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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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chase them down crashes his patrol car. >> and still developing, federal agents storming a tampa home hours ago, finding at least 8 pipe bombs, assault rifle and cache of ammunition. >> reporter: tonight the 24- year-old busted with those weapons is also accused of expressing antigovernment sentiment, some of it online. >> that's right. jacqueline is at the home with the latest there. >> reporter: michael ramos was renting a room inside this duplex. his girlfriend showed up this afternoon after his arrest and got her belongings and took off. she wanted no part of answering any questions. while she's shot shedding light on the arrest, look at the
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second amendment, and ramos' facebook page to get answers. he's posing with an assault rifle in front of a flag associated with american patriotism in disagreement with the american government. hours ago, three federal agencies searched the room he's they were tipped off on saturday and the tip was right. inside they found seven pipe bombs, ammunition, ac-47 and other bomb-making materials. >> inside the pipe bombs was black powder and also bird shot. >> reporter: tonight ramos' landlord is in disbelief. >> that guy, they never -- never -- i see, you know, violence or nothing. >> reporter: ramos was in
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and we are waiting for them to rely the complaint in this case. we did look up jail arrests and he has a previous case related to cocaine. a tampa police officer chasing three suspects today crashed his car into a utility pole. those suspects got away, and we have more on what police are saying about this violent crime spree. >> reporter: this is where the officer lost control of the cruiser and smashed into this huge concrete telephone pole. he was chasing suspects tonight, wanted for a carjacking, shooting and home invasion.
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pulled off an armed carjacking in tampa are on the loose. police say saturday the same car was spotted at another scene. >> we have a good description and we are working the leads. >> reporter: tonight they are searching for the trio they believe is responsible for both violent crimes, putting neighbors on edge and injuring the police officer. tonight police say they are following up on solid leads and asking for the community's help to be sure the trio is arrested. >> they're dangerous. >> police say that officer is doing okay tonight, treated and released from the hospital.
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the tampa police department. these two inmates are still on the run after escaping a youth detention center in tampa and tonight we are learning more about the moments after their escape. crime stoppers is offering $3,000 reward for tips leading to their capture. the facility waited more than an hour to notify police, and apparently it's not the first time. we'll have a full report at 6:00. good afternoon, everyone. maybe a couple sprinkles offshore but all in all a very nice day with temperatures around 80 degrees east of i-75. look what's already developing
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dense fog that's going to roll in overnight, tomorrow morning especially along the coast. before it burns off. this is something we're talking about later on tonight. clear skies east of i-7 a, socked in with visibility, temperatures in the 60s. then tracking our next area of rain and storms, coming up in a few minutes. right now the world health organization calling the spread of the zika virus in the americas an international emergency. only one type of mosquito can carry that virus and you can find it right here in tampa bay. >> reporter: when mosquitoes bite, they are not all the same. this is the type that can carry the zika virus.
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of this back into florida. >> reporter: there are three case of the virus in florida, one in hillsborough county. >> reporter: take a look at this. one dropperful is enough for
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as an adult. >> reporter: information act the virus is still limited. >> you have to be diligent, monitor, look at the population. >> this is just the fourth time the world health organization classified and international health emergency. others include the ebola outbreak of 2014, polio earlier that same year and h1n1 in 2009 2009. governor scott is looking to expand casinos in the state. the seminole tribe released
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shaped hotel for the hard rock in broward county. there are also plans to add a new entertainment venue. the governor met with the seminole nation to talk about the agreement he signed to allow card games. in a few hours, a vigil will be held for the 14 people killed in jacksonville so far this year, including this 22- month-old sitting in a vehicle that was riddled with bullets on friday night. police believe the drive-by shooting was gang related. a violent beginning of the year as well in chicago, the
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the police department is investigating 51 homicides this year alone, 22 more than last year. on top of that, the number of shootings more than doubled, totaling 242. concerns are growing in the area, especially as the police department struggles to regain trust after police shot and killed laquan mcdonald. yesterday in atlanta, 75- year-old dorothy wright and her 12-year-old and 6-year-old grandkids were heading to church when a fugitive running from the law crashed into their car. the suspect then ran off. there's a manhunt for this missouri couple accused of a kidnapping in alabama. apparently he told her he was having car trouble and forced
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police issued warrants for the couple and the u.s. marshals are assisting. huge changes coming to st. pete's public transportation system. straight ahead, what you need to know that could have you heading in a different
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for your health tonight, new research shows only one in five children are breast-fed for 12 months as recommended. if they were all breast-fed, 800,000 deaths may be prevented. it also increasings children's intelligence and reduces the rick of obesity and diabetes later in life.
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major heat from adele. she claims she never gave trump permission to use her songs heard at several of his rallies. the candidates are continuing for the final push for votes in aa tonight. >> we're going to run the table folks and make this country so great you're going to have victories all over the place. >> this is the time for the men and women of iowa to make a stand. >> i will unite the conservative movement. >> the caucuses begin at 8:00 p.m. eastern. tune in at 11:00 for the results .
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their i voted sticker this evening. mailed ballots here in pinellas county got them. some of the candidates these people are voting for may not even be in the race by the time florida's primary rolls around. these candidates may not even be in the race in march. those who don't succeed tonight and next week could be packing their bags early. >> the problem is no political candidate can come out and say, this is a stupid way to select the president. >> reporter: long time professor of elections and political parties can think of one state that should lead the process: florida. >> in terms of representation, it's black population almost exact mirrors the national population, hispanic as well.
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>> reporter: florida has to wait till march 15th. but the february 16th deadline is to register in the primaries. >> nothing more painful than to see someone who didn't realize the deadline. the law is the law. there are no exceptions to the rule. >> florida has a closed primary, meaning only people registering as a political party can vote for that party. if you're a registered independent, you won't get a say this primary season. >> reporter: right now they are training workers and they will be working through the march
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right now. >> and i put 80 degrees on facebook, like or dislike. a lot more dislikes. surprised me. >> really? wow. >> if you look outside, we have a great shot there showing that not all the area is showing fog. this is down in manatee county, anna maria island. it's beautiful with temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s, a very nice day. but later tonight and tomorrow, especially along the immediate coastline, you're going to see some serious fog issues. in fact, i would go as far to say the densest fog is west of u.s. 19 as it usually is with this type of pattern. east of i-75 it's closer to 80,
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that's where the cooler temperatures are coming in. still on average about 10 or 11 degrees warmer now than it was this time yesterday. tomorrow just as warm, but fog is definitely an issue near the coastline. tampa to st. pete, skies are clear and temperatures are pleasant in the low to mid-70s. so there's the satellite picture. again across most of the area, we'll continue to see this cloud cover sort of push in across the area. we could have dense fog advisories along the coastline from central pinellas to pasco and in through citrus and hernando county.
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across the interior counties. you could argue the visibility is zero near the coast. then visibilities drop across hillsborough and pasco county. then with the wind, you get the air coming in, more moisture, more fog. you have visibilityings across much of the area only about a mile, maybe less. by tomorrow morning, most areas reporting limited visibility. by mid- to late morning we're back to mostly sunny skies. plenty of moisture for the fog.
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a decent day. our next best rain chance is thursday into friday. fog is again and issue wednesday morning. the long-range models here, thursday morning we'll have seen rain coming through. the best chance of rain is thursday. then on sunday into monday, another shot of some rain. best chances, next wednesday into thursday. over the next ten days, you have three legitimate chances of some decent rainfall. even after the fog early in the morning, look at the afternoon highs, right back in the low to mid-80s. a look at the seven-day forecast, we go 80 degrees and downtown, lower 80s interior. wednesday maybe a shower, best chance of rain thursday at 70%, then a good chance of rain later sunday into monday.
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in the number of concussions reported by nfl players and the reason it could be a good thing. plus, why concussions are not most players' biggest concern. >> reporter: shocking allegations against a school district leader found not to be true, but the discussion is not over. what may surprise you about the
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now at 5:00, experts are saying the increase in concussions could be more about how officials are responding to concussions. there were 182 reported in 2015, up from 115 in 2014. reports of concussions from helmet to helmet impact more
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experts say the rise is not reflective of the actual increase but because the league has lowered threshold for pulling players out, evaluating them and diagnosing concussions. >> and they are not the biggest concern among nfl players. less than half players say they are more worried about the long- term effect offense concussions. 20% say they are not concerned at all. players indicate more concern over season or career-ending injuries while sidelined a week or two with a concussion. coming up, the pinellas transit authority changing their bus service. coming up, what you need to know to get where you're going on time. >> reporter: all your mental informs could be on this website, and it's perfectly legal. how it got there and if there's
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new at 5:30, changes affecting thousands taking public transit in st. petersburg every day. >> the transit authority is streamlining the bus service, adding new routes and moving dozens of stops. >> where will we see the biggest changes, lauren? >> reporter: right now more than 45,000 ride passes come
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