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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  January 28, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we following breaking news out of tam pa and child hit hit. >> that's son solano bay loop, we do not know the condition or age of child that was hit. we have a crewon the scene. we'll bring you updates. we have been following this all morning long. a 16 years girl was inthe she was shot in an attempted home invasion and holiday this morning t. person sheriff's
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the robbers. >> live in holiday right now. >> reporter: that girl live in this home behind me where deputies are invading was shot by another resident of that the shooting may have simply been anactive self defense. this attempted home invasion this morning. likely armed broke into their house, one resident fired a shot but that resident accidentally miss and hit the girl. deputies searched the area and wewere here when patrols are out and canine units were out. so far, no arrest in this case. talking to several neighbor in the community. theytell me this situation, the morning, similar to a home
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street just a few months ago. >> that's the exact mo. >> last time they beat up the this time, one of them got shot. pasco sheriff's office and forensic unit is going in and out of the house collecting evidence as they try to piece together what happened inside. where are those robbers who went intothis house and as for the girl who was shot, she was rushed to the local hospital. deputies is telling us,she was in serious condition but her official condition at the local hospital and exactly who she sdis what her name is has not been made public. live here in holiday. adam wiener, abc action news. an update now. a homeless man accused of killing another man with a
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will go before a judge today. >> he was charged with howell's death. >> that's when things turned deadly. deputies foundhowell's body when searching for a wanted person. bothwere homeless and live near by. all right, if you have been out at all today, temperatures are not been all that bad. it was still inthe low 60s. but, we do have quite a bit of wet roads out there and some rain that's been moving through. most of it has been light to moderate from tampa bay to south. >> we'll get heavier downpours at times and we had some coastal fog lingering and keeping clouds hanging around and appearing america mur murky out there. temperatures won't bemoving
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again, hit or missrain off and on and could make for some sketchy road conditions throughout the day and we could see street flooding as well as we get some heavier pockets throughout the day. janelle, how are the roads lookingright no ? >> we have wet roads out there and we have a stalled car that's causing problem right now. >> you can see it right there. cars slowing down to getaround it. drive time, we can see exactly how muchtrouble this is causing. 31 minutes from the apex to to i-4. looking good just six minutes to i-4. still seeing some slow downs northbound on 275 on the howard franklin to downtown. great news, once you get in the downtownarea, basically past howard, you are in great shape and things start to open up. here is a live look at 275 and ashley.
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the interstateright now t slowest area i-4. average speeding up to 75to 275. >> looking great over in pinellas county pushing 70s right now from the sunshine sky way to the howard franklin bridge. dan. back to our stop story here at this hour, a child hit by a car outside a tampa apartment complex. fire recuessay this happens outside the preserve and the mobile apartments on the solano bay loop. these are livepictures now. we do not know the condition or the age of the child. we are told it is ahmad rozzelle school child. we do have a crew on the scene and we'll bring you updates as we get them. in democracy 2016, donald trump is expected to cast a long shadow over tonight's final debate for if iowa caucus.
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take part because of his ongoing feud with the fox. >> he claims he was pushed away debate and he won't forgive megan kelley for how treated. he was treated >> trump tweeted his sporngs okay, can we do nit canada? wake up with us tomorrow to see if the candidates are telling truth or stretching it. well in the democratic side now, it is just four days until the iowa caucuses. bernie saider with a raise sanders with an razor thin. >> 45% support clinton. frack ng the state of florida will shut down for some time
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bill that'll put regulations in place for fracking it is a process where water is shot into the ground. it is strong extra credittism for itsimpact in the house. >> a similar one in the senate is expected to get liepth. that company is--the company previously imported the weapon in moscow. >> guns assembled at the beach factory will be sold toll retailer elsewhere. three more people under arrest in connection of arm armed group. fbi says the men turned themselves into agents at check point on the road near the refuge. other othersarrested a day
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these men will all face one federal felony charge. some witnesses are peek out, too. speaking out too. >> the man killed by police did not rezest arrest. hesist arrests. hedied during a standoff on tuesday night. >> they were shooting a bunch of times. it is like, justshoot me then just shoot me then and they did. they shothim dead >> more details. bundy and the sister in law says phi in this case, quote, did everything they asked and they murdered him.
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get another chance to vote on the issue o on the upcoming ballot. >> abc action news spoke to a mother who says marijuana cured her son's seizures. >> we'll do everything in our time around. we'll not stop educating people on whythis needs to be brought to our state. >> not anymore. >> renee shares this video of her son refusing medicine. >> she says her 13 years old day. smugglers are growing their warehouses and farms. illegal.
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cross-suit niese scrutinize for ing for growing it. the district is holding a teachers' job fair from 4:00 until 6:00 at the gym. if you go, you could leavewith more than a job, you are also including an ipad mini. volunteers will be coming street and shelters count counting at the number of homeless people. helping officials identifying gas and services.
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costa's new leader is shondra. >> she was selected by costa's long time leader. >> linda died earlier this month. the community is invited to come out and meet shondra and learn more during a meet d greet. it is on centralavenue and on twelve street in st. pete >> right, if you have been out at all today. you know itis still murky out there. the rain has been light and temperatures are mild this time of the day. they're not going to be coming up much from where they are at right now. >> around hillsborough koun, most of our county, most of our temperatures are in the mid- 60s. along the coastline where we startedoff with sea fog and still murky out there as well.
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again, i would beplanning for mid, upper 60s as we move on through the day today. we don't see a lot of changes there. there aresome big changes over the next 24 hours. i will havemore about that coming up in the seven-day forecas , right after this
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right now at 9:15, we are learning new details from a child hit by a car. we shot it just a few moment ago. the child hit is an farnell middle school student. wehave a crew on the scene right now and we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. this morning, more than 6 million counterfeit of hover boards are not headed to store shelves. they weremade with unauthorized
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. >> typically the batteries. they do not meet safety standards and the charges as well >> chargers don't have a shuttle so when the unit is plugged in, the charger will send the charges to the battery and possibly exploding it. >> they will ultimately be sold. the united nation is suggesting drastic measures against how batteries are shipped. >> the batteries use to power everything from. they arebanning hover boards commuter trains because those batteries are a fire risk. right now meteorologist shay
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looking now? >> this is what you have seen already this morning. itis not going to be any different through the afternoon. it starts to change around 8:00 tonight. the front has stalled out and an areal is going to work out its pressure. >> you will see much rain today than areas to the south. but, we still have a lot of clouds cover, it is still really damp outside. temperatures will remain steady here in the 60s for the rest of the day. counties and anywhere shaded in green, that's our southern county plus south florida has a risk today for flooding and damaging winds. in miami or other parts of dade county, you could see an isolated tornado. that's an issue if youare
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it is in the evening whereyou have the marginal risk for severe storms and with heavy rain overall already soaked. >> if you are traveling in that area, make sure you have our storm shield mobile be vice so you can get any alerts that could be issued throughout the day. >> what about an improvement, i mean we are starting tomorrow at 50 degrees ending the day at 64 and no rain incite on friday or saturday. see, our gasparilla islooking good, i will have details for you coming up in a little bit >> mid-70s, not bad at all. >> looking good out there. we do start off on a coolerside on saturday at 47 degrees of the low in tampa. >> we could have upper 30s through the north and through the afternoon a lot of sunshine and temperatures do warm up 67. on sunday, we are right on target with average this time
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today is still a bit messy out there. it does not look like we are seeing anything too extreme. i will keep an eye out for mondaying ton roads ponding on the roads as well. >> you can find me on facebook and twitter. >> tax season is in full swing. >> john matter is here to break it down so you don't waste your money. >> so much concerning with tax frauds and scams this year. how could you tell a letter or an e-mail from the irs israel anymore? if you get one, should you respond or could it be another scam? all of us are familiar are fishing scam that shows up your e-mail inbox. the scammay say click here to see your refund but these letter in the mail like letters
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departments are legitimate. the letter is known as request for identification. who files under your name t. question for you, it will mail you a letter. itdoes not arrive via e-mail. if you get one, call them so that way you safe so you don't waste your money. >> abc action news. now, 9:20. coming up, it won't belong beforefacebook 1. 6 billion users have more ways to quickly express their feelings on the world's largest social network. what's being added that's bound
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you are looking at our beach scene right now where it is damp out there. so yeah, it is not necessarily interrupting visibility if you are driving around but it does not make it pleasant out there. kids with afterschool activities outside. it is in question whether ornot if practices will be held today. you will want tocheck with the coaches. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s around 3:00. falling into the low 60s right saundersset tonight.
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chancesright through about 8:00 tonight. things will start todry up. i will have more on that and where we may see the heaviest rain that could lead to flooding coming up in florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. a photographer well known taking pictures of celebrity has just sold a picture of a potato for more than $1 million. he sold a picture of a potato to a businessman while having dinner. his trademark is por portraits on black background. >> i am going to shoot some walks today. >> tell me about it. >> 99 years old woman in miami
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animal asleep on her chest. >> it is startling. when she screamed the animal ran andhit in her attic. she called her son in law for help and called animal control. >> that animal is a honey bear. the animal's owner sawthe pet on the news and contacted her. >> luckily that woman did not have a heart attack. >> there are also exotic animals from the rain forest >> it is kind of cute, too. >> posts on facebook sometimes make you happy or sad. >> pretty soon you will be able to express how you feel >> mark zuckerberg say that is pretty soon, six new emoticon
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facebook. >> the disdislike dislike button has been one of the most requested but zuckerberg says he will not include it because it wil cause problems. your next air conditioner, will be more expensive and the next angie's list why you may not mind paying more to keep
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now at 9:30. a firefighter is hurt after
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>> a case of makiewicz ken den mistaken identity, this man is arrested for cocaine. >> why the suspect is blaming his brother for putting him there. >> plus, you will not be able to walk into a pet store in the future. >> we'll tell you when the new law banning pets are in e if he can. a child hit by a car outside tampa apartment complex is an farnell school. >> the child was hit outside the preserve apartments on solano bay loop. right now there is no word on the child's condition right now. >> but, we do know they have been taken to st. joseph hospital. let's go live right now to our reporter. >> we have a reporter on the scene. >> lauren was there. >> there she is with the
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>> reporter: hi guys, we have arrived on the scene a little more than three minutes ago. what we found so faris that is farnellsp middle school school student that has been injured before. it is a quiet apartment complex and is yellow tapes all in front of the apartment complex. it isunclear how the student was hit and the extent of those injuries and if maybe drugs or alcohol was a factor of this crash. >> we are working to learn the name of the student. weknow it was serious enough for them to be air lifted to a local hospital. we have been in contact with schoolofficials this morning, they are working together on details as we speak. >> we'll keep you the latest
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abc action news. >> reporting live right now, abc action news. all right, well, use caution as you head out the door this morning. the roads are wet. there is a chance thatwe could see some street flooding. you can see most ofthe rain here has been light across the area. >> light and murky out there. >> we'll see a few showers in. you maybe sneezing aswell with all of the moisture out there just kind of seems like icky days where you want to crawl under those covers. tomorrow is going to be another >> thanks shay. we are following developing story right now. we aretrying to get an update on the firefighter condition
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the fire destroyed the home on howell road. the firefighterwas hurt after the flames were out. he was pinned by atruck briefly >> teams work late in the night searching for the rubble of that home for any victims. there was a man that live there and there is no word on his condition right now. we are looking to see what cause a man trapping himself inside the car for more than two hours. thecrash happened before 3:00 this morning. >> we know the man was conscious when he was taken to the hospital. condition is not known at this time. a st.pete man is behind bars right now. >> he claim it was not his. county deputies pulled over thomas tuesday afternoon and driving the car with a legal window tint and they smell
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>> they found two bags of cocaine in thomas' shoes. hesaid the cocaine was not his because he was wearing his brother's shoes. well, you knew her name and you heard it a lot in the casey anthony's case. >> she and an accomplice stole credit cards from hotel where is they clean rooms and ran up in hundreds of dollars in charges. >> gonzales became a central figure. casey anthonyclaims a woman kidnapped her daughter and seafood gonzales for defamation and ultimately decided there was no evidence to support the kidnap claim. this comes after a lengthy public hearing. it wenton for eleven hours. officials say this ordinance is
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discussion dating all the way back in 2012. the new ordinance impacts two small independent pet stores and pet land. >> authorities say there will be further discussion regarding home base. happening today, a vote could mean $28 million more to handle the flint water contamination. that moneywould go to pay more bottled water and builder and service to monitor young children t. fund will help the city with unpaid water bill ands s and cover testings and more. >> governor rick snyder promised to propose more funding for flint. right now, the united states is keeping a close eye to northern korea.
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there is been an increase move m of launch the station there. >> hiding activities from view, north korea will say they're launching a satellite from site. the rocketinvolved could be use as a missile. well, the sweetest time of the whole year is five weeks away. >> starting today, you can buy discount ed discounted admissions to the strawberry fest. it is through march 13. prices are$8 for adults and $4 for kids ages six through twelve. >> all of our abc action news, friends and viewers and plant city, watching right now, dan and i have excited to see for the 39th annual strawberry
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we are excited to see this real soon. >> you are excited for strawberries >> also, a big festival is getting under way the gasparilla. >> you may considering using a ride sharing app. >> starting today uber is teaming up for people attending gasparilla. >> thousands users will win a $20 discount ride. we are taking action for you today. the departmentof energy requiring homeowners to buy more efficient and therefore more expensive heat pump and care conditioners. if you install a system with the wrong rating, you maybe risking your warrantee. here is more. >> do you know your seasonal
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>> here in the south it needs to be 14 now instead of 13. >> if you have questions about the changes of, you want to cooling company because of different regions. >> if you need it replace with a 14 system, it will likely cost about $5000. >> it is not going to heat or cool anybody than a 13 series. >> it can transfer that heat whether the heating motor were pulling on it. >> if you are installing a new system, remember it is not going to be cheap but you will get efficient savings each month. >> if you stay in your house, you will recoup the cost and savings. >> people are starting realize,
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think about this. we arere going to be in the house and let's think about how we are going to recoup our cost as quickly as possible. >> if you deciding between repairing and existing system or buying a new one, angie says in general it is best to repear if the cost is less than the system than your current one is less than it. you will find the list onour stay with us, we'll be right
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police are looking for the man inside an attempted sexual battery in tampa. he pulled a woman to a groundat 15th street. the mantried pulling her clothes off and she screamed and he ran away. the widow of the disgrace illinois police officer who staged the suicide appears he
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embezzling money from a youth program. melanie gits gits. herdical gliniewicz. a grand jury indicted the 51 years old gliniewicz on felony count on money laundering and disperging dispersing funds of authorities. this morning, in a lamp in his dorm room that could cause him into getting school. >> he was written up over this lamp made out of recycle cycled >> he had to do community service too and fines that he got. there is no alcohol. theschool says it cannot comment due to privacy laws. as we take a look at weather right now, shay is watching some rain moving back
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all gone after yesterday but that was not the case. >> today is rather light. ponding on the roads and maybe some street flooding in those usual suspects. >> you can see the main sail beach in is looking murky this morning. so we'll continue to have chances for rainoff and on through the day. right now we are seeing ournext round starting to make its way through the pinellas county and beaches right now. this is not heavy rain, itis a nuisance and we are going to see more of this as we move on through the morning. the majority of the heavyrain and widespread rain is going to take place in areas that you have seen a lot of rain. that's our southerncounties so we have had totals in desoto county and excess of two or three inches and some local areas receiving closer to four. and south of sebring to two
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>> we'll see some of the highest totals again today where we have flood watch in effect for highlands and desoto county through this evening. other areas though, it is certainly a possibility that you will get the street flooding as a result of continuous rain. we got eventsfrom morning tonight of the gasparilla and the investigation at 11:30 in festival goes all night long. take a look at theforecast, it is coming together bluflfully beautifulfully. um wantextra layers and a lot of sunshine will be in the 60s by noon. temperatures fall back in the low 60s by 8:00 at night. the seven-day forecast looks great. you can seeright into the weekend and really looking beautiful and the warm up starts to kick in both in the morning and the afternoon on sunday and then into next week. temperatures are well above average.
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cold front rolling through and we'll keep an eye on that. that's florida'smost accurate seven-day forecast, you can find me on facebook or twitter. you will meet in the finalist this year nonprofit year award. the spotlight is at the metropolitanministry. we'll have all the details. blah
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good morning everybody, since 1972, metropolitan ministry has been serving our community. the this year's finalist for the nonprofit award is is presented. it isan
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meals a day for those in need and many of them are kids. >> say you understand but when you are in a room full of kids, you don't really get it. you don't understanduntil you see a kid that has not eaten all weekend and they come in and starving on monday. a lot of peopledon't really understand how their monetary dough naegs, donation how far it goes. that was the principal of the partnershipschool that metropolitan works with. here is christinelong. thank you for coming in. >> oh, it is my pleasure. thank you for having me. >> you have expanded the last few months and tell our viewers about campus' expansion. >> oh my god it has been an incredible year.
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have been able to double the capacity and we are serving to up to 100 families. >> not only we double the capacity of the campus, we increased some number of programs that we are offering so know nou we are able to serve five times as many families. >> what is ate about pasco county that caused the metropolitan to expand there? >> pasco county was seeing a lot f of struggles and the foreclosure crisis is seriously bad. we start to look atwhere there is a need. we always go to where there is a need. >> pasco county really spoke to us. there is a huge needthere and not a lot of services and the community was really welcoming. >> absolutely. >> a couple month ago, we opened a new pasco county in
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is called. >> the 1. 16 million meals served to the hungrythroughout the tampa bay area. how do you feel aboutthis nonprofit of the year. >> well, serving people that are hungry and in need is our mission and value and we could not do that without this in in incredible community and being nominated, oh wow, what a huge honor. it is saying so much to the community that supported us and donors and volunteers. the people that we serving they are count on us everyday. we are thankful for the opportunity >> congratulations on the nomination and being on tp short list. >> thank you. >> we'll see who wins on february the 4th. if you at home would like to learn more about this wonderful organization with so many
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coming up today at 4:00, sarasota has banned the sales of dogs and cats. it is illegal to do it. while it sounds crazy, we are looking why this may save the lives of many animals. >> many parents in hillsboro county receiving calls from cops warning under age drinking for the gasparilla event. >> today ace is is a nasty day again. we could have some street
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8:00 tonightand have a gorgeous stretch of weather ahead. the payoffice coming. >> if you like tiny smiles or joy, you will love the latest gerber baby. >> the winner is the 7 month old and she's cute. >> oh. >> aw, oh my goodness. >> that's the winning photo. >> that's a sweet little grind and her face is kind of res ing on that one hand there. >> [ laughter ] >> ellis' parents won $50, 000 in prize money. >> continuous coverage right
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