, she just learned about the allegation yesterday and they take bullying seriously. they put a plan in place to work with both the families and the school to help that boy. well, it is just the tip of the iceberg. police intampa bay say that they busted one man for selling stolen cell phones. in tonight, they expect even more arrests. police arrested this guy, 38 years old for selling stolen phones. one of the phones they found was taken from the tam ttampa's
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ups has reported of $45, 000 worth of phones stolen sometimes during delivery. >> the one arrest we made was a little part of it. weare looking to see how big it is and how many people maybe involved. >> police say they do believe some ups employees are involved. >> the record breaking powerball jackpot is now even bigger. the grand prize is climbing to an estimated $800 million. >> we'll send you the winning numbers from our free abc action news mobile app. a fun fact here, if you win , you will have more cash than flloyd mayweather and taylor swift combined. >> the odds are one and 200 million. >> plus, the affluenza teen 's
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>> how spinning your blood like this can lead to hair growth and the other extreme steps people are taking to look and feel their best in 2016. >> download the new abc action news app for your mobile phone and tablet.
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welcome back, we are just seeing this mug shot here of tonya couch back in texas and going before a judge. she was quickly transferred from mexico to los angeles and back to texas. >> the sheriffs on hands to take her back to jail. >> she understood facing up to ten years in prison. >> even drawing an angry response from the judge when she complained about conditions in her jail cell. >> she expressed displeasure of
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explained to her, that is jail and not a resort. >> couch has been unable to make her $1 million bail. the sheriff telling reporters the affluenza mom will be spending the weekend locked up. now, a frightening moment on a united airline flight. >> [ screams ] a woman on the united express flight from laguardia airport repeatedly asking to get off the plane. >> she attacked the flight intent attendant and that's when another passenger stepped in. >> i pulled her to the ground and subdue her and tied her up with some seat belts and some guy used his necktie to tie her wrist and ankles. the flight was headed to chibut diverted to detroit.
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cancer free. >> one else took a photo of leon and circulated on social media comparing him to an meth addict. >> for a man like him face ing facing online bullying means nothing >> leon posted his name on the instagram account of his cancer foundation and he says in responding in a positive way been worth it. starbucks is apologizing for an offensive statue after the actress called tout company ed out the company. has removed the statue and looking into the matter.
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workers found listeria at one of their production plan yet again. >> the product line was called last year over contaminations. tonight, none of the bacteria had beenfinding ice cream itself and only in the billing. sincethey're planning to reopen, they have tested and will continue testing every single batch of ice cream they make. >> well, when are you ready to try and look and feel your best in 2016 >> people here in tampa bay are going to the extreme >> abc action news shows us you mercedes cover a new treatment that you just have to try. >> floating and injecting and detoxings. . >> here in this tank, you have to relax. >> check out the sensory
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pounds of salts. >> you are giving your brain a break. >> float in ten inches of water. >> the tanks can provide a sense of well being. >> oftentimes people have trans dental experiences. >> a float could help people with extreme pain and depression or ptsd. >> the session is $50 an hour in seminole seminoles height. >> how about hook hooking toup an iv if you are looking to cleanse. >> with this, i walk out of here and feeling different. >> the nurse here says body it is good for fighting over a cold or cures hang overs.
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>> if you want to feel better about your hairline, a new treatment using plasma to stimulate your hair growth. >> we are not using medication or an outside substance. >> reporter: doctors spend your blood in the center fuj and inject the plasma in hair follicles. . it takesmultiple sessions. the first session is $125050 and and after that, it is $795 a pop. now, the most accurate weather, abc action weather. a mix bag of weather coming up here in the next week or so. let's start with the weekend first. >> that also is a mix bag. >> [ laughter ] >> saturday and sunday is a little bit different, right? >> sunnier on sunday and cooler later on. river gatestill looks quiet. we did see that rain out there lastnight and there is still some moistures out there and in other words, low layers and there could be some fog out
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may have to deal with early on. you want to see any rain at least until later in the afternoon. a couple f thunderstorms as well, and temperatures right now in the 60s across most of the area and from the airplane and tampa skies under partly skies. the winds are light and that two will be changing tomorrow ahead of that next front. we hit 76 today andthat six degrees is above normal. yes, the rollercoaster rides continues. >> on monday, we'll be below 60s. records are 84 and 28normal. satellite picture, all that's left with thatrain we had early this morning, well, to the east of us by the afternoon and now with mostly clear skies and at least with the time being of the low pressure with that fog. when you wake up tomorrow morning, future castshows a lot
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not necessarily over cast in the sense of what we think of when we get a lot of storms rolling in. i do think this will try toburn off later on tomorrow morning. there you go. >> when it does, look at what comes in from the northwest. >> there it is, storm prediction center says there is a marginal chance of severe weather and by definition that means two to five percent. it is low in comparison towhat we see. by 6 closhg:00, whatever is left of that line. these models can be off by about five or six hours. >> you have to play through this afternoon and tomorrow night. there is as chance of showers and thunderstorms to two. bill will be here first thing in the morning. we'll check it out on facebook and in case if there is any
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i think that's unlikely for us. maybe the big ben area or up towards the panhandle. oncesunday arrives, sunshine returns. >> a decent amount of sunshine mixed in the day and partly cloudy skies and the colder air arrives by mound. monday. >> up there again, some areas only in the lower 60s on monday. there are those forecast highs. there you haveit. >> 80 degrees and tampa bay is 86. >> this is before the rain arrives and that'll lead a lot of sunshine from 10:00 until 3:00 >> there is still cold air out there behind the storms. you can see it up here. temperatures about 1 degree and windchills about 5 bhe below. rushing this way. ten daysfrom today, we'll see our first freeze of the season
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that's another front that we'll be tracking next week. >> we go 76 tomorrow with rain likely in the day. rainchances before sun rise on sunday and next week looks chilly and breezy both days this weekend and the winds come down of the temperatures on monday >> thank you, dennis. you are trying to put on a third period rally.
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oh, folks, nothing is coming easy for the lightning this season. >> they're fungiing tonight. fighting tonight. >> justin shchierholtzes shchierholtz. --edmonton made it into nothing. >> here into third, oilers leading 2-1. >> hope they can pull it out. >> buccaneers' gm, jason light had two head coach scheduling set up. >> shawn mcdermott tomorrow and also on the early short list of
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job. >> it is first decision to make would be running back doug martin who'll become an unre stric -- >> okay, a big weekend coming up for jose hernandez. uconn coming to town on sunday unbeaten and ranked number one. >> here is abc sports extra. >> in order to be the best, you have to beat the best. >> when it comes to women's college basketball, the best had been uconn for the last two decades winning nine national titles in 2000s.
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one team in the country. >> the team is loaded with talent but do they have enough to beat the huskies team that won 49th straight game. >> i think we have all the pieces to take us to the next level to be able to beat them. >> we had the same thing as last year. >> the bulls have never beat uconn. >> 0-17. the bulls are not putting too much pressure on themselves for sunday's game. >> our goal where we want to get to before the nca tournament, we'll see them two more times. one more attheir place and a conference championship. >> it is one game. >> reporting at usf, john sabol, abc action sports. here is my pick for this weekend.
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i will take big benover the bangles without andy dalton and minnesota in way below windchills weather against seattle and i will take the packers who have became pedestrians but they should be able to walk out this week. >> have a great weekend
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well, on the water this week, watch out for those storms. tomorrow afternoon, you will want to be back in port tomorrow. >> all right, we'll continue our coverage on our top stories at
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