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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a woman is facing charges after leaving her dog in an outside crate without food, water or shade. the dog died from heat stroke back in september. torres is charged with felony animal cruelty. now to a shoplifting case that police are looking at as a possible murder. i'm jamison uhler. >> a man tried to steal dcds and died hours later. >> kera mashek are live at the store with more information. >> reporter: the man took a shopping cart full of stole especially movies -- stolen movies and pushed it out of the door and the employees chased after him and that's when something went terribly wrong. surveillance cameras can be seen all around this lakeland wal-mart.
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caught 64-year-old kenneth wishum pushing the stolen dvds out the door. >> he is confronted by the employees and then they went on a chase. >> reporter: he tripped and that's when six store workers helped hold on to him until police and ems arrived. no confrontation. they described that they noticed that he stopped breathing and they started the cpr. >> reporter: what happened outside of the store did not get picked up on surveillance cameras. he died at the hospital 12 hours after the incident. the medical examiner has determined it was not from natural causes, forcing police to investigate it as a possible murder which is protocol when someone dies when committing a crime. >> we want to find out based on the injuries, how did they
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if anybody, for his death. >> reporter: his neighbors are stunned and saddened by it all. >> he would come here and we would sit down and chat. i feel sorry for his family. >> reporter: now, the medical examiner's office still looking into all of this to determine the exact cause of that man's death. meanwhile wal-mart issuing a statement that it does offer condolences to the family and is conducting its own investigation and all of the employees involved are currently suspended. reporting live in polk county, kera mashek, abc action news. >> in hillsborough county, a plan to revitalize an entire neighborhood all centered around one school. over at mort elementary school. tonight the community is taking action to give them the resources that they need to beat the odds. lauren rozyla is there at the center with all of the kids where a big fundraiser is just kicking off. lauren. >> reporter: people are just going to be filing into this
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you can see the kids over at mort elementary getting ready to perform on the stage. that's because hunger is such a big issue in hillsborough county. six out of every ten kids in hillsborough is on free and reduced lunch. but the people in this room, they say they have a plan. inside mort elementary, there's a tiny closet full of food. these canned goods are sent home with kids whose parents can't afford to put anything on the table. me. i would do anything for them. >> reporter: it's not enough. dream bigger. >> we want to impact the community. >> reporter: these kids are getting ready for the presentation of their lives. >> i feel like i'm going to do good tonight. >> reporter: they will be talking to potential donors at the fundraiser. the school is hoping to raise
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pantry and an an campus doctor's office that would serve kids and their parents. >> it's going to help our school. >> it takes a village. that's what we're looking at. we're looking from inside out. >> reporter: poverty is a huge problem here so they're trying to give families the resources that they need to stay put, giving their kids a better chance at graduating. kids say the food pantry would really help. >> you know how people run out of food sometimes. they could come here and grab food. >> reporter: plans are underway to build the new resources but now the school just needs the money. >> what i want to say to the sponsors is thank you very much. [music] >> reporter: you can see a lot of the kids are having 'very fun time already performing for tonight's event. now. people will start coming in here any minute now and eventually you will be able to go out and talk with some of
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your cash donation to mort elementary and the children's society will go. lauren rozyla, abc action news. >> thank you, lauren. if you can't make it out there tonight but you would like to help the school, go over to on our home page you will see that story. and just click on it. it will populate and show you exactly where you need to go to donate. when you click on it, this page is going to pop up. you will have all of the information you that need right there to learn more about their projects. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> that is a great story. did you hear they were singing? they were singing we go to together with grease. many of them probably have never seen it. it is downright chilly for us. tomorrow morning, most of the
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temperatures. probably 34, 35. but that's still cold enough for frost to develop. you will need to do some scraping. set the alarms just in case you're in one of the spots that picks up frost. we're in the 50s right now under mostly clear skies and calm winds. that's when the frost settles down. then valentine's day weekend, we see a brief change before more rain is in the forecast. i'll let you know what that means to you coming up. >> thank you, denis. developing tonight, hundreds of american soldiers are headed to afghanistan. the new troops will assist afghan forces trying to push back taliban insurgents. the soldiers will not take active combat roles. this is the largest deployment of troops since 2014. right now state lawmakers in the florida house are working on a budget that makes sure that no money goes to planned parenthood. this comes at the same time
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has closed its doors. the nonprofit claiming it made financial sense to close down. employees are now working at the lakeland location where preventative services will continue but not abortions. because it serves uninsured or underinsured patients in polk county, many see this as a blow to the community. >> we don't have a health department here in winter haven. with planned parenthood markedly reducing services, it creates a problem for us. right now a jury is trying to decide the fate of a sebring man accused of getting a 12- year-old girl pregnant. he is facing five counts of sexual battery. the victim was six months along when she discovered she was pregnant. he was arrested in 2013 when the girl was just 13. she says the abuse started when
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the suspect was a friend of the family. aaron denis is accused of threatening his wife with a gun after accusing her of cheating. he came home and stormed into the bedroom demanding to know who she was with. he pointed a gun at her face. it turns out no one was in the room. he is now charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. attorney to note we are committed to taking action against domestic violence. if you or someone you know is in a domestic violence situation, call the state hotline. we also have information posted on and also on our facebook page and twitter. next at 5:30, the truth about vitamin c. a new study shows that the supplement that you think is preventing illness could be making you sick. a doggy day care shut down after a dog is attacked. coming up, what you need to know before you pay someone to
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>> i was fuming. >> this is how her daughter showed up on her doorstep. this mom wants to know how it could happen on a routine
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>> well, tonight an illegal doggy day care is closed after a 90-pound dog killed a 6-pound terrier at a home. >> abc action news reporter ashley yore shares the questions that you need to ask before you leave your dog anywhere. >> reporter: we can hear barking. >> go away she said. >> reporter: that's a friend of pamela morgan, the owner of the boarding in bradenton. today manatee county noticed a notice of violation for running a kennel out of her home in a residential area. >> it's just a remedy for destruction really. >> reporter: neighbors have always known the business was here. he says noisy dogs are often a problem and he heard about the small dog mauled to death right across the street. >> it was surprising but it wasn't. i was expecting something to happen. it was just a matter of time.
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says to have a dog day care, you need to be zoned for that type of business. that's just one question that the owner of petsville says you should ask before using a facility. >> you want to ask to do a tour. you want to definitely check out the facility. >> reporter: she says you need to make sure that large and small dogs are separated. something that didn't happen at morgan's house. >> that could have easily been prevented. not just for the biting, but also, you know, trampling over the pet. a smaller pet is much more fragile. >> reporter: find out ma what experience, licensing and insurance any business has and make sure that your pet is vaccinated, along with others in the facility. and you should ask if the facility has security cameras so you can watch what your pets with doing when you're not there. it's important to do your homework. code enforcement usually doesn't know a home dog day care exists until a neighbor complains.
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today is the first day of lent. and one tampa church is helping people decide what they might want to give up. it's called the lent wheel of sacrifice. it is meant to nudge parishioners to make lent a little unconventional this year. anyone can come and spin the wheel. wherever the needle lands you need to give up for the next 40 days. there's no respins. the father says he had a little trouble selling the idea. >> when i first mentioned that i was going to do this to the staff and to our parish council, they thought i was crazy. they were like what? then the more i explained it, they said they thought it was a good idea. >> you can either do the sacrifice for all of lent or switch it up, each week with another spin. lent lasts until march 24th, the day before good friday. media, laura?
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>> unbelievable. vitamin c one of the most popular supplements that americans take, especially when you have a cold. that could be a mistake. >> reporter: the common cold can leave you sniffling, or longer. while you might be tempted to try anything just to feel better sooner, think twice before loading up on vitamin c. late. >> there is some evidence that shows that taking a vitamin c supplement on a regular basis while you're healthy might shorten your cold by a day or so. but taking a vitamin c supplement once you're sick really won't help. >> reporter: and taking vitamin c supplements won't prevent a cold in the first place according to the national institute of health. high doses of vitamin c can cause other health problems. for example, studies have shown that men who take excessive amounts are twice as likely to develop kidney stones. ask consuming more than 2,000-
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can cause an upset stomach and painful cramps. in general, the nih recommends 09-milligrams per day for men maintaining good health. a single orange. >> the best way to get the vitamin c that you need is the old fashioned way, through fruits and vegetables. >> reporter: some of the best foods include red and green and broccoli. if you need relief from your cold symptoms, choose over-the- counter medications for aches and fever or single ingredient decongestion. drink lots of fluids and get lots of rest. be aware that vitamin c supplements can interfere with other drugs. that includes chemotherapy and heart medication.
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your doctor before taking any dietary supplements. to see other stories from our partners at consumer reports, go to taking action for you. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> so i just said i'm going to teach you guys something about science. what was your reactions. >> do we have to? [laughter] >> it's interesting. yes, i'm a weather geek. >> sure. >> a lot of people are asking, why are we going to get frost if it's only 35 or 36. >> that's a good question. >> it doesn't. the air temperature can be 35 or 36 but the surface that the frost forms, the windshield or the grass would be 32. >> you lost me. >> news you can use. >> maybe not.
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might be 35 but you could still have frost. the moral of the story, yes, there is one, set your alarm early because you might have scraping to do even if it's 35 or 36. there it is. titan doppler radar, we are clear and quiet and we are cold. right now 46 degrees in inverness. 52 new port richeyment tomorrow morning as i said, if you're in the 40s, you don't have anything to worry about. if you're in the mid to upper 30s, there's a chance that the surface of your roof or windshield or grass could be closer to 32 and there would be frost out there, especially across the northern counties. because of that, as we said, there is a frost advisory. not for pinellas and not for most of the metro area of tampa. east of i-75 pretty much is the way it plays out. all of polk county and noncoastal manatee and sarasota there is the freeze warning for citrus and hernando.
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drop around 31, 32 degrees. tampa is mostly sunny and 53 degrees right now. the humidity at 41%. now, the winds are still blowing. if you have gusty winds in florida, you won't have frost. there's no way for the frost to settle on a surface. but those winds will be coming down overnight. pretty much calm by sunrise. which will allow that frost to develop. 58 the high today. 14 degrees below the normal high of 72. st. pete, sunny and 54. again, gusty northwest winds. and the direction of those winds are blowing is important because now north/northwest. when they go due north, the air is no longer traveling over the gulf. that means it's drier. it also means that we won't see the cloud cover. when the winds come down as they will overnight, high pressure settling in over the top of us, that sets us up for radiational cooling. perfect for florida for the chance of a frost or a freeze event. skies have to be clear.
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and they will be as we get that northerly flow that the air travels over the land. that is drier than over the gulf. and the cloud cover comes sparse, if any at all. tomorrow into friday, mostly sunny skies. there's the nice part about this. even though the mornings will be cold, we will warm up to the upper 60s attorney. attorney-- tomorrow. maybe 70 by friday. forecast highs mid 60s interior counties and upper 60s, maybe 68, 69 from bartow down to the rest of polk county. forecast lows for friday morning, not nearly as cold. in the mid to upper 40s. valentine's day weekend though will be another shot of cooler air as another front comes through on saturday. yes, i said cold front on saturday. where is the rain chance? it's a dry front.
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little bit by sunday morning and monday morning. so valentine's day looks good. toasty weather inside by the fireplace maybe. and then monday and tuesday, we're back to 70 with a chance of rain. >> i still had to cover up. >> signing a contract for prom. still ahead the reason that one student says the dress code for prom unfairly targets female
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>> welcome back. a california high school student claims a new prom dress code unfairly targets female students. >> prom tickets go on sale in
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contract, agreeing to leave the prom if dressed inappropriately. this is the dress that almost got nada kicked out of last year's prom. she says in print the dress code seems reasonable but the rules are more strictly enforced by the directors. this year she brought in the dress to be approved and it was denied. >> we have been looking online but a lot of the dresses conflict with the code. i'm plus size so i have a narrow amount of dresses to choose from. >> she also claims the dress code for females are stricter than for males. she is appeal thschool policies with the child welfare coordinator. >> robert kennedy's killer asking to go free. the unexpected support he is now getting and the reason we
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50 years. plus, rescue at sea. incredible video and why this may have been one of the deadliest trips in the world. plus these top stories. >> reporter: burned out and forced from their jobs. dcf workers telling us that the system is failing to protect kids. the lives they say is on the line if something isn't fixed. the buzz, the excitement and planning is building for the big donald trump event at ucf. even if you're not attending, it could seriously impact you. >> it was swollen on her eyebrow. a school bus ride leaves her daughter bruised and in tears. how this happened to this 9-
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>> live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> now at 6:00, the hottest name in politics coming to tampa. the security and the impact you will see even if you aren't going to donald trump's rally. former dcf workers coming forward to abc action news. the impossible demands and the retaliation that forced them off the job. i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm wendy ryan. two children two fell through the cracks and lost their lives. former workers tell us it's going to happen again. >> dcf office covering our area
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