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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  January 27, 2016 5:30am-5:42am EST

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the day today expect rain from we are going to get those heavier bands of rain i think moving in with the possibility even potentially a little earlier than that. so i would say be aware all day long that there is a potential definitely that ponding on the the evening commute. flooding, flash flooding possible inland and into the south as well as those heavy widespread rain all day today and we're watching for damaging winds, even an isolated tornado can't be ruled out as we make our way through the day today. tomorrow will be a little calm we are hit or miss rainfall and -- calmer with hit or miss rainfall and as we head into friday we'll start to dry out and clear out. if you're still wondering if the gasparilla forecast holds, it does. looking beautiful but on the cool side from start-to- finish. that day. and lots of sunshine and dry weather. so again, keep stormshield on your mobile device, keep the
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don't have stormshield you may want to download it from the app store. it's available on android and apple devices. i'll continue to update you both here on air as well as facebook and twitter throughout the morning. this morning we're hearing two anti-abortion activists indicted for making undercover videos about planned parenthood are now planning to turn themselves in to authorities. an attorney representing one says he doesn't know exactly when that is going to happen. on monday a grand jury in houston indicted david dalladin and sandra merritt, both live in california. they recorded undercover videos seeking to implicate planned parenthood for illegally selling fetal tissue for profit. a grand jury cleared planned parenthood but prosecutors say they used fake driver's licenses to infiltrate the group. both now facing charges of tampering with a governmental record, that is a second degree felony. still to come -- a scam knocking right at your door.
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good morning. breaking news. a crash has most of the lanes on 275 northbound blocked at ashley. this is a multivehicle crash. some of it starting to clear but we're still seeing about a 10-minute delay for that drive from the howard frankland up to downtown.
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we'll talk about your alternates around this busy it's 5:54. this story will have you think twice when a stranger comes knocking at your door. in pinellas county sheriffs arrested caden adams and jacob broading over the weekend for permit. also suspected of fraud. investigators say they were selling bogus magazine subscriptions and -- on one say the 21-year-olds were asking for donations for their high school soccer team. little did they know that street has several retired police officers. have you driven down i-4 lately? you probably saw crews setting up for the florida state fair. it's a week from today and there's one big decision still to make. which burger will be crowned and served at the fair, here
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>> find an in-depth description on our web site. a matador in the biggest fight of his life outside the bullfighting ring. the social media post that shows him saying he doesn't care about his children. >> you're waking up to green and yellow, a little red. it means a lot of heavy rain. it's already creating a mess on the roads, janelle just told you she's following multiple accidents now. we're taking team coverage to help you get around safely.
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the skies opened up ahead of your morning commute, that means a number of accidents already. shay and janelle standing by in a second with traffic and weather but first corp.
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core is live at the scene -- corey dierdorff is live at the scene of one of the crashes closing lanes of i-275 near downtown now. corey? >> reporter: good morning. this is the downtown east and west on i-275 northbound going over ashley. as we're sitting here people coming up, delays starting, another three-car fender-bender happening, those people are around us as well. the good news is one wrecker has shown up on scene, this other accident that happened is minor so hopefully they can get reports done quickly and get out of the way. we're still waiting for another wrecker to come up but two of the vehicles from that earlier accident have already been cleaned so it's an absolute mess here on 275 northbound as you head through downtown this morning. as these rains continue to go light and heavy, light and heavy causing ponding and hydroplaning if you're coming into the area, please, give your sever self extra time. don't tailgate as we just saw this other accident happen. emergency crews are working. let's give them a break and
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