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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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for drivers tonight, an accident shutting down some lanes.
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we begin tonight with breaking news. right now the florida highway patrol just opening the northbound lanes at i-75 after they were shut down all night. >> troopers telling us a truck an overpass. here's a closer look at the area we are talking about tonight. overpass road here where everything was closed moments ago. but things are changing. joins us live from possum county with the latest out there. >> i want to show you a little bit of those crews. they are actually picking up those koans so that these lanes are reopened and the reason why it was closed for several hours
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truck carrying a crane hit that part of an underpass. it hit 2 sections. they put what appears to be two tarps across that area. the truck was driving north on i-75 near mile marker 282 in pasco county. the driver of the truck from texas was not hurt. florida highway patrol ticketed him because the height of the truck was higher than it should have been to safely pass underneath that bridge and that impact was so hard, we did find some pieces of that bridge shattered underneath where we are standing. they are going to take the next several days to have crews out here to repear that. >> pair sell a, thank you. you saw him in a grainy photohe.
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attacking a 6-year-old girl in a bathroom. the excuse thompson has for what allegedly happened, michael. jamjamison, thompson is still here but he is waiting to get outs. it was this surveillance photo that we shared. police told us this is a picture that led to the identity of ricky thompson and the story about why he said he was in that bathroom with that girl. >> 18-year-old ricky thompson is charged with simple battery after police say he made a serious of mistakes friday night. >> he could have handled it differently. >> police spokesperson said thompson was at the mall to pick up his son from his estranged wife. police say during the child exchange he told them he had to use the restroom. >> he basically tells us that he accidently went into the
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and while he was in there the little girl apparently had come in as well. she was in her stall. >> the father says his six-year- old daughter just learned about stranger danger. seeing a man in the lady's room. >> instead of doing a million other things instead of leaving, he chose to put his hand over her mouth trying to get her not to scream. >> the girl fell down and police say thompson took off. after seeing his picture blasted all over town, thompson contacted detectives to give a statement. >> our detectives don't have any reason to believe he's making this up. >> that 6-year-old girl was not injured except she was pretty scared as you can imagine and as for thompson, he is still here.
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we are told that is a misdemeanor. we're live in jail tonight. michael, thank you. an amber alert just ending in fort lauderdale. police say they found a car with a 10-year-old girl inside. they are looking for the man that took the car. the mother telling us she was dropping off laundry and left the child in the vehicle with the motor running. good evening, everybody. right now a cold front is moving through the area and we have got rain across a good portion of pinellas county. most of this is light but it will continue to rain right through the overnight hours, mostly north of i-4. look at these winds, gusting to nearly 40 miles per hour across part of the area. folks, this is a one two punch with this cold front, first the
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waking up to temperatures in the 40s. it's the cold. i'll tell you how low it goes in a few moments. the growing story on the zika virus. right now the cdc moving to level one, that's a highest level, staffers are working around the clock tracking cases of zika here in the united states. president obama asking congress for $1.8 billion to fight zika. detectives telling us some new video released tonight helps them track down a driver who killed a man on a bicycle and kept going. pulled this video from a red light video. officers say the car with that red circle over it hit kyleary as he pedaled a bicycle on u.s.
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say it's a 4 door gray toyota corolla. >> i was in shock. i just couldn't believe that he's not with us any more. >> family and friends will get together in saturday in braiding ton to celebrate skyler's life. that same night they will have a vigil in his honor. we are learning that a deputy is facing felony charges. a 13 year veteran is on unpaid leave. his warrants detailing his arrest for a crime allegedly taking place on halloween. he is accused of touching a girl younger than 12. shocked neighbors say they had a community halloween party outside that night. >> it is hard to believe.
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>> if there's evidence to make an arrest, that is disturbing because we would never have suspected a thing. >> the sheriff's office said they suspended him moments after his arrest. even though he's a deputy the case is being handled by zephyr hill police. an investigation into a police that shot into the wrong person's home. winter garden police went to the wrong house. the homeowners say they banged on his door after 1:00 a.m. and would not identify themselves as police so the homeowner got his gun and then heard an officer scream gun. bullets started then flying. morgan and morgan is filing
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energy drinks saying the high caffeine -- the plaintiffs plaintiffs ranging from 14 to 42 years old and have suffered strokes or kidney failure. they will also be targeted red bull and -- monster calling this a copy cat case. part of the super bowl is the commercials, right. this year we got to see something different. we are talking about super bowl babies. tonight talks to some local babies who made it all the way to the big game. >> corina is a super bowl baby. >> at least that's what she and
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have in common. >> the nfl says 9 months after a team wins a super bowl there's a spike in hometown births. >> it was a good year. >> it sure was. >> she remembers it well. little did she know it would allow her daughter a lifetime of super bowl memories. >> the best part for me was being able to meet a bunch of different people from different places and working together to film this huge amazing forget. >> 18s from the last super bowl were represented from seahawks to the heads of super bowl one. >> it's probably the best experience i've ever had. >> not only did he get to film in new york city and san francisco but he got to do a little sightseeing as well from
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>> they treated us like super stars. >> while giving parents a few awkward. >> it opened up a few conversations around the room that day. tonight a man charged with the unthinkable, shooting child porn at school. how police say he got access to young children. plus chipotle closing for lunch today. so i decided to check out our chipotle restaurant. and children have to deal with gators, but how about a leopard. how they got rid of a fake cat
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now heading back to new jersey. take a look at royal caribbean their cabins. the ship is scheduled to make a stop in port canaveral before heading to the bahamas. the cruise line is promising a full refunds. volunteer in jail tonight on a million dollar bond porn. he is facing 10 charges including sex abuse of a minor. police say so far they have 10 victims ages 9 to 13. he is accused of having 40 different videos, many of which were produced on school grounds during the day. he was an elementary school volunteer and director of a youth choir. every chipotle in the u.s.
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parts of the country. so our i-team decided to dig deep, checking on how our local chipotle restaurants did with health inspectors. i found some concerning results on recent reports. >> i had the double steak treat a, extra cheese, mild and hot salsa. >> how was it. >> he is a big fan. >> i've been hearing things about chipotle, but i love it. >> after 362 people got sick around the country, we wanted to know, are bay area restaurants really safe. in a special dirty dining investigation, our i-team looked for inspection reports for 35 chipotle restaurants in sarasota and pasco counties and
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in january inspectors walked into -- and saw a live wild bird flying around the restaurant with open food exposed to possible contamination. the manager says he was aware of that wild bird and it's a regular nuisance but he wasn't aware the door was held open. when inspectors returned the next day, live bird still there. chipotle was then issued an administrative complaint. also discovered leafy greens at improper temperatures. and the hand wash not accessible for employees to wash their hands. so we went inside to get some answers. >> did you know you had a live bird in your restaurant. >> i can get in trouble for that so i'm not allowed to answer any questions. >> even though you're the manager on duty? >> yes. >> he wouldn't say anything
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>> can you comment at least that everything is safe. >> no, i'm sorry, knowingly, sorry about that. >> kim and bob walsh just ate at chip chipotle in st. petersburg and were unaware of a stock sale of cheese due to dangerous temperatures and the food was sitting in a cooler that was turned off with items well above 41 degrees. other major violations include equipment and utensils not properly sanitized. employees with new proof of required training. manager on duty, nick also couldn't say much. >> are you aware of the stock sales? >> yes, all i can say is everything is up to date. > and chipotle's loyal customers seem to believe it. >> so you will be back? >> we will be back. >> i reached out to communications director and he
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he in part, quote, any time we see issues like this it is not in line with expectations. in 2016 we are increasing the frequency of our audits. and commissioning quarterly inspections from a third party. coming up next week i'm working on another dirty dining report. going into a restaurant with famous cuban sandwiches and the owner explains why he's had so many violations in the last year. again, that's next week at 11:00, jamison. just into the newsroom, a leopard captured on video mauling three people con campus in india. officials say the 6-year-old male leopard came from a nearby forest.
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wildlife park for treatment. abc action weather. >> i understand we might have another cold front on the way and maybe some more wind. >> yeah, sometimes you think it's the rain. not going to be the rain. the wind is going to howl. i'm talking about winds 35, 40 miles per hour. look at the picture. you can see the camera shaking right now. showers. right now you can see across northern pinellas county. right now just to the east of odessa, over back toward the beach to holiday and not to downtown tampa. this rain continues to move off to the east, southeast. so there's definitely a chance for showers tomorrow for the wake up but i don't think it's going to cause much headache for travel. the morning low and the wind
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going to be something different. right now temperatures in the 60s but these winds are up to tropical storm force. there's a warn tonight. so you put that together, we're talking wind chills in the morning in the 30s and 40s and i think a freeze is a pretty good bet later on this week. outside right now skies remain mostly cloudy. 64 at the airport in tampa. the winds continue to gust out of the west northwest. so this is what you will be waking up tomorrow. considering what we have seen that's not unusual for us but it will feel colder than this, especially closer to the coast. if you live say east of i-75, you are not going to have nearly the wind that everyone else will closer to the beach. then on wednesday afternoon we only warm up to around 50.
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will see a freeze across our northern counties. citrus, hernando, maybe eastern pasco with a chance of a little bit of frost and later on wednesday we only warm up into the mid-50s and thursday probably a better chance of a frost or potentially a freeze. by 11:00 temperatures will be down to the 40s. so bottom line, we're not going to see temperatures where we should be. so we'll continue to track this rain overnight. as i said, i don't think it's going to be much of an issue, just kind of a nuisance with winds, cold and drizzle out there. by the time you get into the afternoon hours then we see a break. after all the clouds we had on saturday and then by later on tuesday night into wednesday, more of the same. nice stiff wind out of the
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at times, maybe a sprinkle and slowly but surely i think those winds will start to subside. means a much better chance of a freeze. that's what i'm going for wednesday night. gail warnings in effect, northwest winds tomorrow at 25 knots. seas 10 to 14 feet and if you are going to the beach, there will be a significant rip tide issued so remember that. your tides, your sunrise and your sunset. afternoon high of 58 degrees. most accurate 7 day forecast. rain chances only about 20% tomorrow and the rest of the week looks good, but it looks cold, action news at 11:00
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hello, folks, tonight is not a night the bolts care to remember. ottawa took advantage of 3 turn overs. he lost control.
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shane price would make it 2-0 off the snapshot right here. this one on a gritty. 2-1 after 1. but in the 2nd period, all ottawa. twice. the bolts do not lose any -- tomorrow night. from coast to coast, panthers quarterback cam newton is taking a hit. his attitude post game interview is taking more of a -- not only did he give short answers. he just simply walked out of the press room. >> i know you're disappointed not just for yourself and your
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a band of brothers coming in [ indiscernible ] >> you might have noticed newton hesitated before i'm done and walking off. he was within earshot of broncos quarterback chris harris that was being interviewed not far away. he was giving strategy against cam newton. said he loaded up a box daring newton to show he could throw the football against their pressure and their secondary. that's when newton apparently had enough. situations like this that you need to keep your cool. newton went into the interview with a pouty attitude. just answer the questions, show a bit of humility and be a good sport. as for the broncos, they will continue their post super bowl celebration in the mile high city tomorrow after arriving
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to win the super bowl the broncos developed a stat ghee. it was their quarterback peyton manning that realized what needed to be done to give them a chance to win. >> it was truly a team effort. if it wasn't for peyton making the decision that he made to throw the ball short. it was truly a team effort. everybody is used to seeing peyton go out there and throw but this year it was truly a team effort. we all had a percentage in this super bowl. >> then there's johnny manziel whose girlfriend said that the quarterback hit her so hard in her ear she lost hearing on the night in question. and namely -- named' they dropped to 22nd in this week's
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we're back in a minute.
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tomorrow morning windy and cold. we will give it a c, it will be rainy early in the morning. >> our top stories at >> have a good night.
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