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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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page so you can share it with your friends. now to that attention- grabbing resignation in pasco county. i'm laura harris in for wendy. >> tracy suits saying in this letter that the education system is hurting our students and putting a strain on teachers. >> what she and others hope comes from her decision to resign. eric. >> reporter: hi, laura. tracy suits is a 10th grade english teacher. people are standing behind her. heidi was at the school board meeting and said it was heart breaking to see a teacher resign because of frustration over too much testing.
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almost 30 years says i cannot continue to teach students to regurgitate information. suits writes she is forced to spend hours of time after school and during planning periods dealing with testing. like suits, many are opposed to the assessment tests. she opted for her kids not to take the tests at all. >> the state wants it to evaluate teachers and give the schools a grade. how does that benefit my child? not at all. hours of testing a young child. we're talking stressful. >> reporter: meanwhile she hopes the resignation is a wake- up call for teachers and parents. >> if it takes a thousand parents, 2,000, 10,000 in one county to make a difference, we're going to have to have sort of a revolution. >> reporter: now, the school district tells me late this afternoon that suits is actually listed as active as a teacher in the system but they say they know teachers have a lot on their plates and there
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them what they're worth. and it is unfortunate any time they lose an experienced teacher. we have the full resignation letter on eric waxler, abc action news. >> red light cameras are one step closer to being turned off for good. a bill that would barlow cal governments from using red light cameras to cite drivers blowing through the red lights. jeff brandis has filed a similar bill. critics argue that they don't improve traffic safety and governments rely on it as a source of revenue. and a recent state report seems to back that claim. it says the number of red light violations were up last year. in that same report, almost every bay area jurisdiction surveyed crashes at intersections with red light
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they only say that the cities that saw a decrease was brooksville. tonight two brothers are behind bars for a dangerous crime that is becoming more aircrafts. helicopter. hitting their chopper repeatedly with red and green lasers. charges. scary new numbers from the federal officials saying they caught a record number of airline passengers with guns last year. the tsa says more than 2600 firearms were found in carry-on bags and 80% of them were loaded. we spoke >> now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc
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started off on the cool side but warmed up nicely under partly cloudy skies. we're dry right now. by tomorrow morning, that all changes. temperatures in the mid 60s after highs today in the lower 70s. there's a lot of weather coming in from the northwest. first we've got the chance of some severe weather. then some cold. but at least this evening if you're going outside, you have one last night to enjoy tranquil conditions as we see partly cloudy skies. temperatures only dropping down to 68 tonight. there is the chance of severe weather. which areas have the highest chances and how much a change the weekend brings coming up in a couple minutes. big developments for the university of south florida. the college was given the thumbs up to build a publix on campus. the plan was approved this afternoon. the 29,000 square foot facility will be publix first on-campus location in florida. it will be built at the corner of fletcher avenue and north palm drive. construction will be completed
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tonight safety concerns in hernando county. the sheriff says he is having a hard time finding good people to fill deputy jobs. sarina fazan joins us live to tell us if the jobs are filled, it may not be enough. >> reporter: lisa moved to hernando county because it's quiet. recent crime in the area has her on edge. >> lately the people next to us had stuff stolen out of their barn. we've had cars and trucks driving slowly up and down, checking out the houses. >> reporter: more deputies in the area would make her feel safe. the sheriff says he would love to provide that but he doesn't have enough deputies to begin with. >> even if we're fully staffed, we have fewer deputies than most agencies our size. >> reporter: 20 positions are open.
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size should be looking to be hiring 60 more. the problem is finding quality workers. the people applying either don't meet the standards to become a deputy or lie on the application. >> oftentimes the things that they're not honest about wouldn't keep them from getting a job. but now they're not honest, we have to question their integrity. >> reporter: in the meantime deputies are working overtime and have to choose which calls to respond to first. >> these guys put their lives on the line for us. they should be well paid. >> reporter: people we spoke to suggested increasing incentives and looking in other states. it's ultimately about safety and the sheriff says he is offering what he can for what the budget allows. >> you're never going to get rich in law enforcement but at the end of the day you can feel like you made a difference. >> reporter: and starting salary for deputies here is $41,000. and they're given yearly raises
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from people who retired in the last year. if you're interested in applying for a deputy job here in hernando, there is everything that you need to go on reporting live in hernando, abc action news. she got botox and bolted. police say she did it not once but twice. nicole brown had 37 units of botox injections. she said she had to go to her car to get her credit card but never came back. back in november she gave a different doctor a bad check for botox treatments. the most hated pharmaceutical ceo in america is being called to capitol hill to testify. he gained notoriety when his company raised the price of a drug by 5,000%. he is facing unrelated federal
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it's not clear if his attorney will let him attend the hearing. bill nelson is pushing for a new study to make sure that the fields some children or your children can play in are not a health risk. he sent a letter to president obama asking for a comprehensive federally led study into athletic fields and the playgrounds they're on. he cites research by university of washington soccer coach army griffin who found 153 reported cancer cases involving athletes who spent significant time playing on rubber surfaces. new numbers tonight show more than 1.6 million coverage under the affordable care act. the u.s. department of health and human services says that number is a little over 1/6 of all americans who have coverage under obamacare. 260,000 of those floridians are right here in the bay area. tonight a veteran says he independence back.
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long lost both legs to an ied blast in 2010 while serving in afghanistan. today he was presented with a chrysler minivan converted to be wheelchair accessible. >> it has blown my mind. they say family extends past your blood. and it's true here today. >> brandon says this van will be a life-changer for him. they have given away 60 converted minivans to veterans in the last several years. another organization that helps veterans is getting a nice boost. bells department stores has donated $30,000 to southeastern guide dogs paws for patriots program. the money was raised during a promotional campaign back in november. it places more than 100 dogs a year with veterans and people who have visible disabilities. vw ordered to buy back a florida man's car.
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ruling means for you and why thousand of florida owners may be out of luck. a woman caught on camera bee with an uber driver. not a bad evening at all. clouds rolling in. tomorrow we have big changes. storms are on the way. we will time it out for you. the blizzard warnings in effect. the tornado watch now. 60million americans, more than two feet of snow in places. trouble in florida as well. massive flight cancellations. all right here after abc action news.
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>> now to a jaw-dropping crime caught on camera in south florida. take a look at this surveillance picture.
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she prayed at church. the incident happened on december 20th. he wasn't caught until a few days ago while he was arrested for driving under the influence. he was at the church attending a relative's baptism. a miami doctor could lose her job now that video surfaced on youtube. she attacked an uber driver. no charges have been filed. but jackson health system says she has been put on administrative leave and been removed from all clinical cue des. tonight more florida drivers say they plan to file lemon law claims after a south florida man won a ruling against volkswagen. >> jackie callaway here is to explain why one victory against the automaker won't necessarily lead to another. >> it's been a day since the jupiter man won a lemon law
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when it comes to florida's lemon law, there are no precedents. it excludes thousands of vw owners, including debbie, from filing a claim against vw. it applies to vehicles purchased new and claims must be filed within 24 months of purchase. >> this is not a cure-all. >> reporter: morgan and morgan attorney points out the board decides each case based on merits. so the win for one may not lead to other buy-backs for other drivers. >> even if you successfully go through the entire arbitration proceeding, the defendant, volkswagen in this case, would have a right to appeal. >> reporter: which could mean a trial. meanwhile diesel drivers like debbie who do not qualify for the lemon law feel trapped in a car they don't want and can't get vw to buy back for anywhere near what they paid for their rides. >> they didn't want to give me
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what i think is fair for it. >> reporter: debbie is more than 500 drivers who have turned to morgan and morgan with the hope of restitution. it is shaking up to be a long, hard legal battle. >> it means that vw drivers could be waiting two years for a trial or settlement. >> i don't know what else to do. >> you know, it was just a couple weeks ago that we aired a story about the number of lawsuits against vw over the dirty diesel. we asked for a comment and they reiterated what they told us before, they do not comment on pending litigation. >> thank you, jackie. how would you like to see that in your backyard pool? a homeowner in an area of key west, florida found this 9-foot-
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his swimming pool. the sheriff's office and wildlife officers were called out. they were able to remove the reptile and return him to his natural habitat. we're getting a look at the museum new exhibit. staffers tell us it highlights the relationship between walt disney and salvador dolly. it features everything from paintings to car r. archived films and photographs. the new exhibit will be open on saturday and it will run through june 12th. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. hoping it's june 12th after the weather we're going to get this weekend. >> it will be a raw saturday. before we even get to that, we will be dodging severe storms starting tomorrow morning. then you have the blizzard up north. look at that sunset. right there is why a lot of us live in florida. everybody else is talking about that rough weather and the
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temperatures right now in the upper 60s to low 70s. morning will be looking different off to the east and especially later on in the morning as we start to see some very heavy weather rolling in. not in this evening. this is on the way. low pressure. the sam low that will spawn a blizzard for folks up north. into our area. first with showers and thunderstorms. cloudy, raw weather for saturday. and unfortunately for the kids parade, there's even a chance for a few showers. rain won't be an issue about it will be cold and windy. right now, pretty nice. upper 60s. tampa, partly cloudy skies. clearwater and st. pete, 65 and mostly clear. all right. this is a look at the severe threat. now, by definition, when you see this yellow color, it means slight. less.
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the same number that we were looking at last saturday night when we did indeed have a couple of tornadoes. so the way i see tomorrow morning, definitely a chance for some wind, some storms. not nearly the chance of any tornadoes like we this then -- like we had then tomorrow. we will be tracking it all night. shea will be here in the morning. i'll be here in the afternoon. but it's not the threat that it was last weekend. if you look at tomorrow morning, if you're an early riser, it will start off nice. mild. temperatures only around 60. then the clouds and the rain quickly roll in later on in the morning. i think late morning, early afternoon, if anything pops in the form of severe thunderstorm, that's your time frame. late morning, early afternoon. by 2:30, 3:00, it's gone. wait a minute. what is the other clouds and showers coming in? cold air. extremely cold air coming in over the gulf.
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maybe even a quick shower on saturday. anything that does pop won't last long. just a blustery windy day all day long with temperatures in the 50s. and it won't even feel that warm because that cold air behind this front is going to bring in all of the cloud cover. it's the same storm that is also going to create blizzard conditions across the mid- atlantic. i think the bulk of the weather will be philadelphia south. boston might not even see that. baltimore, it will be ugly. here is a look at the 7-day. morning. it ends by mid afternoon. maybe a shower on saturday. windy and cold. and another freeze is expected saturday night and sunday night. folks, it is game on between the bolts and the blackhawks tonight. chicago has won a team record 12 in a row.
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something that's to give tonight. bishop will be back in net. jonathan will be in the lineup. the dressing room virtually empty of players after this morning's option skate. no words necessary. they know, we know what this game is all about. game time tonight 7:35. all right. he picked a fight with steve and found himself indefinitely suspended. he showed a side that raises concerns about his character. abc action sports john sabol has an update on this most unfortunate situation. >> reporter: the lightning's plan was to get jonathan much needed playing time in syracuse, especially with many players coming back from injury. but the gm says that the minute that they went public with the trade request changed the situation.
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when they went public with the trade demand, that changed everything. >> reporter: if you think that made steve a little upset, how do you think he felt when he didn't show up wednesday night. >> that's not acceptable. you go and play. so for a player who wants to be traded the best thing you can do is go out and play well if you want to help your cause. >> reporter: jonathan failed to do that. his trade value may suffer from the suspension but that will stop him. >> if th's a day, a week, a month over the course of the summer, i don't have a timeline on it. >> reporter: safe to say this drama surrounding the former first round pick may never have happened if he went to syracuse without any problems. >> is there a handful of players in the league at some point that haven't gone through something and had to persevere and be frustrated and want more ice time or this or that and they stick with it and play.
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lightning, john sabol, abc action sports. steve pierce has been signed. he will play 1st and the outfield. we will be back in a minute and
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