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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  January 13, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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at 5:30 -- two years after a man was shot and killed in a wesley chapel movie theater it's not the person who pulled the trigger being blamed now in the latest lawsuit. >> yes, i am the deacon at the church and i'm gambling. >> hilarious! a gamble too good not to join in. a lot players are ready to strike it big. when the $1.5 billion prize. we hope you're feeling lucky. we're talking powerball all morning and your chances of winning. good morning, thank you for joining us. the excitement of the world's biggest lottery. >> but first let's check the weather and commute. before we become billionaires.
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we're even winning the lottery with the weather today. temperatures are a few degrees higher this morning and take a look at this picture outside this morning. looking pretty fantastic. nice and clear and dry across tampa bay this morning. no weather related issues to speak of and the temperature like i said are a little more comfortable. we are in the mid-40s across much of hillsborough county. tampa now 50 degrees. off to the north in citrus county where we started the day in the low to mid-30s yesterday, now this morning in the low 40s. so certainly an improvement. as we move through the day we'll see a good amount of sunshine, fair weather clouds and temperatures will reach the 60-degree mark by noon. topping out today in the mid- 60s. not bad, right? the rain unlikely not only for the morning commute but also for the afternoon commute. so hopefully that means a good commute. what are you seeing, janelle? so far so good. a lot of the construction and
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we're basically starting with a clean slate. corey dierdorff behind the wheel of our live drive cam. he's on the courtney campbell causeway, traffic up to speed now in both directions. still pretty light out there. you have just eight minutes to get across from pinellas to hillsborough county. on the causeway. and less than 10 minutes across the howard frankland and gandy bridge. so looking great there. behind me here's a live look at i-4 around the ybor city area, nothing going on here, up to speed, no trouble getting into downtown tampa. let's check your drive times on i-4, starting all the way back at county line road, 23 minutes to get into downtown. 15 minutes from county line road to 75 and just eight minutes from 75 to 275. checking the drive from the south, this is i-75 heading up towards tampa, 28 minutes from all the way back at 275 to i-4. 10 minutes at the bottom there from gibsonton drive to i-4.
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into a $1.5 billion win. it's powerball drawing day. we could see a winner tonight. >> at one point last night there were more than 18,000 powerball tickets sold every minute and if that trend continues today the jackpot could climb even higher than that. >> abc action news reporter lindsay logue live in tampa, at a wawa where powerball sales are happening in less than hand hour. less than an hour. >> reporter: it's running at 6:00 a.m. $1.5 billion on the table tonight. some experts predict there's a 97% chance that at least one person will win tonight. this jackpot hats been rolling over since november. started at $40 million. haven't seen a winner. americans spent almost $2 billion on tickets up until now trying to win the pot. a couple of things to know
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the most important, you have to buy your ticket by 10:00 p.m. that is the deadline, then the drawing is just before 11:00. though your chances of winning are slim, 1 in 292 million, someone or a group of people will eventually win and you need to be prepared. florida lottery winners cannot remain anonymous. that means your name and the city where you live will be published. so get your ducks in a row before you come forward. that could mean changing your cell phone number, maybe going to stay at a hotel for a couple nights because you know you can easily google someone's name and the city they live and get their address. also an attorney, that is a good one. my last tip before tonight's drawing, you have to play the powerball. it's a historic jackpot tonight but spend one more dollar, buy the florida lotto, even the florida mega millions. those are up, florida lotto up $31 million. the jackpot has been rolling over since mid-october. your odds of winning that are a little better than the
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just one in 23 million. get your tickets and good luck. live in tampa, lindsay logue, abc action news. we're taking action for to you make sure you don't get ripped off. this large powerball jackpot could mean scammers are ready to take advantage of you. we spoke to the better business bureau serving west florida, they say while they have not been notified of lotto scams yet they say it doesn't matter. last year lottery and sweepstakes scams are one of the top 10 scams people fell for. the better business bureau says scammers play on peoples emotions. >> scammers may send bogus e- mails, may make up fake web sites. can make you believe they are the lottery when they are not. >> don't give out personal information or money to try to collect your winnings. florida lotto officials say they will not contact you, you have to reach out to them if you win. the better business bureau says contact its office if you think
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as the florida legislature passes a bill to allow students to carry concealed guns on campus, usf is joining in on the conversation. four students, two who support the state bill, two against it will share their opinions before taking questions from the audience. if you want to attend the debate begins at 6:00 at the marshall student center amphitheatre. currently the school requires gun owners leave weapons in a parked vehicle or hand them over to university police. two years ago today a former tampa police officer shot a man in a wesley chapel movie theater after an argument over texting. now the widow, nicole olsen is heading back to court. >> and she filed a civil suit against the theater. claims a theater employee could have prevented the death. curtis reeves admitted to the shooting, the suit alleges not enough security was in place to enforce their no-gun policy and not enough training for employees that didn't respond fast enough before olsen was shot and killed.
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fact that they believe that this would not have happened if the theater by and through its manager mr. peck had done what mr. reeves apparently asked him to do when he went to the desk just before the shooting took place. >> the trial date hasn't been set, attorneys claimed he used the stands your ground law as their defense. a suicide bomber attacked a polio vaccination center in southwestern pakistan this morning killing at least 14 people including 12 police officers. that bombing occurred just before vaccination teams were to leave on a three-day immunization campaign. so far no group has claimed responsibility, polio workers and their police escorts have come under attack in pakistan in recent years. militants accused the workers as working as spies for the u.s. more trouble on the korean peninsula. south korea fired warning shots after soldiers spotted a north korean drone crossing the heavily fortified border between the countries. the incident comes as tension
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korea continues to rise after pyongyang tested a nuclear device last week. yesterday in washington the house overwhelmingly approved legislation that would punish north korea for conducting that nuclear test. the bill would deny north korea hard currency making it hard for the country to develop its nuclear program and pay its military. early this morning organizers of the world economic forum said it also may increase sanctions against north korea due to that test. a st. pete man is in jail right now and charged with stealing nearly $2 million in an ebt scheme. involving six bay area convenience stores, detectives say the man named wale mare food stamps, benefits cards and used them to stock his business, the king food market on 22nd street south. police say they just issued sold their cards to him. deputies in pinellas county are looking for a bold thief
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crook pulling up to a lawn care truck parked behind pete's new york barber in largo. while the victim was doing some lawn work in front of the business the suspect stole equipment from the man's truck. the person took off in the white ford f-150 extended cab truck. call crime stoppers. in a few hours governor rick scott will kick off a bus tour to promote his job the million miles for million jobs tour starts in orlando at 9:00 this morning. the governor is scheduled to stop in tampa tomorrow and stop in south florida friday. the governor's office says florida businesses have created one million jobs over the past five years. meanwhile, if you would like a job working on a beachfront resort tradewinds on st. pete beach is holding a job fair today and tomorrow. the company is looking to fill more than 100 full time and part time positions, including housekeeping, cooks, beach attendants and reservation agents. that fair is on the property of
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7:00 at night both today and tomorrow. more than a dozen dogs displaced from a shelter in mississippi now are in need of forever homes in the tampa bay area. >> the humane society took them in over the weekend, now today the 15 dogs are expected to go up for adoption. flooding in mississippi and other nearby states had the dogs' original shelter concerned about overcrowding because they expected to rescue more homeless pets from the bad >> if you're interested in adopting a dog the humane society says it will post information on its facebook page letting you know when you can come in. there's going to be a link on shay, it's a doggone cold start? >> it is cold but not quite as cold as it was yesterday. so as you're headed out the door this morning you're probably still going to want that extra layer and give one to the kids as well. as they head out. we'll be topping out in the mid- 60s today. again still cooler than average
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and i'll show you though when the rain chances go up along with the temperatures coming up in florida's most accurate 7- day forecast. still to come -- a sudden scare in a party store. how many people were hurt when a shopping trip turned into a dangerous day? >> it's the last thing a woman expected to hear while making a return. what customer service told her when she asked to send back the
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welcome back. thank you for joining us on this early wednesday morning. 5:44. live look at the big junction of i-275 and i-4, no traffic problems to report there. janelle is checking the roads and shay has an update on the weather. a little warmer. coming up. some incredible video to show you
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>> afterwards firefighters and k-9 units went through the shelfing to make sure no people were trapped underneath. >> it's a good thing this was not during a busy season, like halloween or new years. could have been a tremendous life loss or injury. >> party city released a statement saying the safety of its customers and employees is its priority. the store is still closed this hour. it's 5:46. here in tampa, florida, how's it looking outside? >> things are looking a bit more comfortable as you're headed out this morning. than what we experienced yesterday at this time. remember those low to mid-30s in citrus county is it that you walked out to yesterday? now we're upper 30s in inverness and low 40s across the majority of citrus county. so certainly an improvement in comfort this morning with 50 degrees in tampa. st. pete at 54. bartow 48.
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we'll be topping out at 67 degrees today in tampa. tomorrow a little bit warmer even with lows on target with average and the high tomorrow pretty close to average. we'll see more cloud cover building in late in the day on thursday. even some rain overnight ahead of this next front that is going to move through. i'm calling this a front, really it's an area of low pressure that is going to work across the gulf but does have a front associated with it. first the warm front passes us, keeping our temperatures in the 70s. then a very weak cool front drags behind it so we don't have a cold push of air behind this system. but what we will get, a wet morning commute most likely and some heavy downpours during that time frame and we're also watching for a slight chance that we could see an isolated storm develop. i think most of us are just going to hear a couple of rumbles of thunder and we'll get gusty winds possibly with it, but again we want to keep an eye on that, chance for severe storms.
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on sunday that's the next strong cold front that brings temperatures back down to the 60s. how's are the roads now? heading out now? you shouldn't run into any trouble now. this is corey dierdorff's camera from our live drive, he's on 275 southbound around gandy. this is in the pinellas county area. you can see traffic pretty light where he is, i just checked the average speeds, about 68 miles per hour from the sunshine skyway to the howard frankland bridge. buckle up, we're going to take a virtual drive up i-275, this is southbound through hillsborough avenue. quick stop here with a live picture at mlk, traffic again flowing nicely there, all the way in to the junction, malfunction junction. functioning well this morning. no trouble there, just 13 minutes to make that drive from the apex to i-4. let's check some of the drive times on the majors starting with u.s. 19
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east bay, 12 minutes. a judge will consider keeping some materials field in a lawsuit regarding bill cosby. defense attorneys want them sealed because they say the women sought invasive details about his medical and sexual history. cosby has filed his own lawsuit against seven accusers saying they ruined his reputation and cost him several lucrative deals. cosby denied the allegations he sexually assaulted them. a highlands county man who dropped by to bring his friends bacon wound up saving her life. don vineyard of sebring says when he walked into his friend's house he saw the 75- year-old woman being attacked. deputies say the suspect had
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the woman to the floor and was choking her and threatening to rob her. vineyard says he put the intruder in a headlock, dragged him through the garage and then the suspect took off running. >> i should have poured the coffee on him and took the mug and beat the hell out of him. i'm disappointed i didn't do that. >> vineyard says he broke four ribs in the scuffle. deputies say they caught the suspect 10 minutes later. a popular on-line retailer is going viral. a bomb -- boffing woman recently took to -- a boston women recently talked about returning a coat from zulily. she called zulily customer service and asked if she could return it. she was shocked by the answer she got. the man she spoke with told her she would get her money back but to please not send the coat back, instead donate it to
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she says she's now a did you lily customer -- zulily customer for lifer and the world needs to spread more love like they did. others are sharing similar stories about great unexpected customer service and these kinds of good needs. it's on my facebook page. i would love to hear yours. it's depressing to see a team i love just leave. >> st. louis left without a team to root for. but l.a. fans are ready for the return of the rams, nfl commissioner roger goodell weighs the good and bad of the football team
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5:53. getting the rids ready for school, it's not quite as cold as it was yesterday but i think still cool enough you want the extra layer. but lunch up to 60 degrees. when the kids are heading home we'll be in the mid-60s this afternoon. a nice mix of sun and clouds and you can leave the rain behind but i will show you when we'll have much higher chances for rain in the days ahead coming up in the 7-day forecast. 5:54. the st. louis rams are returning to l.a. but they could have company. nfl owners voted in favor of relocating the st. louis rams back to los angeles for the 2016 season. although it's a blow to stay with us fans the old l.a.
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their team back since they moved away in the mid-1990s. tuesday's vote also gives the san diego chargers a one-year option to join the rams in l.a. if the chargers don't exercise that right to move to l.a. by next january the oakland raiders will have a one-year option to move south and join the rams. the nfl commissioner says the deal is bittersweet for the league. >> relocation is a painful process. it's painful for the fans, for communities, for the teams, for the league in general. stability is something we've taken a great deal of pride in, and in some ways bittersweet moment. >> the league's offering to give the chargers and raiders each $100 million to put towards new stadiums if they stay in their current home markets. good news from houston, texans, player devon still. his daughter leah is battling cancer since age 4 and now in remission.
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instagram yesterday saying how proud he is of his little girl and thanking everyone for so much support. >> she inspired so many people. leah diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2014 at age 4, first declared cancer-free in march of last year and she just finished her last treatment last night. and devon posted a message on instagram saying i can finally say my daughter beat cancer. still ahead -- did you get this stuff in your christmas stocking? i did. come up, we'll explain the big problems some say these colorful lip balms are causing. >> what should you do with the powerball winnings if you are the lucky person that matches all six numbers? we'll show you some of the most expensive things you could soon
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hulk hogan's fight to keep a sex tape of him private returns to the the spotlight. first -- >> i'll probably give most of it away. don't need all that money. >> i'm going to set my family up so no one is suffering. >> i would buy a place in ireland, new york and would disappear. >> we've all got them. big dreams worth more than $1 billion. powerball fever is all anybody can talk about this wednesday morning. i bought a ticket the other day, and a guy in the parking lot says, hey, hope you got the winner! >> we all want to win that $1.5 billion prize and we have the rundown of everything you need to know so you won't get caught on a technicality.
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you have to buy your $2 ticket an hour before that for to it count.
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