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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  January 13, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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back in court, hulk hogan, former wrestling star fighting to keep his privacy. i'm adam winer. coming up, a live report on what he faces when he heads to the courtroom today. >> powerball mania. people across the country are going crazy over powerball tickets. the jackpot $1.5 billion. i'm lindsay logue and coming
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things you need to know before tonight's drawing. >> $1.5 billion powerball jackpot is what everyone is talking about. before tonight's drawing it could go even higher than that. >> some experts predict tonight's the night for a win, a 97% chance there will be at least one winner. lindsay logue is live in tampa where there's been a steady line at the lotto machine. i'm sure you've been in the line too. >> reporter: confession, i went ticket. i not only bought several here places across town. to give you an idea of how busy stream of people at this machine. in fact someone is on standby to make sure nothing malfunctions. there's a chance today it will run out of paper. so someone is here quickly ready to change that out.
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someone will win eventually. heads up, get your ticket sooner than 10:00 tonight. that is the deadline. and remember, after work that is the busiest time with the the longest lines. after 10:00 you're out of luck for this round. drawing is before 11:00. something else to keep in mind, lotto winners in florida cannot remain anonymous. if you win anything in any lotto game the city of where you live is going to be published. some winners say they've gone as far as changing cell phone numbers or even staying with family or in a hotel before claiming winnings. and don't throw your ticket away if you don't win, there are smaller prizes up to $1 million. we're finding out later this morning if the jackpot is going to climb over $1.5 billion. it's expected to. to give you an idea of how much
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>> perspective. >> all the excitement can leave people vulnerable to scammers. for? >> reporter: great question. the better business bureau is warning people who play any scams. that is because we're so excited and we're caught up in the frenzy that we tend to let our guard down. keep in mind the florida lottery will ever, ever e-mail you or send you snail mail asking for any personal information. you never have to pay to get your winnings. i know that some of those e- mails you get can look very official, if you have any questions you need to call the florida lottery before sending any personal information out. lottery scams, they were among the top 10 scams in the state of florida last year. grab your tickets and good luck for tonight's jackpot. i'm lindsay logue live in tampa for abc action news. >> we'll keep you posted throughout the day on whether
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once we get the lucky numbers into the newsroom tonight, after 10:59, of course we'll send a push alert through our mobile app. 9:03. terry bollea is back in court in st. petersburg, better known as hulk hogan is suing gawker for $120 million for publishing a sex tape of him in 2012. >> reporter: a few minutes ago hulk hogan walked through the front doors of the courthouse. he told me he's ready to slam another giant in in -- in this case, the giant is gawker media. he says the company violated his priefsy and says they also -- privacy and says they also damage his reputation. gawker is fighting to make public records from an fbi investigation of the leaked
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hogan did more to damage his own reputation than they did. i talked to a legal expert yesterday who tells me that gawker's entire business model could possibly be in jeopardy if they lose this case. he's going to explain it to you in the next half-hour. by the way we're also streaming what is going on in the courthouse today on our mobile web site. live in st. pete, adam winer, abc action news. if you've been out at all i hope you have felt a little more comfortable than you did yesterday at this time. temperatures are now in the low 50s, quite an improvement from morning. in fact remember in citrus county yesterday we were looking at temperatures in the low to mid-30s as we started the day? and right now we're almost hitting the 50s. so 48 degrees now in lecanto and crystal river and beverly hills. we have had another dry start to the day, a bit more cloud cover in spots this morning, than we had yesterday, but
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headed out the door. and, this afternoon we're still looking at a nice commute weatherwise, looking good, it's going to be cooler than average again with highs in the mid- 60s. and we have warmer temperatures ahead. more on that in a moment. janelle, how's the roads? 275 has been a little tricky. it has, it's still slow but we're going to switch gears and head to pinellas county where it's looking great at 275 and 22nd avenue north, up to speed now in both directions. we have a couple of crashes in pinellas causing some problems. this one in clearwater eastbound olmerton at 34th street north, a serious crash with injuries blocking the eastbound lanes now. so what you're going to do is take brian derry to 118th avenue north. if you're trying to get to 275. look at the backup there on olmerton. i'll make sure you're following me on twitter for the latest on that. a couple of crashes southbound
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the pinellas park area. in hillsborough, this just in, westbound hillsborough avenue at sheldon road, we have roadblock there. the westbound lanes on hillsborough. those drive times, look at that, still 12 minutes to get from the howard frankland to i- 4. back to you. coming up at 9:07 -- breaking news from iran. the u.s. official now confirming that iran released 10 u.s. navy sailors held overnight after their boats drifted into iranian waters. the u.s. apologized for the accidental incursion saying the nine men and one woman were on a training mission when one boat suffered problems with the navigation equipment. iran's revolutionary guard took the sailors to an iranian military base. we're told all 10 sailors are now safely on board the uss enzio. fire officials are investigating the cause of a fire that heavily damaged a barn that had been converted into an apartment.
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the apartment on rex avenue at 11:00 last night when the fire broke out. they saw the flames, got out and called 911. crews reported it was under control in time before it could damage an adjacent building. this morning a central florida driver is under arrest for hitting a 3-year-old boy trying to buy ice cream. we first told but the story yesterday morning. 35-year-old billy gibson surrendered last night to police, detectives say he hit daniel monsalve, when the 3- year-old and 6-year-old brothers were crossing the streets to buy ice cream. daniel is expected to make a full recovery. police say gibson was driving on a suspended license. president obama wants america to rekindle their belief in the promise of change. he gave his final state of the union address last night, his speech focusing on the future and big changes in our country. some highlights, education, a cure for cancer, and his commitment to fighting isis, calling america more powerful than ever. >> if you doubt america's
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justice is done just asked osama bin laden. [ applause ] >> ask the leader of al-qaeda in yemen who was taken out last year. or the perpetrator of the benghazi attacks who sits in a prison cell. when you come after americans we go after you. >> and for his final year as the president he promises in his final address to aim to fix our politics. in a situation we're all too familiar with in florida recommends ending the drawing of congressional districts. >> i believe we have to reduce the influence of money in our politics so a handful of families or hidden interests can't bankroll our election.
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president's state of the union address including analysis and links to the important points on our web site, new this morning -- we now know who invited embattled kentucky clerk kim davis to the president's state of the union address last night. republican congressman jim jordan says he invited davis. jordan said davis and her family were interested in attending so his office gave her a ticket. davis was briefly jailed last year when she defied the supreme court and refused to issue marriage licenses to same- sex couples. her decision came shortly after the court ruled that same-sex couples had the right to marry in the u.s. the reed -- lead plaintiff in the case also attended the state of the union. he was invited by the white house. we may be a year out until the next college football playoff national championship but the city of tampa is already hard at work. raymond james stadium will be the site of next year's game. expect some upgrades around town as the city prepares for thousands of visitors. raymond james stadium will be undergoing a multimillion-
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upgrades planned before the big game. around town the main focus will be improving the city's urban parks. many of the parks will be used as event spaces for game related activities. >> we really have a very experienced team and from start- to-finish, whether that is the planning all the way to the guys from solid waste after the event, make sure everything is put back together the way it was before. >> starting next month members of the playoff committee will meet with tampa city leaders and event organizers to ensure everything goes as planned. game day is set for monday, january 29, 2017. the st. louis rams are returning to los angeles but could have company. nfl owners voted in favor of relocating the st. louis rams back to l.a. for the 2016 season. though it's a blow to st. louis fans old l.a. rams fans are excited to have their team back since they moved away in the mid-1990s. tuesday's vote also gives the san diego chargers a one-year
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if they don't exercise their right to move by next january the oaklands raiders will have a one-year option to move south and join the rams there. the teams are offered $100 million toward new stadiums if they say in their current home markets. off to a slightly warmer start to the day. is this a good beach day? consider this, 65 is the high at clearwater beach. a mix of sun and clouds, cool breezes and the water temperature is now 64 degrees. i'll show you when we'll have warmer and wetter beach days ahead in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. also still ahead -- an armed robber meets his match. we'll show you more of this surveillance video that shows how one massachusetts store
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>> a criminal goes viral after sending a personal mug shot to the police department. it worked against him.
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welcome back. coming up at 9:16. some incredible video from massachusetts. a store clerk surprised by an armed robber with a knife. we pulled up the video here and want you to look at it. we're going to set it up and do a play by play and pause it every now and then to show you. there's the clerk there. the door is here. i'm going to start this video, you'll see this robber burst into the store, almost immediately jump on to the counter there demanding cash. you can see what is going on here. obviously he's got a knife, probably about an 8-inch hunting knife looks like. here's the clerk, you see in his hand that's the cash. looks like he's going to hand it over but he doesn't. he hangs on to it. also want to draw your attention to this area here. a little cubby hole under the cash register.
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pulls out from underneath the cash register as i put this video in motion. he's going to reach in and grab a knife of his own and this one is about a 12-inch chef's knife. when we switch back to the other angle you'll see what happens. look at these two just flailing at each other with the knives. look at the size of the knife the clerk has compared to the one the robber has. eventually this all moves to the other side of the counter here. nothing much happens. ok, let me pause it here. you saw what just happened. that scuffle. so he's using anything he can to fight back. he takes that display and throws it on to the floor. they eventually continue around to the other side of the store. then the robber does something kind of strange, he brings a can of corn to a knife fight. he's grabbed a can of corn from this display here, in his right hand now and you'll see here in a second that he's going to throw that at the clerk.
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takes his knife because the robber doesn't have one. he throws it at the robber, the robber eventually picks it up, you see it there. to end this all the clerk actually throws the cash at the robber to get him out the door. incredibly no one suffered any major injuries in all this, a few cuts and scrapes and that robber remains on the run. we're following a developing story out of ohio. an ohio man stands accused of killing a mother and her two young daughters. neighbors called police to urbina hammond's apartment in columbus yesterday morning. officers found the body of hammonds and her daughters, ages 10 a and 7, all had been stabbed to death. >> such a horrible thick for anybody to do. to anyone. especially her and her children. they didn't deserve that. >> authorities say the suspect, wental callahan had a history of violence against hammond.
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saying callahan grabbed her to the throat and threw her to the ground by beating her and that she escaped by passing down a -- flagging down a passing motorist. a man who didn't like his mug shot has been arrested. donald pew was in court for failing to apeer, but he didn't like his mug shot. now here's his latest photo, a new mug shot from the escambia county jail in pensacola. a tip and viral story helped deputies catch this guy. he's going to stay in escambia until he's extradited to ohio. let's look at what is going on now, you can see the rivergate tower tampa camera with cloud cover over tampa bay, still a pretty decent start to the day and we'll have more and more sunshine in the mix throughout the day. so we are going to see
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started a little warmer and we'll be ending the day in the mid-60s. not bad for a winter day in florida. look at titan doppler, we're nice and dry now, and although there has been rain trying to work its way inland in the gulf of mexico it's going to fizzle out as it tries to make its way onshore. you can see on the futurecast showing us the extra clouds here, 4:00 in the afternoon, still some cloud cover, starts to thin out a bit more throughout the evening. but we are going to see still some cloud cover overnight and that is what helps to make it a little warmer so. this is not bad for the comfort factor. we start the day again tomorrow with temperatures near 50 degrees and ending the day in the upper 60s and then on friday making it to a high of 72. the thing is, with this next system that rolls on across the gulf it's going to bring heavy soaking rains, even a slight chance that we could see an isolated storm so we're going to keep a real close eye on that and keep you posted as we get closer.
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may have a pretty wet friday morning commute. then we have a break saturday, only to see another front on sunday with rain chances early in the day. especially, and cooler air for the afternoon that settles in for the first of the next week. that is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. back to you. still ahead -- nearby retails some children's cough and cold medicine are being pulled. what you need to check for. >> parents of students in one local school are banding together to double the size of the high school there. a great story about taking
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working out at the gym can be a great way to meet people and crossfit has taken the world by storm. >> people who do crossfit are training to be some of the toughest athletes in the country. >> a man in australia has a little new twist on crossfit. take a look. >> it's one of the best things you'll probably see all day. >> con porter will certainly
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calling him after watching the dance moves in this video. he looks really good. >> he posted it on facebook and instagram along with the comment "because both channing tatum and i know that real men dance to beyonce." >> beyonce needs to put him in a video. we've got another video. >> a pit bull named her bert who never shies away from a good photoop. >> say cheese. [ laughter ] -- love him. say cheese. say cheese. isn't that great? >> the dog has a great smile. his foster mom says that whenever she takes her -- takes out her camera the dog is ready to show the pearly whites. >> herbert is waiting for his forever home in chicago. his foster mom shared this video. he will be adopted in no time.
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sh still ahead -- it's a popular lip balm that many of you have. coming up next at 9:30, we'll explain a health concern. >> powerball fever is infecting everyone, even those in other countries. thousands of canadians are crossing the border to get their hands on a lucky ticket. will they be able to keep the
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hulk hogan back in court today in st. pete. i'm adam winer. coming up at 9:30 -- the former wrestling star's message to his fans as he takes on a media giant. >> practical, popular, all the rage now but an alarming consumer alert surrounding these lip balms. we'll break down the health
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>> first at 9:30 -- how much privacy does a celebly like hulk hogan has the right to? that is the question before a judge now. the former wrestling star is trying to hold gawker media accountable for publishing a sex tape of him in 2012. abc action news reporter adam winer is live at the courthouse in downtown st. pete where that hearing is underway. hogan is arguing that his right to privacy is the center of today's hearing. >> reporter: that's right. you can imagine this as a kind of wrestling match between hulk hogan's privacy and gawker media's right to the first amendment. as he walked in to the pinellas county courthouse this morning he had a message to his fans about how he's doing and how he's taking on gawker media. >> getting in good shape. belly gone, arms jacked up. yeah. just looking for another giant to slam. >> reporter: you can see a bit
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walked into the courtroom this morning. but there's going to be a lot of strategy at play as the lawyers battle it out in the courtroom. that is why i talked to a legal expert about each side's game plan. he tells me there's several sealed documents from an fbi investigation that might even include the actual sex tape of hulk hogan. gawker media is trying to make it public record claiming that the content of the sealed documents are actually key to their defense. but, if gawker can get -- if the court, to make the documents public record, then hogan wouldn't really have much of a case anymore. there's a lot on the line for gawker media as well, if they lose this case it could seriously hurt their business. >> because this is what they do. they get their hands on private matters, that is peoples' private sex tapes and other things, they put them out there for whatever profit they can get from it. they feel this is for all intents and purposes an invasion on their business model.
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lot of celebrities are hoping hogan wins this case because it would mean a landmark in privacy protections for celebrities. if you have more interest in this case we have a writeup on it's also where we're streaming the case live, it started a few minutes ago. you can also watch on your mobile app, abc action news. adam winer live in st. pete. back to you. 9:32. have you seen the billboards? the massive jackpot could be yours in tonight's powerball drawing. now at $1.5 billion. chances are if ticket sales stay strong today it could grow even more. your odds of winning are still one in 292.2 million but if that is your ticket that matches all the numbers you can get a lump sum prize, a total of $930 million after taxes. count on abc action news to send you those winning numbers in a push alert on your abc action news app after tonight's drawing at 11:00. powerball fever is leading
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to the u.s. to buy tickets. a little known u.s. law could cause some problems if they win. u.s. border towns like blaine, washington are seeing an influx of canadians looking to win tonight's $1.5 billion jackpot but u.s. law states if a canadian buy as ticket, takes it home, then tries to bring it back into the u.s. they risk violating a law that forbids importing so-called immoral articles. u.s. law doesn't forbid foreigners from buying tickets or winning the lottery and the powerball web site even states you don't have to be a u.s. resident or citizen to play. again, when we get the numbers we'll send a push alert through our abc action news app. if you've been out at all today you may have noticed a little more cloud cover and slightly warmer temperatures to start the day. right now we're in the low 50s in tampa, mid-50s in clearwater and in st. pete. more sunshine across clearwater and st. pete than what we're
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are rather light from the north- to-northeast now all across the area. so that shouldn't be much of a factor in your comfort today. however, it's still chilly out there by our standards, and a bit cooler than average for this time of year, not only to start the day but also to finish it, in the mid-60s. we're going to see plenty of sunshine with a few fair weather clouds throughout the day. it's going to be a cool and dry day today but the rain chances are going way up with two storm systems headed our way. i'll have the details and timing for those coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. motorcyclist fighting through critical injuries after slamming into an unmarked patrol car. investigators say a pinellas county deputy was pulling out of a business on mlk when he crossed in to the path of a motorcycle, that rider, 20-year- old eli lubari collided with the driver's side of the patrol car and taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. we're told the deputy wasn't injured.
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police say he's responsible for a disturbing attack on the usf campus. officials say 26-year-old joe carter allegely approached a female student unpacking her car -- while parking her car last week. they say he asked her where to buy an umbrella but before she could answer he grabbed her and kissed her. the victim tried to run, police say carter grabbed her again before letting her go and then taking off. police say campus housing staff recognized the description as carter and called police. he appeared before a judge just over an hour ago, and the judge raised bond to $1,000 and ordered carter to stay off the usf campus. and more news affecting the campus. as the florida legislature decides whether to pass a bill to allow students to carry concealed firearms on campus, students are joining in on the conversation. usf tonight is hosting a public debate. four students, two who support the state bill, two against it, are going to share their opinions before taking questions from the audience.
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debate starts at 8:00 tonight in the marshall student center amphitheatre. currently the school requires that gun owners leave their weapons inside their parked vehicle or hand them over to university police. take a look at this man's picture. bartow police are worried this man facing sex charges may have more victims out there. officers say armando santiago used to be a manager at a mcdonald's and had sex at least four times with a minor he supervied. call bartow police if you have info of any other cases he may be involved in. if you have young kids, an important safety alert. check your pantry. two types of children's cough syrup are being recalled because dosing cups have incorrect markings, could raise concerns that children can accidentally overdose. the company is voluntarily recalling four-ounce bottles of grape and cherry cough medicine. the medicine is being sold
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brand names including rite aid, dollar general, cvs and kroger. the fda says there's been no reports of anyone getting sick from the medicine. we have posted this story on our facebook page. look for it in the news feed and you can share it with others to keep kids safe. an ultra popular lip balm is under fire now. >> you might recognize the eos lip balm. the company is now facing a class action lawsuit with some customers claiming the product caused damage to their lips. users complained of blistering, bleeding, cracking skin and other nasty problems. >> dermatologists say the issue could be the flavoring in the bees wax balm is a allergen for a lot of people. the lawyer for the case wants ads updated to warn customers of flavoring. the on-line retailer getting a lot of love this morning for refusing to accept a return.
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do instead that has her a customer for life. >> we're proud starbucks lovers in the united states but the coffee giant is seeing a big opportunity to expands overseas. which country the company predicts will overtake the u.s. as the coffee chain's largest
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plant city is hosting the annual mlk festival starting friday. admission free, parade set for saturday at 1:00. in tampa, the mlk leadership breakfast with its usual start time at 6:45 in the morning. and in st. pete, the battle of the bands is at tropicana field sunday 4:00 p.m. more than a dozen dogs displaced from a shelter in mississippi now need forever homes in tampa bay. the 15 dogs are expected to go up for adoption today after the humane society took them in over the weekend. bad flooding in mississippi and other nearby states had the original shelter concerned about overcrowding because they expected to rescue a lot of pets from the bad weather. if interested in adopting one of these dogs the humane
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information on its facebook page letting you know when you can come in. we have a link on our web site. a popular online retailer going viral. a boston woman took to facebook to tell the world about her experience returning this coat to zulily. the woman wrote she ordered a winter coat from the company but upon severing it she knew it would not be practical because of the fur on her dogs. she called customer service and asked if she could return it. and she was shocked by the answer she got. the man told her she had get her money back but don't send the coat back. instead donate it to someone who may need it or to charity. she says she's a zulily customer for life and the world needs to spread more life just like this company did. a lot of people are sharing similar experiences on my facebook page now with unexpected awesome customer service and these good deeds. i would love to hear yours. 9:42. remember that carsicle we
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it's starting to look more like a car. lake erie encased it in ice. the 24-year-old owner says he hopes summer comes soon. kind of a mixed bag for us. a little warmth, a little cold. >> yeah. overall i think we can be fairly pleased with our winter there. the camera shows clouds over tampa bay and also plenty of sunshine in spots so again it just fends where you are but all of us are warmer now than we were yesterday at this time. so we're off to a pretty decent start to the day. not quite as cold throughout the day as what we have seen lately but the temperatures are still below average. we are going to see more of the same today. high pressure in control, winds coming from the north. rain unlikely today. so we'll be making it to highs in the mid-60s. tomorrow upper 60s and then we are above average from start-to-
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going to be wet to start the day. we have a got a good area of moisture that will work across the gulf. we may even have rumbles of thunder, even a slight chance that there could be an isolated storm in the mix as that rain moves onshore. so so we'll keep a close eye on that. the weekend is a mixed bag. we start saturday nice and mild. sun and clouds and then sunday more cloud cover in the mix, we'll also have a chance for a few showers rolling on through with the next front. and yes, this is a cold front. our temperatures come down back into the 60s so we don't see the 70s for very long this time around. those 60s stick around into early next week. that is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. you can find me on facebook and twitter. back to you. you may be one of the millions of americans who stop by a starbucks this morning for coffee. if you think you're pretty important to the seattle company? not so much. that is because starbucks now believes over time china will become its most important market. the coffee giant is on track to open 500 new stores in china
9:37 am
starbucks even helping its chinese baristas, some will now be able to receive a monthly housing allowance that covers half their monthly costs. an arizona tar bucks employee has come up with a special way to share america's love of coffee for valentine's day. >> creating three new frappuccinos to try on february 14th. tony aguilar is an employee at the starbucks in tucson, he post the his creations on-line. the first is called the valentine frappuccino. it has straw werries and cream with raspberry at the bottom. vanilla bean in the middle and black berry and whipped cream on top. >> and love bean frappuccino. vanilla bean, chocolate cream and chocolate curls and the java berry frappuccino. >> the drinks can be made at any starbucks but instead of ordering them by name you have to order them by the ingredients, not the name.
9:38 am
to vary depending on the store. how do you choose it? >> i don't know. a school in clearwater for kids with special needs has a waiting list almost as long as its student body. >> on "positively tampa bay"
9:39 am
good morning. we're shining the spotlight on woodlawn community academy. the school for children with special needs has a waiting list of local kids trying to get into its school as big as its student population. with no room for growth the students couldn't be registered. a mom comeus daughter graduated from the school is spear heading a concert on the lawn to help raise money to expand the high school. she's included three acts including a singer from "american idol." we're so excited to have this
9:40 am
welcome melissa and her daughter allison. welcome. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> tell me what you did to create the concert on the lawn and what was your concern, to raise money for the high school. >> yes. we are in desperate need to put another modulear building on our property to house hopefully between 30 and 40 more high school students. its our goal and we need to raise $30,000. my husband and i were at a concert and saw the reese brothers performed outside. they were the opener, i said we need these guys playing for the school as a fundraiser. i contacted them the next day on facebook and it grew from there. >> tell us about the "american idol" singer. >> angie ray, she was one of the top 50 finalists in "american idol" last year. she has a voice of an angel. we saw her perform saturday night and we're so honored to have her join us as well. we also have the bridge point
9:41 am
going to be the opener for both those acts. it's going to be a really great fun family evening of music and just fun. >> how much is it to get in? >> $10. for three great bands and evening of fun. our high school transition program is actually running the concession stand. so we will have drinks and food and snacks, all kinds of good stuff. >> a lot of people hear that the school needs something but don't always take action the way you have. it's incredible. alison, are you proud of your mom? >> yes. very proud. >> tell me what you love most about your school. you've already graduated. you went there for 12 years? >> yes. >> what did you love most about your school? >> i love the one-on-one teaching. >> you've graduated and are working where? >> children's hospital. >> you're training for a new job but what was the job you had before at the hospital?
9:42 am
>> in food service. so you are certain that this school has made a huge impact on your daughter. you've told me. >> absolutely. she would not have had the opportunities that she didn't have if it was not for the staff at the school, the loving teaching atmosphere that is there. every kid thrives there. that is why we're running out of room because nobody leaves, until they graduate. >> the high school has about 30 children and then you said you waiting list? >> i believe so. >> thank you to you and to the community that is going to come out and support you. thank you alison. hopefully you'll get your wish and the school will be able to grow. here's the information on your screen, concert on the lawn is happening for ticket information you can visit their web site, on friday, january 22nd, and the tickets are just $10 for all the detailed information you can go on-line to woodlawn bonds
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i'm laura harris, host of the "the now tampa bay." coming up at 4:00, who doesn't want to talk about the powerball and when i win -- there's advice. we have a man in tampa who has given money advice to some of the biggest winners. plus, we hear all the time lottery earnings help fund education in florida but how much of this giant $1.5 billion jackpot will actually stay in the state? now i'm heading to get the powerball tickets. see you at 4:00. all that money will stay in the state if you win, right? that's where laura will be spending it! take a look -- 67 degrees is the high today's. we have a really strong chance of rain and heavy downpours on friday and then another chance for rain sunday.
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cold front. with powerball on everyone's mind this morning, you might have thought about what would you do with all the money? >> we have some ideas, big ticket items you can blow the winnings on. >> the web site scoopwoop breaks down some of the most expensive things on the planet. how about a grand piano made entirely of crystal? valued at $3.2 million. >> how about this, 14-karat pink diamond worth $23 million. >> i like this better -- 63 ferrari fdo. last time this went up for auction it sold for $35 million. >> i'll take any of them. continuing coverage of top stories on now. >> "fab life" next.
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