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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> i'm david muir. >> and i'm elizabeth vargas. a mosquito bite nearly killed her son. >> with the zika virus showing
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now at 11:00, speed bumps desperately needed in a bay area neighborhood but tomorrow they're being ripped out. the one mistake so big the county could not ignore it. >> he had angels watching out for him. everybody that's afflicted with that dies. >> her son nearly died from a mosquito borne disease. what this mom wants people to know about mosquitoes and the zika virus. >> abc action news is out with mosquito control. workers in hillsborough county are setting up traps for mosquitoes.
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on monday workers will begin testing the traps, checking for the zika virus. and tonight two more florida counties, st. john's and osceola county, reporting travel-related cases of zika, the state total now at 14. it is frightening news for one himself borough -- for one hillsborough county mom. she wants every parent to take the threat very seriously. tonight she shares her story. michael. >> reporter: wendy, that mother says her son was bit by a moss skate toe in a heavily wooded area just like the one behind me. she says she can remember the days that he was in the hospital like yesterday. he nearly died. now she's asking a lot of parents and kids out to wear long sleeves and mosquito repellent. she believes it could save a life. >> most people who get what he got, they die.
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just 11 when a mosquito bit him. >> it hurt as if somebody bashed my head with a hammer. >> it attacks the brain. i believe it attacks the spinal fluid, and it just starts wreaking havoc. >> reporter: katherine says her son had a 114-degree fever. he had a seizure, then slipped into a coma. worst. >> they were pretty sure it was going to go the one way, because we had no answers as to what was wrong, and he just kept declining. so they were pretty sure it wasn't going to end up well. >> reporter: after a battery of the virus. the first known case in 2013. it took three months before james was able to go back to school with the zika virus now threatening she hopes people won't to have go through what she did, and she urges everyone to wear a little repellent. >> it of course makes you appreciate life, makes you
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you, and it makes you more outside. >> reporter: and zika symptoms had. those symptoms are relatively joint pain. pregnant women. we're told it is connected to children that when they're born if they get infected with the defects. live in hillsborough county, abc action news. >> michael, thank you. chief meteorologist denis phillips joins us. >> pretty amazing how dramatic these temperatures have changed over the past couple of days. we were in the mid-80s two days ago. we were in the low to mid-30s this morning, and we're still in the upper 40s right now. overnight tonight look how quickly clouds begin to roll back into the area. you see those little areas of green? that's light rine. while i can't rule out a couple of sprinkles i still think it will be more clouds than sun and mostly dry.
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the rest of your forecast in a couple of minutes. >> thank you dennis. tonight a port richey man saying he only wanted to stop speeders before someone got hurt. he was excited when a company volunteered to put in speed bumps, but he overlooked one major detail. now those speed bumps have to go. >> we have two or three people on this road that wants to make it a racetrack. >> reporter: rosanna reese is legally blind. her mother is 91 years old. but that doesn't stop the pair from taking daily strolls down james street in port richey. >> usually a nice quiet dead- end street except when the speed demons come flying through here. >> reporter: she and her husband decided to take matters into their own hands convincing a company to put in three speed bumps. the company did it for free. there was just one little problem. >> how many steps were skipped? every one of them.
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they didn't have permission. the speed bumps are substandard, and the warning signs required by law are missing. the county contacted the construction company, and saturday workers will return to remove the speed bumps. but it may not end there. >> as far as who is responsible if there's damage to the road, it could be both the company that installed the asphalt and the citizen. >> reporter: reese says they don't regret the speed bumps, just the way they went about it. breaking news from sarasota tonight, firefighters rushing to this boat fire near the blackburn point bridge in osprey. we're hearing one person was rescued with minor injuries. they're still investigating how this fire started. right now a pinellas tae kwon do instructor is behind bars after officials say he admitted fondling a six and
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were undressed. now detectives are worried there could be more victims. if you have any information you can call the pinellas county sheriff's office. a student night at the florida state fair and deputies are out in full force. just two years ago students stampeded and deputies are making sure that does not happen again. we're live at the state fair with the latest. >> reporter: i did speak with "the hills" borough county major who told me there have been some fights but they've been able to break up those fights before it became any major problems. most of those happened within the last three hours. i'm told people have been ejected from the state fair, roughly more than 30 people for the entire day. there have been a few arrests for trespassing after a warning and for arrest warrants. despite that, fair officials say it has been a peaceful night. you may remember two years ago during student day the fair shut down on a friday night because of big brawls.
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after he was kicked out of the fair and tried to cross interstate 4. a car hit him. fair officials tell me there were some huge changes that they made before last year's fair and before this year's fair they did make some major improvements, like lighting, more cameras, and deputy elevation platforms. an update from polk county. security cameras capturing an estranged husband targeting a man who brought his wife to a doctor's office. the sheriff telling us the husband pulled out a gun but that gun misfired twice. right now the estranged husband is jailed on attempted murder charges. now to a rare look at life behind the walls of guantanamo bay, cuba. more and more detainees are being released, and the majority of men there are now actually behaving. guantanamo is still a very dangerous place. >> reporter: this is where some
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the world are being held there. emission, to kill americans and their allies. for many captured and brought to guantanamo bay, that mission never changed. these are actual weapons confiscated from the camps. shanks made out of wire. >> those are from the old days when it was camp delta. i haven't seen or heard of any improvised weapons. >> reporter: colonel david is the commander. he says the days of improvised weapons are over but for a selects few there are still a couple of ways to protest. >> certain detainees will collect and store bodily fluids, urine, fee sees, vomit. if they can get that opportunity to throw that on a guard, they will. >> reporter: it's called splashing, and it's the most common saw. guards wear face shields much like you would see in the or at a hospital. the colonel says guards are
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>> i've been here a long time. there's been well over 300 assaults on the guards through splashing, verbal assaults, or actual kicking, biting, and not a single guard of mine has ever retaliated. >> reporter: another nonviolent form of protest, fasting. >> those folks are given that right to make that protest, make that stand. >> reporter: the senior medical officer wouldn't say how many detainees are fasting saying there are only a few fed through tubes. >> we don't intervene until we're down to the point where we're looking at the effects of malnutrition. jaw dropping video as an eight-year-old tries to rob a grocery store. coming up, how prosecutors plan to handle the case. plus, a crane comes tumbling down in the heart of manhattan. new video next. a danger hidden in the walls of most bay area apartments and condos.
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are calling a major threat to
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this is a live picture from taiwan where hundreds of people are lucky to be alive after an earthquake in that area. 221 people rescued from this building after it collapsed. cnn is now reporting the 6.4- magnitude earthquake killed four people. 115 others are hospitalized, two in critical condition. crews are still now looking for survivors. new at 11:00, dramatic video of a 565-foot crane collapsing and crashing down to the ground. the crane landing on parked cars and taking up what appears to be a full city block. the cause of that crash still being investigated. the i-team sun covering a safety warning for people living in condos and apartment buildings.
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system may be defective. jarrod holbrook is taking action explaining what a new billion dollar lawsuit means for you. >> if a sprinkler pipe were to actual burst, you are going to be getting a lot of water. >> reporter: that's exactly what happened at two complexes in south florida. a fire sprinkler led to millions of dollars in damages and residents forced out of their homes. florida attorney irvin gonzalez says in this case it's the manufacturer's fault. >> it is a major life safety issue. >> reporter: life safety issue because gonzalez says plastic pipes, commonly used in residential fire sprinklers, can break or leak and reduce water pressure in a fire emergency. you see this orange pipe? gonzalez says the resin breaks
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contact with common building products like bonding agents and anti-core rough sif corrosive agents. gonzalez filed a lawsuit. he claims the pipes are defective. so far he has clients in florida, texas, arizona, kansas, mississippi, and alabama. >> we've hired a number of nationally recognized experts. engineers, chemists, material experts who have gone to the lab, tested this material, and have determined that it's defective, it's not suitable for what it's being sold, it will fail. >> reporter: how widespread of a problem do you think this is? >> this is a national issue. >> reporter: tampa's fire marshall says the pipe in question is in about 99% of the condos and apartments in our area. >> oh, a lot. where they can use it, they always use it.
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said it's been legal to use for years and is a cheaper alternative to steel pipe. his team test systems frequently and keeps a list of materials that are not compatible with cpvc. >> i've never seen failure in my 20-year tenure in the fire department. has it happened? i'm sure it probably has. >> it's not a question of if it will happen. it's a question of when it will happen. >> reporter: according to gonzalez, the companies in question knew the material was defective but kept selling it anyway. in the lawsuit, he states e- mails from one of the largest manufacturers show they tested the product as early as 2005 and knew it was defective. he claims their acts, quote, constitute a conspiracy. >> it's a classic case of putting profits over people and sales over safety. >> reporter: lubrisol since this statement. it is the company's policy not to comment on pending litigation.
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information and denies the allegations in the lawsuit. gonzalez says sprinkler systems installed from 2005 to 2012 are most at risk. we found a similar lawsuit in orlando stating cpvc pipes are defective and unreasonably dangerous. experts say if you notice small drops of water beading up on your ceiling, you should have a professional check it out, even if they have to cut into the ceiling. it could save you money and headache in the long run. i'm investigator jarrod holbrook taking action for you. we're just learning an eight-year-old boy who tried to rob a grocery store with a gun, you see him there, stolen from his mom, will not face any charges. instead, he must attend a diversion program. in this surveillance video here you see an employee actually
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little boy. we were out at the florida state fair earlier tonight. some folks are going to be headed out. >> definitely chilly. >> yesterday a lot of rain in the afternoon, but you look outside right now, and things are beginning to wind down. at least the weather is cooperating. nothing wrong with having to wear a sweat shirt or a heavier jacket. in fact, that was one of our facebook questions of the day. we said, so, is this weather just right, too warm, or too cold? an overwhelming majority said just right. surprising for floridians who you would kind of think would like it warmer. cool air is in store for the next several days. it's still windy out there butt isn't as windy as it was this morning when we were talking windchills. how many times this year have we had to talk windchills? not many. winds out of the north- northeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. outside from tampa to
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are clear. winds out of the north- northeast. they're beginning to shift. instead of due north, which brings in colder eight, more of an easterly component. all of a sudden our temperatures begin to warm. in fact, i think most of these will begin to level out over the next few hours and won't drop much more. probably mid-40s in our northern counties, low 50s elsewhere. satellite picture, beautiful today. it was unusually chilly, especially compared to record highs two days ago. yet our roller coaster ride continues. it's not going anywhere because we've got more changes in store. this is the water vapor image. it shows you how much dry air we have. you can see the entire state covered, but just in the last hour or two we're starting to see that dry air erode as more moisture comes in. there is going to be a whale of a storm develop just east of us over the next day or so. the impact on us, wind. rain, not much, even though overnight skies begin to cloud up.
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morning you will definitely see more clouds than sun, maybe a sprinkle, but really more than likely just a milky look to the sky. as that storm begins to take shape you start to see a better chance of rain. the best chances of rain will be closer to the low which will be east of the state. so highlands, polk, hardy, de soto, you've got a much better chance of rain. it's going to be cloudy most of the day but i just don't think we have too much to worry about in terms of rainfall. on sunday morning that low really gets going, then all of a sudden there's talk of a major snow event or storm up north as it pulls away from us. but watch what happens as it does. it takes the clouds right along with us. so sunday afternoon we're nice but we're cold again with highs in the upper 50s. as that low cranks up our winds pick up. so we will be talking windchills again on sunday
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here is a look at overall rainfall totals expected. compared to two, three, even five inches of rain just two days, a not too bad tomorrow. a 10th of an inch closer to the coast, higher to the east. so our eastern and southern counties, a a little better chance of measurable rain as opposed to the rest of us. our forecast highs. this is what's amazing. we were in the mid-80s two days ago. we're not going to see 70 degrees for the next week. we're certainly not going to seat tomorrow across the metro area where it will below sit, maybe mid to upper 60s, and yes, even down south we could go 69 or 70, way outside, down around lake placid, but for most of our viewers, 98%, you are going to stay in 50s and 60s through the middle of next week. i do think there's a freeze possible next tuesday night into wednesday. for the boaters, of the two days it is going to be windy
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sunday in terms of winds. north winds at 10 to 15, gulf temperatures chilly at sick. a moderate chop on the bay. the upcoming tides, sunrise at 7:15, sunset at 6:14. so our forecast for saturday, we're going to go mostly cloudy. those clouds are rolling first thing in the morning. a couple of showers. i wouldn't change your plans. i think the fair will still be okay but it will be nicer on sunday than saturday, although much windier on sunday as well. here's a look at florida's most accurate seven-day. rain chances 30% saturday. sunday we clear out, cool off, and it gets blustery. highs of 58, 64 on monday, upper 50s return on tuesday with a few more showers, and we stay chilly right through next week. >> all right, thank you dennis. another big win for the lightning as they keep their home win streak going. t.j. has the highlights from amalie
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hello, folks. no lead is safe against the penguins but the lightning found the way answering two pittsburgh rallies for their 8th win in a row at home.
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special teams tonight. steven stamkos pokes the puck out of the lightning zone to andrew pouliot. sidney crosby's 21st goal of the year. lightning's lead now cut to a goal. but a little over a minute later the bolts' power play connects. kucherov starting to heat up and so is pouliot. his second goal of the game. the lightning went on to beat pittsburgh tonight. the final in this one 6-3. all right, we hope it is a big night tomorrow night for present and past buccaneers. first of all, jameis winston up for the nfl rookie of the year awards. winston has been getting some pretty strong backing so we will see what happens.
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dungy is a finalist for the hall of fame. >> you know that it's coming close, and what's hard is there's absolutely nothing i can do. you know, i did my work for it. now i tell ira kauffman it's his job. if he screws it up, it's his fault now. but ira does a really good job at presenting the case. he will do a great job representing tony and i. we'll see what happens. it would be the icing on the cake just like this is, and i'm hopeful. i hear there's good momentum. the father of browns quarterback johnny manziel is coming out saying his son is refusing his family's efforts to get him into rehab. manziel's father said, "i truly believe if they can't get him help he won't see his 24th birthday."
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haslem whose indicating his team has washed their hands of johnny manziel. >> we're not worried about johnny manziel the football player. we're worried about johnny manziel the person. we've reached out several times, just like we would any player. i think it's enough said on the issue. i think it's a personal issue now. it's not a football issue. who will it be, denver or carolina in super bowl 50? carolina a five and a half point favorite. they're the better team, but something tells me that the broncos will find a way to keep this close. it will be all predicated on their defense. i'm not saying the broncos are going to win it, but i am taking denver. i think carolina will win it by three. finally, you will not see harris at quarterback next year for the gators. that's the word we're getting in gainesville. he will be a wide receiver. how about that one.
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we have continuing coverage on all our top stories on our website. just head over to >> have a good night and a
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