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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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came to light months ago but tonight the public is hearing about it for the first time. those allegations against a deputy, and we have the details of what allegedly happened here. >> reporter: deputy tyson boyd works here at district 1 but law enforcement officers aren't talking about it. he's now on unpaid leave and the hillsborough county sheriff's office says it's not their case because he was arrested in pasco county. he was arrested by zephyrhills police but they are not telling us anything. all the information we have is coming from the arrest warrants. tyson boyd barely opened the door when we asked about the lewd and lascivious charge against a minor.
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about your recent arrest. >> no, thanks. >> reporter: the 13-year deputy is accused of inappropriately touching a girl older than 12 but younger than 16, stating he touched several private areas and asked her to touch him. >> that's shocking to me. it's hard to believe, really. >> seem like he's a friendly person. have parties down there for the kids, didn't notice anything unusual about it. >> reporter: the warrant says it happened halloween night but month. one neighbor said everyone took party. >> we have over 1500 people outside. >> reporter: but the arrest warrant says it happened inside his house. he and his wife have several children and we are told he's so friendly, all the children
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they hope it's not true. >> should be looked into, make sure it's true or not. i don't have anything bad to say about it. >> with his profession, it's life-changing and can be life ruining, especially if they're unfounded accusations. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says they suspended him immediately when they heard of this but it's not clear why it took three months and why we weren't told in the first place. detectives looking for this man here, accused of attacking a 6-year-old child in a mall restroom in clearwater in the macy's women's bathroom. police say they are working leads to make an arrest. >> reporter: clearwater police have been working on these
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today, because they have some good surveillance photos that came from inside macy's, and a lot of people calling in with tips. >> reporter: moms an dads are stunned at how bold this guy is. >> shows gall knowing there's security here. >> reporter: a suspect forced open a bathroom stall at countryside mall's macy's and attacked a 6-year-old girl while her dad waited outside the bathroom. >> i think he was in close proximity, outside the restaurant. being six years old, she convinced him, i can do this myself. >> reporter: officers say the man pushed the girl and she screamed and he took off. her dad says she wasn't physically hurt. >> he said the girl was tough through it all and she was doing okay this weekend but the bottom line, they want to get that man caught so he wouldn't
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>> reporter: the suspect is a white male with short dark hair and a possible mustache. he was wearing a blue plaid shirt and jeans and sneakers, and may have been with two females while inside the mall. >> i ask if another woman is going in, if she's take her. >> if she's not with me, she goes in with her dad. i don't trust anybody in today's society. you can't. >> reporter: westfield manages this mall here and we did not hear back from them. we wanted to ask if they have changed security measures since that incident on friday night. clearwater police have good leads on this.
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are looking for this piece of art, stolen this weekend in st. pete. it's a unique glass vase worth more than $20,000. we'll have more on that coming up tonight at 6:00. good afternoon, everybody. we are definitely on the cool side but that isn't the big weather story. this is. the winds are howling out of the west northwest and we are going to see that continue right on through the evening as through. it will give us showers. more impressive. we have a lot of changes to talk about, and a freeze is possible later in the week. few minutes. covering polk county right now, weather may be to blame
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today grief counselors were at pine grove elementary school in wayne after their classmate was one of three children killed in that crash. >> reporter: three days after the crash, car parts still litter the spot where three young kids lost their lives. >> reporter: saturday night their step dad was driving and the kids' mom was in the front seat. investigators say aguilar lost
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another with five people inside head-on. >> i don't like phone calls in the middle of the night because those are not good calls. >> he got me, all day yesterday wearing batman shirt at the hospital and today it's purple because that's his favorite color. >> reporter: two other kids, ages 6 and 8, also died in the crash. and britney broken several bones an needs surgery, and anthony will need more as well. this family has been through this five years ago when they lost their daughter ashley in a car crash due to bad weather. now they are reliving this all over again. >> five years ago when we lost
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basically put and a around my neck for her. unfortunately this has to now honor anthony also. >> reporter: the roads were wet and investigators say that could have played a role in the incident. and it appears everyone involved was wearing a seat belt. ryan raiche, abc action news. now a crime alert in tampa tonight. police are searching for the man who shot another man in the face after a super bowl party near busch gardens. the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. covering pasco county, deputies need your help finding this man, accused of trying to kill a deputy. deputies were trying to arrest him for an outstanding warrant when he tried to run over one of the officers.
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anyone with information leading to his arrest is eligible for a cash reward. this is the sign chipotle customers were greeted with this afternoon. the company closed for a training food safety seminar after several food outbreaks all across the country. no new cases have been reported since december. all restaurants reopened their doors at 3:00 this afternoon. coming up tonight at 11:00, after all those illnesses were discovered, we wanted to know how safe are bay area chipotles. the i-team uncovers which chipotles locally failed with state inspectors. that's tonight at 11:00. up next, tossed at sea, thousands of crew ship passengers confined to their
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what happened when a ship sailing for florida hit hurricane-force winds. >> what those heading to the
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clearwater beach conditions are testing hundreds of national sailors, some hoping to qualify for the olympics in rio. this team from australia knows they're in. >> it's great to already be selected for the olympic games, obviously very excited. but we're aiming for gold, so we have a lot of work to do.
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to brazil in six months, where the zika virus is in full force. the athletes well-being is now a major concern. today u.s. officials are telling athletes worried about the zika virus to stay home. this german team is still rio. >> i think there are ways to we travel there. >> reporter: the city says they will fumigate daily and these sailors say nothing can keep them away from a chance at gold, not even the zika virus. >> we'll go and fight everything that comes in our way. >> reporter: competitions off clearwater beach start tomorrow and wrap up sunday. you can watch the races at pier 60. right now workers are testing mosquito traps set up over the weekend to find areas
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there are at least three known cases in hillsborough county, and all the infections were believed to have happened outside the state. shocking new video tonight from a royal caribbean cruise ship. this is damage inside the anthem of the seas, running into high winds and rough seas off the coast of charlotte over the weekend. bill nelson is calling on the ntsb to investigate why the ship made the decision to sail near that storm. some estimate the winds were more than 100 miles an hour. passengers reported tables and chairs toppled over and water flowing down the staircases. >> looked out and you could see waves like the height of our balcony. and we're on the seventh deck. i don't know how much of that
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how much was up tipped over. >> the ship was supposed to dock tuesday morning but instead it will return to new jersey and guests will receive a full refund and coupon for 50% off a future cruise. >> my guess is that would be on a different ship. >> interesting, it was the same storm that gave us our rain on saturday. as it moves east of florida, it just blew up. we have a lot more weather going on. every couple of days it seems we have big changes. look outside, as beautiful as it is and tranquil as it looks, that's all changing later tonight and into tomorrow morning. there's the front. the front looks wife weak, nothing to it.
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what we will see is wind associated with this. that wind tomorrow will be howling first thing in the morning, gail warnings in effect, even for the bay itself. temperatures are in the 60s across the area and winds will be the story late tonight. you'll feel it tomorrow morning as you walk out, winds gusting in some cases up to 35, maybe 40 miles an hour, especially close to the beach. the farther inland you go, the less wind and rain you'll have to worryabout. mid-60s right now, mostly cloudy skies at the airport, winds gusting to about 25 miles an hour. satellite and radar, you can see the cloud cover rolling in. the front is still off to our north. we have had a little bit of everything of late. what's common with this type of pattern is sudden and dramatic changes to the weather. we had it over the weekend, have it again tonight and
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if you're going outside with a few sprinkles showing up, i think you're good to go. most of the area is dry till probably act 9:30, 10:00. then by then, we quickly see a few showers come in. this is the severe light rain, and most folks will be sleeping through it. but you'll feel and hear that wind howling out there because it's really coming in first thing in the morning. behind it, enough northwest wind could have some clouds like lake-effect snow up north. clouds. with it. coast. the wind is going to be around through the day and slowly tomorrow night and wednesday morning, i think we'll see a couple things change. the clouds begin to go away and
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so we'll have cold weather, maybe even a freeze across the northern counties. i think the bulk of the area out there should see mostly sunny skies. that's the forecast for the rest of the week. starting late tomorrow, we are good to go. unseasonably cold but it will be dry, and we'll get that florida sunshine back. won't see any florida temperatures with highs only in the upper 50s tomorrow, even low to mid-50s. then factor in the wind, and it's going to feel most of the day like it's not 40s in the northern counties, 50s for the rest of the viewing area. wednesday morning we'll start to talk about a breeze. i think citrus, hernando, maybe even eastern pasco could see frost thursday morning and the chance of a freeze. there are no freeze watches right now, just up to our north for tomorrow night.
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don't even think about taking that boat out over the next 12 to 24 issuings. we have gale warnings in effect including the tampa bay waters, which is rare. seas 10 to 14 feet, rough obviously, northwest wind 20 to 25 knots. there's a look at the upcoming tides, sunset and sunrise. we have a few showers tomorrow, lots of clouds, highs about 58. sunshine returns on wednesday and warm temperatures don't. we'll stay in the 50s and 60s all week long. but the weekend is looking good, at least the first half, turning colder again by sunday. caught on camera, this massive explosion causing panic in the streets of london, coming up, the reason no one was in danger and the message many people didn't get. >> and coming up, the new
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welcome back. a double decker bus explodes in the streets of london this weekend, sending people running scared. but it was just a special effect for a movie filming. officials say signs were posted and letters were sent out but it caused plenty of panic. divers in california found two bodies while searching for the wreckage of a midair plane collision. the search began on friday after a plane was seen on radar colliding with another outside l.a. harbor. one plane was piloted by a 72- year-old woman and two men were in the other plane. the victims were found 105 feet
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the coroner's office is working to identify those remains. hartsfield-jackson international airport added four mama boss stations thanks to a social media campaign called table for two, urging the airport to become more family friendly. advertising will be used to cover the cost an upkeep of the $15,000 stations. still to come, walking and biking dangers and the personal experience that inspired one mother to take action to protect students. >> reporter: at 5:30, the barrier driving good talent elsewhere. >> and later, store prepared foods are popping up on more shopping lists but there are some alarming hidden
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recruiting the best and brightest can be tough if they can't aftera place to live. >> and rent is so high, many young people now say they may be forced to leave. >> reporter: mimi is driven, ambitious and has big goals. >> i'm saving for grad school right now. >> reporter: but the price of housing is still a tough pill to swallow. she and her husband live with family right now. >> it helps in a lot of ways. for me personally, it's how we can reach some of our goals and make smart financial decisions. >> reporter: a recent study from the professionals group shows nearly half the members
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area because rent is too high.
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