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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  February 2, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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brooksville, inverness, st. pete now near zero. a lot of areas at a half-mile or less. tampa, around the downtown area has had some of the best visibility all rning. but it has been getting worse as we've been moving through the morning and is now down to one mile. so again as you head out the door this could certainly slow you down but once we get past 10:00 we'll see a good amount of improvement across much of the area, the beaches may last a little longer, 75 degrees by noon, 80 as the high today. the heat is definitely on with 4:00. higher rain chances are ahead. more on that coming up. janelle, let's see what exactly is going on, on the roads. >> one of the areas we've been seeing a lot of fog, in the st. pete area, corey is driving there now. still pretty bad out there? good morning. we're southbound on 275 around 54th avenue north. we got to say this patchy fog
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lightens up for about a mile or so on the interstate and then gets dense again. you will be encountering this wherever you go. right now half-mile visibility. make sure you use the low beams, leave five minutes or 10 minutes of extra time as you head out and leave enough following distance to make sure you don't rear end anybody if fog. janelle, you have cameras all over the bay area. are you seeing the same thing i'm seeing out here? yeah, a lot of fog. bind me at 75 and 301, no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about but just south of here around beginsonton reports of -- gibsonton, reports of large traffic cones that rolled into the middle of the interstate, blocking some of the southbound lanes. just another example when we have fog like this you want to be extra careful, say ex -- stay extra alert and use low beams to soif something gets into the roadway you are able to see it and not caution accidents.
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bridge, lots of fog on the bridges, not slowing folks down. still less than 10 minutes to get across all three bridges. let's check drive times on the majors. 12 minutes on u.s. 19 southbound from tampa road to east bay. 18 minutes on the veterans, still in the green from 54 down to 275. and 4 minutes on dale mabry from fletcher to waters. 6:02. we begin with democracy 2016. we're still awaiting final results from the iowa caucuses, the democratic race too close to call but texas senator ted cruz is taking a victory lap on the republican side. hillary clinton, bernie sanders still waiting to see who will come out on top in the state. >> and the virtual tie could be sometime before party officials decide who won the democratic caucus. clinton says she considers this a victory for her campaign. >> sanders congratulated her on a competitive fight in a speech last night and told iowans they started a political revolution.
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government of our great country belongs to all of us and not just a handful of billionaires. when that happens we will transform this country. >> it is rare, it is rare that we have the opportunity we do now to have a real contest of ideas. to really think hard about what the democratic party stands for. >> sanders is expected to have a much easier fight in new hampshire when voters there head to the polls next week. meanwhile the third democratic candidate, martin o'malley, has dropped out of the race. on the republican side a rush of support from evangelicals helped propel ted cruz to victory, he immediately took aim at his main rival donald trump who came in second. >> iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee in the
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states will not be chosen by the media. >> just hours after predicting a tremendous victory trump gave a short speech vowing to win next week in new hampshire. the iowa caucus sets the tone for the rest of the primary season so we'll be taking action for you all morning long with in depth look at the results and look ahead to what is next for the candidates. 6:04. a busy night for police in two hillsborough communities. starting in plant city, a homicide investigation. authorities hope you can help solve it. last night plant city police say they found jose manuel cazeras lying in a yard on west baker street. officers said they got a 911 call about a fight there at 8:30. they found jose, taken to e hospital why upper body trauma, died a sht time ter. rodney is trying to ge update for us on the suspect still on the run. he'll bring an update on that investigation coming up at 6:30. meanwhile, tampa police investigating a deadly
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mlk boulevard closed for hours. sefar we know it involved a -- so far we know it involved a czar -- car and motorcyclist. the motorcyclist has died. the victim told 911 operators he just got home from a store, closing to 11:00 sunday night, unloading groceries when he was attacked. he suffered several injuries. during the robbery the victim fired several rounds with his own gun. >> i feared for my family so i grabbed the gunman who had his gun at me and the second he was distracted i pushed him away as far as i -- i ran away from the house and the second i could i drew my firearm and started to fire at him. >> the home across the street was hit by a stray bullet. no one home at the time. police are not sure if any of the suspects were hurt during
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a freeway expansion plan that some communities now worry will erase their history is going to be front and center once again today. we just told you yesterday about the tampa bay expressway project that would create extwra lanes on major roads but may cut off communities like tampa heights. today a group called stop tbx is trying to rally hundreds to show up and voice opposition to the project, two meetings. the first is at the metropolitan planning organization, 9:00 this morning. the second, an fdot meeting set for 5:30 this evening. today you have a great opportunity to better your career. job news tampa hosting a job fair at steinbrenner field. abc action news is one of the employers participating. positions are open across a variety of industries including accounting, banking, engineering, i.t., law enforcement and real estate. it's from 10:00 to 2:00. more details on thetion mobile app.
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sued. the social media flap that could cost this tv star millions. >> here's a live look at what you're waking up to in st. petersburg. fog now. shay says it's thick in areas. so please be careful. shay is teaming out when this is going to burn off.
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no a re -- a reminder to think before you post or tweet. val chmerkovskiy from "dancing with the stars" is being sued over an internet trend he used. someone captioned a picture "letting your kid become obese should be considered child abuse." val chmerkovskiy shared this to his facebook page last night. now the girl's family wants $6 million from him for severe emotional distress. just about 45 minutes "good morning, america" will explain whether people like you and i can be held accountable for social media. to some of the big names handing out awards at this year's oscars. >> seems as though the academy is responding to criticism about a lack of diversity. several abc stars will be presenters at the awards show including kerry washington. and legendary producer quincy
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>> for the second year in a row no people of color were nominated, something that jones said alarmed him but went on to say "you can boycott it or you can fix it." we'll be right here the next morning after the oscars to recap the highlights and talkers. we have a foggy start to the day. so use caution as you head out and hit the roads. it could take you a little longer to get where you need to go. it's going to be warm though. so questionable whether you'll need the extra layer this morning with temperatures in the low to mid-60s all across hillsborough county. and into citrus county, we're even starting in the low 60s. we're headed to highs near 80 degrees. we have some slight chances for rain today. i'll time it out for you and the rain associated with the next front coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. still ahead -- football fans in a frenzy. just five days until the super bowl. but for those of you who are
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an early look at one of the
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6:14. old man winter is causing more problems for america's
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winter storm brings blizzard conditions to colorado, kansas and nebraska. snow is now falling in iowa. this comes to us from our station in denver. roads are slick with snow causing accidents throughout the overnight hours. will the cold snowy conditions continue? perhaps not. if pucks phil doesn't see his -- punxsutawney phil doesn't see his shadow. this is punxsutawney, pennsylvania, this is groundhog day. by the way it's a clear cold 22 degrees now in punxsutawney, pennsylvania. america's most famous rodent is going to check whether he'll see his shadow and determine if we'll have six more weeks of winter. you have your thoughts, shay? my problem is i believe he will not see his shadow and we'll have warmer than average temperatures along the east coast because meteor lornlgally speaking that's what we've been looking at in the long range models. the fact that he has clear skies and there is going to be sunshine that may play into things.
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i do think it will be warmer than average in the month ahead though. let's look at the current visibility. i'm seeing some improvement. a little bit of improvement across the area. over the last couple of minutes. we're still near zero visibility in clearwater, tampa at one mile. we have other spots like winter haven that is near zero. but a lot more spots are starting to see about a half- mile of visibility. that is certainly some improvement from where we were at the last half-hour. we have a southerly flow that is pumping in the warmth and the moisture. so the moisture, yeah, we're seeing that as a result, or -- as a result of that moisture we're seeing the morning fog this. afternoon a mix of sun and clouds, could even see a few isolated showers late this afternoon and into this evening. i'm thinking right around 4:00 we could see a shower or two sparking up in our southern counties, then moving closer to tampa bay throughout the remainder of the afternoon and into the evening. today our highs are going to be
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even to the north around hernando county, looking at the low 80s. so this is warmth from top-to- highlands county, you're look at highs near 80 degrees as well. and polk county, looking at the low 80s. so wherever you go we are definitely on the warmer than average side for today. tomorrow same deal. the rain chances really go up front. i'm still monitoring to see if we could see stronger or thursday. still up in the air. the other thing that is up in the air, the rain chances for sunday and monday. the models haven't been terribly consistent but this morning showed a good batch of soaking rains for sunday. of course on a weekend we need to time this out. so we'll get more info as we get closer. how's the morning commute? i know fog can mess things up. how's it looking now? we have a lot of fog, a crash reported on the sunshine skyway.
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checked it out and drove by it. said it's in the northbound outside lanes, not really causing any delays right now. i just checked the drive times, still just nine minutes from toll booth to toll booth. we have a crash in clearwater southbound greenbrier boulevard at north belcher road, in the southbound lanes. not seeing any huge delays here but just use caution as you drive by that crash. we have a road closure to tell you about in south tampa. himes is closed today between el pado and -- prado and kensington avenue until 5:00 p.m. they are working on sewer pipe repairs there. alternate, dale mabry or even macdill to get around this. but keep in mind a couple of blocks there closed on himes in south tampa. taking another look at the fog, this is around westshore on i- 275, pretty thick out there. so you definitely want to use those low beams. not really affecting your drive time through that area at all. five minutes on 275 from i-4 to
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exactly five minutes in the opposite direction. 6:18. 14-month-old girl in utah who basically just learned how to walk is getting worldwide attention because now she can snowboard. >> seize so precious. sloan henderson's parents were shocked themselves when they took her to a ski resort and surprised to see how well she could balance and was pretty comfortable on the slopes. take a look. >> yeah. look who is cruising. >> she is. her parents posted this video on youtube, it already has more than 240,000 views. >> she looks so cool too. unfazed. it's been seen as far as hong kong and norway too. sloan and her parents will be on "good morning, america" coming up at 7:00 a.m. 6:19. still ahead -- a man inches from deadly danger, saved apparently by his dog. the rescue thousands of people
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first, with the iowa caucuses on the nation's mind google is helping voters understands where the candidates stand on the political issues. in "tech bytes" -- staying on top of this year's presidential election with google. users search for a particular candidate, now can receive a google now card, shows the politician's stan on the mange issues of the campaign as well as a reminder to go out and vote. it looks like apple may be getting ready to unveil a brand new tablet next month. reports say that the i-pad air 3 will incorporate some i-pad pro features including quad speakers and ability to connect to a variety of smart accessories. finally, police in the netherlands now training eagles to take down drones. that may be flying where they shouldn't be. they say that the birds are taught to see a drone as prey. they then catch it and bring it back to a safe place. a decision on whether to put them on the job won't be made for another few months.
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6:24. welcome back. a look at i-275 near westshore, foggy conditions across much of the bay area now. 65 degrees and fog about a mile visibility in tampa. thicker in spots. not as thick in others. details on traffic and weather in a few minutes. right now the carolina panthers and denver broncos are both in california preparing
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of the year. >> the party has already started in san francisco ahead of super bowl 50. >> some of the video from there. fans and tourists stopping to take photos and enjoying free concerts. amid the fun san francisco police department is out in full force working with the fbi to make sure everyone stays safe. security measures include bomb- snipping dogs and metal detectors near entrances to public events. one of the buses wound up crashing. witnesses say a car cut off the broncos' police escort sparking a chain reaction crash with three of the players' buses. you can see the damage on one of them. so far no one was hurt thankfully. wouldn't be super bowl time unless we were talking the commercials. >> we are already getting sneak peeks at a few of the commercials including one for heinz ketchupup that has really gone to the dogs.
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living there without you i can't live >> it's hard to resist great taste. i can't give anymore >> miami ad agency was the brains behind this campaign called meet the ketchupups. a 30-second version of the ad will run during the third quarter of the super bowl. >> i love the slow motion. so dramatic. take a look at this forecast for your morning commute. we've got a chance for fog, some of it dense, i'm talking near zero visibility in spots and this is going to continue morning. before there is significant improvement. this afternoon's drive home is looking fantastic. mostly dry, i'm talking maybe a that is about it. a high of 80, i'll let you know how long this warming trend is going to continue, and when we're going to see our best chance of rain, with a couple of fronts moving in across the area the next seven days.
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breaking overnight -- a killer on the run. plant city police are updating us on what happened moments before a man was shot and killed last night. >> agents uncovered a stash of homemade bombs in a tampa man's home. >> we are dealing with a lot of fog out there on the roads. corey dierdorff driving through st. pete where we have zero visibility right now. we also have a crash reported on the sunshine skyway. i'll tell if you there are
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6:30. live crews spanned out across tampa bay as you wake up on a foggy morning. live pictures here. friends in st. pete, you're waking up to live team coverage of just how -- how bad the conditions are elsewhere and
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>> we'll get to janelle in a second. >> first shay, how is it looking on this groundhog day tuesday? it keeps changing rapidly throughout the morning. we can expect more of that continuing through the advisory period which is 10:00 this morning. so you can see how it's been changing here, as i was talking about. near zero in st. pete. a mile in tampa. that is one of the spots where it's been best. now we're up to a mile of visibility in inverness but close by in brooksville near zero. it's going to change a lot from neighborhood to neighborhood even as you make your way through your morning commute. so it may take you a little longer than normal. the good news is that by 10:00 it will be clearing up. we'll see more sunshine in the mix through the afternoon and we're still on the warm side making it to a high of 80. a slight chance for a stray shower on your way home today or through the evening. but overall i think the fog is going to play the biggest role in your commuting today. janelle, what are you seeing now with the roads? lots of fog.
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dierdorff who is out there driving around in it. what are you seeing? >> reporter: yeah, good morning. we're 275 northbound approaching 26th avenue south. as we head into downtown st. pete. you can see fog is about a half- mile visibility here. we've been seeing heavier pockets especially around the bridge. we just came over the skyway where there was very dense fog. the top of the bridge had pretty good visibility. then came back to the fog on the other side of the bridge where there was an accident in the outside lanes. janelle will talk about that. as you can see, through coming into downtown st. pete heavier fog through this area. as you hit into downtown the i- 75/275, and 175, 275 and 375 area. that visibility looks pretty good, then thickens up again. leave extra time as the roadways are very foggy and that fog just kind of floating around and changing as the minutes go by. stick here with abc action
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the latest. janelle, any delays? i notice as i came over the skyway fhp was just arriving on scene of that accident. three-car accident in the outside lane. any delays from that? we're checking and we have several cameras in the area. we can't see the crash on camera but you can see traffic flowing nicely now in both directions. as you mentioned it's in the outside lanes but there is a lot of fog so make sure you slow down and use caution as you approach those cars. of course those troupers that just arrived on scene. let's check drive times. about a minute slow in the northbound lane, usually it takes nine minutes to get to the toll booths. now it's 10. and 10 minutes in the opposite direction as well. likely due to the fog, cars thankfully driving a little slower this morning. your drive on i-4 looking pretty good as well. 24 minutes from county line road all the way in to downtown. in democracy 2016 -- presidential race that brought one surprise after another had
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at the iowa caucuses. this morning we still don't know the winner of the democratic race. here's a look at how close the margins are. i pulled up on the ipad these "new york times" maps, republican race on the left, democrats on the right side of the screen. as you can see ted cruz, orange there, decisively won the republican caucus in iowa with donald trump in the red and marco rubio in purple coming in second and third respectively. over to the right side the democratic side, fracktions of points separate hillary clinton and bernie sanders. either way both will emerge with a similar number of delegates. no matter who the winner is all eyes now on new hampshire. that state's primary set for next tuesday. clinton is reportedly already on her way to the granite state where she faces an uphill battle. recent polls show sanders, senator from vermont next door has an 18-point advantage advantage over her in new hampshire. the iowa caucuses traditionally bring longshot campaigns to an end. this year we saw candidates on
6:27 am
>> democrat martin o'malley campaign. he won less than 1% of the vote in the lawmakerious after weeks of polling behind -- caucus after weeks of polling behind sanders and clinton at a distant third. he told his supporters last night the fight continues and urging his party to get behind the eventual nominee. >> and republican side, mike huckabee is dropping out too. he thanks followers for support after pulling less than 2% in the caucus. ben carson insisting he's still in the race even though he's making a pitstop in his south florida home. he says he'll be back on the campaign trail tomorrow after getting a fresh set of clothes. for a full list post the now at stick around too for gma with in-depth analysis live from iowa in about a half-hour. 6:34. breaking overnight. plant city investigators on the hunt for the person that killed
6:28 am
abc action news reporter rodney dunigan spent the morning gathering information on the investigation. joins us from baker street. are police any closer to identifying the shooter? >> reporter: they've been out here all night. at this point they are not. they went to an suv to gather more evidence. they got the call 9:00 last night of a disturbance between two men. by the time they arrived they discovered the victim on his front lawn. he had been shot in the chest. i believe we have video from overnight. at this point police are trying to determine if the victim and the shooter knew each other. investigators have identified that victim as 31-year-old jose manwell carreas, he was taken to south florida baptist hospital where he later died. we were told he had been shot in the chest. police stress it's an active investigation. at this point they are trying to determine if, again he knew that shooter or if that shooter lives anywhere in the area.
6:29 am
officer, this is a relatively quiet area. we've seen a lot of folks just heading to work this morning. in fact a group of school children were just picked up at the school bus here so they actually had to walk past that crime scene. so pretty scary for them to see something like that. again we'll be out here all morning trying to gather more information and we'll have a bit more later this morning during our 9:00 hour of news. report live in plant city, rodney dunigan, abc action news. 6:36. we're getting new details about a tip, a man accused of making pipe bombs and storing them in his home. >> court document show when agents raided michael ramos' home they found as many as seven pipe bombs inside. he was arrested yesterday. we now learned he's the president of patriot armor, a company that manufacturers body armor. document show the founder of the business is the one that called authorities. >> agents raiding the home found not only pipe bombs but smoke grenades and tear gas.
6:30 am
made the pipe bombs and bought the materials with his girlfriend's credit card and total agents he didn't like the government. he's scheduled to appear in federal court tomorrow. our assignment desk is trying to learn if there were injuries in an overnight fire in selfner at the graceland mobile home park. we know the red cross wasn't called to help anyone living there. if you're getting the kids ready for school, want to be aware it may take a little longer to get them where they need to go because of some dense fog. temperatures though are very mild out there. and will be warm later on today when you're picking up the kids from school. they may not need those long pants and long shirts today or an extra layer with that high of 79. when you're picking them up from school. we are going to be mostly try today. we'll have a chance of rain after school, i'll have more on that and how it may or may not affect those after-school
6:31 am
most accurate 7-day forecast. good morning. take a look at this. if you're heading out this what is you're dealing with, thick fog. this is i-275 and mlk in pinellas county. be careful out there. use the low beams. coming up we'll check the drive across the bridges. still ahead -- hiding in plain sight. the surprising places three dangerous escaped inmates went during their week on the run. also who they took with them after they made their daring
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6:40. new information on the lead- tainted water supply in flint, michigan. health officials hope to learn more about the health of the water system by april. federal experts are testing water in schools, homes, restaurants, even doing blood tests too. the water supply became contaminated in 2014 when it started to use water from the flint river to save money. that caused elevated lead levels in children. the city is now using detroit's water system. it's a 6:51. we're getting a better sense this morning of what the three escaped california inmates did during their week on the run. >> while authorities are still piecing together how those three men with violent pasts managed to spring out of jail in the first place we learned they kidnapped a taxi driver at gunpoint, argued about whether or not to kill him.
6:33 am
went to a hair salon to try to change their look. they shopped at a target and spent three nights in a motel room. meanwhile the jailhouse english teacher who allegedly gave a google map to an inmate is now out of jail because of lack of evidence against her. she denied giving the men the tools they used during the jailbreak. 6:42. we're taking action to get you to work and school safely. live look at the fog on the howard frankland, our live drive cam heading from st. pete to the tampa side, you can still see it's foggy out there. shay says it's really dense in areas. be careful as you hit the road. allow extra time, shay and janelle are in with another
6:34 am
good morning. we are dealing with a lot of fog on the roads. corey dierdorff behind the wheel of our live drive cam. he's on the howard frankland bridge heading into tampa. he's reporting about a half- mile of visibility out there. no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about on the howard frankland. it's taking seven minutes to get across right now. we have a crash on the sunshine skyway. it involves three cars in the northbound lanes near the north tower. all of them off to the side but you can see here these are the northbound lanes just before you get to the crash.
6:35 am
at the top but a little bit of slowdown when you pass that crash. so just be aware and slow down when you move around it. right now it's taking about 10 minutes to get from the toll booth to the other toll booth. here's a live look at the gandy bridge, a lot of fog but still not seeing any crashes or breakdowns here. taking seven minutes to get across the gandy bridge now. let's check drive times on i- 275, starting to see things slow down a little, 23 minutes from the apex to i-4, 9 minutes from busch to i-4 and six minutes if you're starting off downtown and heading to the howard frankland bridge. your drive times on the veterans also starting to slow a little bit which isn't so bad when we see things this foggy. it's foggy out there. how long can we expect this to last? >> the advisory is in place through 10:00 this morning. but as you can see around downtown tampa that is where
6:36 am
visibilities so it just depends on where you're at this morning. i would say at the latest 10:00 is when we'll start to see things clearing up considerably. the rivergate tower tampa camera showing us a gorgeous start to the morning. so truly it depends on where you're at. we have a lot of cloud cover, a lot of low clouds being reported across the area in addition to the limited visibility from fog. and we will see it clearing up throughout the morning and into the afternoon with lots of sunshine. we're topping out in the low 80s today across the entire area. we are going to see a slight chance for rain from about 4:00 on, it would be a brief shower if you do see anything at all, a slightly higher chance for evening. then on thursday that is our wet day as this cold front really starts to bear down on the south. we'll have a band of rain and some thunderstorms in the mix. still watching the intensity of those storms. at this point it's still uncertain whether they will be strong to severe but i do think
6:37 am
at a minimum and high of 72 that day. behind it the cooler air settles in on friday, pretty early in the day, the rain comes to an end, so we only make to it a high of 64. and then once we get to sunday and monday there's a chance we may get two fast-moving frontal systems that move through bringing us decent chance of rain. again it's all going to depend on the timing and how well this all comes together, whether or not we see a big dip in temperatures behind those fronts and how much rainfall we'll get with it. we'll continue to time it out as we get closer. that is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. find me on facebook and twitter. dan? 6:48. turning to democracy 2016 -- we have the results the first votes in the nation, that are still up in the air. >> ted cruz decisively won for the republicans but still too close to call for the democrats. some precincts flipped coins to figure out which candidate hillary clinton or bernie sanders got their delegates.
6:38 am
clinton was the closest in iowa democratic caucus history. and still the democratic party has not declared a winner yet. >> experts say despite coming in third on the republican side last night was a major win for florida senator marco rubio. who with 23% of the vote exceeded expectations by a large margin. this is video of rubio arriving overnight in new hampshire. the next state to go to the polls. that is next tuesday, february 9th. next big voting day to know is super tuesday, march 1st. that is when more than a dozen states go to the polls. in florida we'll hold our primaries two weeks after that. you have to register for a party by the middle of this month. you can't take part as an independent. 6:49. north carolina men arrested for planning a mass shooting to support isis now indicted for the murder of a 74-year-old neighbor. justin sullivan charged with the 2014 murder of john clark. later this month sullivan is
6:39 am
plotting a mass shooting to support isis. the fbi says sullivan told an undercover agent his plans. the fbi began tracking him in september of 2014 after his parents told police he supported isis and was destroying buddhist objects at home. also this morning -- we're waiting to find out how two virginia tech students got to know a 13-year-old girl they are accused of killing. david eisenhower and natalie keepers made their first appearances in court yesterday but neither entered a plea. investigators found 13-year-old nicole lovell's body about 80 miles south in north carolina. nicole's family says she had pushed a dresser against a bedroom door and climbed out of a window of her virginia home. investigators say eisenhower knew nicole but hasn't said how they met. >> he used this relationship to his advantage to abduct and kill her. >> eisenhower is charged with murder and kidnapping. keepers is accused of helping him get rid of the body. both suspects are due back in court next month.
6:40 am
attorneys for convicted killer on death row will argue his execution should be delayed because the u.s. supreme court ruled florida's death penalty system is unconstitutional. michael lambbricks is set to die february 11th for killing two people 33 years ago. the justices ruled the death penalty system in florida is flawed because it allows judges, not jurors to impose the attorney general's office plans to argue the ruling doesn't effect this this case and the execution should proceed as scheduled. a cargo ship on the verge of running aground off the coast of france is now being toed to a port in spain. it started to raise fears last week that it would run aground and spill fuel. it could not be righted because of strong winds and rough seas. spanish rescue helicopters airlifted all the crew to safety. the ship registered in panama. carrying nearly 4,000 tons of wood along with vehicles. about a month into the new
6:41 am
which scam is growing fastest. it's called click bait. the better business bureau says it's affecting thousands of computers everyday. we're referring to the addictive quizzes finding their way on your facebook news feed. the one that promises to tell you your iq or your perfect nickname. it might seem harmless, cyberexperts say once you click the malware in the click bait goes after everything from credit card information to dropping in computer viruses. first, don't take the bait. look for words like "shocking" and "exclusive." if it sounds too good to be true probably is. hover over a link before you click it to see the destination. if it goes to an unfamiliar web site you may want to steer clear. also report a quiz that may be malway in disguise. we have instructions on how to do that on our free mobile app. 6:52. an australian man is getting
6:42 am
encounter with one of the most venomous snakes. the passed right through drew scott's bare foot on his back porch. didn't even know it was there until his dog started to growl under the snake. it slithered under the backyard fence and got away. 6:53. we count down to "good morning, america." >> we bring you news, weather and traffic you need to know before heading out the door. >> we start with foggy conditions this morning across much of the bay area. looking live at st. petersburg. actually makes for pretty pictures but hazardous driving conditions. we're teeming up to track that. shay? >> as we look at that fog across the area, the visibility reports have been varying dramatically. anything from near zero in clearwater, also in winter haven and lakeland, auburndale also at near zero. to three miles of visibility in tampa now. so again it just depends on where you're at but the whole area is under a dense fog
6:43 am
and you can see the temperatures here are pretty mild anywhere in the upper 50s to mid-60s to start the day. we do a have a slight chance for a shower later this afternoon and into this evening, most areas will be completely dry though. 80 degrees as the high and then our best chance of rain this week is throughout the day on thursday. and cooler in to friday. we are starting to see more crashes out there, not sure if fog is the reason but we have a crash in dover, u.s. 92 at north gallagher road, roadblock in the intersex there. in citrus a crash with injuries at norville bryant highway at lecanto highway. again with roadblock there in the intersection. so you want to leave yourself extra time if your morning drive takes you through there. th is what we're dealing with, a lot of fog, i-275 and bearss, look how thick it is out there. you're looking at 30 minutes to get from the apex into downtown now. in democracy 2016 -- ted cruz is the big winner out of
6:44 am
texas senator edged out donald trump and marco rubio among republicans to win the most delegates. there's no clear-cut winner for the democrats however. but hillary clinton's camp is declaring a victory because the voter turnout. however clinton and sanders are only separated by a few hundred votes. both must now get ready for thursday's primetime debate in new hampshire. the granite state holds its presidential primary next tuesday. an active search underway for the gunman involved in a deadly shooting in plant city. it happened in the 3,600 block of baker street before 9:00 last night. police say the victim was 31- year-old jose manwell cazeras. police are trying to gather suspect information and piece together a motive. new overnight, police are investigating a deadly accident that left mlk boulevard closed for hours. officers stayed quiet about exactly what happened but we do know right now that this crash involved two cars and a motorcyclist. sadly the motorcyclist died. it's not clear right now if anybody else was hurt.
6:45 am
pipe bombs and storing them in his home will appear in federal court tomorrow. authorities arrested michael ramos after raiding his home on lincoln avenue north. it's there that agents say they found smoke grenades, tear gas and as many as seven pipe bombs. >> this morning the rocky point golf course reopens after seven months and $740,000 renovation. the mayor is going to be on hand for a special grand reopening ceremony. rocky point is one of three golf courses owned by the city of tampa. it's 6:56. we go once again live to punxsutawney, pennsylvania, where in a few minutes the country's most famous groundhog prediction. if he comes out in a half-hour or so and sees sees shadow legend says we're in nor six more weeks of winter. minutes. "good morning, america" is
6:46 am
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