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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:00am-5:29am EST

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why he says this was all just a misunderstanding. thank you for joining us on abc action news on this tuesday. we're also following a traffic alert that shut down i-75 northbound in pasco county last night after a truck carrying a crane crashed into an overpass. >> all open now. so we're good to go there. >> corey dierdorff was there, he had a look at how it's going through pasco county. we'll get to him in a minute. meantime another chilly day. are we getting warmer? >> not much warmer but the issue, we're going to talk about this, the winds today. gusty winds 30, 35 miles per hour. we're going to start with the weather alert. lake wind advisory in effect 11:00 to 6:00 p.m. so no boating today whether you're going to be out in the bays, that's where we have gale warnings. then for our our lakes we have the wind advisory. again it's going to be quite blustery there the next several hours and the skyway bridge certainly going to have the wind advisory throughout the day because that is how high
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we talk about temperatures. we're actually milder than we were this time unlike yesterday, today we have the wind out there to contend with. it's going to be quite something here. sustained winds 15 to 25, i think we'll go 20 to 25 later today. then the gusts really going to be howling. we've already had gusts around 35 to 40 miles an hour through the overnight. that is going to continue today and that is going to be the big problem here. the forecast, again, if you are operating high profile vehicles, both hands on the wheels as you should always have but especially today as those winds are going to be an issue and yes, as dan mentioned, not going to warm up much. upper 50s and it will feel even colder as we continue with the us. the issue today, i think for commuters, the wind, no question. >> fhp already issued a high wind advisory for the skyway. we'll get to it in a moment. first let's check with corey
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checking on the overpass at i- 75 northbound. this happened at overpass road in pasco county. looks like they have most of the lanes if not all of the lanes open now. hopefully this won't cause any delays during your morning drive but corey and i will keep an eye on it. right now you're smooth-sailing through i-75. we talked about the high wind advisory on the sunshine skyway. here's a picture of the bridge here. cars getting by fine. still just nine minutes from toll booth to toll booth. a live look at 275 and ashley drive, i have some great news for drivers that take 275 northbound through that dale mabry area. they did some work overnight putting that realignment back to normal. so all that congestion we've noticed the past few weeks that is adding 10, 15 minutes to the drive times, hopefully we'll see some relief today. we'll look at drive times later in the morning and check on that. back to you. 5:02.
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news from southern germany where two passenger trains collided head on. first responders reported at least four dead, 150 injured. it happened 7:00 local time. 40 miles southeast of munich. of those hurt 15 are critically injured. police call it the worst crash they've seen in bavaria in years. some people are still stuck in the wreckage. rescuers now trying to free them. still unclear exactly why the two trains were on the same track heading in opposite directions. we may learn new details about two hours from now when authorities are holding a news conference. 5:03. sarasota police need information you might have, after a man was shot in the leg during an argument outside of a mini mart. it happened before 10:00 last night at the star mini mart on north washington boulevard in sarasota. the victim was treated and released. authorities believe this is an isolated incident that started after an argument between the victim and another man.
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believe the public is in any danger but if you know anything call the police department we're learning the man accused of attacking a little girl in a clearwater mall bathroom friday night now bonded out of jail. clearwater police say ricky thompson turned himself in and claims the whole thing was an accident. investigators say thompson is the man in this surveillance video taken from westfield countryside mall friday night. police had been looking for him after reports he attacked a 6- year-old girl in the restroom at macy's. >> he makes a mistake going in the wrong bathroom, then when his interaction with the girl, he could have chosen to do any number of things. >> police say the girl fell when thompson covered her mouth when she was screaming. her dad says she had just learned about stranger danger. battery. right now police in fort lauderdale are looking for a man involved in an amber alert issued yesterday. morning.
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car with a 10-month-old girl safe inside. they are still though looking for the man who took the mother's car while she was parked outside of a laundromat. the mother says she was dropping off laundry and left the child in the vehicle with the motor running. we're learning how president obama is planning to distribute the $1.8 billion he requested to keep the mosquito- borne zika virus from spreading. the cdc is at its highest level, level 1 means staffers are working around the clock to track zika cases in the united states. president obama will submit his request for emergency funding today. u.s. officials say that money is critical for research into the birth defect linked to the mosquito-borne virus that causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads. some of the money would also go
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a new government report on health insurance is posing a problem for republican presidential candidates. the report finds eight states had a significant drop in those uninsured last year. they are florida, arizona, california, colorado, illinois, york. independent experts credit the drop to president obama's health care law. that's an issue for the gop presidential candidates who are vowing to repeal obama care which could leave millions without health insurance. we've got an update now to a disturbing incident involving a jacksonville-area dentist accused of hurting children. he's going to try to get fraud charges against him thrown out today. dr. howard schneider pleaded not guilty to making unauthorized medicaid claims just yesterday. the dentist is also facing several civil suits from parents that say he strapped their children down and pulled out mouthfuls of teeth. one mom says her daughter had to be rushed to an emergency room after he removed seven to take one. bills that would change how the death penalty is
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the house and senate in tallahassee. yesterday a senate committee passed a bill requiring a jury have a unanimous verdict to recommend the death penalty. yesterday the house passed a measure requiring nine of 12 jurors recommend death. the florida sentencing process must be revised because the u.s. supreme court ruled the current method is unconstitutional. current florida law allows a judge to decide independently. lawmakers are working on a solution before the session ends march 11. the justice department is trying to trace hackers. hackers bragged about the attack under the twitter handle dotgovs, claiming they broke into a doj database. it came a day after they did the same thing to 10,000 department of homeland security employees. hackers seem to support palestine and say they won't stop until the government cuts ties with israel.
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flint, michigan is facing its first individual lawsuit surrounding the city's lead- tainted water supply. the family of a 2-year-old girl is now suing the city and the state for damages lead effects the central nervous system especially in children 6 years old and younger. it can cause learning problems and hyper activity. the water supply became contaminated in 2014 when the city started to use water from the flint river to save money. the east coast is preparing for more snow today hours after yesterday's storm came to an end, more snow is expected today. accumulations between 3 and 5 inches of snow across new york, philadelphia and new jersey. is expected. ivan, we're talking about our weather, no snow here but it's cold out there. it's better now but we're talking cold and gusty winds that are going to be with us. we're continuing with that through today. on the planner you can see holding, we're not going to get to 60 degrees, we hold in the 50s and we're going to do that with wind gusts between 30 and
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making it feel brutal. tonight we drop back with woips into the 30s and -- wind chills in the 30s and 40s. but there's a warm-up, sort of, in the 7-day forecast. more on that in the next hour. 5:09. coming up -- cruise passengers say water was filling the stairwells as massive waves and hurricane-force winds rocked their ship. this morning we're learning when that ship first had warnings of the dangerous weather before sailing through it. >> one of the girls living in the sorority house woke up around 2:00 a.m. with man sitting at the ends of her bed. >> it happened in a sorority house on an oklahoma college campus. this stranger came inside and we'll tell you what he wanted that scared all the women in
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welcome back. 5:13. on this blustery tuesday morning. live pictures out of johns pass, madeira beach, winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour overnight. you can see the palm fronds blowing in the breeze. it's 56 in st. pete now, but the winds are going to make it feel cooler. 54 degrees now in tampa. winds gusting at the airport last hour at 25. so hang on to your hats. ivan has a complete look at the forecast coming up. new video released in sarasota county has detectives hoping it will track down a hit- &-run driver that killed a man on a bike. take a close look at the video
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light camera at north washington boulevard and sarasota. officers say the car you see there circled in red hit skyler sandovar on his bike near u.s. 301 and kept going. investigators says it's a four- door metallic gray toyota corolla and they want to talk to the driver. the victim's father says the action obviously has devastated the family. >> i was in shock. i was -- just couldn't believe that, you know that he's not with us anymore. >> family and friends will get together in bradenton saturday morning at 11:00 to celebrate skyler's life. that same night there will be a vigil for him. 5:14. massive waves, 25-foot waves now forcing a cruise liner to head back to its home port in new jersey. this video is every cruise ship passenger's nightmare. taken on a royal caribbean cruise ship, hit hurricane-
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on board the anthem of the seas nervously watched the monster waves crash against the cruise. we're learning how early that cruise line was warned about the dangerous conditions as it made it's way from new jersey to port canaveral. the national weather service said it sent out alerts about the strong storm four days before the cruise ship had trouble in the atlantic ocean. the ship was scheduled to sail through cayman saturday afternoon in effect through sunday night. senator bill nelson is now calling on the ntsb to investigate. the cruise line says no injuries and the cruise line is offer passengers a full refund. 25-foot waves, ivan. you have to wonder who in the world would take that cruise like that? >> they had no business out there. not to pile on but i will -- because these storms, these coastal winter storms can generate the kind of waves that a hurricane can in the middle of the summer here.
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hurricane and had a name they would have never gone in there but because it's a coastal storm, probably not many people know bit, they are taking their chances, they should never have done that. look at this winding up here. this is generating 30, 35-foot waves, continues to head off to the north and east and yes, this was certainly forecast, we've been talking about it for quite a number of days so that cruise company, has some explaining to do i think the next few days and weeks as they launch that investigation. across our area that very same storm is the one that brought us the gusty winds. the gusty winds today, another storm. another low that moves through but it's a dry, generally dry cold front here that moved through. the front actually already passed us. it's to our south. so winds switched to the north and west. the reason we're going to keep showers in the forecast at about 20% coverage is because we have a very strong northwesterly wind and we have the gulf of mexico to our west, so that could pull a little moisture and that could bring
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but the big story today will continue be the winds, 20 to 25 mile-per-hour sustained winds today, gusts to 30 and 35. so certainly that is going to be the issue. as far as highs today, only into the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. the wind will never make it feel like. that it will feel like 30s tomorrow morning. still hanging on to upper 50s and look at thursday. warming up a little but then nicely by friday into saturday with highs near 70. we're going to head out to corey dierdorff who is checking out i-75 northbound. the truck that ran into the overpass, corey, what is happening out there? are we going to see any delays this morning? >> reporter: yeah, good morning. good morning pasco county. like ivan said really windy so have both hands on the wheel. but everything's looking great on 275 northbound at mile marker 282 which is overpass road. there's a debris catcher there to make sure none of the parts
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traffic. and crews will be out there today evaluating the bridge further and doing repairs. so there may be some slight delays this morning but right now everything open northbound and southbound on i-75 up here in dade city. hope it's the same story down there, janelle. i know there's traffic changes that will hopefully benefit us for the better? yeah, 275 northbound, hoping to see some ease of congestion this morning. for those of you crossing the sunshine skyway bridge, just be careful, we've talked about that high wind advisory, still in effect so use caution. both hands on the wheel when you cross over the sunshine skyway bridge. here we are at 275 and gandy in pinellas county. no troubles here but fhp is reporting a crash with roadblock in the southbound lanes, the entrance ramp to get on to the gandy bridge -- to get on at gandy to 275. right now we're not seeing delays and i can't see that crash on the cameras but be
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yourself a few extra minutes. average speeds now, now all in the green. back to you. members of a sorority at the university of central oklahoma are a little shaken this morning after a strange the weekend. police say one woman woke up and the stranger was sitting on the edge of her bed. police say they got a call early sunday morning a man was caught creeping around outside thal if a delta pi sorority house. they cuffed randall scott ashton and took him in for booking and then made an unusual discovery. >> at some point while in the house he took her underwear and put them on and wore them into jail. >> officials say ashton snuck into the house through an unlocked window, just hours earlier he's accused of dropping his pants outside of a grocery store. still ahead -- broncos
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taste of victory but as one super bowl commercial implied some of the fun resulted in celebrations nine months later. we're going to meet some local kids who are here today thanks
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this woman, she's served as defensive coordinator for three other south florida high schools. brunson once played for a all female team in miami. 5:25. coming up -- the primary is already underway in new hampshire. with the first votes counted we're getting a look at who is waking one a very small lead -- waking up with a very small lead. >> after multiple shootings, it led to criticism of police departments all over the country. who is getting positive recognition today? and some of the good spotlight will be turned on in florida. >> good morning. good news for drivers of northbound 275 right around himes, they've made realignments and you should see ease in congestion.
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the frontrunners may be clear as the new hampshire primary is underway but it's what's happening with the rest of the candidates that could shake the foundation of the presidential race. we're checking in on what votes are already cast and who is to come. good morning, thank you for joining us on abc action news on this tuesday. >> janelle martinez and ivan
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ivan, folks are going to notice
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