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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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surgeon general. right now. conditions right now. we will talk about the change we can expect after the showers. thank you for joining us. let's get right to dennis for a look at a look at the rain and the cooling trend. >> it is really coming down. that rain for the evening commute came about five hours later than we expected. it has certainly arrived. let's go to some of the areas getting the heaviest rain. it is pretty much right along u.s. 19. there is still more in the gulf
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be pushing into manatee as well as pinellas county. the bottom line it is going to rain this evening. tomorrow morning you will be amazed how big of a change we are looking at. new developments today in the fight against the zika virus. the gov. announcing new travel related cases in the state. the new case is now in hillsborough county and that brings the county total to 3. we are also learning in another new case in broward county. now the governor is extending the public health emergency. meanwhile, ashley joins us live with what the governor says that the state is doing to prevent the spread of the virus. >> reporter: the gov. says he is trying to get ahead of the zika virus. there is a lot we don't know
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taking precautions. >> the best thing to do is be prepared. be ready, we have got to make sure people feel comfortable. >> reporter: another travel case of the virus reported in hillsborough county. the governor is requesting 1000 more anti-bodies the that test kits from the cdc to test for potential travel related cases. he is also required the health department by kids to test for active cases of zika virus. he is asking how much of the one $.6 million allocated for mosquito control is left. >> we want to stay ahead of the zika virus. that means we have to eliminate mosquitoes. >> reporter: the surgeon general recommends pregnant women who are at the highest risk avoid mosquitoes, stay inside, use repellent and wear long sleeves. something this mother says is tough.
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the heat. you have to do what you have to do. >> reporter: the cdc will be speaking with florida hospital workers soon. testing will be voluntary but health officials are asking everyone to be proactive. >> it is very scary. as a mother you want to take the measures to protect her kids. >> reporter: today the gov. and health officials reiterated the mosquito control you can do in your own home, make sure the doors and windows have screens on them. make sure you don't have any standing water and make sure you use bug repellent. >> tonight many calling for the real olympics to be canceled because of the outbreak. athletes training there say the
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the mosquitoes are everywhere. some adult weather brazil can get zika under control. >> i don't know if it is up to doing the olympics. mosquitoes are a tough opponent. >> the pres. says he virus has gone from a distant nightmare to a real threat. the olympic committee says it is keeping a close eye on the situation. child victims of abuse and neglect ripped from their homes. we are learning that is the case for thousands of children across the bay area. >> reporter: he says he would not be who he is today if it weren't for a neighbor teaching him . >> i wanted to give back
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>> reporter: now he volunteers as a guardian in hernando county serving as the only poise for children victims to abuse in court. many of these kids taken from their homes end up in first -- end up in foster care. >> the goal is 100% representation. these kids need representation. >> reporter: it is statewide with some of the greatest need in our area. in hillsborough county more than 1000 volunteers are needed. there are only enough volunteers to advocate for 70% of these kids. >> the goal is to make sure that child is safe. >> they let to court know what is in the best interest of the child. >> reporter: advocate say a majority of these kids have parents addicted to drugs. hernando says it is the reward he lives for. >> at the end of the day when you are down the line you meet those children and now they are adults
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>> reporter: -- cameras challenge in tampa bay and statewide. what will happen when the camera contract comes up for renewal? carson chambers explains. >> reporter: the red light cameras may be on their way out despite support from local law enforcement. the contract with america traffic solutions would expire in april unless renewed by city leaders and it is already being challenged. >> i am almost positive it will not pass. >> reporter: city council members feel the cameras don't
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safety issue, the money, it is not a good return on investment they say. numbers in other cities have shown they contribute to the pedestrian accidents. right now cameras statewide are under scrutiny. cities like north miami and gulfport have taken them down. >> i think it is extortion. >> reporter: while the cameras are still flashing they may not be for long if city counselors don't vote to renew the contract. in tampa, carson chambers abc action news. when you pump gas the skimming device was found in sarasota. the department of agriculture finding the skimming device during a routine check at a marathon gas station. the pump is both of you of any cameras. if you have used that gas
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bank account. hackers steal information from more than 63,000 students at the university of central florida. credit card information, medical records and grades were not accessed however, social security numbers were compromise. the hack will affect current and former athletes. the school also offering a year of free credit monitoring. sen. marco rubio moving up in the polls today after a surprising third-place finish in iowa. the poll of likely voters in new hampshire shows marco rubio passing ted cruz for second place among candidates. donald trump still leading the pack with 36%. today, chris christie taking aim at marco rubio and ted cruz saying the presidency of the u.s. is not a place for on-the- job training.
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he has had no experience. >> marco rubio calling him a "sore loser.". he also targeted ted cruz describing him as "calculating." >> hillary clinton won the state of new hampshire in her previous run but currently trails bernie sanders. tonight after the debate we will be holding the candidates responsible for what they say. you can see the truth ratings at at 11. being born into this world,
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undescribable pain. >> a man denied help from his health insurance company, coming up we will tell you how he is reaching out to the world helping someone can help him. an outbreak at sea, what passengers were doing that for stay crew to have to drain the
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former drug company executive martin shkreli refused to testify before congress today. drugmakers called in front of congress today to answer for drug increases. the companies argued the price hikes do not affect customers, most of whom pay a penny per pill. he invoked his fifth amendment right more than once. >> on the advice of counsel i will not give a statement. i respectfully decline. >> the former executive was excused from the here he after refusing to answer questions. he was even smirking at lawmakers. he tweeted after his dismissal
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"imbeciles." a bay area transgendered man asking the world to help him raise money to complete his transformation. he told us insurance will not cover the cost of gender reassignment surgery and looking in the mirror is causing him so much anxiety, getting the surgery is becoming a life and that matter. >> reporter: most like most girls she was adorable, her mother quick to put her in all things pink. always snapping photos of melissa capturing childhood memories. >> i never related with little girls and playing with dolls. >> reporter: the feelings would only intensify as he got older. at 28 she finally realized she was a man trapped in the wrong
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depressed. i withdrew myself from everyone. i was trying to hide from myself. >> reporter: research led her to a therapist. 10 months ago she began transitioning. that is a small part of his journey. >> it is painful. when i get out of the shower it back i have to look in the mirror it actually -- it gives me anxiety. that is the worst part of my day. >> reporter: she still has breasts and feels the image is that of a stranger. >> when i put this on i feel more comfortable being alone. >> reporter: the insurance carrier opted out of carrying reassignment surgery. now, he is turning to funding to feel complete. >> it is pretty rough. not being able to take care of the things you need to take care of in order to feel like good about yourself. >> reporter: he says he can't wait till he can look in the mirror
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he really is a a person. >> in the meantime there are resources for others like him who can manage this emotional journey. st. petersburg offers support groups and we have other resources at the cruise ship is not docked in australia after passengers were confined to their rooms because of an outbreak of gastro on board. passengers on people vomiting in the ships pool. the cruise lines has proper precautions were taken and those getting on the ship today are being told about the outbreak. tempe citic campus --
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not a great day to spend outside. >> the rain is really starting to come down now. we still have a camera out at the fair and the rain is starting to really come down. the heaviest rain is still about one half hour away but it is definitely going to be a wet evening across the area. about 9:00 or 10:00 from north to south things start to wind down. i think you will be amazed just how big the changes will be tomorrow morning. let's take a look outside. heavy rain continue to move from the gulf and inland to rocky creek.
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heavy showers. the cross fernando county to springhill, this is not severe weather, it is just a steady rain that continues to come in. we talked about this a few minutes ago, a second wave is ready to come into pinellas county. from sarasota to bradington it will continue and slowly wind down over the next few hours. temperatures right now low 60s across the counties, low 80s across the southern counties, by tomorrow morning the cold air will have come in, the wind will pick up and we will be talking wind chill. this is the wind chill for tomorrow morning, mid- 30s across the area. that is crazy. yesterday we had record highs. two days later we will be talking about a wind chill
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nio, it is just the way it is. low 60s across the area right now. here is something else, i don't week. i think we stay in the 60s days. unbelievable. there is a look at the satellite picture. i thought the rain would start earlier than it did. it was more early afternoon and the heaviest rain is now coming in right now. it will not change the forecast on friday. you will wake up to clear skies, it will be breezy tomorrow morning and you are going to need a jacket. we are talking wind chills in the 30s. the nice thing is it will be sunny. saturday into sunday we are
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system. a lo will develop east of florida to spread a few showers saturday night into sunday morning then quickly move out. forecast ties for friday, upper 50s to lower 60s and you factor in the windy conditions and it will feel even colder than that. a lot of cold air across a good portion of the nation. we could see, next wednesday, the coldest weather so far this season. northerly wind tomorrow at 25 miles per hour. small craft advisory is needed. not a good day to take the boat out. the rain will be gone by tomorrow. maybe a quick shower late saturday into early sunday and
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each day in the 50s and 60s. coming up this fan was almost to scammed out of $6000. we will tell you the one thing he did that could help you become -- we will tell you the one thing he did to help you avoid becoming the victim of a
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a warning for anyone buying tickets to the super bowl. a man came close to losing nearly $6000 after buying tickets on craigslist. he says he thought the deal was too good to be true. after seeing scams before he paid a fee and he used paypal
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money if it turned out to be a scam. his girlfriend recorded him opening the package. look at this. >> i get the envelope, it feels a little light. so, i open it up and there is a blank paper inside. >> luckily his money is protected through paypal. the denver police department is investigating. next, lawmakers trying to make it harder to get abortions in florida. the new bill that could rip away federal funding. a florida man tackles a robber holding a gun to his back. why this is not the first time he has been called a hero. my son plug-in a hoverboard and it exploded. >> tonight another hoverboard being blamed for a house fire. the one thing the homeowner
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access to abortion clinics in florida could soon get a lot harder. >> planned parenthood supporters are protesting a proposal they say could change where young women are receiving care. ryan reaves is a live in lakeland right now to break it down. >> reporter: this is one of the planned parenthood operations in florida. this location does not offer abortions but they do offer a wide range of services for women.
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