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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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could be in the seat doing work. life is not always fair. >> reporter: this is a problem that this church leader that's been fighting for years. >> our kids tend to get the statistics. >> reporter: he has been working with the school board to make changes in the way that kids are disciplined. days. students would be able to submit make-up work without a grade penalty. >> it places them in an environment to increase the bad behavior. >> reporter: the school board have seen fewer referrals and suspensions and arrests. >> every day a student is not in class is a day which we have lost instruction. >> reporter: but for this father, he doesn't feel this new policy goes far enough. >> you have to crawl before you can walk. we're still crawling. >> reporter: the district could
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he hopes that one day all suspensions will be banned. they hope to bring the kids to this church to serve the out of school suspensions to make sure that they're supervised as the school district continues to look at the policies. >> lauren, thank you. officials are still investigating the cause of a school bus crash. action air 1 over that scene at 7:00 this morning. the bus collided with a car along kitten trail and hicks road, flipping that car on its side. you can see it right there. thankfully no students were on the bus at the time. we're trying to figure out how the driver of the car is doing. deputies in hernando county need your help finding a woman who they think might be in danger. they want you to watch out for stacie francis. she was last seen in the area of last night and may be with one or more men in a green suv. if you see her, call the hernando county sheriff's office.
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weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> good afternoon, everybody. those winds are howling. we're still looking at 25 to 35 miles per hour winds. and when you throw in temperatures right now in the upper 50s to low 60s, officially you don't get windchills, the chart doesn't below. trust me when you throw in winds anywhere of this level gusting 30 to 35 miles per 15 degrees cooler. it's in the 40s. if you live along the coast, the winds have been even stronger. this evening the one difference tonight compared to last night is it won't be raining. by tomorrow night, we're talking freeze. at least for part of the area. we will talk about that coming up. >> thank you, denis. a scam alert for you and your loved ones. callers are target elderly in clearwater. clifton french tells us how it is being done.
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that number on their medicare card is just their social security number. a new law has passed to change that. but it could be years before your social security number is removed. it start with a phone call. on the other side a gentleman claims he is offering free cancer screenings. all he needs is your medicare number. the rest he already has on hand. >> the scary thing is they knew the name, the date of birth of the person they called and actually where their doctor was. >> reporter: it's a new scam that detectivor hastings is seeing. >> they're just googling and they may have robo dialers which is a computer that dials number after number after person. >> reporter: we called the number being used in the scam. it sounds like a system that puts you on hold saying that your call is important. after a couple of minutes, it
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so why this type of phone scam? may be a clue. >> there's no way to know at this point. it is tax season so it's a good from somebody. >> reporter: detective hastings says the bottom line is nobody absolutely needs your social security number over the phone or in an office. >> outside of the benefit claims for medicare, the doctor's offices don't need it's something that has been on the form since the forms were created and haven't taken it off. >> reporter: in clearwater, clifton french, abc action news. >> right now this cruise ship is heading back to new jersey after getting caught in hurricane force winds heading to florida. check out this video showing flying furniture and shattered glass all along the ground. rough seas forced the ship to turn around. the cruise line promising a
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50% discount towards a future cruise. some passengers are blaming the captain tonight. the ntsb is considering a call to investigate from bill nelson. the man attacking two people in two broward county stores and it looks like all of it was unprovoked. check him out hitting the older man. that was in a gas station with a metal pole in his pocket. then he beat an employee at the flea market with a samurai sword from a display. that is javan walker. he said something about seeing poltegeists and wanting to kill evil. police are saying kenneth wishas am was trying to steal $400 worth of dvds from a lakeland wal-mart on sunday. they tried to hold him until the police got there. at some point he stopped
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what the cause of death was. the city of st. pete is taking steps to teach people how to budget. they have secured a grant. carl tells us that it could change lives. prices are often higher in low- income neighborhoods, everybody from gasoline, car loans and food. many people are stuck paying high rent because they don't have the finances to buy a home. >> it's very frustrating because if you get behind on one payment, then you have to think about are they going to come and repossess my stuff? are they going to put me out. >> the grant will pay for finance classes and one on one assistance. it will connect st. pete with 7 other cities making similar changes. financial help is expected to start in april. an effort to require recess in florida schools is hitting a hurdle. some parents have been pushing for 20 minutes of recess for young students. a bill has passed the florida house.
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to consider it. supporters are now urging senator john leggo to add the proposal to the agenda. well, still ahead tonight, the concerning discoveries that our i-team found at local chipotle restaurants and the big impact this report is having on social media. this is the sympathy basket a woman paid nearly $70 for. coming up, wait until you see what the florist actually sent. plus how to keep from getting ripped off when you place your
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>> the i-team is digging deep tonight to see how our local chipotles do with food safety. wendy ryan shows us what she recovered. >> in taking action for your health and safety tonight, i found some very concerning results in recent inspection reports for chipotle. it's a special dirty dining section. >> i had the double steak burrito, extra cheese, extra sour cream. >> how was it.
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>> reporter: frank is a big fan of chipotle and he is not alone. >> i've been hearing things about chipotle but i love chipotle. >> reporter: still after 362 people got sick, eating at chipotles around the country, we wanted to know if our bay area restaurants are safe. in a special dirty dining investigation our i-team looked through inspection reports for 35 chipotles in the area. and here is what we uncovered. in january, inspectors walked into chipotle on cortez road west in bradenton and saw a live wild bird flying around the restaurant with open food contamination. according to the inspection report, the manager says he was aware of the wild bird and it's a regular nuisance. but he wasn't aware that the front door was held open in.
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next day, the live bird was still there. chipotle was issued an administrative complaint. during the same visit they found leafy greens at wrong temperatures. and the hand wash sink was not accessible for employees to wash their hands. we went inside to get answers. >> did you know that you had a live bird in your restaurant? >> no. i already called them. i'm not allowed to answer any questions basically. >> even though you're the manager. >> yes. >> reporter: the manager wouldn't say much more. >> can you comment at least that everything is safe. >> no. >> sorry. >> nothing. >> sorry about that. >> reporter: kim and bob just ate at the chipotle on 66th street north. and get this, the food was sitting in a cooler that was turned off with items well
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other major violations in the last year include equipment and utensils not properly sanitized. employees with no proof of required training and the manager with no food manager certification. the manager on duty nick also couldn't say much. >> are you aware of the stop order. >> yes. >> you are. >> all i can tell you is that everything is up to date and inspections are 100%. >> reporter: and chipotle's loyal customers seem to believe it. >> so you will be back. >> we will be back. >> now, i reached out to the communications director chris arnold and he sent me a statement that reads in part, quote, any time that we see issues like this, it is not in line with expectations. for 2016 we are increasing the frequency of audits of our restaurants for food safety and health issues and issuing quarterly inspections from an independent third party. this story has been getting a lot of response on our facebook page. in fact some saying that they won't eat the chipotle again. others say, well, apparently
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join in on the conversation on our post. just leave a comment right here. jamison, laura. >> thank you. taking action for you tonight. valentine's day is the single biggest day for sending flowers. how do you know it that it will resemble the picture online. >> the number one thing that you can do to avoid paying for a sad arrangement this february 14th. >> i have heard from viewers over and over on this topic. they go online and send flowers long distance using a trusted name but it leaves them embarrassed. >> reporter: flower shops all over the country prepping for the day that can make or break their business. carrie trusted ftd to send this sympathy basket to a friend in georgia. >> i know it's not going to have exactly that but i did
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much equivalent to it. >> reporter: for $70 she expected something similar to what ftd says advertised on the site. >> i was embarrassed. >> reporter: this photo shows what the florist sent. >> this is not what i ordered. >> reporter: on the site ftd posts a notice that in some cases substitutions are used. >> that's not acceptable at all. >> reporter: i asked larry, the owner of carewood florist for his opinion. >> that's like a flea market basket. >> reporter: she e-mailed both ftd and the florist. >> i got a standard i'm sorry letter. >> reporter: she claims neither offered to make it right. i e-mailed the corporate office and their spokesperson explained when a situation arises where a customer feels their delivery did not match the look or feel of the product featured on the website, we will work with our independent member florist and stand by our commitment with our good as cold 7-day satisfaction guarantee.
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they offered karen a full refund along with a complimentary replacement. how do you protect yourself? stay local if possible. seek out a local florist with great reviews in the city where the order will be delivered. >> they can be a little more personalized with the order and talk with the customer person on the phone and explain to them what will be substituted. >> reporter: also ask the florist to e-mail you a picture before they make the delivery. that way you can see what is being sent beforehand. >> because you want the family to know that you care. >> reporter: carrie is thrilled that ftd made this right. she wishes it didn't take a television to get involved. ftd has been in business for 100 years. you can see their full statement on our website on just click on taking action. now the most accurate action weather.
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better make it right when it comes to valentine's day. >> there are things that you can do. you can have it arrive a day or two early. you're saving a 20% upcharge on. >> did you get flowers today. >> i did not. >> there's a story there. i don't know about it. let's look outside. you have to fill me in later. beautiful shot there. she is blushing. there's a look at the beautiful sun coming on through. yeah. we definitely had wind throughout the night, throughout the day. and the winds are going to continue right through tomorrow. but slowly they're going to be coming down. now, we also had some rain coming down overnight. that has ended. still a few clouds are on the coast early on. but the temperatures are still going to be your weather story for at left the next couple -- at least the next couple of days. same thing along the coast. you factor in the winds and it feels colder than that. this is what you will be waking up tomorrow morning.
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will keep the actual temperatures up. it's going to feel like the 30s. as it was this morning, you will need to bundle the kids up. anywhere from the upper 30s to low 40s across citrus, hernando, pasco, eastern pasco, especially east of i-75. once you hit sarasota, mid to upper 40s. that's tomorrow morning. thursday morning will be even colder. that's when i think there will be a freeze for our northern counties. at the very least frost from pasco, northern hillsborough right up to the north. partly cloudy and 60 degrees at the airport in tampa. west winds at 18 miles per hour. today, 62 the high. 10 degrees below normal. we should be in the low 70s this time of year. last year -- actually the record was 85 a while ago. heck we were at 84 last week two days. go figure. up and down. el nino year. low 60ss with clouds in st. pete.
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gusting winds are steady at 22. gusting closer to 32. satellite last night about 10:00, you may have heard the rain dropping down, especially if you live along the coast. by 1:00, 2:00, that turned into wind. it was gusting all night long. that wind has blown most of the day. it's slowly but surely tapering off tomorrow. we have one more day in store with what were gayle warnings yesterday. so we're headed in the right direction. but the boat is still not a good idea until thursday. then it gets better for a couple days. this evening through tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies. it will be a cold start but a rain free start to your wednesday. later on in the day, the winds instead of off the gulf which brings in the moisture which is why you get cloud. when those winds come out of the north or northeast, we're good to go. we slowly warm up. the clouds go away and we have beautiful florida winter weather.
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thursday, friday and again on saturday, make your plans now. and then getting a little colder just in time for valentine's day. good snuggle weather. low to mid 50s for forecast highs on wednesday. maybe even a few upper 40s to low 50s across the northern counties. down south, it will be closer to 60. we're not looking at any warm- up. the normal is 72. we won't see that for at least the next week. maybe even then some. thursday morning is the issue. mid 30s across most of the interior counties. low 40s along the beach. that is when i expect a freeze. and then a gradual warm-up later on in the period. 57 on wednesday. 62 on thursday. near 70 on friday. another front saturday. valentine's day, mid 60s. and a chance of rain early next week. still to come on abc action news, a paddle board journey that is about 1400 miles long. how these women believe this
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>> here is today's three things from the list. a study tests the night vision skills of a dog against a cat. the cat wins paws down. more differences between pups and kitties. kitties have better short-term memories. both fido and fluffy like to watch tv. dogs recognize images while cats want to hunt them. more lists on the list coming up at 7:00 on your action news station. >> two women are nearly finished with a voyage on paddle boards. >> the pair are traveling to key west all the way from new york city.
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the goal of the trip is to encourage people to get outside and take better care of themselves and valuable resources. along the course of their journey the two say they have seen a lot of plastic in the water. they hope people will learn from their trip and be less wasteful with plastic products. dozens of people hitting the treadmill at the tampa ymca. tuesday. the tampa ymca is competing against the first coast ymca in jacksonville. the goal is to travel the greatest distance with each participant going 30 minutes. it encourages healthy living during heart month. there are give aways and time to participate. grab your shoes. it ends at 7:00 tonight. st. pete is already getting ready to turn into a racetrack. officials are getting set for the 2016 firestone grand prix of st. pete.
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course through downtown. the mayor and the 2015 race winner juan pablo montoya unveiled the track on bayshore. here is wendy ryan with a look at what is happening at 6:00. >> a warning about our safety tonight. the greatest threat that we face right now and how likely we are to see a terrorist attack this year. plus, authorities say he threw an alligator into a drive- through window. the three things that a judge doing. and he is already accused of impregnating a student. tonight the i-team uncovering the legal trouble in his past. the surprising thing that he was allowed to do under investigation. plus this -- >> reporter: a fatal motorcycle accident leaving two young boys without parents. and now the community is stepping in to help. the outpouring of support to make sure that the two young children have everything that
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>> this is abc action news. >> smoke billowing, flaming building, and a woman trapped. the last-second rescue and the cause of her close call with death. force shake-up. the reason putting off your break-up could equal a lot of money. arrested for impregnating a student. only our i-team getting their
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