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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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snow is shutting down highways in minnesota. where the snow is hitting today with blizzard warnings in effect. welcome to abc action news. >> looks like that storm system could have an affect at some point here. >> shay, anyone leaving the house now should be enjoying the temperatures? >> you won't need a jacket. check this out, all of hillsborough county in the 70s. tampa is 72 now. even in lutz you're 71.
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hillsborough county this time of year, this time of morning. right now upper 60s to near 70s as well. crystal river is 70. if you're wondering along the beaches what the temperatures are, a lot of the same. low 70s for the most part. so again we're starting warm. we have a lot of humidity so it is going to be a steamier day ahead. as we reach those highs near 80 degrees, with a mix of sun and clouds and the clouds increasing a little more through the afternoon. i think overall you're going to find this a pretty beautiful day though though definitely on the warm side. this is the end of the warm weather. i'll show what you is ahead as the next cold front approaches tomorrow. at least for this morning good visibility and dry roads. unfortunately though, you started to tell me there are already issues out there? yeah, unfortunately we're dealing with a fatal crash in bradenton. corey dierdorff is on his way there now. he's on 275, just got off the howard frankland, around the olmerton area. traffic now where he is pretty good.
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if you're this -- in that area you have you should have to trouble. overnight we had that fatal crash u.s. 301 at 63rd avenue east. we know at least one person killed in this crash. right now 301 completely blocked in both directions, your alternate, whitfield to 15th, you could also take 41 or 75 depending on where you're coming from or where you're going but for the moment and probably for some time while they continue to investigate 301 completely blocked in both directions. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning on that fatal crash. elsewhere, again, 275 over in pinellas county, 22nd avenue north looking great. pushing 70 now from bridge-to- bridge. back to you. 5:02. two men are in critical condition, a third recovering after a late-night shooting in dade city. investigators tell us it happened at a property on withlacoochee avenue. rodney dunigan is gathering updates for us this morning. >> reporter: investigators were
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three men showed up at a local hospital after a bit of investigation, that is when deputies discovered this location. to give you perspective, we're a block from this location, investigators have actually blocked off about a two-square- block area around the home. in fact if you see that home in front of you that is not the home where that shooting happened. it does show you how widespread the investigation is. i just talked to a sheriff's deputy, she tells me they discovered bulletholes at that location so that's why they pretty much blocked off a huge area where this happened. we're very early in the investigation but i can tell you what i've been able to gather so far. again, it was about 10:30 last night when this trio showed up at the hospital. two of those men were in pretty bad shape and investigators tell us that third man wasn't hurt seriously. the investigation eventually led pasco county deputies as well as dade city police to this location here.
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deputies are also trying to determine a possible motive. however the sheriff's office says it could be possibly drug organic related, again back here live the names of the victims haven't been released. this is the forensics team as they go around this home now snapping photos and also trying to gather information. again, this is not the home where this happened, it's about a block away but they've discovered evidence here, a number of bulletholes at that home so they have a large area of this blocked off. we'll be out here all morning trying to gather information especially with the suspect still on the loose this morning. for now reporting live in dade city, rodney dunigan, abc action news. also breaking overnight in hillsborough county -- a family is looking for a new place to live after a fire damaged their home. it started before midnight on dolphin drive in east tampa. all three people got out safely but one pet didn't make it. a neighbor tells us the family's dog ran out of house during the fire, for some reason ran back inside where it died. the cause of the fire now under
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in a few hours the tampa man investigators say had pipe bombs and tear gas in his home will go before a federal judge. agents raided michael ramos' home monday after getting a tip from the founder of the company where he works. agents found as many as seven homemade bombs inside. they say he admitted to buying the materials used to make them and also admitted to being part of a st. petersburg militia. this morning the florida supreme court is going to hear an appeal from dante morse. he's on death row for murders of two people. he's also facing a death sentence for a third murder that same year. we could see a man accused in a horrific child abuse case take the stand against his ex- girlfriend as soon as today. opening statements in carroll o'connell's murder trial set for this morning.
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badly the little boy named john died. investigators say they found bite marks and bruises on john's body and think garwhacky hit john several times the day he died. this update now out of oregon -- as ammon bundy tries to leave the remaining protesters from prison. he's telling them to go home, leave the wildlife refuge in oregon. the leader of the armed occupation says the protest needs to end. his attorney says he wants the people to go home so their lives are not taken away like his was. right now he's spending 23 hours a day in solitary confinement. his attorney is working on an appeal to keep bundy behind bars while he awaits trial. detectives need your help to find a man they believe is stealing peoples' identity, opening credit cards under their names and spending thousands of dollars. we're going to show you a look now at the suspect that officers are trying to catch. the polk county sheriff's office says they know about one
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victims in central florida and including apopka. christian navarro noticed something was wrong in mit mid- december when credit cards were mailed to him he had not signed up for. >> with all my personal information, it's a little disconcerting, makes me feel a bit vulnerable. >> he's making a living off stealing other peoples' identity so we want to get him off the streets. >> detectives say one thing you can do is shred financial documents. authorities say if you have any information about this suspect or know his real name contact your local law enforcement agency. 5:07. we have new video of how severe the weather turned. the severe weather turned as a large tornado ripped through western alabama. the storm chaser recorded this video as it moved toward mcmullen, alabama. the small community just west of tuscaloosa. new pictures from aliceville, alabama show another town where the storm came through. the national weather service
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first responders are surveying the heavy damage to several businesses and homes now destroyed. a federal primp was also in the line of the storm and was damaged. prison. no serious injuries reported. a same storm system to blame for putting six states on high winter alert. blizzard and storm warnings in effect for parts of the plains and upper midwest. conditions are so bad in in southwestern minnesota officials ordered plows off i- 90 because the drivers couldn't see the road. snow piling up as high as 10 inches where storms hit hardest from colorado to nebraska, iowa and u.p. of michigan. better to be here. i agree. we do have a significant warming trend that we've been in for the last couple of days. starting this morning with temperatures in the low 70s in tampa. we're headed to another high near 80. we are going to see the clouds increasing this afternoon but with plenty of sunshine early and rain unlikely still looking like a pretty fabulous day to
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get some yard work done, take the kids to the park after school, all looking good for that, but boy, things change the next 12 to 24 hours. i'll show you what is ahead with our next cold front and just how far the temperatures will fall coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. coming up -- underaged girls lured in and taken advantage of. what one suspect says he is the victim. >> i don't go around trying to sleep with little girls. that is not what i do. >> this morning detectives are uncovering how that man allegedly tried to keep his crime a secret. >> they been together since high school. they built this. >> a house destroyed after it suddenly explodes. one man's mistake that sent his
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good wednesday morning to you. 5:13 now. this is a live shot of traffic moving through downtown tampa. this is i-275 and jefferson street. no problems out there to report now. traffic moving smoothly, no problems, of course janelle though is watching the traffic cameras and will have a complete look at the morning commute and show you the other bay area roads in a minute. this morning we're learning how two bay area men managed to lure underaged teens on-line. both face serious charges for helping the victims run from
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underaged girls to have sex with them. 23-year-old mason davis reportedly picked up a 15-year- old from her home and then brought her to his mother's dunellen home to have sex. deputies say it happened at least five times. in an unrelated case, police say 21-year-old jeremy laramie junior had a 15-year-old and took her mother's home. we spoke to him, laramie told us he's not to blame. >> honestly do you think that i deserve to be a sex offender for the rest of my life and have to register for the rest of my life because i had sex with a 15-year-old girl? that lied to me and wanted to have sex? do you guys honestly think i should? be a sex offender for the rest of my life? >> laramie jr. claims to be the victim. this is not the first time that
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on bond for a similar crime involving a different underaged girl he met on-line. 5:14. we're getting a first look at the inmate who was mistakenly released from jail over the weekend. this is his photo here, authorities in los angeles say this man steven lawrence wright was in custody pending trial for a gang related murder. the los angeles county sheriff's department says he was released from custody by mistake on saturday. they didn't realize the mistake until sunday. as deputies investigate how wright was mistakenly released they are asking anyone with information on wright to contact them. 5:15. let's check with meteorologist shay ryan. still enjoying the warmer temperatures? >> yeah. wait until i show what you the temperatures are now. that will be in a moment. i wanted to show you though that we're nice and clear and dry this morning. the futurecast is showing us just that, a little bit of cloud cover here, some low clouds off-shore, but again with the southeast wind that has been at 5 to 15 miles per
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of our inland areas, and well off-shore. you may catch a little sea fog but conditions really just aren't coming together for fog this morning. you can see here inland around 4:00 that southeasterly flow helping to draw in some additional moisture and as our winds shift a little more southerly this afternoon that chance for rain moves across our inland areas but stays away from the majority of our major roads and our beaches. so we are not looking at strong rain chances today but you can see what is starting to build off-shore very early tomorrow morning. we could see a few showers in the first half of the day tomorrow. much better chance in the afternoon and evening as that front rolls through. look at these temperatures, 72 now in tampa. 70 inverness. 70 lakeland as well as in sarasota we're off to a very warm start, closer to our average highs than our average lows.
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today at about 80 degrees in tampa. some low 80s inland. then over the next couple of days we see those temperatures coming down quite a bit. tomorrow the extra cloud cover, good chances for rain through the afternoon, it will help to limit our highs. then the cooler air filters in friday. saturday and sunday are a little touch and go. the models have not been consistent so we'll continue to fine tune the intensity as well as the timing of the rain. as of this morning models show the best chance of rain comes into the afternoon and evening saturday. ending early sunday. and we could have some strong, even potentially severe storms with this low pressure system that will work its way across the state so. stay tuned for that. as we get closer. that is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. janelle, how are the roads? most of you shouldn't have any troubles. corey dierdorff out there behind our live drive cam, he's on the sunshine skyway where we have no crashes or breakdowns.
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booth to toll booth. he's headed to bradenton where we do have a fatal crash, at overnight. this crash happened at u.s. 301 and 63rd avenue east, right now both northbound and southbound investigators try to figure out exactly what happened. your alternates here, you can use whitfield to 15th street or around that. good now. you can expect extensive delay of closure here because this is a fatal crash. i'll keep an eye on it and of course corey is heading there and we'll let you know as soon as it opens. also construction in tampa, nebraska avenue closed now in both directions at fowler, should open at 6:00. back to you. 5:18. this morning a severed gas line is blamed for causing this explosion that shook an entire neighborhood near rochester, new york. a man who lived in the home crashed his car into the garage
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immediately after the accident he could smell gas leaking so he called firefighters. minutes after they arrived and moved the homeowners down the block to safety that house exploded. the couple who lived there called their son saying they lost everything but we're ok. >> from 390 i could see the smoke, and i knew it was gone. after that it was a matter of just getting here and supporting my mom and dad. >> he says his parents will now live with him. neighbors from several blocks away felt that explosion, caused minor damage to a house next door but no serious injuries. 5:19. still ahead, did more people moving into pasco county, county leaders are bringing in a new business they think customers will love. plus, the most romantic restaurants for valentine's day. >> and chipotles reporting its first ever sales decline after the e. coli outbreak.
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>> after all the food-related illness last quarter it's no surprise chipotle's earnings fell 44%. the woods yet. it face as difficult and expensive year trying to its food safety. >> legal marijuana sales though booming, up 25% last year and u.s. sales this year expected to reach $6.7 billion. food for thought at mcdonald's for the next two weeks, mcdonald's is serving books in its meals. >> mcdonald's expected to distribute more than 17 million. that's good.
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pasco county commissioners are betting on beer to better the community. commissioners approved the new brotherry set to open in march. the owners started it from their garage and it's pegged by leaders as a turning point along u.s. 41. an area in the process of redeveloping. mark, one of the owners says the growing population needs this type of business. >> they don't always want to drive all the way to tampa for that stuff.
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for them to just come down the street. >> luke brewing will be located just north off land o' lakes boulevard. check it out. we're a little more than a week from valentine's day and of course you want to impress your sweety. >> to really wow your valentine, opentable released a list of the 100 most romantic restaurants around the country. several of them are in florida. we start with the cellar restaurant in daytona beach. collage restaurant in st. augustine and latitudes restaurant in key west. >> to book a weekend trip hurry up. those places are going to book up fast. to stay local "the melting pot" made the list, that has locations in tampa, st. pete, ocala, sarasota and many more. >> find the full list now on 5:25. coming up -- as easy as getting bitten by a mosquito,
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virus are now only growing. as more cases are confirmed in florida. what are local leaders doing to stop the spread? >> we found site moving that you care for veterans that you don't even know. >> an army of supporters there to congratulate a man affectionately known as the
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