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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  February 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you don't know how difficult it is until you have lost everything. >> a family's nightmare becomes a warning. the one thing homeowners are urged to do to guard against squatters. >> records are being shattered. van zandt police presence are pushing the limits. >> a black lives matter. protest marches onto the
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how young lives lost-the demonstration end. deputies say the protesters went too far. thank you for joining us, everyone. >> a group of protesters facing charges after being hauled off in handcuffs out the florida state fairgrounds today. we are joined live from the fairgrounds to tell us about this protest and why this group gathered in the first place. 26. many of them are associated with black lives matter. they blocked the front entrance this morning. protesters wanted to bring attention to what they call the need for justice in the death of andrew joseph the third. a 14-year-old. he was killed on the highway near the fairgrounds two years ago after being kicked out of the fair itself. they call the sheriff's office to complain about the group trespassing on the property by deputy showed up. protesters were mostly peaceful and asked them to move away and most of them did, but most of them change them to-chain them
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despite the arrest. they are not giving up their cause. >> it was clearly they are intense. "last chance to leave and they indicated they absolutely are going to be arrested and there was nothing we could do to dissuade them. >> people are getting arrested people are dying in police custody. they are not going away. after the arrests, visitors could enter through this main front entrance. place say deputies have no issue with protesting but people have a right to do that in this case, they were trespassing onto the property when near here they were designated for protesters,
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the roadway and that's what caused the problem and led to those arrests. in hillsboro county abc action news. now the most accurate weather team abc action weather. could you tell that carol was a little cold without leather jacket on? it is brisk outside after that rain has moved up the coast for this area of low pressure that brought us the wind and rain yesterday. today we're getting brisk northeast breezes and cooler temperatures. we are 53 in tampa and 53 outside where tara was standing at everyone is in the low to mid 50s but with breezes coming in pretty brisk right out of the north and northwest. it feels cooler and as the sun goes down. it's going to get cold.
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45 and low 40s and are inland neighborhoods and it will get colder in the workweek. i will tell you how much you will have to bundle of the kids as you head off to the bus stop tomorrow morning. a newport family was to warn people about squatters who take over homes. since this family locked up for the trip, only to return to a disaster. jake peterson is taking action by showing you how to protect yourself from becoming a victim. >>reporter: this house on fourth street is still leases home but it is not so sweet. should i had to hold onto the door to keep myself from falling over. >>reporter: she took her family to orlando for a few weeks , only to return to find your stuff stolen in her house ransacked. she said squatters took over. >> everything from inside the house was gone and valuable
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>>reporter: the kids mattresses gone. it's almost too much to handle.>>and squatting on the floor, using the bathroom on the floor. smith even introduce themselves to a neighbor. spirit they said that they were living here now and we weren't here anymore. >>reporter:, eventually they rest of this one on a burglary charge. but they believe others were inside. >> we had to clean up. we cleaned up one piece at a time because we were afraid of being stabbed with needles and crack pipes. >> my oldest son had hyphenated >>reporter: it has been hard with no assurance. she encourages others to ensure your property. so i don't think cause you leader has to lock your doors, they can come back and things will be the way they were.
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page you can find it on website abc action to make sad news out of polk county, 203 children data in several victims fighting for their life after a horrific crash. and it catches latinos the weather played a role. it left debris and just before nine last night, one of the cars began to fishtail near laurel avenue speeding head-on into another car but a six rolled in the first car died and an eight-year-old and a six rolled were killed in the other car six other children for adults were hospitalized as possible wet roads were a factor in this crash for several good samaritans stopped by to try to help the victims. where learned the name of a man killed during a stabbing in tampa. police arrested 45-year-old johnny mathis for the death yesterday. officers told us he pushed a woman into a puddle on nebraska ave., friday night and got into
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stabbing him with a knife. witness tells detectives he tried to wash the blood off. mathis is facing second-degree murder. we are minutes away from the super bowl. >> more than 180 million people watching the ultimate showdown between the broncos and the panthers and as the excitement is at an all-time level so as the security measures. dozens of federal, state, law enforcement agencies are swarming the san francisco bay area. it's a level of surveillance never before seen at the beginning. officers are using live camera feeds to monitor the stadium and the fbi said there are no credible threats. super bowl victory could become the most expensive sporting event in us history. ticket tracking site or forsake average price is just shy of $5000. more expensive than super bowl xlix.
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of the best quarterbacks of all time and the possibility of tonight the his last game. more on that coming up in sports. even animals are getting into super bowl simony florida aquarium has made it prediction with the help of a special penguin. pebbles the penguin took his place between the two teams. he is going and leaving but he is going with the panthers but this is the tradition at the aquarium and if pebbles is right. 75% of the time. >> we will see if his right this time. all eyes on new hampshire counted-one florida sen. tries to defend his work. florida nightclub. the similarities between this a deadly violence in tampa and crews plenty to those responsible.
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another shooting at a florida nightclub in orlando. two people are dead and nine or heard from the shooting this morning. it happened at the glitz ultra lounge on universal boulevard will 300 people were inside. officer say most of the wounded were innocent bystanders. they are searching for three suspects. in tampa paper award has offered to track down those responsible for a similar club shooting. marvin lancaster the third was killed. the violence played out last night. investigators are trying to figure out leads and crimestoppers is offering $3000 for information leading to the arrest. some of democracy 2016. a visit super bowl sunday with
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and events ahead of the big game. smith that means cashing in on last night's debate are making up for lost ground. cnn releasing a new poll showing front-runner donald trump of a growing lead in new hampshire with 300 voters surveyed 33% are back a trap and 16% prefer florida sen. marco rubio. he is putting off criticism from some for marking him for looking redundant. we fact check some of the debate statements and we found more than a few false ones. you can see this on abc action donald trump will make a stop in tampa this week. the candidates is holding a rally at the sundown friday night at 7 pm. bernie sanders is getting a lot of buzz after his appearance on saturday night live. hillary clinton visits flint, michigan, calling the water crisis tomorrow. sanders is leading clinton by double digits in new hampshire two days before the state's primary.
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see what they did this afternoon. could this super bowl. the peyton manning's last game? we will tell you what he did last night during a team meeting with the broncos.
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a historic north hyde park church. the burn down last year, staging a comeback. student members gathered this morning for a special ceremony. one year after the devastating fire. players and ministries from all of the state took part in the dedication ceremony. it's cold and windy. >> this is about as wintry as it feels around here. we get the northwest winds at the front. and that chilly breeze. this is winter in florida. you can feel it. it's going to be like this through the week as well.
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apollo beach camera. as the sun goes down, it is a clear sky. notice the boats in the harbor. abbott is going out right now but we will see the winds died down a little bit. they're going to offer some gale warnings by tomorrow. let's take a look at those headlines. it's cold out the wallet is a bright blustery sunday. we are looking for more of the same all this week sick. it used to it. the coolness is sticking around. 140 cooler than normal. 53 is the normal. no rain in the bucket we got 2/10 of an inch yesterday. 53 in tampa and auburndale and sarasota and 52 in clearwater and wesley chapel.
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lower 500 range but look at the wind gusts. 19 miles an hour in newport richie 21 in tampa, 21 in arcadia and breezes are brisk and that's making it feel a little bit cooler. they are in the 50s throughout the entire state of florida and throughout the entire southeast but we are going to see those temperatures continue to drop as the skies remain clear. we have high pressure out to our west and an area of low pressure yesterday scooting up across the carolinas bringing some snow and rain and a snow rain mix. that's what you get the carolinas this time of year. it's just a mess. tomorrow morning because he nice clear skies is the winds died down set up out of the west and russia pull some showers through the evening hours and we would just leave a chance of showers us in their
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going to be the story. tampa will bottom out at 45 and 42 in hernando and eight, nt so fulfilling it will be in the 30s. heading out to the bus stop two or three layers because the sun comes up later, it will warm up. it is going to be very chilly into the morning hours. breezes. tomorrow morning. the breezes will die down by tomorrow afternoon will have a gale warning from whence to shortage 25 kn. the sun is up. the 714. bill seo are left next to him. but overall this is a good stretch of weather where feels like culture and florida. see the 40s with overnight lows? that means are going to be in the 30s.
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keep the sweaters and jackets handy. your photos of the contest is going on right now. take part all you have to do is go to our facebook page at abc action news and submitted a photo on this post good. here's a picture from last week. we will see the winter tonight at 11. super bowl l just minutes away from kickoff peyton manning versus cam newton. will this be manning's last game? well, cam newton become the first quarter back in history to win a super bowl, heisman trophy,--hall of fame running back marcus allen has received all for towards the marcus allen is the only player to win all for faith and they hope that it and doesn't accomplish that feat. instead the super bowl victory
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this will be his last and what a way to go out with a possible super bowl win. peyton got emotional near tears. when talking about what the game meant to have that he did not say that the team or anybody or anything about tonight's game be his last. similar carolinas. the favorite team today. that does not fare well with the panthers. this is a neutral site so we will see what happens and broncos running and upset fashion. kickoff is at nine minutes away. yesterday, winston came in second place they voted for todd gurley who beat winston by 10 votes. and tony dundee will be donning
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fame class. he will be enshrined at the hall of fame in ohio. he coached the buccaneers from 96 through 2000 want and he was fired after losing a nfc wild- card game against the eagles in 2100 he was hired by the colts and he eventually one super bowl xli. john lynch missed out on the community member of the hall of fame. he did not receive enough votes. lynch made the cuts, but was not among the final eight. we will have to wait until next year. the friendly confines of the sun don't have not been kind to the men's basketball team. both have been struggling at home lately and it's getting bad, and i got worse today. they haven't won a home game since december against jacksonville. they registered one went in the last month or so. tonight a match up against number 12 did not fare any better.
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well. smu had a hole in his pocket because the kid was dropping dimes all day. eight assists a team-high of 26. usf loses to the mustangs 92- 58. stay tuned, we are back after the spinal timeout.
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right now it will take action for your forecast showing it. the chill for tomorrow morning. starting off in tampa 450. it's going to be a cool week. it looks like we wanted 70 until the weekend. so we are going to stay below normal temperature wise. bundle up.>> winter is here. >> we knew it was coming. >> we will see you tonight at
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