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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  February 2, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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night. former governor came in with less than 1% of the vote. on the republican side there is no confusion on who won. texas senator ted cruz trumped donald trump taking first place with 28% of the vote. this morning he says iowans sent a message that the next president won't be chosen by the media or the washington establishment. trump, national frontrunner finished second with 24%.
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ben carson finished fourth with 9%, rand paul 5%. and former florida governor jeb bush finished sixth with just 3% of the vote. all eyes on new hampshire with the state's primary set for next tuesday. >> clinton is reportedly already on her way there where she faces an uphill battle. recent polls show sanders has an 18-point advantage over her in new hampshire. >> and ted cruz wasted no time heading to new hampshire after beating donald trump. hopped on a plane last night with his daughter. >> it was obvious to other travelers he's really pleased with his victory. look. >> congratulations, senator. >> thank you very much. >> how are you feeling? >> fabulous. >> we're keeping a very close eye on the race and we will let you know as soon as the full results come. in who came out on top for the democrats, as soon as that vote is in. in the meantime we have a list you. what we have at this hour
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just in -- we just confirmed tampa mayor bob buckhorn is planning to campaign for presidential candidate hillary clinton. the mayor's office says he will head to new hampshire friday and return to tampa sunday. during his time in new hampshire he will give speeches to volunteers who will be canvassing door-to-door. buckhorn campaigned for former president clinton in the past as well as president obama. 9:03. police in plant city are searching for the gunman involved in a fatal shooting. it all happened at a home in the rosebrook mobile home park lft night. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan has been gathering information on this case all morning. have police given you indication about a motive? >> reporter: dan, at this point they have not. they've been out here most of the morning and last night talking to witnesses trying to gather as much information as they can. this is actually the mobile home park where this started last night. they've got the 911 call around 9:00 last night. by the time officers arrived
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abc action news cameras were here throughout the night as plant city investigators gathered evidence in the case. it was shortly before 9:00 monday night when the 911 call came in about a disturbance in the 3600 block of baker street. by the time officers arrived they found 31-year-old hosen caceras shot out front. jose. investigators say he had wounds to the chest. police hauled this suv from the scene not revealing what part it could be possibly playing in the investigation. the shooter still on the loose, a motive not known at this time. >> did you know the guy that lived in this trailer park? >> reporter: police describe the area as quiet, a small immigrant community. did you hear about the shooting? those we spoke with not fluent in english visibly shaken though to walk their kids to school past this crime scene. it was pretty sad to see the kids walking past this crime scene this morning. police officers just about 30 minutes ago removed that crime
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investigators tell me it may be kind of hard to gather more information because of the language barrier in this community, a lot of folks simply keeping to themselves and wanting to pretty much stay out of this. live from plant city, rodney dunigan, abc action news. we still have reduced visibility but things are certainly improving across much of the area. inverness still near zero, lakeland and bartow also near zero visibility. again these are localized reports and fog can vary from one neighborhood to the next. so, again it can change in an instant and i think from this point forward we're mainly going to see improvement across the area with visibility but we're going to see more and more sunshine as we move through the afternoon. mostly sunny dry, not a good chance of rain today but you could encountary brief shower this afternoon or evening. and warm from beginning to end. we're already at 69 and headed to a high of 80. so the question is, the problems we've seen so far on the road, are they clearing up
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getting worse. if you have not left you want to check twitter before heading out. still watching i-275 and pinellas county, a a crash northbound involving a school bus, no reported injuries but it's backing traffic all the way up to 22nd avenue north. you can see the scars trying to get -- cars trying to get off the interstate. use 34th or even 4th street to work around that 275. in hillsborough a crash really slowing things down on hillsborough avenue eastbound right at memorial highway. traffic backed up all the way to country way. you might want to take that to waters instead of using hillsborough this morning. we have a fatal crash down in manatee in the bradenton area. state road 64 at pope road, eastbound now open but westbound is still blocked. so to get around this you might want to use lorraine road to state road 70 and back to i-75 to make your way around. that follow me on twitter @tampabaytraffic.
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investigating a deadly crash that shut down mlk boulevard for hours. police say it involved two cars and motorcyclist, happened 11:340 last night near albany avenue. 11:30. the motorcyclist died. not clear if there are any other injuries or what exactly caused the crash. we've been looking through court documents revealing details about a man who allegedly made pipe bombs and stored them in his home. investigators looked at michael ramos, president of patriot armor. they say the founder of the business is the one that told authorities. ramos admitted he made the pipe bombs and bought materials with his girlfriend's credit card. agents don't believe he was going to set the bombs off but knowing he had them was enough. >> anybody in a 50-yard radius could be severely injured or
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they are very dangerous. >> ramos told agents he didn't like the government, was the member of a st. pete militia. when asked about what the agents found he responded "if [expletive. in] hits the fan you never know when you might need it. he's set to appear in federal court tomorrow. parents in marion county hoping for ramped up security at a high school there after a shooting threat kept more than half the student body, 1,600 kids out of class yesterday. officials say the threat aimed at west port high school surfaced on social media over the weekend. investigators say it started last week in the lunchroom. that several students waved a confederate flag. another student offended threw a punch. parents worried as they got wind of what happened. >> i was horrified honestly. i didn't think that anything that bad would happen at west port. >> school officials say all of the students involved were disciplined. an update as we take action for your health. the zika virus is considered an international emergency this morning.
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found in the yellow fever mosquito. usf professor dr. robert novak has been studying the mosquito for 40 years. he says the zika virus originated in uganda, probably got to brazil during the world cup. he also says the mosquitos that can carry the virus need little water to breed. >> it does just as well in the backyard swimming pool of your children or a flower pot that accumulates water, or used tires. >> so this is a good time to remind you, get rid of standing water around your home. keep the bug spray on hand when you head outside. the w.h.o. estimates there could be up to four million cases of the zika virus in the americas in the next year. this is the fourth time the world health organization has classified an international health emergency. the most recent was the ebola outbreak in 2014. a resurgence of polio in 2014. and the h1n1 pandemic in 2009. 9:09.
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problems at chipotle restaurants. if you stayed away because of the mysterious e. coli outbreak the centers for disease control says it's now over but the cause of the outbreak still unknown right now. dozens of customers in several states reported getting sick after eating at chipotles but no deaths have been reported. to win back customers chipotle is now planning deep discounts for the upcoming super bowl weekend. also don't forget next monday all chipotles are closed for meetings with employees. it's official. we're in for an early spring. handlers of pennsylvania's most famous groundhog carried out their annual prediction. phil predicted an early spring. legend has it if phil sees his shadow winter will last an additional six weeks. luckily he didn't. for a more local forecast that is not coming from a groundhog i like to get my information from shay ryan. >> you remember earlier when we were talking i said we're going to have an early spring. he's not going to see his
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that is because the meteorological prediction, longterm models also have been saying in the northeast, in the northeast as well as in the southeast we're going to see warmer than average temperatures for february and march. let's see fit holds. let's look, 80 degrees today at clearwater beach. water temperature 62. certainly above average for today, right? plenty of sunshine and fair weather clouds. now that we're beyond the fog at clearwater beach. i think we're going to see a gorgeous day ahead. slight chance for an afternoon shower but not a real good chance. i'll show you when the higher chances of rain are, in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. still ahead -- trying a new tactic. the unconventional way the fbi is using facebook in hopes of finding a missing retired agent. >> enormous show of support on a new york college campus after a group of black female students were attacked by white men and women on a bus over the weekend. what lead up to the attack and
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about 9:15. new this morning the top american commander in afghanistan is expected to ask congress for more troops to boost security against insurgents. army general john campbell set to address the house armed services committee. lawmakers are expected to press him about president obama's plan to cut troop levels before he leaves office next january. violence increasing in afghanistan just 13 months after the president declared an end to the combat mission in that country. a facebook page written in farsi, trying to solicit tips on an fbi agent who went missing in missing in nearly nine years dpoovment in an effort to appeal directly to the iranian public. robert levinson disappeared investigation by the associated press found he was working for the cia on an unauthorized this case drew renewed attention last month when levinson was not part of a prisoner swap between the u.s.
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the iranian government never acknowledged arresting levinson. police in albany, new york are looking for a group of white men and women who attacked three female college students on a city bus. they say a dozen white men and women yelled racial slurs saturday morning when the bus arrived at state university of new york. the group started to kick and pnch them. during a campus rally against racism one of the victims said no one helped them during the attack. >> shocked, upset but we will remain unbroken. we are proud of who we are. black women. [ applause ] >> campus police assigned additional security officers to monitor the campus. albany police are now reviewing surveillance video from the bus to try and find the attackers. uber drivers around the country came together yesterday for what you could call a honk- in.
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about 20 drivers staged a noisy protest around san francisco. although customers may appreciate the savings drivers say the fares dropped to unsustainable levels. uber drivers in new york city also protested the price cuts. prices for an june uber in the south dropped by 20%. uber began to lower fares in select cities last month to increase demand for the service. another hot day out there. highs close to 80 degrees today? >> yeah. well above average for this time of year. i'm excited about it. some folks do still want cooler temperatures. we have some of that ahead as well. a nice mix of weather throughout the week. let's start with what is happening out there now. the temperatures this morning are starting off in the 60s, in fact you can see it is 69 in tampa. so we're heating up quickly. where we have more sunshine the temperature are popping up a bit quicker. in inverness still 61 degrees. that is where we've had more of
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64 in lakeland as well as in bartow. 68 bradenton and sarasota. slight chance of a shower later this afternoon or into the evening with 10% coverage, most of us will be dry. it's thursday when we have a good amount of coverage as this line of showers and storms rolls across the state associated with a cold front. we will have norms in the mix -- thunderstorms in the mix. i'm still monitoring a chance for stronger or potentially severe storms. at this point doesn't look like we've got the ingredients together but we'll watch it. things could change as we get closer for sure. because it is a very strong and slower-moving front so there's certainly a possibility we could see strong to severe storms. again, time will tell as we get closer. the rain will end early friday making way for cooler temperatures as we head into the weekend. and now the models start to get a little iffy as we head into the weekend. saturday now is looking nice and dry but on sunday and monday we may end up with two quick-moving cold fronts across the area.
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monday. and giving us some extra cloudiness and repeat chances for rain. this is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast, you can find me on facebook and twitter with more. dan? are you getting ready to do your taxes? no need to rush to get that refund. john matarese explains why the irs is adding new safeguards this year that might slow the process down so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: hoping to get a tax refund this year? possible. we have a warning about the three big tax scams that could trap you this year. the start of tax filing season season. for 2016 the scams are expected to be worse than ever. last year kathy loehmann fell victim to tax scam number one, someone else filed under her social security number. she then had to prove who she was. >> someone with your social
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so for you filed. >> reporter: jennifer jenkins says file early before a your name. >> you increase the chance with your delayed filing that they may step in and file a bogus return. >> reporter: tax scam number scaring a lot of people. an e-mail from the irs or at irs. the e-mail says click here for the latest on your tax refund but it's a phishing scam to steal your social security number. >> the irs doesn't contact taxpayers by e-mail. >> reporter: and tax scam number three, the irs phone scam where a caller threatens you with arrest unless you pay immediately. martin got that call last year. >> he gave me a name and stated he was from the u.s. treasury. >> the irs would not be threatening immediate arrests. >> reporter: if you get the call as thousands have, hang up. finally, while you should file
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you have all your w2s and 1099s before you do so you don't have to make a correction later and waste your money. farewell freshman 15. we'll tell you which u.s. university is taking action for their incoming freshman class by handing out fitbits. >> football fans in a frenzy, just five days until the super bowl. we have an early look at one of the cutest commercials you'll see this upcoming sunday. >> i'm lisa campos with your "positively tampa bay." we're 72 hours away from learning who wins the
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data on and off campus, students at the oklahoma university will receive a grade. before students had to wright down weeklier ? sizes and take a test at the end of the year. in honor of taco tuesday, a professor is he gaining popularity fast.
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you see it here "taco lit literacy. the homework assignment number one, write about mexican food. a new survey looks at the most annoying things posted on facebook and then categorized them state by state. this is interesting -- social marketing firm surveyed 10,000 facebook users across the u.s. to find which five types of posts annoy them most. the five categories, personal problems, selfies, political posts, food pictures, and baby pictures. california doesn't want to hear anything about personal problems. people in iowa hate political posts. washington state hates selfies, in florida we cannot stand those food pictures apparently.
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started in san francisco ahead of super bowl 50. fans and tourists gathering in the super bowl city. >> and there are the commercials, a lot of them have to do with food. >> of course we're getting a sneak peek at a few commercials including one for heinz ketchup that as you can see has really gone to the dogs. i can't live living without you >> it's called "meet the ketchups," 30-second version of the ad will run during the third quarter of the super bowl. coming up, a day care director in florida locked up after police get troubling cell phone video.
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at 9:30 -- the first contest in the long road to the 2016 election is in the books. a clear winner emerges for the gop but it's a little murky for the democrats. we have the latest from iowa straight ahead. >> two teams slip out of corrections facility in tampa -- teens, unnoticed. the search intensifies. >> brand new technology protecting your child from cyberbullying. what parents can do to make sure kids never receive a negative message on-line again. to the latest in democracy 2016 -- the results are in from the first test of the presidential campaign. the republicans have a clear winner. it's not billionaire donald trump. but as diane gallagher explains from des moines, iowa, the democratic race is too close to call. >> reporter: god bless the great state of iowa! >> reporter: ted cruz takes a victory lap after a clear victory in the iowa caucuses. >> tonight is a victory for the grassroots.
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donald trump earned 24%. he vows to fight on. >> we finished second and i want to tell you something -- i'm just honored. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio made a strong showing in third place giving his campaign a shot of momentum. >> if i am our nominee and i will be our nominee thanks who what you have done in this -- to what you have done in this great state. >> reporter: the votes came in, for the democrats in much of the previous polls, dead heat. in just hours the race too close to call. >> i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa! >> iowa has begun tonight, a political revolution. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: but it's the end of the road for at least two candidates, democrat martin o'malley calling it quits after just getting 1% of the vote. on the republican side mike huckabee bowed out with humor. >> it's time to officially suspend the campaign but not
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because of illness. obviously the voters are sick of me and i need to acknowledge that. >> reporter: nowow the candidates look ahead to next week's new hampshire primary. let's look at the temperatures outside now. we are already in the upper 60s so looking good, almost hitting 70 in tampa now. brandon at 67. temple terrace at 66. lutz at 66. even to the north in hernando county the temperatures are warming up nicely, mid to upper 60s, we are going to move quickly into the 70s today, and all the way up to 80 degrees as the high. if you're taking a -- think arele dipping in the -- thinking of dipping in the pool it may be warm enough today. even warmer today than yesterday and there's a slight chance for a shower late today or into the evening. but the rain chances are still on the low side now. they are going way up ahead of our next front. i'll have more on that coming
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9:32. we're trying to get our hands on video of a man accused of attacking a passenger and two flight attendants while on a flight to florida. 36-year-old joseph sharkey could face 20 years in prison for what lawyers say happened on the jetblue flight from washington, dc to jacksonville. documents show sharkey put another passenger in a headlock and fought with two flight attendants before the plane landed. a shootout in the streets of temple terrace has authorities on the hunt for two armed robbery suspects. the victim told 911 operators that he had just gotten home from the store close to 11:00 sunday night and unloading groceries when he was attacked. he was shot in the finger. also suffered injuries to his arm and head. during the robbery the victim pulled off his own gun and fired seven rounds. >> i was fearing for my family so i grabbed the gunman and the second he was distracted and i pushed him away and ran from the house. as soon as i could i drew my
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>> the home across the street was also hit by a stray round. no one was home at the time. police are not sure if any suspects were wounded during the exchange. hillsborough county deputies are still searching for two teens that escaped from a juvenile correction facility. authorities say convicted car thieves anthony bays and anthony cook crawled out. falkenburg detention facility through a hole in the fence. employees waited an hour and-a- half to notify the sheriffs. it's operated by private contractor g4s which is working with the department of juvenile justice they say to make sure it doesn't happen again. four workers were suspended over the escape. if you know anything call 911. a clairmont day care worker is in jail after workers say she was caught on camera throwing a 4-year-old othe ground. this video we warn is a bit difficult to watch. captured by another day care employee.
9:26 am
with the director's behavior. 41-year-old kimberly reed now facing charges. deck stitches that reed claims she was just -- detectives say reed says she was just playing rough with the child but other employees say he was she was doing this the last few weeks. >> we want to get it out is there so if there are any victims. this is a 4-year-old. >> police say she was already on probation for welfare fraud and grand theft. the child was not seriously hurt. happen today -- opening statements could get underway in the trial for the valrico man accused of killing his girlfriend with a cinder block. jury selection got underway yesterday in the trial of michael fields. police say he killed his girlfriend in 2014 after they broke up. investigators found her body next to his home in valrico. at the time the kids were all young are than 10 years old.
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to be a key witness when bill cosby is in court. the defense says cosby had a deal with former montgomery county district attorney bruce castor that he would not be charged. cosby admitted in the testimony of the case from 2005 that he gave the women three pills before engaging in what he calls consensual sex acts in his philadelphia-area home. castor says he made a nonprosecution deal with a deceased lawyer for cosby but never put it in writing. new developments in the standoff at the oregon wildlife refuge. the father of detained oregon my lasha -- militia leader ammon bundy is now ordering protesters to stay put and stand their ground, despite calls from amman bundy for the protesters to turn themselves in. he sent a letter to the sheriff and even the white house claiming the armed militia
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they took over january 2nd announcing federal land policies. amman bundy is set to be released from jail with a gps ankle bracelet until his trial. let's look at the stocks now. u.s. stocks following the lead of overseas markets which were mostly down today on further losses in the oil industry. searching for a better job or new career? head to steinbrenner field today. abc action news is one of 40 local companies looking to hire. there are a variety of industries including accounting, banking,ening neergs, i.t., law enforcement and real estate. parking and admission are free. coming up -- cyberbullying is on every parent's worry list. there's a way for mom and tad to stay alert? turns out there is. we have high-tech help to show you next.
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to eat when you fly on american
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the chicago police department released the latest crime numbers overnight. they are not good. january 2016 was the deadliest start to a year in 16 years. there were 292 shooting victims last month compared to the first month of 2015 when there were 136. that's more than double. officials say the majority of the violence is gang related with 50% of the murder victims identified as known gang members. police department is moving
9:31 am
sergeants from foot patrol to vehicles. weather permitting bike patrols will also be used. new technology aimed at preventing cyberbullying. a recent study say 80% of young people think it's easier to bully someone on-line than at school. a new software called my social sitter. uses algorithms to filter any negative messages sent on-line. when a teen sends a message that is negative it gets notified. the software developer says she wants parents to be more aware line. >> i wanted to kroolt a filter system that would -- create a filter system that would monitor to parents could feel a little relief knowing and trusting their kid could use the social media platforms and text messaging. >> the program works 24/7. and won't allow a message to go through unless a parent approves it. to learn more about the new software head to
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good news if you've booked an upcoming trip on american airlines. the company is restoring small but missed perks to flyers, after 13 years american airlines brought back free snacks. american, the world's biggest carrier began offering discount cookies on flights departing before 9:45 a.m. yesterday on routes between new york kennedy and los angeles san francisco and between miami and l.a. flights later in the day will careay the cookies -- carry the cookies or pretzels. snacks will return to the coach cabin of all flights april 4th. snowy weather is creating quite a hassle for travelers at denver international airport. more than 100 flights are cancelled for today in anticipation of a large storm. up to 10 inches expected to fall today. sure to create even more delays. yesterday thousands of travelers were forced to spend the night in the airport due to the flight cancellations. today the airport is hoping to stay ahead of the snow
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snow plow trucks on standby. talking about our weather, 80 degrees here? >> yeah. yeah. i'm luferg it. i know not everyone is loving it. there are quite a few people on facebook who already let me know they would rather have cooler temperatures but unfortunately for them we have this warm southerly flow and it's also a moist flow. so we saw that fog this morning with all the low-level moisture. it's going to be more humid through the day today. later in afternoon. nothing too widespread. but it's the rain that you actually see just over my head here that is starting to build ahead of our next cold front. rain until thursday. so we have time before the rain front and strong one bringing potential for severe storms through the central u.s. today. again something to keep in mind but as far as we are concerned we are just quiet and warm. temperatures should be starting
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the day near 70 degrees. but we've already started in the 60s and check out where we're headed for highs across hillsborough county, the low 80s. even ruskin likely to hit 83 degrees. so talk about some warmth there in polk county. looking at highs in the low 80s as well. even closer to the beaches around pinellas county we're look at temperatures that are going to be topping out in the upper 60s to low 80s. may get some coastal breezes as we keep the temperatures down a little farther. in some isolated spots but most of the area nice and warm. well above average for this time of year. you can see this continues right through wednesday. on thursday the temperatures in the afternoon are a little closer to average as a result of all the cloud cover and the really strong chance of rain along with that next front. it's not until friday that the temperatures start to go below average. and looks like it will stay that way into early next week as a result of a couple weak fronts following the one that moves through thursday. this is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. find me on facebook and
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favorite story of the day? i love this one. 14-month-old utah girl who just learned how to walk is now getting a lot of attention because she can also snowboard. >> sloan henderson's parents say she put her on a snowboard and attached a rope and pulled her around the house first to get her comfortable. then took her to a ski resort. check out how she did. >> yeah! look who is cruising. >> she is cruising. her parents posted this video on youtube, already has more than 240,000 views. >> the video was recorded in kong and norway. we may have a little olympian it's a nervewracking week for awards. on "positively tampa bay" the
9:36 am
more than 25,000 casts were vote in the bemore awards. the list is down to only seven. early learning coalition of pasco and hernando counties is one, oversees programs for ages 0-8 including voluntary prek- and kindergarten to increase school readiness. storybook forest is amazing. a great example of how they inspire kids to love and read books very early. joining with us more is mr. jim ferelli, executive director and bev ducette also with the coalition. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> jim, how do you feel when you got the call you're a finalist? >> wow. i remember sitting at the desk and audrey, our communications specialist came in with a big smile and i knew what it was about.
9:37 am
we think we're the best. the best. but, to be considered among tampa bay's top seven nonprofits is truly an incredible honor. whether we win our whether we place, the fact we're considered among the top seven is an incredible thrill. >> beyond the tampa bay area, these are nominations that come in from the entire west central florida area. bev, tell us about the program of the storybook forest. i love the creativity. >> it's one of the coalition's largest family events. it's a completely free event. this is where we have our families come out and the children enjoy a free fun day of activities that our early learning centers put together for them. they pick a story, make it come to life. and for just a few hours the
9:38 am
>> that certainly is just one do. you put books in the hands of families. you also train the teachers in these early learning centers, can you explain that to our viewers in >> we do. i have a long background in public education. when i came to the early learning coalition in 2007 i found that teaching, our teachers was not a real embedded part of our program. so with bev we started an annual early learning conference. one full day, a saturday, generally in october where we bring in our people at 7:00 in the morning and we train them, train them, train them, throughout the day. we bring in a nationally known keynote speaker and this year we'll have our ninth annual early learning conference. >> it's done at a nominal fee, $25 which would, this program itself, i did research, would have cost thousands of dollars if a consultant were congress coming in or they were going to college to get it.
9:39 am
>> we'll be there and hopefully we'll see what happens on thursday for the bemore words. to learn more about the early learning coalition of pasco and hernando counties and the many programs they have for families in both counties go to or call them directly
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we're looking at a high today of 80 degrees. we're already in the mid to upper 60s across much of the area. so you probably noticed by now the heat is on today. and tomorrow will be similar with greater chance for rain on thursday as our next cold front rolls through. then we're back below average
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a lot of folks have nanny cams. >> one woman used hers to keep an eye on our dog while she was away. >> look what it captured here. pure destruction of her apartment. the owner of this mischievous golden retriever posted this on youtube two days ago. >> shows the dog ripping apart a book, then some pillows and then he moves on to a yoga mat. apparently the owner thought it was well out of the dog's reach tucked away in a corner. >> separation anxiety. >> the owner walks into a war zone. that video has 200,000 views. continuing coverage of the top stories now on
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