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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  February 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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weighing your options i hope i'll be able to persuade you. >> hours before the caucuses get underway in iowa, where do we'll take a look >> gone in a flash. how two teens escaped from that juvenile lockdown facility behind me and how you can help put them behind bars, coming up. good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday morning. first day of february. hopefully you had a good weekend. took part in gasparilla, a lot of great events >> the weather cooperate. shay and janelle with traffic and weather together. >> let's start with shay ryan on this monday. i'm pleased. i know a few of you have already posted on facebook you're not as happy about this warm-up as i am but you've got cooler temperatures ahead as well. so i'll show you when our next cold front arrives in a bit. at least for this morning 10 to 15 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time.
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thermometer low to mid-60s. tampa 66 degrees. plant city 62. off to the north even in citrus county the temperatures are very mild this morning. upper 50s to about 60 degrees. 58 now in homosassa. crystal river at 57. beverly hills at 56. so today we are going to be well above average for this time of year. in the afternoon. even with limited sunshine to start the day. a little more sun later this afternoon but high of 76. encounter a brief shower but the good news with this chance of rain today it should be so light that i bet we won't even this morning. so again this is very light but the rain and think oh no, what it shouldn't be anything problematic. what is going on? now. let's look outside, this is i-
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in both directions pushing 70 now from the sunshine skyway frankland bridge. let's check the howard frankland out -- traffic up to speed, no crashes or breakdowns. i did check all three bridges and nothing happening on either bridge. less than 10 minutes to get across now. we have an overnight closure happening all this weekend. westshore boulevard, small section of that between longfellow and san rafael \street\street will be closed in both directions from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. monday through friday. there are detours posted but you can always take manhattan around this construction area. they are going to be inspecting some sewer pipes. manhattan will get you around this. just be aware if you're heading out in the overnight hours you will have to detour. local residents, however, who live right off the streets and between there will be able to get through. dan? 5:02. we begin with democracy 2016.
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and this morning most republicans expect a higher turnout than the last two caucuses when only 120,000 showed up. the higher the turnout the better the outcomes could be for republican candidate donald trump and democratic candidate bernie sanders. as they both try to weed out the nontraditional participants. a lot of attention focused on trump, cruz and rubio. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. last-minute pushes were made last night to rally voters ahead of today's caucuses. sanders drew 1700 people to a des moines college gym. he urged supporters to banned together to tell the billionaire class they cannot have it all. he says the nation can pursue policies like paid family and medical leave. free college tuition and transformed energy system to
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at the top, top pick for 45% of likely democratic caucus goers. just slightly ahead of sanders at 42%. this is according to the "des moines register" bloomberg politics poll. >> run a traffic campaign from the grassroots up, of course it's close, it's competitive, that is why i hope everybody who has decided to caucus for me will be sure to cocome out on monday night. >> on the republican side donald trump had a change of pace trading out his rowdy rallies for the calm interview stage. interviewed for the third time in two days by liberty falwell jr. his message? "we have to win in iowa." falwell endorsed trump last week and has been campaigning with him as he works to win over christian voters from rival ted cruz. ted cruz says "we can't get fooled again." hundreds of people packed a fairground building in iowa
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host of his celebrity backers including duck dynasty tv star phil robertson and commentator glenn beck. sanders says he'll reunite the -- rube glow says he's reunite the party. >> i will reunite this party if i am the nominee. we're having our different differences, a lot of attacks that are almost always false. they wait to the last minute to say it's probably not true. in the end we still have to be united. we can't win if we're fighting against each other, if we are divided. we must bring not just the party but the conservative movement back together and i will. no one running for president can bring the conservative movement and republican party together faster or better than i can. >> after iowa the republican candidates debate again saturday in new hampshire. just before that state's primary.
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debate. to make it to the top tier the republicans have to claim the polls. watch that debate saturday night at 8:00 on your abc action news station. the democratic national committee says it's reached agreement to have more debates during the presidential primary schedule including a debate in new hampshire next week. the dnc says it wants to give hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley time to focus on today's iowa caucuses and will finalize details tomorrow morning. abc action news is staying on top of a homicide investigation in manatee county. palmetto police need your help to find out what led to the death of a 21-year-old, colin mahony. he appears to have been shot in a vacant house, after complaints people were coming and going from that house on 12th street drive west. if you know anything you may be he will janl for a reward. -- he abbeville for a reward. and a reward is being
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teens from a detention center. corey dierdorff has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. those two teens escaping from that g-4s facility behind me sunday. this morning they remain on the run. that's the pair detectives are searching for. 18-year-old anthony bays of georgia and 17-year-old anthony cook from st. petersburg. sunday morning the pair took off from the falkenburg academy in tampa. here's the latest from the hillsborough county sheriff's office. they were allowed outside time and that's when a staff member noticed a hole cut in a chain link fence. performed. the head count came up too short and deputies realized the duo vanished. green shirts and blue pants, both serving time for grand theft auto. crime stoppers in tampa bay offering a $3,000 reward for arrests.
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police in two different counties are searching for the suspects of two hit-&-run crashes. we started in hillsborough county where tampa police say a driver hit someone around 11:00 saturday night. on himes avenue north of hillsborough avenue. that victim rushed to a hospital in serious condition. as of this morning investigators have not released that person's name or description of the car that fled the scene. in sarasota county, police are looking for the driver who killed a bicyclist and left the scene. officers sent us this photo of the mangled bike after they crashed in sarasota around 7:15 last night. parts of u.s. 301 were closed for hours. the rider was rushed to a hospital but sadly didn't make it. authorities have not released his name. the suspect car is described as a dark colored toyota with likely front end damage if you know anything call sarasota police. pinellas county deputies arrested a suspected wrong way driver they say hit and killed
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49-year-old ken cabral will face a judge today. police say he struck a motorcycle head on saturday night. the 38-year-old biker, john sorensen was flown to a hospital where he died. he was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. cabral suffered minor injuries. the first steps to rebuilding underway today for parishioners of a hall hash -- palm harbor church destroyed by a fire more than a year ago. this morning church leaders will break ground on a new site along revere road. church leaders sent that picture you just saw of what the new parish will look like. this rebuilt church will seat 200 people and cost $1.4 million to build. let's check with shay for a look at the forecast. >> check out titan doppler radar the last few hours and you see the green? that's a bit of drizzle, brief
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nothing that is too widespread or long-lasting but something you may encounter throughout the day today. just that little bit of rain. otherwise it's going to be a much warmer day from start-to- finish. i'll show you just how warm we'll get in your neighborhood coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. 5:10. coming up, three inmates captured after a week on the run. first step authorities are taking to find out how they managed to escape in the first place. >> one woman's infant son tragically killed but years after his death hearing his
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good morning. 5:14. you're looking at traffic -- or nonexistent traffic now west of bayport. not a lot this early morning but of course janelle is watching the traffic cameras and will give you more of the commute in a second. video of a fire that sparked near a garage at a home in tampa. abc action news headed to the scene on himes road in the last hour or so. the good news is the garage is detached from the home but we did learn there was a car inside. hillsborough county fire rescue says that fire is now out. we're working to find out if there was any damage and also how that fire may have started. we're waiting to find out if police will make arrests for
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show in denver. a person fatally shot, three more wounded by gunfire saturday. another person stabbed and at least three others injured in a fight. attorneys for two biker groups are now blaming each other for instigating the clash. it's 5:15. the three dangerous escaped inmates are back behind bars in california and investigators are trying to figure out how the three men were able to break out of a maximum security jail in the first place. over the weekend authorities captured two of the men in san francisco. that looked like the one the fugitives had stolen. friday. now they are interviewing all three. the three men had been on the run since january 22nd when they cut through a wall, crawled through plumbing tunnels and used bed sheetz so repel from the roof of the jail. 5:15. let's check with meteorologist shay ryan.
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>> yes, that is absolutely the case. right now a few clouds over tampa bay, acting like a blanket keeping temperatures a bit more mild than what we were even yesterday morning. 66 tampl 66, tampa. 66 st. pete. the winds are fairly light. so has the rainfall been. just light showers across tampa bay and to the south. winds primarily from the south today will allow the heat and humidity to build in. even warmer from start-to- finish today. a light shower is not out of the question but we'll see more sunshine through the afternoon. check out these highs today, we're going to hit 80, likely in land o' lakes. mid to upper 70s across the majority of the area. now if you get a coastal breeze like longboat key your temperatures may be a little lower, still in the 60s in spots closer to the coastline but again otherwise we're going to be seeing temperatures that
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time of year. from start-to-finish. we should be around 53 to start the day and 71 to quinnish. and check this out, the warmth stays with us through wednesday. that is from morning to the afternoon. and then on thursday or next cold front approaches bringing us a good round of showers and a few isolated storms. that all ends early on friday. we clear out and dry out into the weekend. comfortably cool, mid to upper 60s. that's florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. find me on facebook and twitter. good morning, janelle. how's the roads? as you mentioned the roads are dry now. that is a great thing. i-75 and selmon expressway, no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about. if you're hopping on the selmon expressway here to get to downtown tampa that drive is only going to take you about seven minutes. let's check the drive at i-4 and i-75. looking great here, traffic up to speed now in all directions. i did check the traffic cameras
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the lakeland area on i-4, no problems there. let's check drive times starting back at county line road to tampa, 22 minutes on i- 4, 22 minutes on 75 southbound from state road 52 to i-4 and 14 minutes from the apollo beach area to i-4. checking your drive times now, on some of the majors, southbound u.s. 19 from tampa road to east bay 11 minutes. 16 minutes on the veterans from 54 to 275. four minutes on dale mabry from fletcher to waters. 5:18. we've got a bittersweet story to tell you about now. a mother is getting a closure that she needed after her infant son was killed. >> this little boy was reportedly abused by a babysitter's boyfriend and died. his parents donated his organs. >> just this weekend they got to hear their little boy's heart beat in a young girl. it happened this past saturday at phoenix children's hospital.
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lucas' heart for the first time in three years. >> it was donated to a little girl when she was just 18 months old. that girl's family gave heather a build a bear that played a recording of her son's heartbeat. >> that's the heart beat. that's lucas' heartbeat. >> she's overcome with emotion there. clark also put on the stethoscope, listened to her son's heartbeat and she says it's something she had been waiting for, these very moments for three years. 5:19. he left more than a legacy. what david bowie still hopes to give to those closest to him as we learn his final wishes. >> first, trading on wall street starts a new month after the worst january in seven years. here's our business headlines from new york. >> reporter: good morning. topping "america's money" -- could wall street predict the
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>> the dow fell 5.5% in january. that slow start could be big for the republicans. since the 1960s every election year with a negative january and no incumbent running the white house changed parties. americans chose to lighten things up at the movies this weekend. kung fu panda 3 brought in more than three times as much in its opening weekend as the revenant. >> $41 million compared to $12 million. "star wars" in third. burger king in the burger wars. today rolling out the extra long buttery cheeseburger. >> with all the standards but extra long and drenched in buttery garlic sauce.
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5:24. cuba continues moving into the 21st century. now they say they are launching its first fiber optic broadband internet service. it began only last year there. so far not sure how much the home brand baud -- broadband will cost.
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at guantanamo bay naval base. today. david bowie wanted his ashes scattered on the pacific island paradise of bali. according to his wife the estate is divided between his wife and two children. >> david bowie who died of cancer at age 69 also left $2 million to his personal his daughter's nanny. coming up this morning, governor rick scott has a plan to put thousands to work. this morning we've got the details that could put an expired gambling deal back in action. >> a tampa police officer is recovering following a chase and crash involving involve three carjackers. the investigation ongoing, men still on the loose. more in a live report. coming up. >> i'm janelle martinez in the traffic center. we're watching cameras out there to see how your morning commute is shaping up so far so
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dangerous and on the run. the spree police say three suspects went on this weekend that has them concerned they
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