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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  January 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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you have to buy your $2 ticket an hour before that for to it count. your odds of winning are one in 292 million. >> we'll send out a push alert with the winning numbers after the drawing so make sure you download our abc action news mobile app now and if there's a winner we'll let you know that too. first let's check weather and traffic together. a bit warmer this morning? >> it is. the temperatures are a little higher now, i'm not saying it's a warm start to the day and i know no one else is either but you are certainly walking out the door to pretty nice conditions and more comfortable than what they were yesterday. nice, clear and dry conditions us a look over the marina there. temperatures in hillsborough county -- wait a minute -- i don't have the right graphic -- these will be the high temperatures. the temperatures now in hillsborough county are in the mid-40s. to about 50 degrees. we will be making it to highs in the low to mid-60s today. as far as highs across our
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60s, still really not looking bad at all out there. the temperatures yesterday morning in citrus county were in the low to mid-30s. this morning we're closer to 40 degrees. so again, a lot of improvement in the comfort factor this morning and as well as later this afternoon. as we make our way through the day today, again, very little chance for any rain across all of central florida. janelle, what are you seeing now? the roads are dry. a couple of fender-benders, i posted them on twitter. here's i-275 through downtown tampa, traffic up to speed, just six minutes from here to the howard frankland bridge. heads up, a warning if you will, if you drive the overnight hours, maybe heading to the airport early tomorrow morning, just keep in mind the southbound exit from i-275 to memorial highway will be closed overnight for some construction until 5:00 a.m. it's very important that you
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spruce or cyprus up to memorial highway. if you miss that exit at westshore you're going across the bridge, all the way across the howard frankland. this construction project again expected to wrap around 5:00 tomorrow morning. elsewhere, great shape on i-4 to tampa, all in the green, 21 minutes from county line road to downtown. 6:02. we're following breaking news from iran. the u.s. now just confirming that iran released 10 u.s. navy sailors held overnight after their boats drifted in to iranian waters the u.s. apologized for the accidental incursion saying the nine men and one woman were on a training mission when one of their boats suffered problems with its navigation equipment. the iran revolutionary guard took the sailors to an iranian military base. we're told all 10 are safely now on board the uss anzio. a motorcyclist is fighting through critical injuries after slamming into an unmarked patrol car. investigators say a pinellas
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of a business on mlk when he crossed in to the path of that motorcycle. the rider, 20-year-old eli ulivari collided, taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. we're told the deputy wasn't injured. hulk hogan is heading back to court in st. petersburg. cuke gawker for releasing a -- suing gawker for releasing a sex tape of him in 2012. >> claiming invasion of privacy. adam winer has more, i want to talk about the right to privacy, that is really at the center here? >> reporter: it's terry bollea's right to privacy. as a public figure does he have one? one of the big reasons he's showing up for the hearing today and it will be a wrestling match appropriately between his right to privacy and gawker media's right to the first amendment to publish whatever they want. that is the battle that is
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the strategy of the lawyers going to be a very important in the so-called wrestling ring of the courtroom. i talked to a legal expert about each side's game plan yesterday. he said there's a bunch of sealed documents from an fbi investigation that might even include the actual sex tape of hulk hogan. that is what gawker media is trying to make public record by claiming the contents of the sealed documents are actually key to their defense but if those documents were to be made public and the sex tape of hogan is made public record then the case against gawker would fall apart. it would be essentially over because the sex tape would legally be available to anyone at that point. >> he's claiming the fact that i talk about my sex life doesn't mean you have the right to disclose what i do in the providessies of a bedroom -- privacy of a bedroom. when i choose to let you know i choose to let you know. what i don't want you to know you don't have the right to know.
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the line not just for hogan, gawker says they -- if they were to lose this case it would seriously hurt their business model, possibly even put them out of business. you can imagine that means a lot of celebrities across the country also paying close attention to this hoping they gain more rights to privacy. so a lot of the line -- a lot on the line. there's several media companies involved in this court case as well paying attention to whether or not the documents get released. we'll stream it all on our web site and app. for now live in st. pete, adam winer, abc action news. 6:05. president obama is aiming to shape the legacy of his eight years in office. at tuesday night's state of the union address his final one, his said the future americans want is within our reach but in order to get it lawmakers must
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our political opponents are unpatriotic. or trying to weaken america. democracy grinds to a halt without a willingness to compromise. >> overall the president's address had an optimistic tone but did acknowledge the partisan divide as one of his greatest regrets. he called for an end to gerrymandering or redrawing districts to benefit one political party. he the south carolina governor nikki haley challenged the president in her gop response. >> she took him to task too saying he often fell short of goals and a lot of people are talking about her apparent swipe at donald trump too. >> during anxious times it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. >> today president obama will
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union tour stopping in nebraska and louisiana. ahead at 6:30 we'll show you one of the most talk about moments from the state of the union you might have missed and how it personally touched someone very close to the president. today marks two years since the deadly wesley chapel movie theater shooting after a argument on texting. and the widow is now filing a lawsuit against the theater saying the employees there didn't do enough to prevent her husband's death. curtis reeves admittedded to killing olsen. last week the widow filed the civil suit against the theater and an employee there. the suit claims the theater didn't have enough security to enforce its no gun policy. and she says not enough training for employees that didn't respond quickly enough before the shooting. as for reeves, his trial date still hasn't been set. still ahead -- it's a really popular lip balm a lot of you may have. we'll explain the health concern that has a lot of people taking the company to
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6:10. we're getting a look now at the latest mug shot of mexican drug lord "el chapo" guzman, caught last week after six months on the run. last july he escaped from a mexican prison, an embarrassment for mexican officials because it was the second time he's escaped from prison.
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to the u.s. where he faces murder and drug trafficking charges and a much more secure prison cell. it seems as though the same teen who broke into the head of the cia's e-mail has struck again. american intelligence officials say internet accounts linked to director of national intelligence james clapper have been hacked. the on-line tech magazine "motherboard" is reporting the culprit is a teen who claims he changed the settings on clapper's home phone so every call would be forwarded to the free palestine movement. the fbi now investigating. trending on-line now, an ultra popular lip balm is a lot of us use under fire. >> you may recognize the eos lip balm. popular stocking stuffers over the holidays. this morning the company facing a class action lawsuit. some people claim it damaged their lips. users have complained of blistering, bleeding, cracking skin and other nasty problems.
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might be that the flavoring in the bees wax balm is a allergen for a lot of people. eos hasn't yet responded. if you're heading out the door this morning or getting your kids ready for school terntle are a few degrees -- temperatures are a few degrees higher than they were yesterday at this time. and this afternoon when the bell rings temperatures will be in the mid-60s. i still say you probably want long sleeves or an extra layer this morning and definitely some sunglasses for later on today. it's going to be another bright one with a low chance of rain. the 7-day forecast with higher chances of rain and even warmer temperatures coming up in a few minutes. still ahead -- drama in the skies, scare in the air that has a reality star reassuring fans that she's
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6:15. after a no snow november and most of december folks living near buffalo, new york are finally getting hammered by old man winter for the third straight day in a row now. some neighborhoods already saw two feet of snow and the snow is expected to continue to fall for the rest of this week. remember that car-cycle we showed you yesterday morning? it's finally starting to look a little more like a car, blowing icy water from lake erie, that encased that car in ice.
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hopes summer comes soon. mixed bag of wintry weather here. thankfully nothing like that. >> i am loving our winter. in fact, with temperatures even still below average this morning looking gorgeous out there. and nice and clear and dry, temperatures are not quite as cold as they were yesterday at this time. inverness at 39, remember yesterday in citrus county temperatures were in the low 30s? so we're about 5 degrees, some cases up to 10 degrees warmer this morning than we were yesterday at this time. tampa now at 50 degrees, st. pete 50 a 3 -- 53. a mix of sun and clouds to start the day. looking like a pretty nice afternoon as we hit the mid- 60s. more of the same in store with high pressure in control. i think we'll have a little more cloud cover today but still plenty of sunshine in the mix both today and tomorrow. the clouds really start to increase tomorrow evening as
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a bit closer to us. we've been talking about this all week so hopefully this is not a surprise to you, but friday morning is likely to be pretty wet for the morning commute with heavy downpours, possibly a few thunderstorms in the mix throughout the day. there is a slight chance we could see an isolated severe we want to keep a close eye on that, certainly no guarantee of severe weather but something to system. our stronger cold front with colder air windy -- air behind it moves through sunday, gives us a little less rain but again a nice cold push of air. that's florida's most accurate 7-day forecast, find me on facebook and twitter. you shouldn't have any trouble getting to where you need to be now. bridge, just as you come off, around manhattan in the tampa directions. less than 10 minutes to get across now. a live look at i-75, the selmon
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from the apollo beach area to i- 4, only about a 15-minute drive now. if you are hopping on lee roy selmon expressway trying to get to downtown it will take you 7 minutes at the top. let's check average speeds, from i apex, maybe you're in the wesley chapel area trying to decide between 75 and 275, both in the green now. 6:18, we're keeping an eye on twitter this morning. we're waiting to see if khloe kardashian's appearance on "good morning, america" is going to happen as planned. >> reality tv star on her way to new york to promote a new talk show when her flight made an emergency landing. she sent a tweet to fans last night to let them know she's safe. the american airlines flight landed safely in las vegas after officials say smoke was reported in the cockpit. no one was hurt, last check kardashian said she's still trying to make it to new york
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an off-duty national guardsmen is credited with stopping a toddler from being kidnapped in portland, oregon. jonathan sweeney was walking down a sidewalk friday, says a suspicious man walked by him mumbling something under his breath. he says a short time later that same man grabbed a little girl being pushed in her stroller by her nanny. when sweeney confronted the man he says he hit him so sweeney tackled him and held him down until police arrived. >> he reached out for the girl from what i could tell and the nanny started to panic, asking forehelp and that's when i started to come over real quick. >> police arrested robin rollins, now facing harassment and assault charges and is in jail for violating probation on a dui conviction. 6:19. so many people will be buying a powerball ticket. ahead at 6:30, how scammers may be trying to take advantage of the hype. what to watch for.
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2016 will be a selfie drone. here's our business news. >> reporter: in today's "tech bytes" -- the selfie drone. >> it's said to follow users around while filming them. as fast as 25 miles per hour. lily robotics says it already has 64,000 pre-orders. >> it plans to start shipping them this summer starting $800. amazon has a new offer for those who can't wait to have the latest video games. >> prime members will now get 20% off all pre-ordered games. as well as those ordered within the first two weeks of release. prime memberships cost $99 per year. the first dogs have become instant stars of snap chat. >> 9 white house launched its official count this week focusing on the obama family's adorable pets sonny and bo.
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6:24. pennsylvania police are investigating the shooting death of a 12-year-old girl, she was killed by a man who was serving her dad an eviction notice. that man, a constable delivered the eviction notice monday morning but police say the resident donald meyer pulled a gun on the constable who then pulled his own gun and fired. the bullet went through meyer's
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meyer now facing several assault charges, the constable has suspended his work until the investigation is complete. the story in central florida -- the teen accused of running down an orlando police officer will not be apple a loud to get out of jail. prosecutors say 17-year-old edward kelty raser own officer anderson during a traffic stop. he suffered a traumatic brain injury. kelty's lawyer says he's not a flight risk but a judge refused to grand bond. if you have young kids at home, an important safety alert. make sure you check your pantry. two types of children's cough syrup are being recalled because dosing cups have incorrect markings raising concerns that kids could accidentally overdose. the company is voluntarily recalling 4-ounce bottles of grape and cherry cough medicine. it's being sold nationwide
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including rite aid, dollar general, cvs and kroger. the fda says there's been no reports of anyone becoming sick from the medicine but we posted this on facebook, look for it in the news feed and share it to keep kids safe. shay has a look at the forecasted. still cold but a little warmer than what we've seen. >> yeah, i think it's a little more comfortable but still on the chilly side as kids are heading out the door to temperatures mainly in the 40s. if your kids have after-school practice today we'll be in the mid-60s so we're still cooler than average but we'll be on the dry side again. after the sun sets around 6:00 temperatures start falling into the 50s. so probably an extra layer again today, but those temperatures will be warming up and the rain chances also going up. i'll time it out in the 7-day forecast. 6:26. also still ahead, unraveling an international murder mystery. the new timeline emerging in
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death in italy. hard partying is not what caused a mess in this party city store. i-275 at ashley drive through downtown tampa, no crashes or breakdowns but keep in mind that new traffic pattern around dale mabry, coming up we'll check drive
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at 6:30 -- it's powerball day. all it takes is two dollars and a dream to get in the running for the largest powerball jackpot in history. you're looking live now in a wawa in tampa where folks are grabbing their billion-dollar dream ticket along with coffee. team coverage continues this morning about -- we're going to talk about what you need to know about that ticket that you
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may want to spend your winnings on. >> excitement. let's keep our fingers crossed the rest of the morning. come on. do it. >> not both just one. we're excited about warmer weather. >> the temperatures are a few degrees high they are morning than what they were yesterday. you're probably still going to want a light jacket or at least some long sleeves this morning. look here at the rivergate tower tampa camera, you can see how beautiful it is outside this morning. temperatures as we're starting off the day have been a little warmer as i mentioned, so again you are out to dry conditions and temperatures that are mainly starting off in the 40s. take a look at this. spring hill 47 degrees right now in tampa. 54 degrees in siesta key.
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than it was yesterday at this time. by noon we're back to about 60 degrees and we're topping out in the mid-60s with a nice mix of sun and clouds and no rain in sight today. things are looking pretty fabulous for the morning drive as well as for the evening drive. we are going to have a very wet commute ahead. i'll have more on that coming up in florida's most accurate 7- day forecast. for a look at what is going on with traffic this morning, janelle, things have been, well, kind of ok so far this morning. what is going on now? >> pretty quiet, some fender- benders, check me on on twitter before you head out. here's a live look at i-275 and 22nd avenue north, in pinellas county, traffic starting to pick up just a little bit but still around 68 miles an hour from the sunshine skyway down to the howard frankland bridge. checking the drive times on some of the majors in our area, starting out at u.s. 19 southbound from tampa road to east bay 11 minutes. still in the green on the
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4 minutes on dale mabry from fletcher to waters. checking the drive through the downtown area on 275, both in the green now in both directions from i-4 to the howard frankland, just about six minutes. action air 1 is flying over the area, downtown interchange, i- 275 and i-4 looking great this morning, pretty typical for this time of the morning, no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about. again, just six minutes from downtown to the howard frankland. 22 minutes on i-4 from county line road into downtown. back to you. a cool $1.5 billion isp for grabs tonight. there could finally be a winner. >> we hope so. millions of americans bought a ticket hoping to be the first billionaire winner. abc action news anchor lindsay logue is live now at a wawa in tampa where we saw one guy getting his ticket. you have to play to win so lindsay, we have to ask, have you bought your ticket yet?
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guy buys his i've got $10 going into this machine to play powerball. why not? the odds are against you, you may not win, one in 292 million, the odds but better if you -- than if you don't play, right? then you have no chance at all. i have some great tips if you're planning to play the powerball. the first one is keep in mind that florida is a right to know state, that means any lottery winner, that information will be made public. so your name and the city where you live, all of that information will be released. so a tip, get a lawyer, get a new phone number, maybe consider bunking with family, even get a hotel. you have until 10:00 tonight to get your powerball ticket. that is the deadline. the drawing is 11:00, experts predict tonight there will be a 97% chance there will be at least one winner tonight, finally splurge, spend a little more money. one more dollar, for example on
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that jackpot has been rolling over since october, that is $31 million on the florida lotto here. still better odds than winning the powerball, just one in 23 million. but it's more fun to play the powerball and try to go for $1.5 billion. i think i've got some lucky numbers here you guys. we'll check and see later tonight. of course we'll post the numbers as soon as they are drawn on abc action news at 11:00. live in tampa, lindsay logue, abc action news. >> thank you. if you do win what are some of the pricey items you can blow those winnings on? scoophoop web site breaks down some of the most expensive things on the planet. they include this -- not much to look at but this is an exclusive parking spot in downtown manhattan. this prime piece of pavement will set you back $1 million. that is six times the cost of an average house. or, how about surprising your sweety with this? 14-karat pink diamond worth a
6:27 am
or more appropriately for me, a 1963 ferrari gto. the last time one of these went up for auction it sold for $35 million. finally, despite the winnings, you still can't afford this, gold and platinum plated yacht, you'll need nearly $5 billion to ride the waves on that. >> $5 billion? wow. all the excitement over powerball is high but don't let it leave you vulnerable to scammers. the better business bureau says they've not been notified of lotto scams yet but last year lottery and sweepstakes scams were one of the top 10 scams people fell for. bbb says scammers prey on peoples' emotions. so use common sense, don't give out personal information or any winnings. ever contact you, you have to reach out to them if you win. we'll keep you posted the jackpot grows and once we get the lucky winning numbers
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be sure to send a push alert through our abc action news noble app. if you're not near your tv take a second and come over. do you recognize this man here? bartow police say this man is facing sex charges and they are worried now that he may have more victims out there who haven't come forward yet. officers say armando santiago used to be a manager at a mcdonald's and had sex at least four times with a minor he supervised. if you recognize this man and you have any information that may help in this case call the fire officials are investigating the cause of a fire in dover overnight. that heavily damaged barn converted in to an apartment. two men in the apartment on rex avenue a little after 11:00 last night when the fire broke out. they got out and called 911. fire crews report the fire was gotten under control in time before it could damage adjacent buildings. state road 56 in pasco county is one step closer to getting bigger. pasco county commissioners
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boulevard and u.s. 301. the four-lane extension is a combined project between the zephyrhills. that project which comes with an estimated $60 million price tag is expected to be finished sometime in 2019. let's check with shay as you head out this morning. heat in your car. >> the seat heater not a bad idea this morning. was yesterday at this time but it's still pretty chilly. temperatures near 50 degrees, in tampa but most of the area is in the 40s. this afternoon it will be cool and dry with a high in the mid- 60s, no weather related issues as you hit the roads this morning but janelle, what are you seeing out there now? abc action news is flying over a crash now in tampa at 22nd street north and mlk, the southbound lanes are blocked as you can see there. cars are getting through on mlk but again southbound 22nd street blocked now, i'll have
6:30 am
to get around it coming up in a few minutes. it was loud. i thought it was like the roof falling down. >> a chaotic crash leaves people in a party store hurt and trapped. the big concern for rescuers
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6:40. new information to pass along this morning on that florida woman found murdered in florence, italy last weekend. an autopsy determined that ashley olsen was strangled with an object such as a rope or cord. but an italian prosecutor says more lab tests are needed to pinpoint when she died. olsen grew up in st. john's county near st. augustine. she left the u.s. a few years ago to be closer to her father, a teacher in italy. italian police are now conducting a murder investigation and have not named any suspects. it's 6:41. look at this mess, left behind at a boca raton party store, three people were hurt when seven shelves in the party city store just collapsed. >> people outside say they could hear the shelves tumbling down. afterwards firefighters and k-9 units spent hours going through the shelfing and debris to make sure no one was trapped underneath. everyone was accounted for. >> party city released a statement after the accident saying the safety of its
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the store is closed at this hour. 6:41. right now take a live look at the wawa on north dale mabry where machines are up and running. that guy is wasting his money because i already bought the winning ticket! [ laughter ] >> three key things you need to
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abc action air 1 flying over a crash in tampa, 22nd street north at mlk, all the southbound lanes were blocked but moments ago looks like police opened one of the lanes up so cars are getting through on 22nd at mlk. we're not seeing huge delays here, caring getting through the -- cars are getting through the intersection now but we'll keep watching that. if you do drive through the intersection, make sure you slow down, use caution as you drive by the emergency workers out there working. here's a live look behind me now, 275 and ashley, traffic flowing pretty nicely here but keep in mind we do have a new traffic pattern on 275 northbound around dale mabry. that caused major delays yesterday coming across the howard frankland, and even the veterans through downtown tampa so again, just be aware you might have to shift over, it's not going to be exactly what you're used to.
6:34 am
in the yellow, pretty typical for this time of morning. >> checking average speeds on 75 and 275, from the apex. a little slow there on 275 southbound. shay, i was still cold when i went outside this morning. i was as well. even though the temperatures are a few degrees higher than they were yesterday at this time i still think it's jacket weather or at least some long sleeves. if you are just real sturdy in this kind of weather. look at the rivergate tower tampa camera, nice and clear and dry, so no weather-related issues this morning. you probably just want to bundle up a little bit and get the kids dressed a little warmer than normal for this time of year. temperatures though are starting off in the upper 30s, in inverness.
6:35 am
most of us are in the mid to upper 40s or right around 50 degrees. tampa 50. braidonton 53 -- bradenton 53. sebring 53. tomorrow temperatures just a little warmer again. on friday we're kind of toasty out there for this time of year -- just kidding, back on target with average if not just a little above. this is going to be a strong area of low pressure with a weak cold front attached to it. this has changed up a little bit. the bottom line is the forecast remains the same. a wet morning commute is really likely, in fact i think the rain will begin overnight thursday and we'll even have heavy rain during the morning commute and we're watching for a slight chance that we could have an isolated severe storm. i think it's unlikely but i always want to let you know when there's even a chance of that happening. that would be during the day on friday as that storm system rolls on through that will have that elevated risk. again, as we head through the weekend it's off and on, on
6:36 am
high of 71. then our next cool front with much stronger cold push of air behind it moves through on sunday keeping our temperatures in the 60s for the afternoon and the start of the next workweek. that's florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. find me on facebook and twitter. 6:48. breaking overnight in pakistan, a polio vation nation center filled with -- vaccination center filled with innocent people became the target of a suicide bomber, killing 14 people including a dozen police officers. nine of the 25 injured are in critical condition, so far no group claimed responsibility but al-qaeda has been linked to previous attacks on polio centers, militants claim the u.s. uses those vaccination programs to spy on them. president obama goes on tour after his final state of the union . >> he covered everything from health care to immigration
6:37 am
and touched on a role for vice president joe bideen to lead an effort on a cure for cancer. >> and because he's gone to the mat for all of us so many issues the past 40 years i'm putting joe in charge of mission control. [ applause ] -- for the loved ones we've all lost, for the families that we can still save, let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. >> you may remember the vice president's son bo died of brain cancer last year, to kick off the effort biden is going to travel to a pennsylvania medical center friday to get a better sense of advances in the field. he will also lead cabinet meetings later in the month to talk about improving funding for cancer research. read the full text of the state of the union speech including analysis and links to important points. it's on, it's also on our free mobile app. with just about three weeks to go until iowa goes to the polls in the first 2016 primary vermont senator bernie sanders
6:38 am
clinton. a new quinnipiac university poll found 40% of iowa voters would vote for sanders compared to 44% who would support clinton. lately clinton has been stepping up her campaigning, even releasing a new ad last night that ran during the state of the union. it addresses the president's recent action on gun control. >> it's time to pick a side, either we stand with the gun lobby or we join the president and stand up to them. >> former attorney general eric holder says he's backing clinton and will campaign for her at an upcoming event. meanwhile gop frontrunner donald trump is already in iowa. at a campaign stop he put on his reading glasses and read a song called "the snake" line by line. that song describes a woman whose good hearted plan to help a half frozen snake backfires. he says he wanted the sorning to serve as a warning about taking in syrian refugees. >> i read it and sort of put it together. we have no idea what we're doing, no idea who we are taking in and we better be careful.
6:39 am
i love my company, i love my family. >> texas senator ted cruz is closing in on the trump lead in iowa. turkey's interrier minister announcing police detained one person in connection with the suicide bombing in instanbul. police say a woman was taken in, suspected with links to isis. 10 foreigners died in yesterday's bombing, most german tourists. a gut wrenching 911 call from the moments after an ohio father just realized he shot his teenaged son. >> 14-year-old johntae skipped school, his father didn't know it. he shot his son mistaking him for an intruder. >> unfortunately that teen did not survive. authorities are still investigating but at this point
6:40 am
horrible accident. a military veteran convicted of wearing military medals he didn't earn now has that conviction thrown out. a federal appeals court in san francisco ruled that alvin swisher of idaho can wear the medals because it's free speech protected by the constitution. he testified on a murder trial while wearing military medals he never earned. he violated the stolen valor act. we're keeping an eye on the bucs search for lovie smith's replacement, so far still seems as though the offensive coordinator dirk koetter is still the top man for the job. several outlet's reporting that they are interviewing him for the job but they are not the only team going after him. we know he did interview with
6:41 am
koetter has been praised widely for his work with rookie quarterback jameis winston. new developments in the nfl relocation meetings. football fans in l.a. cheering, because the rams are returning after a 21-year absence. nfl owners voted to allow the team to move back to a new $1.8 billion stadium just outside of los angeles. the chargers have an option to share the facility. san diego chargers. you the news, weather and traffic you need to know. >> first up in the sprint, a st. petersburg man accused of possessing child porn is set to pinellas county deputies arrested david burks at a home on 14th avenue north after finding 10 pictures of child porn on his computer. he's currently being held in the pinellas county jail. an update to breaking news we told you about monday morning, crime stoppers now offering a cash reward for your help to find the person involved in a shooting in temple terrace.
6:42 am
shot while driving his car along east fowler avenue early monday. witnesses say the shooter was on a motorcycle and drove off hopping on i-75 after firing at that driver. hulk hogan is back in the st. petersburg courtroom this morning, suing the media company gawker for $100 million for publishing a sex tape him in 2012. former wrestler expected to attend the all-day hearing. watch it live on our app or through pinellas county deputies need your help to find a thief that stole equipment from a man doing lawn work. the surveillance camera shows a man pulling up behind a truck and taking items out of the truck. be on the lookout for a white ford f-150 extended cab pickup that the suspect drove off in. 10 u.s. sailors detained in the persian gulf have been set free. this is the first image we're seeing of the sailors during their deat the same time in iran. u.s. officials say the sailors,
6:43 am
water due to malfunctioning navigation equipment before they were detained. all 10 sailors are now safely on board the uss anzio. if you're heading out the door in tampa we have a crash at 22nd street north and mlk, the southbound lanes on 22nd still blocked now, you can see the tow truck on scene. no one was hurt in this crash, they just need to move the vehicles out of the way. that is taking a little longer than expected. we do have an alternate i can show you. this crash on the map behind me, for the next few minutes while this crash is there you want to use a north 15th street to get around that area. keep in touch with me on twitter, i'll let you know as soon as this accident clears. let's look outside at 275 and busch, things getting pretty busy as you head into the downtown tampa area. starting to get in the red here, 23 minutes from the apex
6:44 am
seven minutes from busch to i- 4. your heading out the door to temperatures that are mainly in the 40s to about 50 degrees so a little higher this morning than what they were yesterday at this time. brooksville 41. largo 54. tampa now 51. as we move through the day won't be as cold as what we saw yesterday. we'll be making it to highs in the mid-60s. plenty of sunshine and fair weather clouds today. no rain in sight until tomorrow night that is. that is when the rainfall associated with this next area of low pressure that is going to roll on through, will start to get us wet. three things to know before tonight's historic powerball drawing. first the deadline to buy a ticket is 10:00 p.m. the drawing is just before 11:00 p.m. also remember that florida lottery winners cannot remain anonymous. make sure if you win you have a plan before coming forward. by the way, for $1 you can buy a florida lotto ticket, that
6:45 am
your odds are much better at winning the powerball just one in 23 million. "good morning, america" is next. >> keep up to date on air, on mobile app, facebook and twitter.
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