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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  January 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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at 5:00 -- breaking news as you wake up with abc action news at 5:00 this morning. david bowie passed away after an 18-month battle with cancer. fans reacting overnight on our facebook page where we first broke the news. some comments coming in. jennifer says so sad rights now, you will be missed tremendously. other comments, sorry to hear about this. look at this one i like this one from angela "it doesn't matter how famous, popular or rimp you are, cancer sucks. so live life to the fullest." another one "rest in peace, you will be missed." this one, i'm shocked, no idea
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this is what a lot of fans are saying. he was sick. he will be greatly missed. in a post on his facebook page a representative says his family was around him when he died. peacefully yesterday. just two days before his death the singer celebrated his 69th birthday. on that same friday he released his new album "black star." sad for not only his family but his fans. we'll be monitoring reaction from other celebrities as they wake up to the news. let's look at the forecast. here's meteorologist shay ryan. >> it's a chilly day to say the least. temperatures are about 15 to 25 degrees colder this morning than they were yesterday at this time. so what does that mean? low 40s for citrus county now. across hillsborough county temperatures this morning are starting off in the mid to upper 40s as well. if you are in lutz, 46 degrees. tampa to 48 now. plant city and brandon at 47 degrees. and in polk county temperatures
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so, again, anywhere from about 47 degrees in winter haven to frostproof and fort meet at 49. we'll be topping out today with temperatures near 60 degrees across much of the area. so this is going to be a rather cool day, much cooler than average for this time of year but a lot of sunshine and nice and dry. so good driving weather this morning. how are things looking on the roads so far? the interstates are clear. construction in parts but nothing to slow you down too much. looking outside at i-275 and 22nd avenue, in st. pete. up to speed in both directions, pushing 70 right now from the sunshine skyway all the way down to the howard frankland bridge. taking a live look now here at i-75 and state road 60 in the brandon area, if you're heading out the door now maybe you're leaving the apollo beach area, it's going to take you about 10 minutes to get down to i-4. we
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about, in the temple terrace area in hillsborough. westbound fowler avenue closed now between morris bridge and river hills. you may want to use fletcher until this crash clears. i'll let you know as soon as that happens, here and of course on twitter. here's drive times on the veterans, all in the green right now. 5:03. breaking news in the bay area. you mentioned that road closure. we're learning of a possible road rage incident in temple terrace. ourtiontion crew went to the scene and found a car with a shattered window at the intersection of fowler avenue and river hills drive. abc action news reporter adam winer is there checking in with authorities and we'll have a live report from him with more details coming up at 5:30. 5:03. in pinellas county a man trying to break into a home is in the hospital after being caught in the act. >> deputies tell us the homeowner saw the intruder and
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office now. you're learning a lot more about how this all went down. >> good morning. the pinellas county sheriff together what happened yesterday but say the homeowner caught the suspect while he was breaking into the garage and that homeowner shot him. this all going down off whitney road in unincorporated pinellas county. the sheriff's office telling us 2:00 sundays afternoon a burglar was stopped by the homeowner as he was trying to break in. the two struggled, homeowner fired a warning shot and get this, the burglar still didn't leave so the homeowner fired again. this time hitting him in the leg and causing serious injury. that intruder was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. the names of all involved, homeowner and intruder haven't been released at this time. the pinellas county sheriff's office saying this was the real deal, a break-in caught in the act.
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and on-line at 5:04. deputies need your help to find this missing man. they say 80-year-old eighteentheen clifford bueth was seen 1:00 yesterday afternoon on his home in urbino street in sebring. he was driving a red 2015 red jeep cherokee with the license plate number 129 lnu. he's white, about 5'11", weighs 170 pounds with blue eyes, gray hair and also has a goatee. if you see him call 911. you could get a cash reward. 5:05. this man wakes up in jail accused of child neglect after a 3-year-old eats a drug on his watch. detectives say that 3-year-old went to the hospital after she got sick eating synthetic marijuana. also known as "spice." christopher clark will head to court today. he was arrested yesterday in st. petersburg. he was supposed to be watching that toddler saturday when the little girl apparently got the
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she got really sick. he ended up calling 911 the next morning. first doctors said the girl had had a life threatening illness but this morning she's expected to live. clark is charged with child neglect. deputies won't say how clark knows the little girl but they say he admitted to smoking spice around the toddler at least two times before. 5:05. manatee county deputies are searching for two young men who held up a group at gunpoint. five friends were playing cards outside of braidonton home saturday night then say the two robbers showed up with masks and armed with pistols. police say they ordered the group to the ground and took everything from their pockets. the suspects got away with more than $2,000 along with id's, credit cards. all happened while a wife and baby were in the home. in you know anything about the robbers you're asked to call the sheriff's office. on high alert in philadelphia, the fbi and police investigating a tip that a radical group could be targeting officers. this concern following this
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watch, in his cruiser last week. >> the policeman called the dispatcher saying he was shot and bleeding heavily after the attack thursday. now we're told someone approached a officer on the street yesterday and saying that officer had an affiliation with a group with radical believes. the fbi is checking the credibility of the information. and in the meantime all department personnel have been alerted, the suspect in the officer shooting was charged with attempted murder. in oregon the standoff on a national wildlife refuge in its second week. the small armed group seized a federally owned building on january 2nd and the group is asking supporters to send supplies, everything from blankets to coffee creamer. members of the group are upset over federal land policies, the
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his word so far that the group will only leave when there's a plan to transfer control of federal land to locals. from millions to more than a billion, the already recordbreaking jackpot bursting at the seams. >> powerball prize to $1.3 billion, only going to get big tear before wednesday's drawing. >> it's crazy. nobody matched all six numbers saturday night for the then $949.8 million prize but there were smaller winners. if you consider $1 million or $2 million a small prize. >> how much did we win? >> $8 -- >> i won $4 on my own. there's good news if you didn't win. already low gas prices could get even lower. analysts say they could be $1 in some areas, because oil prices are still decreasing and refineries have a large capacity. gas hasn't dropped this low since 1999. here's what you're going to pay
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shay, it's a little chilly this morning. >> to say the least. 15 to 25 degrees colder than it was yesterday at this time. so if you're planning on a round of golf you're going to need to bundle up in the first part of the day. well, you know, by florida standards. it's a pretty cool start to the day with most of our temperatures in the 40s now. and we will get up to about 50 degrees by 8:00. then at noon we're in the mid- 50s, only to top out in the low 60s today. our wind speeds won't be too strong though. so really looking like a pretty ideal florida day to be on a golf course. i'll have florida's most accurate 7-day forecast coming up in a bit. ahead of the cold air severe weather, coming up, a twister rips up a southwest florida city, now this morning we're learning just how much damage is done as that clean-up and repair begins. >> one large pop, i looked up,
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hand down, shooting. >> people on a train flee when the doors open after a deadly shooting next. we'll hear from more witnesses
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welcome back. 5:13. this is the damage that communities in southwest florida are dealing with this morning. after a tornado touched down saturday night. these homes now in ruins at cape coral.
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more than $5 million worth of damage in its wake. inspectors will survey that destruction, three people were hurt but their injuries are minor. thankfully no deaths we know of. survivors say they had to act fast to protect themselves because the storms hit with hardly any warning they say. >> like nothing you can't believe. when you're in the dark you scrambling for a flashlight, or for anything, the rain is blowing, house is shaking. it's like this side of hell. >> it's a pretty scary time. fortunately in the case of a hurricane we have a little bit of notice. this you don't have much notice >> governor scott who lives not far from there in naples when not in tallahassee touring the disaster area yesterday. 16 extra police officers now working in that community to help with recovery. officials say nearly 10,000 homes there had no power at one point. this morning more action is underway to help people in the path of the swollen mississippi river. >> the first time in years major spillway was opened near new orleans to try to decrease
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yesterday the river crested the mississippi and arkansas. the severe flooding we've seen from that river has sent more than a dozen dogs here to the bay area. >> 15 dogs were brought to the humane society of tampa bay yesterday. shelter directors in mississippi were worried about animals and overcrowding in the shelters because they expected to rescue more homeless pets as floodwaters began to rise. a staff member made the drive up north to pick up the pups. >> we make room. whatever it takes to get room up there so they can save more lives. we have a very good adoption rate. >> we're going to do everything in our power to help save these terrible time. anyone looking for an amazing dog should definitely come here and get one of these love bugs we took home. >> they are getting shots updated and should be ready for adoption by wednesday. want to check in with shay for a look at the chilly start. it's really cold out there. >> it is. it's a chilly start and the gradually falling, even still
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as the skies have been clearing out. tampa 48 degrees, clearwater 49. st. pete also 49. and winds coming from the north at about 10 miles per hour. no rain in sight this morning. we are nice and dry on titan doppler radar. check out the futurecast. i'm going to run the clock. you can see that gray. those are the clouds that have been moving across the
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with some winds starting to come -- become more southerly and then into friday we'll have our strongest chance for rain but let's go ahead and fast forward to our next cold front which passes through early on sunday. so we just have a brief warm-up this week. instead of a brief cooldown. we're back into the 60s by sunday afternoon. that's florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. you can find me on facebook and on twitter. janelle, how's it looking for the commute? we're going to start on the bridges, things looking great there, up to speed, across the howard frankland bridge, less than 10 minutes to get across this morning. this is the tampa side of the bridge, you can see traffic very light. traffic also very light this morning on i-275 around fowler. up to speed here, a little more than five minutes to get from here into the doesn't tampa -- the downtown tampa area. we have a police situation, police activity has fowler avenue westbound closed between morris bridge and river hills drive.
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scene collecting more details but for now you'll want to take fletcher to the north or you can take more res bridge, that is how police are directing folks around this. either way avoid this area if you can. california police are searching for a suspect in a deadly train shooting. >> passengers on that train heading for san francisco ran for their lives after a man pulled out a gun and shot another man dead. this happened saturday night as that train pulled into the west oakland station. the suspect then ran off. some passengers frantically tried to save the shooting victim while others ran away. >> one witness says he performed cpr on the victim but it was too late. >> he was shot twice in his torso and the chest and in his stomach. and saw the torso and he was dead. >> police detained a man who fit the description of the suspect shortly after the incident but later released him after determining he was not involved. officials have said the
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this week a fix could be coming for thousands of cars impacted in the volkswagen emissions cheating scandal. the german newspaper reports the company devised a new catalystic convert they're would repair most of the u.s. vehicles involved. the volkswagen ceo will meet with the epa wednesday to talk about that and other possible solutions. last year vw admitted installing software on 11 cars, designed to make engines seem cleaner than they actually are. still ahead -- the iconic party pad up for sale. how much the playboy mansion is going for, a few rules for potential buyers. >> it's very freeing. i feel liberated. >> pantless and proud about it. a tradition holding strong this year on the subways. some new yorkers share why this from the bottom down.
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point to another rough start to the week for u.s. stock markets. candace gibson and rina nanan have the business headlines. good morning, another stock selloff. >> china's main stock market plunged 5% today. investors uneasy about the world's second largest economy. >> that concern could drag down the other markets today as it did last week. u.s. stocks had their worst week in four years. >> uber cutting prices in more 100 cities. the detroit auto show starts today with lots of cool cars. one of the biggest announcements, the new 2017 lincoln continental. >> and the new mercedes benz e- class, including self-driving technology. >> and lexus will show off the new production models of its lc luxury sports car. all i care about be heated
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welcome back. the playboy mansion is up for sale. the six-acre holmby hills estate built in 1927 will be listed sometime next month. playboy enterprises is looking to get somewhere north of $200
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say the property is only worth between $80 million and $90 million. there are a few strings attached. whoever buys it will be required to get a life estate, meaning he can live there until he dies. as cold as it is here can you imagine stripping down to your underwear? and going outside? that is exactly what new yorkers did yesterday. >> yesterday's annual no pants subway ride was coordinated by a global flash mob. so here's what happened, participants were assigned personal numbers, told to show up at central gathering spots in each city borough. then boarded new york city subways tearing pants off on the tracks. >> and babies bared their diapers. >> it's just seeing peoples' faces -- >> the reaction.
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it's done there's always people that never heard about it, never seen it before. >> just see their faces -- like -- so confused. what is going on? >> the thing is we like to keep it going on the ferry and there's so many people on the ferry that have no idea what is going on. >> we're told people also stripped down in atlanta, chicago, dallas, london and 60 other countries. this tradition started in new york back in 2002. 5:26. music fans all over the world saddened by the death of singer david bowie. this morning what caused his death just two days after his
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