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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  January 19, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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a congressman in pinellas county says he's forced to spend too much time fundraising, not enough time working for you. i'm adam winer. at 9:00, the proposal to change the way washington works. >> plus, picking up the pieces after weekend of violent and deadly storms. there is a lot of work to do. how much will it cost? today families from ruined homes find out the price they will pay after the storms. >> first at 9:00 -- you may be surprised to hear this but the average member of congress in office now spends at least as much time calling constituents to ask for money as they do actually working for you.
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representative david jolley of pinellas county who is announcing a few minutes from now his proposal to a big change to the status quo. abc action news reporter adam winer is live to explain more about the congressman's big announcement. adam? >> reporter: that's right. i'm actually in the office of the jolley chief of staff. this may surprise you but they spend a lot of time on the phone making calls to raise money instead of working for you, what they want to be doing. in fact political people on both sides say they need to be on the phone four hours a day raising money. part of this system, as you can imagine, this is something that makes both people on both sides of the party feel like they are stuck in this system where they are forced to raise money as opposed to actually doing what they want to be doing. and they are forced to do this
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for their next campaign. david jolley telling us recently he thinks the system is ridiculous and that is why he's proposing what he calls the stop act. proposing it today. he thinks that this bill, if passed would actually prevent somebody in congress from personally asking somebody like you for money. this would not of course get rid of all campaign contributions but does think this plan would give him and his colleagues in congress more time to actually legislate the country which is what they want to be doing. he's actually going to be talking to us live in the next half-hour as well as others in a big news conference about this plan. we're going to be covering that live and we're going to be streaming it on our mobile apps as well as on it's certainly going to be something controversial for people in both sides of the political spectrum. something interesting, that you may want to pay attention to
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live in the office of david jolley, adam winer, back to you. 9:03. the pasco county sheriff telling us deputies arrested a 14-year-old after he made a report about planting a bomb at pineview middle school. we're not naming the teen but deputies say he's an eighth grader at the school. the cybercrimes threat discovered the threat on instagram suggesting the bomb would go off today at 9:45. the sheriff's office believes it's false and there's no threat to the school or students. the boy will remain out of school though pending an expulsion hearing for the second degree felony charge. in tampa, police are investigating a deadly motorcycle accident, happened last night on dale mabry and tampa bay boulevard. closing down the northbound lanes of dale mabry for a few hours. officers tell us it appears the rider lost control of his bike, hit the pavement. police say the man died instantly, so far we know of no other vehicles involved.
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citrus county started in the upper 30s, now low 40s. homosassa 43. inverness 40. most of the temperatures in hillsborough county have been in the 40s, have come up a degree or two now that the sun has come up. again, it will be cool across the area as we start the day. to finish the day we're only topping out in the upper 50s. this? it doesn't create -- nothing weatherwise causes any problems as you hit the roads morning or later on this afternoon. lots of sunshine, no rain in sight just yet. though there have been a few slowdowns. what is going on now? looks like are clearing up nicely. a blot of the crashes from -- a lot of the crashes from overnight are clearing. here's a live look at 275 through downtown tampa. a crash clearing southbound near lois now.
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the bridge to i-4, it's 11 minutes if you're heading out now. let's check the veterans. slowly getting back to normal. >> the average speeds on the interstates now, in pinellas county pushing 70 now from bridge-to-bridge. 9:05. this morning we're getting a clearer pictures of just how much storm damage was done as the clean-up continues in one of the hardest hit areas. officials estimate about 60 properties have some sort of million. this comes after four tornadoes on sunday. people who live along baywind of work ahead of them. a couple we spoke with yesterday, kathy and sid fleming say they don't even know right now how much it will cost to repair their damage. they are expecting a visit from the insurance company today to
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anything until you talk to us. they would have been here today except it was a holiday. estimates from insurance companies before they can take the next step. many say they are just grateful for the support of friends, days. the national weather service is investigating how florida counties lost their weather alert service sunday. right now we're being told the noaa weather alerts failed just before the damaging storms swept across the state over the weekend. investigators say a verizon phone circuit that sends alerts from the weather service to their transmitters failed keeping the alerts from going out. meanwhile we're still waiting on funeral arrangements for the couple that died when a tornado tore apart their home in duette. family and neighbors are trying to recover what they can from the rubble of steven and kelly wilson's home. he was crushed in the debris and she had a heart attack on the way to the hospital. four children survived. the west palm beach pest control company is facing
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accused of causing a young boy's brain damage. we've been following this heartbreaking case since it first happened in august. when sunland pest control first fumigated that child's home. his parents say the chemicals the company used left their son payton with severe brain damage. now federal officials are calling sunland, its owner and employee, charging them with improperly using a dangerous pesticide and lying about it. the company is also charged with failing to aerate and test the home to make sure it was safe for the family to if back inside. together the counts carry a max of six years in prison. count on abc action news to keep you posted as this case continues. there seems to be someone scamming bay area businesses with a pretty quick trick. a third business now coming forward after an incident over the weekend. look at the surveillance video. the owners of yoyo juice in valrico say this pan paid for a bottle of water with a $50 bill, he got the change and slipped the 20 in his pocket.
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this comes days after datz in tampa and a store in brndon got hit by what appears to be the same guy. brandon. >> it's only $20 that we know about from three locations. how many more locations have been short $20? >> so right now the cases are all under investigation. in the meantime cashiers are being retrained to slow down, count the change into the customer's hand and if need be shut down the register and recount the drawer. he spent his life fighting crime on the streets of tampa, now a retired detective is in a fight for his life and needs your help. jose feliciano was diagnosed with gastric cancer last october. his health deteriorated quickly. jose feliciano was enjoying retirement in puerto rico but now he needs a $30,000 air ambulance to fly him to tampa for treatment at moffett cancer center.
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without us i don't think he'll survive. >> so far the family raised nearly $25,000 to pay for the air ambulance to tampa. we posted a link on our web site with information on how you can help. look at these gas prices, $1.75 that is how low they are dipping in the bay area. we found this in the 1,700 block of west hillsborough avenue. this is a good day to fill up. it was a different kind of rescue for a miami beach police officer. pelican that couldn't fly. while patrolling south point park the officer noticed a hook was embedded on the bird's wing and fishing line wrapped around its body. staff members scooped up the pelican in a net. because of the cold water we've seen recently, the vets had to up. >> they are injured and can't get up and the water brings down their body temperature and makes it harder to treat right
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to warm up before we can give treatment. >> vets were able to remove the hook and say the pelican is now recovering and is going on ok. speaking of the colder the tico manatee viewing center in apollo beach. a prime time tosty the manatees there. there. how cold is it now? too cold to swim as far as i'm concerned but if you plan to head to the beaches today the water temperatures is 60 clearwater beach. 56. sunshine we'll still have a chilly breeze today along the coastline. i'll have some warmer beach days ahead in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast coming up. video from yesterday? an oregon state basketball tripping a referee.
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what the school is ordering. >> a former taco bell executive filmed attacking his uber driver now firing back with a lawsuit. who he is suing for $5 million
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9:13. new video after mlk day protesters managed to block a part of the san francisco open bay bridge, part of a police brutality protest tied to the martin luther king holiday. people stopped their cars on the road, you can see they chained not only their cars but themselves together to form a line blocking traffic. they put up signs reading black health matters across the roadway. california highway patrol said at least 25 people were arrested. down south in san diego a man is lucky to have survived an incredible crash. an amtrak train slabbed slammed into his suv yesterday. the impact sent that man and his car flying 50 yards down
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crews scrambled to cut him from the vehicle. officials are trying to figure out why the car stopped on the train tracks in the first place. >> the rails were coming down as he inched forward and he either got nervous and stopped on the track or, again, we're looking at the possibility it could be a act on purpose but we don't know. >> remarkably officials say his injuries were not life threatening and no one on board the train was hurt. a tennessee elementary school tutor accused of driving around with three children in the trunk of her car says investigators got the story wrong. investigators say the children were her students. a customer at a gas station called police after spotting andrea james opening the trunk to let the kids out. police say surveillance video backs up that 911 caller's story. the children range in age from 8 to 10 years old, james says she pictured up the children from a basketball game and they spent the night with her at her home. investigators say james had nine kids total in the car, something else she denies. she's charged with reckless
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the company may soon start customers. uber is teeming up with munich airbus group this week to launch the pilot project at the sundance film festival in utah. uber first tested its chopper program in 2013. helicopters transported customers from manhattan to the hamptons. they charged between several dollars for the rides. meanwhile, an update on the former taco bell executive caught on camera. beating an uber driver in california. benjamin golden filed a counterlawsuit against the driver for $5 million. the lawsuit claims golden is the real victim because he lost his job and suffers from emotional distress. also goes on to say it's illegally filmed. the driver who no longer works for uber is suing golden accusing him of assault. an oregon state basketball player is now suspended for
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referee during a game last jamal reed's suspension could be extended if he doesn't comply with the team's suspension. he tripped a reff during a game against utah sunday causing the ref to fall down. game. oregon state lost the game by the way 53-39. if you love the cold weather -- it's going to get even colder? >> listette loves to wear the boots and is dancing. maybe she's just trying to warm up. >> a little bit of both. >> if you like this weather then yeah, we have a couple more days of it. the warm-up we get this week really doesn't last very long. so hopefully you are enjoying this kind of weather. look at the rivergate tower tampa cam. you can see blue skies and clouds. no rain in sight, in fact for a couple of days, so overall we
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that ends at the -- but that ends at the end of the week as well. mid-40s. 49 st. pete, one of the warm spots. tampa 47. lakeland 45. inverness at 41. even though we started in the 30s in citrus county we're in the low 30s to mid-40s now. it's a chilly start to the day. we could be colder though and we will be overnight tonight. once we get rid of the extra clouds that you're seeing rolling across central florida and on through south florida they clear out later today. that gives us plenty of sunshine but that cool air coming in from the north that area of high pressure is what keeps our temperatures below average for today. then we lose the blanket into the 30s. tomorrow afternoon we start the warm-up but our temperatures are still well below average for this time of year. people get to average on thursday, we stay there for friday but on friday our next cold front rolls through bringing us a round of rain and we're still looking at the
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rain and the intensity of the storms. we'll continue to keep you posted as we get closer. on saturday we may see a stray shower in the morning but probably not, it's just the colder air that is going to come in behind that system. we'll be noticing that. and rather dry weekend overall with plenty of sunshine but cooler than average temperatures. that is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. find me on facebook and twitter. new this morning -- world's oldest man has died at the age of 112. he passed away overnight in japan. he was born in 1903 and was officially named the oldest man by the guinness book of world records in august. he said his secret to a long life was not smoking or drinking and not overdoing things. he also says he lived a life filled with joy. officials say he died of, well, he was 112 but say heart failure and pneumonia. it's not yet clear who succeeds him as the oldest man. meanwhile a 110-year-old
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florida. this is elizabeth castano. january 11th is now declared elizabeth castano day. the oldest person who ever lived according to the guinness book was a woman in france, who lived 122 years and 164 days. we got cool video to show you now of how one town came together to make a dying little boy's dream come true. >> dorian has terminal cancer. his wish was to be famous in china before going to heaven. >> his family took to social media using the hashtag d- strong to make this happen. over the weekend 2,500 people came together to form d-strong on a rhode island beach. >> people from all over the world including china joined in support. he's even received messages from celebrities like paula
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coming up -- ladies, we've all done it, we teased our husbands or boyfriends about change too much when they are -- complaining too much when they are sick but turns out they may not be faking it after all. why experts say man flu is a real thing coming up at 9:30. >> first an australian plore keeping it real. why a post for the worst job in town is getting a lot of attention. >> i'm lisa campos with your "positively tampa bay," eight nonprofits from the greater lakeland area will benefit from this year's lakeland pig fest. an event that raised approximately $1 million for charity.
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the rivergate tower tampa camera, shows it's nice and dry. no complaints weatherwise other than the cold. of course the temperatures have mainly been in the 40s this morning. so if your kids happen to have after-school activities and i know a lot of kids not in school today but if your kids are and they have practice after school, 3:00, 57 degrees. and by 6:00 our temperatures are back down near 50. so it's definitely going to be a cooler finish to the day as well as this very chilly start. i'll let you know though when we're going to see even colder temperatures overnight coming up in florida's most accurate 7-
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it's going to be quite the celestial show starting tomorrow night. for the first time in a decade mercury, venus, mars, jupiter and saturn will all be visible at the same time from the earth. while the space show will last a month the best date and time to see the planets will be about two before sun rise on sunday, february 7th. this flower is out of this world. it's 13-petalled orange zina, but the first one to ever be grown in space. u.s. astronaut scott kelly tweeted a snap, space flower out in the sun for the first time. hashtag you'reinspace. scientistsen to nonner the -- scientists continue to monitor the crop. a job ad in australia is getting worldwide attention for job in town, poor location and paying below market value. >> a real ad though for a digital producer.
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light. and new hires will work with lazy, egotistical developers. >> the recruiter says she's challenging the typical smokescreen which makes jobs oftentimes. he says the response has been good laugh. 9:26. hollywood. boycott the oscars this year and how the awards show is trying to reassure them. >> fighting for a program that ahead. what is threatening it and how
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take a look at these temperatures, starting off in the 40s. yeah, it's a chilly below average start to the day but
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i'll let you know about that coming up. >> plus, reporting use of force. the new legislation one florida senator is pushing for today and what changes it will bring for law enforcement. >> also happening today, big education rally in florida state capitol. early this morning. supporters of a tax credit scholarship program left the bay area, headed to tallahassee for this rally. >> thousands are expected to show their support for tax credit scholarship program. the state's scholarship program gives money to low income families to help send their kids to private schools like the tampa bay christian academy. nearly 8 o,000 florida kids are using that scholarship this year but there's a lawsuit by the florida teachers union to end the program. >> parents say they would be extremely disappointed if their kids had to leave their school, if the 15-year-old program came to an end. >> it's nothing wrong with public school. i love public school. it was not fit for my children. they needed something a little
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>> the florida education association, the florida's largest teachers union says they are suing because the program is taking too much money away from public schools in florida. new efforts are getting underway today to hold police officers accountable for using deadly force. in just about two hours a state senator from orlando will lay out details of a new bill. it would require police departments and sheriff's offices to let the florida department of law enforcement know within 24 hours about any use of force that ends with someone dying or getting badly hurt. the bill was filed a week ago and will be up for debate in the current legislative session. we've been off to a chilly start to the day. some of the temperatures in our northern counties started off in the 30s but as we look now at temperatures across the area -- my graphic froze up, i'll show you another map of the temperatures across the area. to the north we're still in the 40s now. 41 in brooksville. temperatures as you get a
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are closer to 50 degrees. so largo, longboat key at 50 and osprey 51. inland temperatures are coming up. along lake placid to sebring, upper 40s to near 50 degrees. as we move through the day, a beautiful day to be out and about, as long as you're dressed for it. by florida standards these temperatures are certainly well below average and definitely on the cool side mostly sunny, the winds won't be too strong though today, 10 to 15 miles per hour at the strongest so. whatever you have in mind hopefully the weather will support it. we will have some warmer days ahead, i'll tell you more about that and the freeze warning that will go into place tonight coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. we have some new information now on a deadly crash in gulfport we told you about earlier. officials identified the driver killed. 43-year-old sean lynch. deputies say he was speeding on tangerine avenue near 49th
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the road between hitting a tree and rolling his car. the area is still closed at this hour. a bradenton boy is recovering now after he was hit by a car while riding his scooter. that 6-year-old ended up at bayfront medical center after investigators say he road his scooter down his driveway and into traffic on 43rd avenue west. the child suffered some injuries but is going to be ok. officers say the driver will not face charges. for the first time this morning we're hearing the 911 call of a warning that could not save the life of an ohio police officer. we first told you about this story yesterday morning. here on abc action news. authorities say herschel jones could be charged soon for the a woman actually called 911 trying to warn authorities in danville, ohio about her ex- boyfriend. listen to this. >> yes, i'm in danger.
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my ex-boyfriend is out in camo looking to kill a cop. >> this will give you chills. that call came just minutes before officer cottrell was killed. his body found moments later behind the danville municipal building. jones is being held in custody for violating prison release terms. prosecutors say it's enough to hold him until more charges are filed. this morning passengers on a tampa-based cruise ship won't soon forget this. this rescue happened as the carnival paradise was cruising towards grand cayman. eight cubans seen desperately waving for help from a pontoon boat. they were adrift 18 days. a passenger said some cruise passengers were concerned about letting them on boards the ship. >> some people were mad that the ship came close because they thought they were pirates and they were going to put out guns and everything. cayman islands where the cubans
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u.s. and cuba any cubans rescued at sea will be returned to the island nation. overseas stock markets were higher today after china's quarrel economic growth met -- quarterly economic growth met expectations. the dow is up and still climbing. it's that time of year, only your accountant loves it, tax time. starting today the irs will start accepting electronically filed tax returns. the irs says if you want to get a jump on 2015 tax returns make sure you have your year end 1099s from banks and form 1095a from the marketplace if you're credit. file on-line at irs got dove. is monday, april 18th. controversy is brewing over the oscars. the nominees? >> for the second year in a row all oscar nominees are white. >> some actors are boycotting the awards show altogether.
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jada pink bett smith are two of the celebrities saying they won't come to the show or watch it on tv. she said she won't allow people of color to be ignored anymore. >> none of the 20 acting nominations went to a person of color reviving last year's controversy and the viral hashtag oscars sowhite. 94% white of the academy voters, 77% male. the president of the academy, cheryl boone isaacs who is black says she sought to improve diversity. >> we are working inside the academy in order to make sure we have inclusion. >> this year's oscar host chris rock also referenced the lack of diversity on twitter posting a 15-second video on friday, with the caption, the oscars, the white bet awards. you can watch the academy awards here on your abc action news station february 28th at 7:00. still ahead -- nearly a week after two helicopters
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for 12 marines continues. the latest sign of hope for the families coming up next. >> plus, cold and flu season is upon us. what authorities don't want your doctor to do when you ask
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let's see -- 9:39. here's a question you might not have even thought about. do you know what your congress member everyday? -- does everyday? according to one representative they make fundraising phone calls and spend four hours a day doing it. david jolley is holding a news conference on that topic any moment. he says it's time for members of congress to stop wasting time on the phone raising money and instead do what they are elected to do. we're going to check in with this news conference a little later on but in the meantime i can tell you that jolley says he's sworn off fundraising in his campaign and today plans to introduce a bill that would ban congress from raising money while its in session. let's listen in now. >> most of you already heard this behind closed doors, now we have to do it again, we have
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make this morning. that i think will confront a lot of concerns about washington but also will speak to some of what i call the quiet anger among good-hearted members of congress, elected officials. who believe in the job they ran for. first time i had run for anything, the first time i was elected to office. there's a moment on election night at least for me and i think this is true of most elected officials where you realize you have been given the honor of holding the public trust. you have been asked by your community to fight for the values of the community, to fight for the priorities of the community. and you realize how diverse those priorities are. and i'm joined today with very
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across the community, with varying interests. one of the things i've been able to do as a member of congress is work with law enforcement, and i'm pleased our friends in law enforcement are here to introduce and i hope pass this year what i call the thin blue line act. it says if you assault a law enforcement officer you're now eligible for enhanced sentencing. and very simply as i have often refrained, the thin blue line act says if you take the life of a law enforcement officer be prepared to lose your own. also joined by those who have served our country in uniform. they've carried the flag. that we've worked with on issues with the va health system but also with the va benefits administration and the backlog there. introducing on behalf of veterans in our community and across the country the va freedom card which says if you served our nation in uniform
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choose where you see receive your health care. >> again, yeufg watching the congressman making several different announcements. the most important one he hasn't gotten to yet but will shortly. introducing a bill to ban congress from raising money while it's in session, since congressmen spend up to four hours a day simply fundraising. let's check on the weather forecast with shay. >> we've been off to a really cool start but what the futurecast is also showing us, it's how clear and dry we're going to be, right through to 4:00 no rain and all the clouds you're seeing now that are fair weather clouds, they are going to push out of the area as well. so we are going to start to see clear skies overnight. you know what happens when you pull those clouds off. it's like pulling the blanket off at night. you know how all of a sudden it gets really cold? well, that's what's going to happen to our area this evening. even though this morning we started in the 40s which is still below average for this time of year. and we end the day in the upper 50s. well below average, check out
9:36 am
we actually have a freeze -- it's been upgraded to a warning now, because of the temperatures falling from inland pasco county on north into citrus county. to the mid-20s in some cases, to 32 degrees. so right at the freezing level. this is going to continue into early tomorrow morning. so if you have plans for pets outside -- plants or pets outside, bring them in tonight. we'll be starting off in the upper 30s tomorrow morning in tampa. and again we're going to have some of the 20s to the north. over the next couple of days our temperatures continue to warm up. in fact i think it will be noticeably warmer tomorrow afternoon. then lots of sunshine out there on friday, our next strong cold front rolls through, will bring a period of rain, some storms and then cooler air behind it, and with those storms at this point timing them out and the intensity of the storms is a little uncertain so we'll continue to keep you posted. again, let's keep a close eye on that day, at this point it looks like the rain would
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some with the timing of the then we cool down for the near 70 by next monday. that's florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. you can find me on facebook and twitter, dan? thank you. loved ones are holding on to hope that 12 marines will be found nearly a week after two helicopters crashed in hawaii. the latest sign of hope, search teams found life rafts on boards, some even inflated. the coast guard still searching from the air for any signs of life. now a u.s. navy ship is supporting an underwater search. officials say even five days after the choppers collided it's still possible there are survivors. our really chilly start to the new year continues, the cold season is in full swing too. >> a lot of us try to get an antibiotic to get us back on our feet but there are new guidelines issued by the cdc, they want doctors to cut down on the use of antibiotics
9:38 am
overprescribed and won't help with some respiratory infections caused by viruses. >> and repeated exposure can also build resistance to the drugs. and side effects, many end up in the emergency room with bad reactions. what do do you if you feel a cold coming on? humidityfires and fluid a good start if that is not enough use over the counter relief. use aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain relief. of course always best to talk to a doctor first. >> you need to go to the doctor when things don't clear up on their own after 10 days or have systems like a fever higher than 102, our double sickening, you start to recover, then suddenly get worse. we have this information and even more resources posted on our web site now, go to and click on "story links." have you heard of the man flu?
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i kind of know what it is. >> you joke with men when they complain about having cold or symptoms of the flu. >> we feel bad now because it turns out he may not have been faking it after all. the scientists are finding the flu may hit men much harder than women proving that man flu could be a real thing. >> we need more research. >> i know. >> it's men doing the study. >> exactly. that study from johns hopkins university looked at the link between the female hormone estrogen and the flu virus. turns out cells from women's noses resisted the virus, men's cells put up no fight at all. >> in other words, men are left more vulnerable to the flu after all. told you. researchers say, ladies, you should still get flu shots to protect yourself.
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time now 9:50. breaking news just in. pasco county deputies investigating a bomb threat at sunray elementary school in holiday. it was made through voice mail. students and staff have been evacuated and taken by bus to gulf trace elementary school. we have a crew on the scene and we'll keep you updated as we get more information. good morning. on "positively tampa bay" more than $1 million has been raised by local charities by professional and not so professional barbecue grillers. in lakeland, the pig fest. these are great pictures of the event in years' past. over 200 teams from 17 states compete for the state championship. it's a free community event that raised as i said $1 million for local charities in the last 18 years. this year there are eight charities benefiting and here with more or the folks from the alliance for independence that has been serving polk county
9:41 am
welcome to board members tim kylie and katie dougherty. thank you for coming in. explain the mission of the organization. >> alliance for independence has been serving adults with developmental disabilities in polk county since 1954. our primary mission is to provide services so that individuals who do suffer from developmental disabilities can be empowered and lead more independent lives. >> many times these are the folks that are underserved and the elderly as well. >> absolutely. >> it's not fashionable, almost like a charity, everybody wants to do something else. you talked about the waiting list statewide. share that with our viewers. >> there is a waiting list of people, it's about 20,000 long. it takes many years to get off the waiting list to receive services. >> so what are the ages? give us an idea of the folks who are benefiting from the programs. >> sure. we have clients and members at afi who range from people in
9:42 am
into folks who would be senior citizens. a lot of the public schools provide services for children, and -- which can go up, a couple of years beyond 18 but once people reach adulthood and move out of the school system there are really few options to provide services for them. and afi is one of those really important areas where people can get some help. >> katie, how excited were you when you heard that lakeland pig fest named you for a second year? >> very excited. it's a huge event. more than 100,000 people come teams. competing. it's fun, our board members enjoy volunteering. it's a good three days of non- stop work. >> networking too. >> yes. >> get to tell people about the organization. congratulations and thank you for what you do in your community. nice to learn more about it. >> thank you. >> if you would like to join these wonderful folks and the rest of the teams, the pig fest
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for details and to join me out there, visit
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take a look at this -- upper 50s today. if you didn't figure it out already it's a very cool day ahead. then overnight tonight even colder with that freeze warning in place for the northern counties. >> continuing coverage of the day's top stories now on >> "fab life" next. >> have a great rest of the
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