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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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in fact we've already seen that. overnight we've had wind gusts along the coast especially as less friction along the water. it's going to be windy this morning, temperatures in the 50s. in the 50s as well by later today. well below normal. when we talk about wind, we talk about high profile vehicles, both hands on the wheels and the skyway of course, typical high wind advisory. >> fhp issued that advisory skyway. corey dierdorff drove over the howard frankland and said he noticed high winds there as well. what can you tell us? >> reporter: downtown st. pete, heading 275 southbound into downtown st. pete, traffic in both directions southbound and northbound 275 looking great but yeah, like you were saying definitely windy this morning. you can definitely tell when you head across the bridges. as soon as i hit the howard frankland bridge i was blown back and forth and having trouble keeping in my lane and
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same thing as well. as you head out make sure you don't get caught in a blind spot of a semi, leave extra time, both hands on the wheel. we're headed to the skyway now to check it for the next hit. we'll have an update in 15 minutes. some good news from tampa this morning with some of the roadways opening back up though. what have you got? northbound 275, they are reopening or did overnight, two lanes around himes so we're expecting to see some relief there on 275 northbound. right now i-4 heading into tampa looking great. no crashes or breakdowns. these cars here heading right in to downtown. let's check drive times starting all the way back in the lakeland area, 23 minutes from the edge of lakeland into downtown. 15 minutes from county line road to 75, seven minutes from 75 to 275. check of the average speeds, from the apex so if you live in the wesley chapel area trying to decide between 275 and 75
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pushing 70 on 275 from the apex. 70 on i-75. dan? 6:02. breaking news we first told but at 4:po. police now reporting the death toll in the germany train crash has risen to eight. two passenger trains collided head on 7:00 this morning. about 40 miles southeast of munich. we still only have the still pictures from the crash scene. it's an area inaccessible to ambulances. 150 people were hurt. 50 severely. the disaster though could have been much worse. children normally take the trains to school but they are currently on winter vacation. 6:02. let's go to democracy 2016. the battle for new hampshire is already underway. the polls opened at midnight in some very small towns allowing voters to cast their votes in the state's primary. in small towns like dixville notch where the population is about a dozen people the voting was over in just minutes. so far vermont senator bernie
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kasich picked up the most votes in the democratic and republican primaries. kasich is hoping for a strong showing in new hampshire before south carolina and nevada go to the polls later this month. but the results from the small communities in new hampshire overnight are not considered an indicator of how the rest of the primary will go. look ahead now, republicans and democrats are holding debates later this week in wisconsin and south carolina. the next state to -- states to hold caucuses and primaries are nevada and south carolina. in florida you have just one week left to register to vote or change your party affiliation for the march 15th presidential primary. republican frontrunner donald trump is expected to take the new hampshire primary but we'll be watching to see if his use of a vulgar term will impact him at the polls. monday night he repeated a slur a woman in the crowd used to describe texas senator ted cruz. >> she said i never expect to hear that from you again.
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it's terrible, terrible. >> a representative from cruz' campaign called this "the latest episode in the reality show that donald has made the 2016 campaign." reminded voters that cruz beat trump in iowa. as if the 2016 race isn't wild enough, we're getting word a big name could be entering the race this late in the game. >> former new york city mayor michael bloomberg says he may throw his hat in the ring with less than nine months until election day. he told "the financial times" he's looking at the options and would need to make a decision by march in order to mount a serious bid. he says the political discussion so far has been "an insult to voters" and says they deserve a whole lot better. we'll be here tomorrow to wrap up the new hampshire primaries. of course stay tuned for "good morning, america" for live coverage from new hampshire. coming up at 7:00. time now 6:04. new efforts getting underway in hillsborough county this morning to curb gun violence
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the mayor will team up with tampa police and the hillsborough county sheriff's office to launch the rewards program. what we don't know -- we don't know all the details yet but we do know hillsborough county deputies investigated 687 crimes involving guns, 18 murders as well last year alone. tampa police worked 24 homicides last year. florida's designer drug problem is growing so big that florida lawmakers now are ramping up their fight against one of the drugs. if you have not heard of craydum, it's an herbal supplement some use for pain relief. critics say it's easy to overdose on it and the high can be so strong it lasts for days. a south florida lawmaker recently filed a measure to make buying and selling it a misdemeanor. it passed a house subcommittee yesterday in a nearly unanimous vote. look at the screen now,
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hoping these images may help them crack a 33-year-old cold case. back in 1972 they say someone found this unidentified woman's body near high corner road and cortez boulevard. her body was wrapped in a distinctive bedspread that looks similar to the one you're about about to see, or did see. deputies think she was 30 to 40 years old, was just 5 feet tall and might have traveled to tampa bay from alabama or north florida. sarasota county detectives are hoping brand new video could help them track down a hit-&-run driver. authorities say skyler sando var was riding a bike, and a car hit him from behind and kept going. this is a picture from the closest intersection of washington boulevard and fruitville road. they want to talk to the driver of the car highlighted in the red circle.
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metallic gray toyota corolla. >> i was in shock. i couldn't believe that -- that he's not with us anymore. >> we're about to share that surveillance video. share it with your friends too when it shows up on your news feed on facebook. police are searching for the thief that stole valuable art from a st. pete museum. >> someone swiped a glass statue and it's worth about $25,000. those unique glass statues, this one in particular stands about 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide. police believe it was stolen sunday when the gallery was open to the public. whoever stole it broke off a part of a shelf that the statue was mounted on. police are reviewing surveillance video for clues about the thief.
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>> funny or frightening? a gator goes flying through a florida drivethrough window. the family of the man behind the stunt is now explaining why
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new information on the
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michigan. we learned it was a matter of time and now we learned that government officials are facing the first federal lawsuit filed by an individual. the parents of a 2-year-old girl are now suing. they say their daughter's blood lead level tested at more than twice the level considered to be toxic. lead exposure in children can damage organs and also lead to learning problems. flint's water supply became contaminated in 2014 when the city started using water from the flint river to save money. the fbi is now investigating. 6:11. we go live to bourbon street in new orleans where things are finally settling down now that most of the mardi gras revelers have gone to bed. a lot of trash left behind. the yearly fat tuesday festival brings more than a million people to the big easy. but if you can't get away for the big party, never fear, dunedin has its own. the family-friendly event
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stepping off 7:30 on douglas avenue. admission is free. even though it should be quite windy for the parade. it will be windy and cold but people are going to still have a good time. there it is, nobody sleeps at this point on fat tuesday. it's going to get progressively busier there. we have our own thing going here. so we'll check the forecast as we talk about temperatures that are going to be in the 50s. by the way no coolers and you can't bring your pets. just a psa for you there as you head out to enjoy the festivities. temperatures in the 50s. winds still gusty. 25 to 30 mile-per-hour wind gusts so you want to bundle up as we head there today with temperatures in the 50s at 4:00. 50s at 6:00, 8:00 and 10:00. we'll have a warm-up coming up though, just have to wait a few days. 6:12. still ahead -- gator gone airborne. the new insight that we're getting now into why a man
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restaurant's drivethrough
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yesterday in washington, dc warning him about the dangerous temperatures on the way. single digits by the weekend. washington monument. there's another winter storm heading to dc, expected to hammer the nation's capital. six inches expected to fall,
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streets could turn into icy sheets. investigators also looking into whether similar icy conditions triggered this bus crash in connecticut that left more than 30 people hurt. we're told that bus carrying as many as 70 people was on its way to a casino yesterday during the blizzard. it rolled over on the interstate. at least one person -- >> strong winds at 60 miles per hour around parts of massachusetts. waves sprayed over the sea wall in marshfield. people ran for their cars to try to move them to higher ground before the floodwaters rose. at the height of the storm though some 1,500 people lost power. i feel for them. it's awful. it's going to get worse? >> this next storm is not going to be so bad, a little snow. but the coastal nor'easters are going to wreak havoc. you have the high tide and coastal flooding which we forget about. sometimes we can forget about winter here and we can't relate to what they are going through up north but when you
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30s and 40s here, minus the snow it's certainly something we can do, but if you go further north get ready to bundle up. look at the wind chills at this hour. single digits. that's when the things really get serious across the northeast. gwen they are going to get a little more snow, just not as strong as the last storm here. back in our neck of the woods, pretty quiet, if you have not been outside. then we can talk about this storm that exits the northeast, at this point here on the back side of it what we have is gusty winds. yesterday was calm as far as the winds. we were colder yesterday, a little milder today but it will never feel that way because that secondary front moved through last night and brought us the gusty winds that are howling now. futurecast showing showers potentially coming in off the gulf as the winds pick up a little bit of moisture there. this is not going to amount to much. 20% coverage, that would be about it. the story remains today the winds. 30 to 35 mile-per-hour gusts. lake wind advisory and of
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warning for coastal waters there. very impressive, getting to close to storm force. in fact temperatures in the 50s and by this afternoon they are going to still in be the 50s. and winds gusty. that combination will make it feel like mid-winter here and we certainly are looking at that right through the end of today and into tomorrow. i think it will be less windy tomorrow, still breezy but less windy and we'll probably going to be able to lift, still in effect a gale warning here. seas, 10 to 14 feet with northwest winds around 20 to 30 knots. 7-day forecast, look for less wind tomorrow, still cold, 50s. a warm-up if we can call it that but we'll take it. upper 60s to near 70s by friday and into saturday. it's windy today. in fact fhp has a high wind advisory for the sunshine skyway. that is where corey dierdorff is now, telling me he can feel the winds and he also was driving over the howard
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feel the winds there too. you want to use both hands on the wheel. in fact one of our viewers tweeted me and says he can actually feel the wind more on the bridge bottom of the sunshine skyway rather than the very top. so be careful driving all across the bridges today. here's what it looks like at i- 275 and ashley. we are expecting to see a less congesttion on i-275 northbound from howard frankland to downtown. that is because overnights crews opened two more lanes around himes heading northbound so hopefully drivers that drive this stretch of 275 will see relief. here are the drive times in that area. down at the bottom it should take about six minutes. we were seeing drive times the past few weeks around 15 minutes so hopefully we will see it closer to this range here. dan? as you check your social media feeds. you will probably notice this
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a man arrested for throwing a through. >> only in florida. our sister station in west palm beach spoke to the suspect's family who insists that this joke. >> the fed really cooperate. i said he's not a bad kid, hose a stupid kid. he did a stupid prank. had no problem with turning himself in. >> leave it to the family to break it down. even if it's not nice. joshua james is in jail now charged with assault with a deadly weapon for the stunt. his mom says he knew someone at the wendy's and that is why he tossed that 3 1/2 feet gator through the window in october. if you are curious about the fate of the gator, the gator is ok, it was released into a nearby canal. environmentalists in australia discovered a rare baby albino green sea turtle in a beach near bris bon over the weekend. an albino, they say is only born in one out of every
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it's survival rate though not good because it doesn't blend in with the environment. australian preservationists say only 1 in 1,000 sea turtles reach adulthood anyway. this reality star turned gym teacher making history in florida.
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new on the american aid worker killed in syria. we have updates on kayla mueller's whereabouts last year and now the wife of a deceased isis leader is charged with conspiracy in the death of mueller. that woman now in iraqi custody face as maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted. mueller went to turkey in 2012 to provide humanitarian aid to syrian rev few geese, she was taken hostage the following year while leaving a syrian hospital. the justice department is trying to identify the hackers that posted the contact information of 20,000 fbi employees on line. hackers boasted about the attack under the twitter handle dotgovs claiming they broke into a doj betabase and stole phone numbers and e-mail addresses. on sunday they did the same thing to 10,000 department of homeland security employees. they say they won't stop until the government cuts ties with israel. history in the making at a
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that school just became the first one in the state to hire a female head football coach. here she is, this is lakandriana brunson, going to coach for miami jackson senior high school. she used to play football for a all women's team in miami. she says she's ready. >> after the head coach stepped down i kind of took a look and knew i could do it. >> some of you may recognize brunson as "brunise" from the reality show "south beach tow." we've been talking about gusty winds this morning and cold temperatures are going to stay in the 50s throughout the day. so we're going to bundle up, we need layers because that wind is just going to roll right through you here, not protect you much. 59 by the time we pick up the kids with windy and cold conditions, that continues into
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we have a milder stretch coming up by the latter part of the week. we'll talk details and 7-day forecast coming up the next hour. zika virus alert. growing even more intense. the new response underway now across america as the situation gets more urgent in florida. >> plus attack or accident? the reason the man arrested for a child's horrifying ordeal says it was one big misunderstanding. >> good morning. you are looking live now at i- 275 and 22nd avenue north in pinellas county. no issues here, check the other roads in pinellas, no crashes or breakdowns. coming up, we'll check the
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an rgt plea as the zika
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zika virus spreads even further. what could help in this fight? >> a look at the roads, you'll notice the winds are howling out there. you might notice some swing on a fee bay area bridges -- few bay area bridges. both hands on the wheel this morning. ivan cabrera will show us how bad it is now. >> it's so bad in fact i drive a mini, i felt the winds kicking on. so if you have an suv or any high profile vehicle or really driving anywhere today it's going to be a challenge. especially on the bridges. we have that lake wind advisory in effect as we head through the remainder of today. again wind gusts, we're talking into the 30s. we had gusts over 40 miles per hour last night. it will continue to be a problem for us today. the winds sustained 20 to 25 and gusts into the 30s. in fact at this hour sarasota last hour was at 35. wind gusts. that is just going to be the trend as we head later in the afternoon again. with temperatures --
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morning but no wind. we're back today, a little milder but doesn't feel like it because of the winds, 25 to 30 miles an hour. 50s by the way, we're going to try to get close to 60. a lot of cloud cover and because of that wind off the water rain chances at 20% for a couple showers but they will be moving rapidly to the east as they come in off the gulf. not too concerned about the rainfall today. the key is the wind and temperatures. that combination making it feel brutal. of course if you're traveling the issue this morning, we've already talked to folks that are having trouble hanging on to the wheel. >> i've gotten a lot of tweets of people saying it's windy and corey verified that. he's out driving on the sunshine skyway now. where the highway patrol issued a high wind advisory for the bridge and just keep in mind this is not for just the very top, it's also on the long span getting up to the bridge and coming back down. also across the other three bridges as well. a pretty windy day, both hands
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you're driving a high profile vehicle. here's a live look at i-75, this is the selmon expressway overlooking i-75. no crashes or breakdowns here. a lot of you will use the selmon to get to counts, i checked and it's -- to downtown, i checked and it's six minutes to make that drive at the moment. drives along i-75, 27 minutes starting all the way back at the southern apex to i-4. 15 minutes from big bend to i-4. 10 minutes from gibsonton drive to i-4. your drive times on the veterans expressway still looking good, all in the green, almost in the green, 18 minutes from 54 to 275. starting to slow a little at waters to 275. captain al is flying over the new lanes on i-275 northbound. what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning. we can give you a bird's eye view of what is going on at 275. coming across the howard frankland into tampa, or veterans expressway where it
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southbound on 275, actually northbound 275 toward downtown just as you pass over the top you get an extra rain between cypress and himes. it's been a long time coming to add the fourth lane. everything is moving smoothly. time now 6:33. right now florida representative kathy castor is calling for an urgent hearing on how to fight the zika virus. now that the number of cases in florida has grown to 16. and two new counties have been added to the health emergency. in addition to hillsborough county, santa rosa, lee county, miami-dade and broward counties, now officials added osceola and st. john's county to the list. cdc says all the cases are travel related. and hillsborough county still has just three cases confirmed in florida total of 16 cases, again. in washington today the secretary of health and human services will be at the capitol
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spreading zika virus. that threat, she's echoing president obama's plea for $1.8 billion to fight that virus. the risks she says will only increase as the temperatures warm. for most zika, it's just a mild infection, for pregnant women it could lead to birth defects that cause babies to be born with abnormally small brains. 6:34. we just checked with jail officials and found out this man here caught on this surveillance picture and accused of attacking a 6-year- old girl in a clearwater mall bathroom is now out of jail after posting bond. that man turned himself in and says the whole thing was a big misunderstanding. police say ricky thompson is the man in that surveillance video, this is here, they say he's the one seen running from a macy's bathroom at westfield countryside mall friday night. police had been looking for him after reports that he attacked that child in a bathroom.
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turned himself in he told them the whole incident started after he accidentally went into the wrong restroom. thompson is charged with simple battery. we could hear firsthand today from the polk county superintendent katherine leroy. she hasn't spoken publicly since being cleared of sexual harassment claims made by associate greg rivers. rodney dunigan with more. >> reporter: >> we're having technical difficulties with rodney's report. we'll get back to him a little later in the show. a big development in madeira beach getting the green light. city leaders voted to move forward with the holiday isles project, the largest development ever in this ever. it would create condos, hotels and restaurants on a mostly vacant lot at the bottom of the
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about the size of the buildings so the developer agreed to reduce the size of one of them before last night's vote. in citrus county 300 manatees trying to stay warm at three sisters springs. wildlife officials temporarily closed it to boaters due to the high numbers of manatees gadgeereds there. the boardwalk, does remain open so you can still view them in person. >> they're smart getting out of the cold. absolutely. temperatures in the 50s. we're looking at the highs by the time we get to this afternoon approaching 60, but never will feel like it because we have wind gusts in excess of 30 miles per hour this afternoon. full 7-day forecast in a few minutes. good morning. there they are, the four new lanes on 275 northbound between lois and himes hoping for some
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and coming up, we'll check the drive across the bridges. >> he says i have a gun, i want your purse. i mean it, i will shoot. >> that grandma wouldn't back down. the surprising weapon she used to fight back against an attacker. >> a burger chain featured in a reality tv series opens today in florida. where you can sink your teeth
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6:40. new developments in the royal caribbean cruise ship battered by hurricane-force winds and waves 25 to 30-feet high. senator bill nelson calling on the national transportation safety board to investigate why the anthem of the seas sailed right into the heart of a storm in the north atlantic despite a warning four days in advance the ship's track would put it in to 100 mile-per-hour winds. the cruise ship is returning to its new jersey port after suffering damage in that storm. it's a big day today for the wahlburg brothers, the first restaurant opens today in downtown orlando. the brothers launched their restaurant chain in 2011. a lot of you may know cable network a & kestarted to chronicle wahlbergers three years ago.
6:33 am
hope to mark the grands opening on february 18th. a special "dirty dining" investigation that may have you rethinking where you go for lunch and dinner. findings at two local chipotle
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good morning, st. petersburg. 57 degrees outside and really
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park boulevard. you can definitely see volume increasing on the roadways this morning. we were over the skyway bridge for the last half-hour or so. the high wind advisory effecting drivers and let me tell you, keep your hands on the wheels, it's cold outside. even though the temperature says it's around 60 it feels a lot chillier so make sure you wear extra layers and keep both hands on the wheel. how are the rest of the roadways looking? looking great across the bridges, no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about. we're also hoping to see less frankland because they have opened up some new lanes on 275 around himes. right now up to speed in both directions, there on the howard frankland. let's check drive times, eight minutes across the courtney campbell, six minutes to get across the howard frankland, bridge. checking the drive on some of the major streets in our area. starting to slow a little bit, all three in the yellow now, u.s. 19 southbound from tampa road to east bay, 11 minutes,
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expressway from 54 to 275. and four minutes on dale mabry from fletcher to waters. captain al is over 275 and lois where we have some new lanes there. are you seeing any relief? >> reporter: there's a lot of relief and people are adapting quickly. let me explain. coming across the howard frankland bridge to tampa you lose two lanes to the airport to kennedy and two lanes to westshore. you pick up one offer the entrance ramp at memorial, continue at westshore boulevard, the entrance ramp adds a fourth. it continues beyond himes avenue. it's a big change once you get beyond that and -- that intramps ramp off five -- entrance raser off himes you get more to armenia. we've had wind gusts in excess of 40 miles per hour through the overnight now, sitting between 25 and 30. look at the clouds, we're going
6:37 am
those as they stream from the gulf on that northwest or westerly wind pulling in a little moisture but not really expecting much in the way of showers, about 20% coverage. that will be about it. wind gusts 20 25* to 30, continuing throughout today and because of that, the national weather service issuing a lake wind advisory, we're talking winds again pushing 30 and of course we have that gale warning as well for the coastal waters there, that's been a problem the last couple of days. tomorrow a little less windy but still breezy conditions and look at that, again very quiet as far as the satellite and radar here. it's just a couple showers that may get pulled in with the moisture off the gulf and that northwest wind otherwise not expecting much in the way of organized precip. titan doppler quiet as we scan the tampa bay area. futurecast, a lot of clouds moving in today, we get some of the low clouds bringing us a couple of showers, that would be about it but the story today continues to be as it has been, the gusty winds out there,
6:38 am
head through later this afternoon. despite the temperatures in the 50s, mildser than yesterday it feels colder because of the wind so that will be the case as we head through the remainder of today. well below normal for this time of year as temperatures should be in the low 70s. not going to get near that. in fact the current temperatures are going to be similar to what we have today for highs, only going up a few degrees. then there's this, of course very rough seas with 10 to 14- foot seas, gale warning in effect, small craft advisory not going to be operating the next couple of days. a little better tomorrow but i still think it's going to be breezy enough where you'll have issues if you are operating small . craft. we'll talk about temperatures again into the upper 50s and there we go, that is where we'll stay. less windy but still breezy tomorrow and looking for a milder trend but we have to wait until friday. by then temperatures in the upper 60s and heading into the 6:47. let's check in again with reporter rodney dunigan following a scandal at the polk
6:39 am
good morning again. >> reporter: good morning. this is a clear case of he said/she said. this case he being the associate superintendent greg rivers. claims that the superintendent him. after an investigation she was pretty much cleared of those charges. however school board members are not sure that the superintendent can effectively do her job after all this. this was part of a nine-part complaint that greg rivers claimed he tried to stop what would appear to be a romantic relationship to some with katherine leeroy. she -- he says she became hostile after he tried to break up a relationship. for her part the superintendent in this case released a message via a web site disputing the claims.
6:40 am
>> i have come to realize that what others describe as an outgoing personality can be misinterpreted by some. i regret that, i have learned from it. i want to thank those who believed in me, prayed with me and encouraged me. >> reporter: although she was cleared of the claims investigators did recommend that administrators here training. school administration building 9:00. as a matter of fact, administrators already pulling up here, let me tell you, everyone here is definitely expecting this to be a very interesting meeting. we will be covering it and we'll have much more for you throughout the day. for now reporting live in bartow, rodney dunigan, abc action news. 6:49. we have a special "dirty dining" to bring you.
6:41 am
chipotle restaurants closing yesterday for meetings for food safety. our i-team decided to look into 35 bay area chipotle restaurants to see if they are really safe. here's the investigation here. here's what we uncovered -- inspectors at one chipotle restaurant on cortez road west in bradenton saw a live wild bird flying around the restaurant with open food at the front line exposed to possible contamination. during another visit there inspectors found raw chicken stored above raw beef, cross contamination issue. another restaurant on 66th street north in st. pete had salsa and cheese stored at dangerous temperatures that could make you sick. inspectors found a cooler there was also turned off. we reached out to chipotle for a comment. the chain told us that "we have very high expectations of our restaurants and any time we see issues like this it is not in line with those expectations." we know a lot of you may be planning to go to chipotle today.
6:42 am
take a second and share this investigation here with our -- your friends when it shows up in your facebook feed today. 6:51. we have an update on a disturbing story that likely made lots of florida children even more afraid to go to the dentist. a jacksonville area dentist accused of harming kids will try to get fraud charges against him thrown out. just yesterday dr. howard schneider pleaded guilty to making unauthorized medicaid claims. also facing several civil suits from patients that say he strapped their -- parents that is who say he strapped their children down and pulled mouthfuls of teeth. one mother says her daughter was rushed to the er after he removed seven teeth when he was supposed to take out only one. new numbers overnight show 2015 was a deadly year for shark attacks. the florida museum of natural history says last year set a record of 98 unprovoked shark
6:43 am
just here in florida. of those, six of them were deadly, one happened in the u.s. in hawaii. researchers say people are spending more time in the water which may be a factor. this morning we're hearing from one very brave indianapolis grandmother, fought off a rob we are a staple gun -- rob we are a staple gun. that 52-year-old, known as carol says after driving into her garage one night last week a strange man threatened her with a gun and demanded her purse. pushed her up against a tool box and then carol made a smarltd and quick decision. grabbed a staple gun and hit him over the head with it. carol says he got a bloody gash but still refused to leave. >> i loaded up with two more in my other hand. he started to charge me again, he said i'll crush your skull in if you touch me again -- i said i'll crush your skull if you touch me again. >> he ran off. and police are investigating. what caused this gas
6:44 am
the incident happened -- see injured at least one person, trapped two cars under it. all happened monday as two maintenance workers were on the roof inspecting cracks. one was slightly hurt. no one on the ground was injured. it's 6:52. this morning real housewives of new jersey star theresa guidice is speaking out. she and her husband both pled guilty to tax fraud. joe starts his prison sentence next month. watch amy's exclusive interview with theresa coming up on "good morning, america." it's 6:53. >> news weather and traffic. breaking news from germany. two passenger trains crashed head on this morning killing eight people and injuring at least 150 others. rescue crews say they now have pulled all survivors from the wreckage. with -- but there's an urgent
6:45 am
as they treat the injured. some very small communities already voted in the state's primary. and john kasich and bernie sanders wrakdz up the most votes so far. more results tomorrow morning. let's check with janelle martinez and the morning commute. >> good morning. pinellas county, you shouldn't have any trouble getting to where you need to be. no crashes or breakdowns on the major roads in pinellas county. i-275 looking great from bridge- to-bridge pushing 70 now from howard frankland. here's a live look at 275 through downtown tampa, again up to speed, we are expecting to see some relief with those new lanes on i-275 around himes. let's check drive times through this area now. southbound never really a problem. six minutes from i-4 to the howard frankland. we're still at six minutes to get from the howard frankland up to the downtown area. fhp reporting a crash on hillsborough avenue.
6:46 am
downtown. this crash on hillsborough on i- 4 right -- in hillsborough avenue at 50th street. captain al you say it's closer to 56th? >> yeah, approaching 56th. westbound hillsborough avenue past the hard rock you'll see the slow down at orient and on to harney. more vehicles involved there, not serious injuries but you can see hillsborough county fire on scene now. slow as you approach the light. i would take mlk coming to 50 or 56 that way. we have been talking about windy and cold. for today. temperatures in the upper 50s. it will never feel like that because the winds are going to be 20, 25 miles per hour and gusts over 30, so that is going to be feeling uncomfortable as we check in on the 7-day forecast. we're going to try to get it milder, never going to get to 60s. that is something on thursday and then by friday we'll have temperatures approaching 70
6:47 am
on saturday. actually not looking bad and then we turn cooler on sunday as well. no significant rain in the forecast. 6:56. we're still a month away from the grand prix of st. petersburg but this morning the city begins transforming city streets into an indy car racetrack. crews install the first concrete barriers around bay shore drive 10:30 this morning. races start march 11th run through the 13th. and the super parade bowl parade in denver. peyton manning celebrated in disney. stay tuned. "good morning, america" is coming up next. >> keep up to date with us on air, mobile app, facebook and twitter.
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