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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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battling a blas, we blaze. >> we are uncovering this. >> the gop front runner won't be on the stage as the candidates are gathering tonight. >> good afternoon everyone. >> it is not raining out there. shay is trackingsome rain, more to the south and some dense fog makes another messy commute. >> yeah, if you are right along the coastline and driving in and around tampa bay, be aware that you will have reduced visibility. we have little rainacross the radar and all. most of it is in highland counties at the moment and not affecting our major roads and bridges. you maybe affected by the fog this morning going from pinellas to hillsboro county. that's something to keep in mind as youhead out the door.
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area. we are in thelow 60s to north. >> 63 degrees at crystal river. hils pro county,the low to mid-60s. weare not going to see a lot of change in the temperatures throughout the day. in fact, we aregoing level off midday and we are going to stay there because we start to clear tonight. you can see by 8:00, 60 degrees. i will have more on how much we clear out and how quickly we could expect as we head into the weekend coming up florida's most accurate seven- day forecast. thequestion is the impact on the road, we certainly found ponding out there from over night rain. >> the roads wet. we did have more rain and definitely wet out there and also some fog. >> 275 northbound heading into downtown tampa bay area, no crashes to break down to tell
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just be careful, you may run into some fog out there and make sure to slow down. you may want to put onthat slow beam. >> north of 301. use some caution there, no clashes through the area. through pinellas county at 275 and 22nd avenue north. again, just use some cautionif you are heading out the door right now. >> all right, let's check your drive across the bridge as shay mention, you may run into some fog. >> eight minutes on the gandy bridge. sam. >> we have learned rescuers finally pulled the driver from his red truck. the truck slams into apole at 3 a.m.. it was unclear why that rescue
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weare working get more information right now. we are trying to get condition of the firefighter. >> we are told the fire destroyed that home. thefirefighter was hurt after the flames was already out. he worked late into the night. >> the man that rarely left his house who live there but there is no word on his condition. gop front runner donald trump is standing firm and insisting he will not take part in tonight's debate. trump is expected to cast a long shadow. >> the benefit veterans organization by iowa university, wednesday night, he said he was pushed away from
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because of his ongoing problems with fox news. the campaign wants it to be in may sdr does not want it to be held on friday, saturday or on the holiday weekends. a major victory this morning for supporters of medical marijuana. you will get your chance to vote for medical marijuana on the november ballot. thiswill be the second attempt to legalize the drug. >> abc action news, spoke to one mom says marijuana cured her son's sigh sure. seizure. >> we'll not stop educating the
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brought to our state. >> renee pedro shares this video with us showing her son refusing his medications and he won't take it anymore because of all the sid effects. even when he does take his medication, her son still has eight seizures a day. there is a lot of damages. authorities say itis a miracle that no one was killed. abc actionnews stayed right on top of the tornado warning. they went out just before 9 a.m. in the area. afather and son shot this video during tr storm as as they try to find safety under the pass >> i am still shaken up. >> troopers say the wind lifted this car from the southbound lane highway taking it over the
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had manor injury. a sheriff deputy is facing a possible jail time. terrell is charged with using excessive force and as well as violating an unarmed victim's civil >> terrell now is faceing maximum of ten years in prison. an update for illinois, the wife of the police officer who killed herself, melanie gliniewicz is now in jail after she was indicted by a grand jury yesterday. she's accused of adviseing her husband husband staging a suicide back in december. you may not recognize this woman's name but you may
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anthony 's case. >> she ran up hundreds of >> the casey claimed that a woman kidnapped her daughter caylee. >> the judge decided there was no evidence to support the kidnapping claim. a scare at the american airlines flight. theaircraft was headed from london to los angeles. >> the captain turned the plane around and to make an emergency landing after a flight inten dependant inten dependant collaps d. as of this morpg, american morning, american airlines have not said what
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in just a few hours, volunteers will go coming on pinellas streets. it helps county wide effortsand homelessness by helping pinellas officials identifying gaps and services. the number ofhomeless counts will determine how much federal funding the county will see for homeless programs over the year. today, you could receive two tickets to see barry manalo in concert. all you need to do isdonate a new or gently used musical instrument. theinstrument will be given to mcclain middle school to help with the music program. >> all right, boy, do we have a few sprinkles out there this morning. reduced visibility could slow you down a little bit. wet roads could slow you down.
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for highlands and desoto county >> more heavy rain on the way. i will have our rainchances ahead for today for all of tampa bay as well as when we'll be drying out first in a little while coming up in florida's most accurate weather >> it turns out a threat was made around country. they do know how the school were targeted. >> the university of missouri is in not letting teachers getting away with their action of protests across the country.
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the school has suspended this teacher. she couldlose her job. >> if convicted, she's faces up to 15 days in jail and a $300 fine >> she pleas not guilty. >> she was caught on camera pushing student photographer covering his lens and you see it here, asking for quote,
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in manatee county, police are investigating an online threat that brought extra security to a palmetto middle school. >> we are waiting to fine out who's behind the threat. someone intended to bring a gun to lincoln middle school in hidden be a bac pack. >> officers discovered the same threat sent to other school all across the country. >> the school district put additional officers on campus. >> these days in light of all that's happening around the country, you know, we cannot take any threat lightly. every threat has to be taken. >> officials say most parents did send their kids in school and a few kept them at home out of abundant of caution. >> as you head out this door this morning, take a look at our doppler radar.
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acrossthe area right now but we do have more that's going to be moving on shore later this morning. the heaviest andmost widespread rain today will be in our southern counties around highland and desoto. >> that's where we have a flood watch in effect. you cansee the rain moving along the same area over and over again. as we take a look at what we are seeing already for our rain totals across these areas, you can see that be had the highest totals in highland and desoto county and also right to the north of i-4. we had over an inchof rain and around downtown tampa at an ip ch and a half where we won't to monitor this scenario today with continue chances for rain. and the highest of which in southern county. an area oflow pressure working its way around
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again, we'll get some dry areas at times and near steady temperatures. all the cloud cover and the rain keepingour temperatures pretty consistent today in the mid- 60s. now, things clear out over night tonight and i am talking really clear out. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine and westart the day around 50 and end the day around 64. onsaturday, gasparilla is looking fantastic. it will be acool start to the day but we'll be dry from start to finish and we'll be topping out at 67 really not bad at all. so again, overall, after we get past today, i think the forecast is looking pretty fantastic even as we head into early next week. this is florida 's most accurate seven-day forecast, you can find me on facebook and twitter if you have any question ons tp rain today. janelle, it is a chance for fog and wet roads. what's going on throughout right
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>> well, it is fog foggy out there. >> reporter: good morning janelle, we made the drive from downtown all the way up past pearson. it is feeling pretty good and as we head up to 56 right here wesley chapel. you can see that fog is hanging out light and down at the road is a much improved situation than an hour ago where visibility was about eight miles to half mile. we'll head out to 56 right now and we'll bring you an update in about 15 minutes. janelle, how is the restof road looking? >> we are checking out ih f 4 west of-4 west of mackintosh. >> i am seeing cars stacking up just a little bit as they pass through the crash. we are not seeing a huge delay here and traffic is still light
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we start to see any backup. >> two westbound lanes blocked on at 51st street. they takethat driver out of the car. it took them two hours toget him out. we are told that he's alert and talking. right now to westbound lane, you can use a ledger or push to get around that if it start to backup there. lookinggreat if you are heading out the door right now. >> 5:18 right now. a new ordinance is baning sales ofpuppies and kittens at stores >> this is dating back to 2012. the zoning administratortells abc action news that the
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regarding home and hobby breeders. >> it demonstrates that as as community, we can come together. >> [ indiscernible audio ] >> pet stores have a year to comply with regulations. there will be future discussions regarding home base breed. >> still ahead right here on action news. >> baby on board for tyra banks. >> why the celebrity is calling her bundle of joy a popular child. >> first, the fc --we have this
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this morning, tyra banks, is now a new mom. >> the child's name is york
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pictures >> this is the best present that we waited so hard for is finally here >> we thank the angel of the woman who carried the miracle baby boy with us. >> york banks asla, welcome to the world. the annual event of the year, the gasparilla event. captain morgan is teaming it up to make it cheaper for you to get to and from the event. >> you can be one of the thousand winners to win a $20 uber ride discount. >> coming up more, arrests over night after the standoff wildlife refuge turning deadly.
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finding out how authorities say the suspect connected to the victim. we are watching this crash on i-4. west of mackmackintosh causing a little bit of delays.
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right now pasco deputies are investigate ing investigating where a 16 years old was shot. >> the sheriff's office says three men entered the home after 1:00 this morning, one of those three men shot the teenager were somebody that live at the home shot the girl accidentally. >> crews oins the way. we'll have a live update for you coming up at 6 clo k. we'll find wet roads over night and also low cludz
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have a dense fog advisory due to some sea fog that's settles around our coastline. temperatures are in the low to mid-60s right now. take a look at our temperature, theydon't go far up from where we are right now. we aretopping out in the mid- 60s today. keep that rain gear on hands because the chances for rain will be throughout the day. i will show you when we'll dry out coming up with your seven- day forecast. with wet roads and the chanceof encountering some fog, janelle, what do you see >> we are seeing a lot of
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