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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  January 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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clean-up happening now after a fire tears through a tampa party building. seven families displaced, i'm adam winer. coming up at 9:00 -- what the fire department thinks caused all this damage. >> an overnight shooting on the city streets of tampa and it was a little too close to a tampa police officer. i'm lindsay logue with details on the story. >> first at 9:00 -- breaking news. an update on an early morning fire that destroyed the home of seven families in tampa. >> we've been following this story all morning long. large flames spread quickly through a condominium called the westchester manors near
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>> reporter adam winer was there when firefighters put out the flames. are investigators saying what caused this fire? >> reporter: i tilt talked to the property manager and he talked to the lead investigator of the tampa fire department. those folks went up to the second floor. that's when they discovered it looks to them like the fire originated with a washing machine. this fire started with just an appliance like that but quickly got intense. as soon as tampa firefighters got here they called in a second alarm, they called for backup because the fire was so big. in part to save the building and to try to prevent it as well from spreading to other nearby buildings. the fire department says the flames spread from that one apartment building into the attic, then through the attic, through a firewall in the middle of the building. eventually all eight condo units of the building were severely damaged, thankfully everyone made it out ok. neighbors, even knocking on
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that everyone was up and out before it was too late. you can see the mess here on the sidewalks. this is stuff that they are taking out of the building, anything that they can salvage and just part of the ongoing clean-up process. i've been talking to residents about this -- for them was a very close call. some of them very thankful to have made it out alive. you'll hear from a couple of them coming up in the next half- hour. for now live in tampa, adam winer, abc action news. mistaken identity? a tampa man admits he fired a gun to scare someone from his house overnight but that someone was a tampa police officer. police swarmed the house on south new jersey avenue in south tampa and right now 25- year-old nicholas caldwell is in jail. abc action news anchor lindsay logue is live at the police department with how this all went down. >> reporter: nicholas caldwell told police he fired a shot into the ground because he was trying to scare a man away from his property.
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tampa police officer. caldwell said he had no idea because the officer was in an unmarked patrol car. the scene was pretty intense overnight, on south new jersey avenue. the officer said he had been following caldwell who pulled up to a house on the street. moments later the officer heard a gunshot and saw nicholas caldwell in the front yard. the officer thought he had been shot at and called for backup. during questioning he said he got into an argument with someone earlier in the night and thought that was the person standing outside of his house, or in a car outside his house. caldwell says he fired his gun into the ground to try and scare the man off. he is in jail this morning, was arrested late last night and face as charge of discharging a firearm in a residential neighborhood. lindsay logue, abc action news. detectives in polk county are looking for a murderer, alexander viggo jr. was found dead in a wooded area off sand
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family sunday. detectives say he has a gunshot wound but an autopsy will determine exact cause of death. anyone with information about this case is urged to call the polk county sheriff's office. meteorologist shay ryan joining us with florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. best day of the week so far. >> we started so much warmer and more pleasant this morning. we start the day with temperatures in citrus county already in the mid to upper 40s. remember yesterday it was in the upper 30s at this time? so definitely looking better there in -- in hillsborough county low to mid-50s. closer to the beach in pinellas county temperatures also on the mild side in the mid-50s. we are going to top out today in the low 70s. even some mid-70s in our southeastern counties. no problems weatherwise on the roads but you didn't need the weather today to cause a problem. boy, you've had snafer use. what is going on now?
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we were seeing two-hour delays across the courtney campbell causeway. that crash has cleared, traffic is slowly getting back to normal. here's the tampa side of the bridge. i just checked drive times, 20 minutes to get across now, so if you're heading out the door no reason to avoid the courtney campbell now. we still have the crash in hillsborough in front of the fairgrounds out of u.s. 301 and elm fair boulevard. a serious crash, it was blocking all of the southbound lanes, cars are getting through in the shoulder but still taking quite some time, you might want to try i-75, that is flowing a lot better now. your drive times through the downtown tampa area, not too bad, six minutes southbound from i-4 to the howard frankland. 10 minutes in the opposite direction. st. pete family says they've been terrorized for years. started when a dui driver crashed in their yard, ever since they claimed the suspect has vandalized their cars and home. three weeks ago they woke up to
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it's the second time he's paid a massive bill for paint splatter on his vehicles. he's also shelled out thousands of dollars for tires, 15 times. >> it's been thousands and thousands of dollars along with police reports and everything else. >> police still haven't made an arrest. crime stoppers is now offering a $3,000 reward to anyone that can provide information leading to an arrest. new developments in a case making national news. we've learned that joseph walsh is going to be in court next month for the first time since learning his wife, kristen bury is going to testify against him over the death of their infant son. [crying] >> bury collapsed in court yesterday as she pleaded no contest to failing to protect her baby chance walsh. prosecutors say she watched as her husband joseph beat the baby and stuffed a baby wipe down his throat. the parents let chance decompose in his crib,
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a judge sentenced bury to 25 years in prison, chance's grandmother told the judge her daughter deserves a harsher punishment. >> understand i will always love my daughter, she's my flesh and blood, as chance was to her. and, fortunately i do have the mother instinct so this is extremely difficult, mother is supposed to protect her child. at all costs. and that was not done. >> joseph walsh's trial is expected to get underway sometime later this year. new this morning -- polk deputies need your help to track down a thief caught on camera shoving seven bottles of perfume down his pants and walking out of the department store without paying. the guy has been on the run since last monday after deputies say he stole from the j.c.penney in davenport. if you recognize him call crime stoppers, if your tip is
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some travelers could find it more difficult to enter the to keep americans safer. as of today the obama administration could introduce new visa requirements. traveled to iran, iraq, sudan or syria in the past five years countries to obtain a visa before they are allowed to enter the u.s. europeans generally enjoy visa-free a legal battle over florida senate districts now ending. senate leaders say they will accept a new map approved by a judge last month. in 2012 voting rights groups sued over the existing senate district saying they benefited political parties or incumbents. a trial on the senate maps was scheduled for september but in court filings the senate says it's now settled the case. this morning we're learning about a new proposal to better protect people with concealed carry permits. florida sheriff's association just released the information, they want to better protect people who are law abiding concealed carry permit holders
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prosecuted if their weapon is accidentally visible. it happened to someone in citrus county in 2009. who had a permit to carry his gun. he was arrested after an officer spotted the gun under his shirt. >> most concealed carry permit holders, in fact the vast majority of them are law abiding people. they don't want to break the law. i think what this does is define the law narrow enough that there should be no excuse for somebody being prosecuted for openly carrying when it was obviously a case where the wind blew his jacket open or something like that. >> the proposal would create immunity for a gun owner who accidentally displays a firearm and officers will be required to let the person explain the mistake if that doesn't happen the person can't be convicted. to be arrested a person has to deliberately show their gun. if you've been looking for a good beach day today is pretty much it.
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take a look at this, 71 degrees, our water temperature is 76, plenty of sunshine today, really not bad. and things start to go downhill as soon as tomorrow. so got to embrace this gorgeous weather now. i'll show you how much impact this cold front is likely to have and when we'll see a warm- up again behind the front coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. far-reaching storm system. still ahead tens of millions bracing for impact of a massive winter storm on the eastern seaboard. how crews in tampa plan to help with the aftermath. >> if you are pregnant you know what you eat directly impacts your baby. which food a new study says produces the most protective
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9:13. new doamp in the case against pursuing sexual assault charges against the comedian say the entertainer is seeking special
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first evidence hearing. in response to cosby's motion to dismiss the case prosecutors in pennsylvania say that there was never a valid agreement not to prosecute him. the district attorney says he can prove that cosby drugged and molested a woman at his home near philadelphia in 2004. the judge scheduled a february 2nd hearing on the motion to dismiss the case. cosby has not yet entered a plea. he has called the encounter consensual. the driver accused of plowing her car into pedestrians on the las vegas strip face as new round of criminal charges. lakeisha holloway was originally charged with murder attempted murder and battery for each of the people injured in the incident. curb and intentionally ran down pedestrians last month. holloway said she had tried to sleep in her car before the crash but security guards wouldn't let her park anywhere.
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jail if convicted on all 71 charges. right now 250 tico workers going to north carolina to help restore power from a winter storm expected to hit tonight. it could bring freezing rain, sleet, ice, heavy snow, cause significant power outages. crews were set to leave the operation center at 6:30 this morning. the storm is the second of two impacting the eastern u.s. this week. last night the nation's capital received about an inch of snow. >> the snowy and icy conditions made walking and driving difficult and at times very statewide virginia troopers responded to more than 100 crashes yesterday. president obama's motorcade also became a victim of yesterday's storm. a 25-minute drive from joint base andrews in suburban maryland to the white house took an hour. >> the president couldn't fly on marine 1 because of the heavy snow. it will be worse too, between 12 and 24 inches of snow could fall in the dc metro area by saturday night. if you're planning on
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this weekend it's going to be a mess for air travel. american, delta, united and jetblue are waiving fees now so you can alter your flight ahead of the big snowstorm. delta is offering refunds for cancelled or significantly delayed flights, jetblue will offer refunds only for cancellations. >> a lot of us have family and friends in that area. how bad is it going to get for them? >> it's going to be nasty. that travel concerns are definitely not understated with the storm system of this magnitude and especially affecting areas that are not used to this kind of weather. in our area though we have a glorious day today but look what is on the way for us. it's this same stadium but the southern portion of it -- the same system but the southern portion of it and this is where we're going to see the weakest side of the system rolling through our area but you can see how far the winter weather advisories, watches, warnings are extending and how many significant airports are going to be affected by that. then when you get on the ground creating delays so. here's our area of low
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today there's a chance for severe storms on the southern side of that system, throughout our southeast states along the gulf. but for our area today not as chilly, plenty of sunshine and even warmer this afternoon than what we were yesterday. so let's fast forward to tomorrow morning. this storm system, again starts cranking with winter weather from arkansas on into tennessee and into the carolinas. some heavy storms rolling through atlanta tomorrow morning. and then we have the weaker edge of that cold front rolling through our area. now see how the panhandle here is highlighted in yellow and then we have that green band? that is where there's a slight risk for some organized severe weather. but that is not extending into the tampa area. we're looking at more garden variety showers and storms to roll through. if the position of that low shifts any farther south we may see more of a chance for some severe storms.
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close eye on this and all this green you're seeing into friday night, it's because of the strong flow of air coming across the gulf and that is going to give us a chance for some showers, even after the front passes, even into saturday it's possible. with those cold breezes coming in across the gulf of mexico, we'll have extra clouds, a few showers not out of the question, but most of us are going to notice the gusty winds up to 30 to 35 miles an hour. and that colder air coming in with highs both days, saturday and sunday in the upper 50s to about 60 degrees. the nation's capital of course prepares for the massive snowstorm closing in. as that go that the washington, dc snowball association is setting up the giant snowball fight. >> it will be a "star wars" theme. the event's facebook page is
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>> it's scheduled to start saturday at noon. >> sounds like fun. just about the only thing worse than having your car towed is to have the tow truck damaging it during the towing, right? that happened to a man recently. consumer reporter john matarese shows us what your rights are in these instances so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: winter means bad weather and bad weather means your car may end up on the back of a tow truck at some point. but if your car gets damaged by that tow truck? who pays the repair bill? one man wanted to know. >> it's cracked where the tank -- i guess hit. >> reporter: bump hunt received his dream ride, a harley- davidson from his wife for christmas. but when he hired a towing company to bring it home. >> he released the front strap, boom. right down. flatbed. >> put a dent in the tank, >> reporter: he said the towing company has been dragging its feet on covering repairs. >> next to the nut you see it
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>> we paid a visit to the to company, no one was in the office but i reached the owner on his cell where he said since hunt accepted the driver's offer of $100 cash he figured the case was closed. hunt says not so fast. >> all i want them to do is make it look like they did when they picked it up. fix the tank, the instrument panel, let harley look at it and make sure nothing's wrong with it. >> reporter: towing damage happens more than you think. a lot can go wrong when lift up a car into the air. luckily consumers have recourse. if your car is damaging in towing take photos of the damage and tow truck. don't accept cash on the spot, collect later. ask the towing company to pay for repairs and if they refuse file a police report an contact the better business bureau and state attorney general. that may be hunt's next step if he doesn't get further resolution. >> step up, a man, fix my bike, i'm not looking to make money. >> reporter: if this happens to you take photos, get information but don't agree to anything on the spot. that way you get covered and
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i'm john matarese, abc action news. coming up -- as parents we often worry about making sure our children eat healthy but a new report this morning is highlighting how being too strict when it comes to diet can do more harm than good. >> i'm lisa campos with your "positively tampa bay." this week the tampa museum of art welcomes a conceptor who famously -- sculptor who turned faces into a fountain. the creator is here this week
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9:24. we know what a woman eats while pregnant can have direct evidence on baby's development. >> a new study urging women to eat more fish, contrary to previous beliefs. a research from spain finds pregnant women with a few servings of fish a week, children are more likely to have more cognitive function and fewer autism traits. >> it shows it's not much fish a week to have the effect. in total, 600 grams a week, three to four servings linked to a 2.8% increase in iq score. surprisingly it was especially strong for large fatty fish like tuna. it was unexpected.
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want our children to eat healthy but eat doing green can lead to health problems. doctors in spain say an infant given mostly plant-based formula developed scurvy, caused by a deficiency in vitamin c. doctors say he recovered by eating vitamin supplements along with a diet of meat, fruits and vegetables. the case was published in 9 journal pediatrics. it's tough to stop waterworks at the child's graduation. >> it goes for president obama too. >> he was caught explaining why he turned down a request from his daughter malia's high school to speak at her graduation this spring. >> i'm going to cry. >> the president said he's going to wear dark glasses and he says because he's going to cry. he said he would be too broken up to try to speak so said there's no way he could give a speech. malia is graduating from high school this spring. still ahead on abc action
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a new career path in 2016 we can help. the best careers to pursue in america, that is next at 9:30. >> plus, life could change for students living on the usf campus. what the florida board of governors is going to decide
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at 9:30 -- another big step forward for the st. petersburg pier project this morning. what the city will decide today. >> plus, if you are unhappy with your current job situation don't get discouraged. a brand new list of the best jobs in the country is now out. we'll break down the top ones straight ahead. >> we begin with the breaking news update about a tampa condo building destroyed by fire this morning. happened about 2:00 this morning at the westchester manors in sulfur springs. >> right now 14 people are
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their belongings were lost and waiting to find out where they are going to sleep tonight. san san reporter adam winer is -- san san reporter adam winer is live with the families and making plans. >> reporter: that's right. they are making plans because they can't stay here. code enforcement just put up signs, "ordered to violate" is what it says. it was an intense fire overnight. quickly caused a lot of damage. look at some of the flames we saw when our cameras first showed up 2:00 this morning. this was a two-alarm fire, 30 firefighters brought in to put this blaze out. neighbors started to knock on each others pores doors to make sure everyone was out, before the flames and smoke got really bad. i talked to people who escaped the fire before it got too bad.
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about what has happened but a lot of them pretty thankful they were able to make it out ok without anybody in this building getting hurt. >> all these units, like everything is gone. because of water. it's not like it was a fire. there's no fire on the third floor. i'm happy my neighbor helped and the policeman was there. i'm thankful for that. >> reporter: property owner says that the tampa fire department's investigator told them it appears the fire originated with a washing machine on one of these second floor apartment buildings. as for exactly what went wrong we're still waiting to hear from the tampa fire department about why exactly this washing machine would have led to a very destructive fire, very live here. for now live in tampa, adam 9:31. almost 10 years since she disappeared and jennifer kesse's parents are trying to case. in a news conference set for tomorrow the parents and
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more about when she vanished. the tampa native went missing from orlando, police believe she was abducted after leaving for work in 2006. in a post on their web site the kesses say there's been no new leads in the case. as you head out this morning, if you have not been out already the temperatures are so much more comfortable than they were yesterday at this time. mainly in the mid-50s now in tampa, clearwater and st. pete. check out the winds, they are shifting now to the east to southeast. that is pumping in warmer air and we have lots of sunshine, we're going to be topping out today in the low, even some mid- 70s to the southeast of tampa bay. so quite a bit warmer than we were yesterday and then tonight we're still partly cloudy and dry. our rain chances really start to go up tomorrow morning. i'll show you more on what i'm expecting for the commutes tomorrow coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. retired tampa police detective fighting cancer back home this morning.
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some of that money coming from you. people at home, since our story aired about this. we told you earlier this week jose feliciano needed $30,000 to pay for an air ambulance from puerto rico to tampa. thanks to family, friends and complete strangers that money was raised. family members hugged each other when seeing him for the first time after his plane landed at the tampa international jet center. >> i never thought at that i would get him back home. >> tampa police posted this photo on facebook of feliciano hugging his former partner. he will start treatment now at moffett cancer center. we'll keep you updated on his progress. time now is 9:33. the bears are tearing through wall street. a live look at the dow now up slightly. the dow lost 249 points wednesday as the price of oil suffered its worst one-day drop since september. investors worry that huge
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global economic slowdown. the inaugural best countries ranking now out and shockingly the u.s. doesn't top the list. that list has germany in the top spot. it ranks supreme because of its entreentrepreneurship, power and citizenship. canada came in second but ranked number one for quality of life. united kingdom took third place overall for its influence on education. united states was fourth, deemed as having the world's greatest military power and largest economy. looking for a new job? career web site glass door may be able to help. they put together a list of the best careers to pursue. they ranked the jobs on salaries, current openings and potential earnings. the top five, number one, a data scientist. the average salary is just everybody $116,000, number two here, a tax manager.
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you make $108,000 a year. architect. year. and engagement manager takes the spot at number four, you can see the salary listed there at $125,000 a year. and rounding out the list, the number five on the list, mobile developer and listed salary around $90,000 a year. we're following up on a story that will impact usf students. today the florida board of governors will decide whether to approve a publix grocery store on campus. the board is scheduled to vote on the matter during a meeting in tallahassee. if approved it would be the first publix supermarket to open on a college campus. it will be part of a new housing complex set to open in the fall of next year. another big step forward for the st. pete pier project, in just a few hours the city is expected to approve a contract with a company that is going to design the pier approach. once that happens the city expects the final design to be
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then the spring you'll be urged to weigh in on what the designers come up with. the goal is to break ground on a new pier by late 2016. for this morning we now know what caused twitter to crash earlier this week. twitter says a software judgment interrupted service for about six hours tuesday morning. you're looking at a screen shot we took the morning of the outage. the company is releasing very few details now but they did release a statement blaming an internal code change for the outage. that glitch affected users in europe, u.s. and was the third outage in five days. still ahead -- hollywood stars boycotting the oscars. now the academy acts. what they are saying will be done after mounting complaints. >> plus, new reports claiming isis is running what you might call its own version of the recruiting site targeting
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vice president biden is in switzerland for the world economic forup's annual meeting. he's set to talk to the pakistan prime minister a day after islamic militants attacked a university in that country.
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and teachers, 21 people were killed in the attack including four gunmen. they were killed by the country's military. pakistan is observing a day of mourning for the victims. also this morning, president obama is making it easier for the u.s. military to target islamic state militants in afghanistan. previously the military could only pursue isis targets if they posed a direct threat to the u.s. troops in a specific area. under the new rules of engagement the islamic state is now designated as a foreign terror organization allowing the u.s. to actively pursue the militants in afghanistan. isis is now recruiting brides on-line. it even has a catch phrase circulating "jihadis." it's targeting women to become brides of jihadist fighters. in exchange women are promised free housing, health care and cars. an estimated 500 western women have already left home to join isis in iraq and syria. but analysts say when those women arrive in isis-
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have a choice of who they marry and many of the marriages will be short-lived. >> in many ways it's hugely disappointed because the women are treated like chattel. they are gifted to the foreign fighters and recycled -- when the first husband dies they will be recycled again. >> officials are now encouraging young recruits to leave isis but for many who try to leave u.s. military officials say isis considers it a sin punishable by death. americans prepping for what is expected to be a major winter storm, some 15 states could see snow, sleet and ice. storm warnings and blizzard watches are already posted across some of the most popular lated real estate in the country, anywhere from a foot to 2 feet of snow could fall in parts of the northeast -- northeast got a taste already. ice and snow covered the ground in washington, dc and ground traffic to a halt. reports of more than 100 traffic accidents. with the threat stretching
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their shelves stocked. >> i've been told if you live up north, go to necessities are bread, milk and alcohol. >> those are the items grocery stores are having trouble keeping on shelves. look at some of the tweets people are posted. the bread aisle and milk refrigerators wiped out. >> also several hashtags related to the storm are trending now. on twitter the main one is "snowmageddon." hashtag "jonas" is also trending, that's the name of the storm. >> a person even tweeted "i guess i'll have beer." my son lives there now. it will be his first legitimate snowstorm. i told him you have to prepare like a hurricane he knows how to do that. >> that was good advice. after living up north and going through these storms you just don't know how long it will take before you get power back or been -- before the roads are clear especially in places like dc where they don't 1r-9 equipment to handle it once
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we have the beautiful weather, knock wood this continues to be the case. we are going to have a gorgeous day today before the cold front rolls through our area but at this point in time it doesn't look like it's going to have a major impact on our area. the last three hours we've been nice and dry but you can see that green over my head. that is the beginning of that cold front and that area of low pressure that is starting to work into the panhandle. you can see on the futurecast we remain dry, through to 4:00, extra clouds from time to time here. then as we get towards 8:00 clouds get a little thicker, still though not seeing the rain until tomorrow morning. 6:00 in the morning, you see that on the clock? that is where we start to see the first of the rain showers directly associated with that cold front. then after that by about 9:00 in the morning we start to see a few of those showers really working inland. if this verifies, which i believe it will at this point
9:36 am
not to, our morning commute is looking pretty good. it doesn't look like we're going to have widespread rain for the morning commute. the tail end of that widespread rain is just out here. so that means that it will be all through before the evening commute as well. we'll still have scattered showers off and on throughout the evening and even into saturday but as far as the bulk of the heavy more widespread rain and thunderstorms in the mix? i think that is going to come in between the morning and evening commutes so great weather -- or great timing as far as that is concerned. as far as the intensity of the storms, it doesn't look like we'll have organized severe weather but we're going to keep a very close eye on that and keep you posted every step of the way because there's a possibility that could change. as far as saturday goes, kind of a blustery day, temperatures are going to be topping out in the upper 50s. then the winds calm down and temperatures remain cool sunday. that is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. you can find me on facebook and twitter.
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this story has a lot of people talking this week. oscars and diversity or lack there of, at the awards show. "the new york post" took this as an opportunity to get in on the debate. here's a look at their latest cover. it's all over social media with the lead story on snowstorms hitting new york. the post headline, you see it here, this weekend will be whiter than the oscars. there it is. diversity controversy rumbled on to donald trump weighing in on wednesday. the gop presidential candidate questioning why while actors get shut out of awards shows like the bet awards. academy members are now responding after several actors decided to boycott the show. claiming the academy doesn't >> academy members are speaking out, some defending the now controversial oscar votes. actress penelope ann miller told the hollywood reporter to imblew it's because we're all racist is offensive.
9:38 am
acting nominees for the second year in a row is another embarrassing hollywood sequel. >> find the solution to fix it, it's been going on too long. >> on monday academy president cheryl isaacs says "the academy is taking dramatic steps to alter the makeup of our membership." 9:46. tampa museum of art is hosting a legendary sculptor from barcelona, spain this week. >> what the museum is doing to bring his huge art pieces outside for everyone.
9:39 am
good morning. all this week the tampa museum of art has been prepping for the arrival of the sculptor who is famous for making hue mongous body parts and figures out of letters. he says the fascination started
9:40 am
spain in a apartment completely surrounded by his father's books. >> i grew up surrounded by text. any kind of text. my father was very -- an avid reader. probably thanks to that i was always passionate not only about words but also about biological function of one letter. >> he says that the biological function of one letter. joining me on the wonderful ptv couch is michael tomer, thank you for joining us. >> so glad to be here. >> what makes it so sought after? >> having access to art in the public is one of the things that has driven him into a celebrity mode in north america and around the world. his works are in collections all over the world.
9:41 am
museum of art we have a lot of his outdoor sculptures surrounding the museum for the first time. so you can access the collection and his artwork on your own terms, your own time. morning, noon or night. we're so excited to bring this to tampa bay. >> how large are some of these? the book is it's impressive. >> it's hard to understand scale unless you're next to the pieces. there's a beautiful portrait of laura, the name of his wife, a combination of all different ethnicities. she's 24 feet tall. >> gosh. >> and stands outside the museum between us and the poe parking garage. when you arrive you're welcome to look at this enormous monumental sculpture. >> he's at the museum friday night? >> yes, friday and saturday night for two private openings for vip's, then it opens to the public. it opens to the public sunday at 11:00 and we want everybody
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>> the folks at the museum have had quite a time putting these together because they are so huge. >> yes. this is the first time we've really prepared for outdoor sculptures so concrete has been laid, cranes moved the artwork. this 24-foot portrait -- >> we saw the crane. >> it's made out of bronze. these are really monumental works. >> thank you so much for bringing this to tampa bay. it's as we said a gift to the city as well as to the museum because the rest of us can enjoy it regardless of whether we go in with our kids or from outside, expect a lot of selfies. >> that's right. >> thank you so much for coming in. if you would like to see the collection it's fascinating. please visit the tampa museum of art web site. as we said the opening to the exhibition, "human landscape"
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look at today because man, it looks fantastic. doesn't it? i think tuesday of next week may be the next day that is as close to perfect as today will be. tomorrow the cold front rolls through giving us a round of heavy rain and also a few storms in the mix. then saturday it all turns around and gets chilly and windy again. this morning animal service workers in martin county are credited with saving a choking pelican. >> a post on the sheriff's office facebook page says animal service workers received the call about a sick pelican near a dock. they caught up to the bird and noticed something in its throat. >> they pulled out a large fishhead. the pelican showed immediate signs of relief so it was
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>> a big eater. continuing coverage now of the day's top stories on >> "fab life" next on your abc action news station. >> have a great rest of the
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