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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  February 3, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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zika virus hits hillsborough county. what is being done to protect you and your family? i'm lindsay logue with a live report. >> plus a warning every woman who wants to be a mother needs to hear. the one thing health experts say you should avoid doing to make sure your child is born healthy. >> destructive tornadoes whip through the south. we take to you the hardest hit states for a look at the damage left behind. >> at 9:00 -- we're closely following a global health alert putting women across florida and really the world on high alert. >> the zika virus can now be spread not just through
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authorities in dallas say a patient had sex with someone who had recently become infected while traveling to venezuela and also became infected with the virus. the red cross is telling blood donors who have been to the outbreak stones to wait a month -- zones to wait a month before donating blood to make sure there's no further spread. >> lindsay logue is live in tampa now. at the rate that zika virus is spreading could we see locally transmitted cases by the summer? >> that's what experts are predicting. if you can think about this, the majority of the cases now throughout the world are transmitted through mosquitos. that is going to be the big fight, a successful fight against mosquitos is what people think could help combat the zika virus from spreading throughout the communities. right now in downtown tampa hillsborough county commissioners are meeting and are requesting a staff report,
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keep you protected and how to keep the virus from spreading throughout the bay area. already two confirmed cases in hillsborough and two just south of us in fort myers. also four cases in miami, one in santa rosa county. remember the zika virus cases in the u.s., these are people who got sick in other countries. there's not been a transmitted case by mosquitos locally and to keep that risk low aggressive mosquito control is necessary. we do expect the commissioners today to touch on that point and to delve into a little bit of plan that they would enact and have in place for hillsborough county. of course now the main concern women. the world health organization says we're still six to nine months away from science being able to prove or disprove a clear connection between the zika virus and those babies born in the affected areas who have microselfly.
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we're continuing to take action. the cdc is now urging women of child-bearing age to avoid alcohol unless you're using contraception. this is an effort to reduce the number of babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome. the condition can permanently affect a developing baby before a woman even knows she's pregnant. the cdc says half of all pregnancies in the u.s. are not planned and even if planned most women won't know they are pregnant during the first month. currently doctors say there's no known safe level of alcohol consumption at any stage of pregnancy. 9:03. we're working to get more information on a deadly crash in manatee county, on highway 301 at 63rd avenue in bradenton just before 4:00 a.m. the crash shut down both northbound and southbound lanes while police investigated. at this time we know two people were killed, their identities haven't been released. in hillsborough county a family of three is looking for a new place to live after an overnight fire damaged their home. it started before midnight at the home just west of north
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all three people got out of the home safely. sadly though one pet was killed. a neighbor tells us the family dog ran out of the house during the fire, then went back inside, where the dog died. the cause of the fire is under investigation. if you've been out at all today you know it is a very warm start to the day. take a look at the current temperatures in hillsborough county. 75 degrees already at fishhawk, temple terrace, brandon, lutz, apollo beach and ruskin. tampa 73. our average high for this time of year in tampa is 71. wow. we're off to a warm start to the day. and we have the low to mid-70s in citrus county where we're often much cooler, but not this morning. so as we head through the day we're still going to be making it to highs in the low 80s across much of the area. a nice mix of sun and clouds and mostly dry this afternoon.
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shower around i-4 but most likely you won't. so the good news is i don't think our weather is going to affect our commutes but boy, you've had issues already. it's been busy, we still have problems. a crash on northbound 275 right at westshore, you can see it's off to the side. the flashing lights there. however, it's causing some onlooker delays there. let's see what it's doing to the howard frankland. you can see the cars backed up as you come across the bridge into kennedy. your drive times, it's later in the morning so traffic is lightening up a little. 15-minute drive across the that bottom number from the howard frankland to i-4, nine minutes. which is still just a few minutes slow there. now, from the wesley chapel area, still slow on 275 from the apex to i-4, 47 miles an
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-- on i-75, 70 miles per hour there. 9:05. here's something happening today. the tampa man who investigators say had pipe bombs and tear gas in his home is going to go before a federal judge. agents raided michael ramos' home monday after getting a tip from the founder of the company where he works. agents say they recovered as many as seven homemade pipe bombs. court documents say he bought the materials used to make them and admitted to being part of a st. petersburg militia. one of tampa's most notorious convicted killers taking his state to the highest court. the florida supreme court is going to hear a appeal from dante morris, on death row for the murders of two police officers. morris also is facing a death sentence for a third murder that same year. we could watch a man accused of a horrific child abuse case take the stand against his ex-girlfriend as soon as today. opening statements in carol
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she and her ex-are both accused of abusing his 3-year-old son so badly that the little boy named john died. justin garwhacky pleaded guilty and set to testify against o'connell. investigators say they found bight marks and bruises on the child's body. this morning two bay area men are facing serious charges. both are accused of courting underaged girls on-line helping them run away from home and sex. 23-year-old mason davis reportedly picked up a 15-year- old from her home and took her to his mother's home to have sex. deputies say this happened at least five times. in an unrelated case 21-year- old jesse laramie jr. is facing similar charges. deputies say he picked up a 15- year-old girl from school, took her to his homosassa home to have sex and dropped her off so she could catch her bus. laramie told us he's not to blame. >> honestly do you think i deserve to be a sex offender
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register for the rest of my life because i had sex with a 15-year-old girl that lied to me and wanted to have sex? do you honestly think i should? >> despite insisting he's not the victim this is not laramie's first sex arrest. deputies say when he had sex with that 15-year-old he was out on bond for a similar crime involving a different underaged girl he met on-line. florida gun owners are a step closer to being allowed to openly carry their weapons. the full florida house is set to vote on its open carry bill today. yesterday lawmakers approved a number of amendments to the bill including one to allow state lawmakers to carry guns on the floor of the legislature. the bill could have trouble passing the state senate. the judiciary chairman indicated he may not allow that bill to come to a vote. new video showing just how severe the weather turned as a large tornado ripped through
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the storm chaser recorded this video as that twister moved toward the small town of mcmullen just west of tuscaloosa. new pictures just in now from down the road in aliceville shows more damage where that tornado blew through. the national weather service calling it a large and extremely dangerous tornado. first respondsers are now surveying the damage to areas destroyed. a federal prison was also in the path of the storm and was damaged no serious injuries reported. further north, that same storm system is to blame for putting at least a half-dozen states on high alert for bitter winter weather. blizzard and winter storm warnings are in effect now for parts of the plains and upper midwest. conditions so bad in southwest minnesota officials ordered snow plows off i-90 because the drivers couldn't see the road. snow piling up as high as 10 inches where storms hit hardest from colorado to nebraska, iowa and u.p.
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if you have time to head to the beaches, it's going to be an awesome day for it. highs today once again near 80 degrees. the water temperature in the gulf is up to 63 degrees. nice mix of sun and clouds, rain unlikely at our beaches today, but i'll show you where we have a slight chance of rain this afternoon, of course big changes to the forecast coming the next 24 hours. i'll have our wetter days ahead coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. still ahead -- a new message coming from the pentagon today. why u.s. military generals say it should be a requirement for women to register for the draft. >> let's try this one, [glibbish] -- with a name like that he's bound to get attention and he is after this mug shot was released. what he did in the -- and the meaning behind the mouthful of
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9:13. breaking news in the race for the white house. kentucky senator rand paul announcing he's ending his bid for the republican nomination for president. paul, a freshman kentucky senator and son of former texas representative ron paul has a large libertarian following but failed to gain attraction in the presidential race. he's now facing re-election in the senate. a developing story in africa now. disturbing pictures show the hole opening up in the side of a daalo airlines plane while it was flying at 10,000 feet, that hole as you see there is slightly smaller than one of the jet's doors. what south dakota caused the hole is -- , eightily caused the hole is still unknown. airline confirms only two passengers on board were injured but somali authorities are reporting that a passenger
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the hole. the pilot managed to make an emergency landing at the mogadishu airport. search and rescue teams in hawaii are working to salvage what is left of two military helicopters that crashed last month. we just found out those teams found trace amounts of dna belonging to the marines killed in the incident. 12 marines took part in a nighttime training exercise when they crashed off the island of oahu. it's not clear if the choppers collided first. two senior military leaders say women should be required to register for the draft. restrictions that barred women from combat jobs in the u.s. were lifted by the defense department you might remember last year. a marine corps general said at a senate hearing yesterday that "every american who is physically qualified should register for the draft." the currents system requires men between ages 18 and 26 living in the u.s. to register for the system. they could be called into service in the event a draft is re-established.
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was during the vietnam war. 9:15 now. a man who made headlines in the past with his unusual name is back in the news this morning. this man here "beezow doo-doo zopittybop-bop-bop" is back in jail accused of assaulting a college police officer in washington state earlier this week. deputies say he assaulted that officer after tearing down fliers at the library at evergreen state college. 34-year-old "beezow doo-doo zopittybop-bop-bop" was born with the name everydrew wiooh lshky. chaindz it legally in 2011. he said the first name means the explosion of awareness of the interconnectedness of the infinite love in the universe. "doo-doo" is the struggle in our daily lives with the awareness that with love comes chaos. 11,000 people will soon be let go. the cost cutting at the internet company is likely to determine whether the ceo can save her own job.
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that it will cut 15% of its work force. ceo meyer has been trying to fend off a group of angry past three and-a-half years she hasn't made progress in the attempt to turn around yahoo's financial performance. meyer does have the support of the yahoo board however and cutting yahoo's work force could buy her some time. let's check with meteorologist shay ryan. today is the day to go to the beach because we might not have >> it's going to be a little -- temperatures are going back to what we call boot weather around here at least for a little while, embrace the warmth while you can. look what we're looking at now outside. we are off to a warm start, very warm start, low 70s, if you have not been outside yet you may have noticed even indoors that you might want to turn up the air conditioning today. yeah fntle warm like yesterday. in the afternoon. we'll be making it to the 80s because of a nice mix of sun
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that is where we're being in that warmth and the humidity. you probably noticed that on the rise as well. ahead of this next cold front it's really strong now but it's going to weaken considerably as it moves in our direction. it will begin affecting us as early as tomorrow morning with a few scattered showers but the heavier more widespread rain will move in through the afternoon and evening. at this point it doesn't look like wealth see any organized severe weather out of it but of course we'll keep an eye on it, if anything changes this is where you're going to find out first. 74 degrees in tampa now. 74 brandon. brooksville 75. on average we should be starting the day around 53, ending the day at 71. so boy, are we above average. the record 84 degrees, i think we'll still remain below that because the clouds will start to build through the afternoon keeping us from heating up too much more. low 80s certainly not out of the question for much of the
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then tomorrow temperatures come down through the afternoon as a result of that rain building in. the extra cloud cover with it. then check out friday, cool air moves in first thing in the morning so we make it to highs in the mid-60s. the weekend has a lot of questions with it. we have another area of low pressure and cold front that is going to move through. this model run this morning showed it picked up a lot of speed so basically yesterday we're looking at no rain on saturday and now looks like our heaviest rain will be in the afternoon and evening on saturday. so again we'll fine-tune the timing of this, the intensity and how much the temperatures will change along with this system as we get a little closer but unfortunately the models have not been terribly consistent so far. but they will as we get closer. that is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. find me on facebook and twitter. bourbon and tennessee whiskey producers are toasting this morning.
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strong sales and revenue growth. the distilled spirits council says u.s. revenues shot up nearly 8% to $2.9 billion in 2015. it also says whiskey exports topped a billion dollars the third straight year despite challenges caused by a strong dollar. into more of a dessert -- more of a dessert person? you can have your cake and veggies too. it's national karat carrot cake day. in the middle ages carrots were often used to sweeten cakes and desserts because actual sweatenners were too rare or pricey. paula deen will be visiting the barnes & noble in carolwood tonight from 6:00 to 8:00 to sign a new cookbook. to get an autotbrafd copy of her cookbook plan on getting there early. tax season in full swing, many of us will be rushing to get our returns faster this. year it could take longer to get money back. john matarese explains the
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waste your money. >> reporter: are you one of those people who try to file your taxes as soon as possible? to get that refund in just a few days? you may have to wait longer this year. the irs just announced it's adding new safeguards for 2016 to prevent scamers from filing taxes in your name and stealing your refund. several million taxpayers ended up having their refunds stolen last year. making things worse? if it happens you then have to out which you is the real you. so this year the irs is using new software to flag suspicious returns. if your income is very different from last year's or your address has changed they look. that's great but it will push refunds back another week to about 21 days. that will be really frustrating to some floridians who like to file an early february and get
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but sending refunds first and asking questions later, that can be bad news. don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. abc action news. still ahead -- it's being called the great kennel escape in the name of love. we show you a canine love story on camera. >> good morning. i'm lisa campos with the "positively tampa bay." triple a is a household name but did you know it's traffic safety foundation is making a big impact in local schools?
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guaranteed to put a smile on your face. >> it is, adorable fluffy dog going viral on instagram for her ever change hairstyles. changing hairstyles. >> look at this. >> cute. >> this is "kuma," half pekingese, half shih tzu from japan, her instagram account is 26,000 followers, every day her owner posts a different photo of the elaborate hairstyles. this dog is a serious head- turner. it was a one-night match made in heaven for maternal dog and rescue puppies at a pet motel near ed monton, canada. >> the dog named maggie had her
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of her kennel to comfort other crying puppies. she went to the kennel where the puppies were kept inside. >> out for dinner the pet motel's owner used her smartphone to check the surveillance system, noticed maggie out of the cage. the owner returned and let maggie spend the night with the puppies until the owners picked them up in the morning. >> aw. i was honestly in shock. because it doesn't make my sense. it's just one of those things that is just, why? >> next at 9:30. a story that would only happen in florida. what one woman found in her mailbox that left people in the
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a major forum underway at this hour to address the threat of a mass shooting. how a partnership between the tampa police department and the downtown partnership is hoping to keep you and your family safe. that story coming up in a live report. a manhunt underway now in pasco county following a triple shooting overnight that left one man dead. details on a motive we've uncovered. >> if you have problems with your lips after using a popular eos lip balm, the problems are solved and what changes are being made now? addresses the threat of mass shootings. >> it's part of a safety series put together by the downtown partnership. >> abc action news reporter rodney dunigan joins us live from the port of tampa where a drill just wrapped up. unfortunately a sign of the times. >> reporter: it certainly is. it's a scenario that none of us would ever want to go through but unfortunately across this country it's happened far too
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played out right here in a re- enactment. the tampa police department says the folks who participated in today's class, the knowledge and skills they learned too could be possibly a life-saver. the demonstration graphic. [gunshots] >> reporter: the message police say important and timely. >> i think people wondered if something like that did happen what exactly would i do? >> reporter: tampa police led an active shooting drill wednesday morning, stressing that awareness of what happened is key to keeping you and your family safe. >> it's a little peace of minds. you hope something like this never happens. >> reporter: part of the downtown partnership security series, looking at terrorism, the threat of mass shootings and other security trends. >> we need to be prepared on many levels to keep our district safe. >> the program which also included a forum discussion was sold out, a major indication that many people in the local business community see this as
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>> people fire evacuations all the time, that is probably saving thousands of lives over the years. why not train an active shooter in the same philosophy? know what to do so you're prepared if you're in a situation like that. to take action for r your own personal safety. it will save lives in the end. >> reporter: you know that was a feeling i got from many of the people here i spoke with after this event. they were happy to be here and although no one here actually thinks a situation like that would ever happen to them they are hopeful that if it ever did the skills they learn here would be enough to hopefully protect them as well as their family. reporting live from the port of tampa, rodney dunigan, abc action news. breaking news that we brought you out of pasco county. deputies say one of three people shot in dade city overnight has died. the sheriff's office reports around 10:30 last night three hispanic men showed up at a local hospital with gunshot wounds. 38-year-old ricardo hernandez
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the victims is in critical condition. the other we're hearing is going to be ok. detectives say the shooting happened at a house on withlacoochee avenue. right now appears to be gang or drug related and no suspects are in custody. if you've been out at all today you know it's a warm start to the day. to say the least for this time of year. i mean we're already above the average highs for this time of year. 74 degrees now in tampa, 73 clearwater. st. pete 70 now. winds are coming from the south to southeast and that is helping to pump in the warmth and the humidity and those winds may be a little breezy throughout the day but again it's bringing in a warm breeze so we're still making to it highs in the low 80s, great day for hanging out in the backyard getting things done. or just relaxing, what a gorgeous day ahead. rain unlikely to mess up your plans today but could impact your plans not only tomorrow but into the weekend.
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up in florida's most accurate 7- 9:33. in polk county detectives need help finding a man they believe identities, opening credit spending thousands of dollars. here's a look at that suspect polk county sheriff's office says they know of one victim but suspect there others in central florida including apopka near orlando. one victim noticed something was wrong in mid-december when credit cards were mailed to him he had not signs up for. one way to protect yourself. shred your financial documents. if you have information about the suspect and know his real name contact your local law enforcement agency. an encouraging update about a new port richey veteran dealing with a tragic loss. last month a car killed ian kennedy's trained german shepherd zina, helping the army veteran deal with two tours in afghanistan after he developed ptsd.
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to help pay for a new specially trained page. the final donations came in. kennedy tells us the community's help has been overwhelming. >> makes you -- makes you see that the world is not really that bad of a place. >> during his time on the front lines he survived this ambush attack captured on video in 2009. kennedy now suffers from ptsd and night terrors but thanks to the new donations he should be getting a new therapy dog very soon. turning now to democracy 2016 -- we mentioned a few minutes ago kentucky senator rand paul announces this morning he's ending his bid for the republican nomination for president. paul garnered just 5% of the vote in the iowa caucuses monday. now sights set on new hampshire with the primary there just six days away. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are intensifying their efforts to swing voters after clinton claimed a very narrow victory in iowa. on the republican side donald trump says he's confident about his chances in new hampshire.
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the last gop debate may have hurt him in iowa. still regrets nothing. >> if i had to do it again i would have done the exact same thing. the reason is, you know why? i raised $6 million for the vets in one hour. >> the next debate is set for saturday night. donald trump is expected to attend. watch that here on your abc action news station. when hillary clinton faced an audience to claim victory in iowa someone making faces behind her back tried to steal the spotlight. the student seen here covered his face in stickers, really put on a show too. let's look closer. the man behind the stickers is peter chance chance of sprinkles -- peter chance pete scale. at clifton university. he was sneezing and gawking at cameras. i told you it was quite a show. he quickly became a trending topic on twitter. how did he manage to get into
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he says he just walked right in. good news for anybody who experienced problems with your lips after using the popular eos lip balm. the company settled a lawsuit, some people claim it left them with lip blisters and rashes. it alleges the consumers deceived the public by saying the product was natural and organic. eos says it's packaging will now include more details about the ingredients and how to use the balm properly. in a statement the company says its products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and made with the highest quality ingredients. homeowners in osceola county are watching for the person leaving dead catfish on their property. one family found a dead catfish in their mailbox monday. they found out when the postman handed their mail and told them to check the mailbox. a facebook page says two other people reported similar incidents this week. someone through cat knish into
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found in a mailbox. homeowners hoping it's just a prank. staring down the barrel of a gun. how a road rage incident in nevada escalated and almost cost one man his life. >> which toyota models are
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scary new video of a road rage incidents now going viral. >> posted saturday, had more than a million views, it shows a pickup truck driver pulling a gun on a motorcyclist. look at this. >> are you guys flipping me off? i didn't do nothing! (bleep), (bleep). >> a group of pikers heading into the -- bikers heading into the desert outside of las vegas, were kicking up dust that angered some men in the blue truck. three men in the red truck apparently was angry when one biker popped a wheelie, nearly crashed in front of him. >> one motorcyclist tried to reason with the men and that is when the driver you see there pulled a gun on the biker. the truck driver says the posted video though only tells half the story.
9:32 am
he feared for his own life. >> undoubtedly it startled me and i pulled my gun out and was prepared for him. just that simple. i have a concealed handgun license, been trained to use it and i will. the same situation happened? i would pull it again. >> certainly could have ended horribly but both the driver and motist have filed reports with -- motorcyclist have filed reports with local police. shay ryan now has a check of the bay area forecast. cooler temperatures on the way? >> they are. so if you really like being in the low 80s like i like being in the low 80s. get out there and embrace today because we're headed back to the 60s for a little while after today. so the rivergate tower tampa camera shows some clouds building ahead of our next cold front. we're not really going to see any strong chance of rain today, but that southeasterly flow ahead of the front certainly is noticeable. you can see the cameras shaking a little there as we look over downtown tampa there on the rivergate tower tampa camera.
9:33 am
going to be too dramatic or problematic today. we're scanning the skies here, titan doppler isn't picking up any rain, in fact we have to look pretty far out before we start to see even just a tiny bit of rain ahead of this next cold front. it's going to start to slow down as it approaches us and you can see here on the futurecast more cloud cover closer to the coastline and off- shore. then some building inland, 4:00 today maybe an isolated shower around eastern polk or highlands county. a few more may develop into hardy and desoto counties through the late afternoon and into the early evening. but that is about it. that is really from the southerly flow. that is not necessarily from the front. but tomorrow morning around 9:00 that is when we start to see the leading edge of the moisture, associated with that front. it's going to build through the day though. so the first half of the day maybe a hit or miss shower, then becomes more widespread through the afternoon and into the evening. at this point doesn't look like
9:34 am
organized, we're going to see a few thunderstorms in the mix but looks like the garden variety. a good amount of rain, some heavy at times, then the weekend, this is just where there's a lot of question marks. the models are inconsistent and conflicting. not easy to forecast when that happens so at this point we know we have another low pressure system that will roll its way across our state between saturday and sunday, at this point looks like the best chance of rain will be through the afternoon on saturday and then coming to an end at some point on sunday. we're going to need to fine tune this. what is also important about this weekend frontal system is that it may pack a chance for some strong-to-severe storms. we want to keep a close eye on the timing of that one. that is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. back to you. 9:44. here's a consumer alert you need to know about. toyota is recalling hundreds of thousands of trucks and couches because the vehicle's side curtain shield airbag mounted to the roof can inflate without
9:35 am
tundras, sequoia, land cruiser and fourrunners and lexus models paid between 2003 and 2006. the automaker says bad programming in the computer that controls the airbag ising to blame. dealers will replace it at no cost to owners. affected owners should be notified by mail. he's gained worldwide attention since we first shared his story on abc action news. andrew lomish cleans grave sites as a selfless good deed. of veterans. this is him here in the center of the photo. i recently caught up with this man affection natalie known by many of you as "the good cemetarian." >> we all have a mission, we all have a purpose in our lives. and the biggest gift that any of us can have is to find it. i think i found it. >> he says the last three years
9:36 am
their family members. he's had requests from as far as australia, of people wanting to know how he does it so they can do it in their cities. there was so much more to my recent day spent with "the good cemetarian" than just catching up. our abc action news team had a big surprise for andrew. >> what do you think? i know you're just absorbing this news. >> i -- can't speak. >> congratulations! congratulations! [ applause ] -- >> so happy for you you. >> what made "the good cemetarian" speechless? i can't wait to share the full story with you only on abc action news tonight starting new at 5:00. plus some special guests were there to share in the big surprise. don't miss it, starting new tonight at 5:00. more teens are killed in car crashes between prompt and
9:37 am
graduation than any other time of the year. >> coming up on "positively tampa bay," meet people convincings your teens not to
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the auto club group traffic safety foundation is a finalist for the nonprofit of the year award. among it's life changing programs, it's aaa promise, brings drunk drivers to high schools to talk about the crashes. take a listen. >> it rolled like three or four times and it landed upside down facing the direction i was when the car came to a stop i -- crawled out of the vehicle, and i looked around and i called out for my brother, he was about 30 feet away on the other side of the fence, up
9:39 am
young man told the audience that his younger brother died in that accident. a powerful presentation. one of many. here with more, welcome to matt advocacy. thank you for coming. in >> thank you for having us. >> that clip was so powerful. tell our viewers how you all are really doing more than preaching to teens? you're really getting your message across of how dangerous it is to drink and drive, drive distracted. >> yes, aaa promises a particular program that focuses on teenagers in high school between prom and graduation night. when they are tempted to make pretty poor decisions. we ask that they not take drugs, not drink. never get in the car with somebody impaired, obviously never drive impaired but first and foremost to speak with their parents about these situations. if it does happen to where they find themselves in a situation at the end of the night where they don't have a sober way home they can call their parents so the parents can take
9:40 am
everybody has a plan in place. >> you have a program where then aaa to tows their car? >> the parent will pick up the teen, we'll take the car home. you can see more of that video on our web site. that is a example of some of the presentations we do at the high schools, also free kits for the high schools. >> so many educators say what makes your program so much more effective is that you bring in the people that didn't follow the suggestions that you're reg talk about the simulator, you simulator? schools. it allows the teens to really experience not only impaired driving situations but distracted driving, puts them, like they would be right behind the wheel and see what the real dangers are, not only that but shows them, the real life
9:41 am
decisions, it will go through the medical aspect, the court cases, all that. >> thank you so much for coming in. we could talk for hours. you have so many great programs. to learn more about the many programs, maybe pick one, ask your school to bring them in. visit them on-line at or call them directly at 813-289-5831. good luck tomorrow.
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looking at high near 80 today. a nice mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. ed clouts thicken as we continue through the afternoon and into the evening. clouds. just a slight chance of a shower inland today but a really good chance you'll see rain tomorrow, probably want to keep the umbrella handy and
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from friday on into early next week. sweet video of a 5-year-old boy proposing to his nurse in california that has gone viral. >> gideon robinson got down on one knee and pop the question to the nurse who stole his heart. >> would you marry me? >> of course. thank you! >> aw. >> hospital husband. this video has more than 114,000 views on facebook. he's being treated for a form of leukemia in a hospital in san diego. his parents say he has a 90% chance of being cured the next couple of years. >> cutie. continuing coverage now of the day's top stories on >> "fab life" is next.
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