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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  February 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> we're watching breaking news right now out of hernando county. we're hearing from neighbors that a retired pasco county deputy has barricaded himself inside of his house. you are looking at live pictures right now. he has a history of domestic violence. we don't think anyone else is inside the house. but apparently there is a crisis scene on scene trying to negotiate the guy out of the house. this started at 12:00 earlier this afternoon. it has been going on for four hours. we have a crew there on the scene and we will bring you the latest as soon as we get it. also happening right now,
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you, letting you know what the candidates are seeing. you're seeing a live picture from a marco rubio rally that will start in a few minutes in simpsonville, south carolina. and he took -- well, let's just say he wasted no time taking jabs at donald trump, jeb bush on national security. all things that americans are worried about right now. jeb bush rally in sumter, south carolina. if he is elected president, he won't blame anyone for the problems that he is going to be inheriting from president obama like he claims people did with in 2009. speaking of george w, he should be making his first appearance on the campaign trail with his brother on monday.
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campaign as well. donald trump noncampaign related reaching a settlement with univision. trump referred to mexicans as rapists while on the campaign trail which brings him to tampa tomorrow. some protesters planning to show up at the rally tomorrow. some people are worried about what they might do. jake peterson is outside of the sun dome where this is supposed to happen. jake, what are you hearing? you. hundreds of students will be right here at the entrance to dome. they will be about 100 yards away. that's the main entrance. cops say you can't get too much closer without a ticket. police say they are welcome to go ahead and protest out here as long as they keep it peaceful and they don't do
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functions of the university or this event. but protesters say they haven't been getting that welcoming message from everybody. the trump sun dome protest facebook page has received dozens of threats. one of the comments say watch how we destroy your pathetic little protest gathering. one organizer saying her dorm room was targeted. >> i looked at my door and i had a bunch of really terrible sticky notes from trump supporters all over my door. they were racist and sexist and just generally terrible. >> reporter: also there will be plenty of delays and parking lot closures around the area tomorrow. this is an updated map we just got that shows half of the lots around here will be closed. if you plan coming tomorrow, make sure to watch out, there will be plenty of people, pro of theres, supporters and it's 20 bucks to park inside of this lot. jake peterson for the new tampa bay. >> thank you, jake.
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wants to hear more from donald trump as you're deciding how you will vote for the next president, his campaign comes to tampa in less than 24 hours. i spent a lot of day on the phone with the trump camp. here is what you need to know, more about tomorrow's rally at the sun dome. you will hear a lot about national security. that's actually the theme of the rally. i asked what vips might be there. if his family would be there. you know, trump's family often travels with him. the trump camp could not con firm those details. but yes you can still get a ticket to the trump rally. you will need this link. the tickets are free. i posted the link on my facebook and twitter page to make it really easy for you. it takes less than two minutes to reserve your seat if you want to go. doors open at 5:00. the rally starts at 7:00. the value holds 10,000 to 12,000 people. it is first come first serve. even if you have a ticket, if
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you get to the front of the line, you are out of luck. the trump camp suggests to get there by early afternoon. i have a lot more information about parking posted on facebook that will save you a lot of time and hassle. >> thanks, ashley. to an update on the zika virus. worrying people. so much so that the cdc is spending the afternoon on a local conference call with doctors and ob-gyns. as of this afternoon, there are 18 confirmed of zika in florida, three more than yesterday. three are right here in hillsborough county. the olympic panel is hiring specials because of the concern about the zika virus. they will be advising all athletes about the virus and their risk before the games. and they will also be at the games in brazil in august. they are learning more about
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>> this is a new phenomena. we're working around the clock to learn as much as we can, as quickly as we can, and share that information with people and take appropriate action. >> the first phase of clinical trials on a vaccine for zika are expected to start late this summer. he can't guarantee when it will be ready to start for people to use. shay, it was beautiful when i walked outside about an hour ago. but this morning, was that frost? >> yes. >> was that frost? >> do you know what my kid said? that's snow on the houses. >> no. just a little bit of frost. >> frost? >> yes. >> but it warmed up nicely. >> yes. >> it's cold in here. >> exactly. let's take a look outside right now. you can see just how gorgeous it is. the temperatures this morning in the low 40s. 42 degrees was the coldest temperature so far in tampa. you can see with all of the
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a beautiful day to go walking along the beaches. 64 in tampa right now. this is much better than yesterday's highs in the upper 50s. mid 60s in clearwater. plenty of sunshine. the winds are coming from the south so that will pump in the warmth. tonight we won't be as chilly as we were yesterday overnight and into this morning. we will be closer to 50 degrees. clear skies. and nice and dry. for those of you hoping for warmer temperatures, guess what tomorrow is going to be? i'll show you the hourly forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you, shay. right now police are looking for an unlikely suspect in a bank robbery. people would think it's unlikely because it's a woman. we got new surveillance pictures in. he is accused of walking into a bank in plant city last night demanding money, getting it and walking right out. still ahead on the new
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are turning elderly people into international drug smugglers. our partners over at newsy have things to do to cut your risk of developing dementia. >> reporter: researchers have long thought that dementia rates will rise in the future. it could triple by 2050. two things may lower your risk, staying in school and having a healthy heart. researchers in boston and france examined 5,000 people over four different time periods, the first started in 1977 and the last ending in 2008. they studied the rate of participants that finished high school increased and the rate of dementia fail. the average age also increased from 80 to 85 at the end. the and overall prevalence of the disease dropped by # 4%. the health improvements were only found with those with high school degrees. there wasn't evidence that a college degree lowered it even more. as for why education seems to
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one is education creates more connections in the brain. it leads to higher incomes which leads to access to better nutrition. the enforcement of mandatory high school attendance has gotten stronger overtime. the number of cases will increase because the baby boomer generation has yet to reach the diagnostic age. watch newsy 24/7 on your tv or get the app for on the go
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>> right now, drug traffickers are taking vac of older adults to smuggle drugs for the bad guys without them knowing it. we're talking people as old as 87 years old. the feds are trying to stop it through operation cocoon. they build a relationship online or maybe through the cell phone. then they will tell you maybe you won some money in a foreign lottery and you have to claim that money but you have to deliver documents to them. and then they will arrange for
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through your travel plans. but you have to travel overseas. they then give you a package during the layover to take to your final destination in another foreign county. it looks like candy but there are drugs inside. the feds say so far they have arrested 140 older adults who were unknowingly transporting drugs overseas. americans are locked up out of prisons outside of the united states. the average age of the drug mules are 59. one lakeland man did 18 months in prison for this very thing. he thought he was meeting a business client in fiji but there was $3 million of meth inside. how he was tricked into that meeting. after nearly six weeks, the
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wildlife refuge in oregon have given up. the februarythe fbi tweeted this earlier. whenthe other protesters involved were arrested late last month. the standoff started to protest how much land the federal government owns. and right now, 52 inmates are dead, 12 others hurt after a brawl broke out at a prison in mexico. it happened overnight. thankfully no one escapes. you see everybody outside of the prison doors? those are family members of the inmates inside. this fight comes less than a week before pope francis' visit and he has a plan to visit a prison but not the one right there. have you ever been fighting with someone and then you change your mind about what you're arguing about?
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that's how i roll. i try to confuse people. >> researchers are looking into this topic, how these arguments happen. they looked at two years of postings on change my view. this is an online forum that is designed specifically for people who just want to argue. they found several things. first the numbers count. the more people who persuade the original poster, the more likely they will change their mind. >> that is kind of weird. this is the one that i thought was really weird. the timing of it. the people that respond first are likely to get results. they found if you can't get someone to change their mind after four rounds of back and forth comments, chances are they're not going to. >> four times. that's all you get. third here to consider are the words. if you use words that are different from the original poster's, words that are calming, if you provide examples, then you up your chances of winning the argument.
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better understanding of real life discussions, real life arguments. this can help. >> this is the worst week to fight with anybody. it's valentine's day. you want to get your gifts. >> excellent point. >> the cold weather is having a rough impact on marine life in tampa bay. check out the manatees we caught down by the power plant in apollo beach. they have to rest up and warm up so they can make it back to the gulf and eat. the manatees are not the only ones struggling with the cold. lindsey shows us how the aquarium is taking care of sick sea turtles. >> reporter: we're at the animal hospital at the aquarium and you can see here the staff has been working around the clock on all of these sick green turtles. they just took in their 70th live turtle this morning. many have been stunned by the cold and they are getting warmed up. many are battling a virus that requires critical care. those turtles will need to stay
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rehab before they can be released back in the wild. joe amfield is one of the senior volunteers on the turtle team. four years. you know a lot about what is going on. tell me what they're doing inside the hospital here. >> what they're doing right now, they have already down triage. they have assessed this turtle to see exactly what her needs are. and they're giving her some iv fluids because apparently she is dehydrated. >> reporter: you have an urgent call for help from the public. what can we do to help. >> we need the little things like rubber made containers that we use for transfers, we use hot water bottles, towels, thermometers. we have a lot of patients. >> reporter: if you see a sea turtle that is stranded or looks like it is in distress or sick, don't touch it or pick it up.
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that is the number for the aquarium and the team wi come and pick up the turtle. i'm lindsey lobe, abc action news. >> marine life trying to stay warm and we have humans on the beach right now. it got warmer. that's our main sail beach camera. we talked about it earlier but it feels like it's 30 degrees warmer than this morning. >> we started out at 42. pick a county. let's see how warm it is. >> it's like a tv show. >> i know. isn't it fun. >> hillsborough county not that's not bad. >> it warmed up today. >> you can feel the difference. i think the animals and the humans are happier with the warmer temperatures. certainly with less wind as well. i think that is also part of the comfort factor. 68 in temple terrace. it's often quite a bit cooler in citrus county. same. low to mid 60s. 65 in beverly hills.
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the warm up has started to kick into gear. we're feeling it with less wind and more sunshine and good temperatures out there. we are far from average. i will show you that in a little bit. i want to show you futurecast. you can't see a thing, right? into tomorrow, we are nice and clear. more sunshine tomorrow. no rain in sight. we will be warming up even more tomorrow afternoon. we will be close to 70 in tampa. i think some of our southeastern suburbs will make it to 70. again, lots of sunshine. overnight not quite as cool. i think that overall the comfort factor is certainly with us or at least on our side. if you're thinking last minute date idea, you're not sure what to do tonight? laura, do you know who this guy is. >> i do. andre botelli. >> tickets are still available for tonight's show. i'll tell you more about that and give you the forecast if
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and that's coming up in just a little bit. >> my favorite song is when he did the rendition of when i fall in love. what you need to do right now to make sure that hackers don't steal your tax refund from the irs. and plus we're also talking about this. impress your music loving friends with a brand-new tool to make predictions about the this year's grammy winners. you need to check this out. chicago artists created the replica of the bedroom from the famous van gogh painting. the listing is on airbnb in chicago for 10 bucks a night. it's already sold out this month. but there's always next month.
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>> right now, a warning if you've already filed your taxes or you're getting ready to. protect your tax refund. jackie callaway is here with how once again the hackers are trying to take our money from us before the irs can give it to us. >> this time around we're understanding that they got in using people's social security numbers from outside the irs. now, here is what is going on. then they used malware to get electronic filing personal identification numbers for those that they had stolen. the hackers had 460,000 social security numbers and were able to get the pins for more than 100,000 of them. here is the good news. the irs says this time around, no one's personal information was compromised in this particular hack. here is what you need to watch out for. we talked about this just a little while ago and earlier this week.
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security number to file a tax refund before you do, the irs might think you already filed and got your refund. they will send you a notice about that. you may have to wait six months but definitely let the irs know immediately. last year this kind of fraud cost us $15 million. earlier this week on the now, we were telling people that the bottom line is if you're filing taxes yourself like millions do, make sure that you not only have the antivirus software on your computer, here is the key, make sure it's dawnity -- it's updated. >> thank you, jackie. the places in the country best to visit this year. philly gets number one. but consider when you go. because the democratic national convention will be there in july. matches, mississippi is number two. one of the oldest continuous settlements on the mississippi river. number three is the yellow stone national park.
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while you're planning that next trip, apparently it's the best time to get on an airplane to do it. airfare has dropped to a six- year low. average price right now is $372. you can thank dropping fuel charges. if you're into music, into the grammy awards, you will be into this. for the first time ever, instagram is releasing global data rankings to give us hints who could take away the big awards monday night. the top three most buzzed picks. we have blank space by taylor swift. thinking out loud by ed sheeran. we will be watching if
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similar with the oscars. >> thank you, ashley. coming up on the new tampa bay, she never thought it would happen to her teen age son. >> i can't fathom being in that situation and running, knowing -- the one thing that the mother is asking every driver to do in hopes of saving lives. it is being called the cruise from hell. we hear from passengers aboard that cruise ship s stuck in a
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>> some breaking news for you out of polk county. take a look at this man. he is accused of using kck to harass two young girls from polk county. he is 25 years old and from cape coral. the victims are just 11 and 12 years old. he told one of the girls he was going to post her home address online, putting her in danger if she didn't send nude pictures. luckily the little girl told her father what was going on. he called police. the sheriff reminding parents that they're the first line of defense against child predators. let's take a live look outside right now. this is one of or traffic cameras. things moving along just fine out there. no accidents or delays this evening. we show you that picture because everything is going just fine right there. i want you to take a look at this. new statistics are in. we're talking about florida roads.
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19,000 people were hurt in hit and run accidents last year. more than 180 of them died in the tampa bay area. pinellas county, this entire county was fourth in hit and run crash deaths last year. one mother says it's just got to stop. >> he was a big kid. he was about six foot, about 250, 260. larger than life. >> reporter: stacie is talking about her son frank. >> he was pretty amazing. he was 17. he was a wrestler at the high school. >> reporter: these pictures are all stacie has left. he and his friends hit on this dead end road in 2013. a hit and run frank didn't survive. >> i just can't fathom being in that situation and running, knowing -- >> reporter: with hit and run awareness week starting monday, stacie needs people to hear her plea so her son's death won't be in vain. if you're in an accident, stay.
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that hit her son and his friends would have done. >> the gentleman that hit them was probably scared. that's understandable. but together you have to kind of get to the next step. and then worry about the consequences of your actions at a later point. >> reporter: the same message that highway patrol sergeant steve gaskins is hoping that the public will listen to. >> if you're involved in a crash, stop and remain at the scene to provide assistance. >> reporter: he says leaving the scene of a crash even if it's just property damage is illegal and will land you in jail. stacie just wants you to take a closer look at frank. know that he died in a hit and run. keep distractions in the car at a minimum and stay alert. >> they're accidents. accidents happen. just be there and be present as a decent human being. >> and matthew west was arrested more than a year after stacie's son was killed.
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the accident, including vehicular homicide. the coast guard is trying to figure out how that royal caribbean cruise ship that got caught in the violent storm and stop it from happening again. >> free at last. >> as you can imagine, passengers were glad to finally be back in new jersey last night. many calling the experience a nightmare. the ship was supposed to be in the bahamas right now for a 7- day cruise. as we have been showing you for much of the week, hurricane force winds rocked the ships for 12 hours. crazy video from people on board. one of the passengers is saying the captain of the ship stopped giving updates before things got really bad. >> the seas were getting worse. you could see the wind. you could hear the wind. the boat was rocking. it was creek -- creaking and there was a lack of information and it was dark. >> royal caribbean is revising
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storm was not forecast to be as bad as it was. four of the more 6,000 people on board were hurt. the ntsb has been asked to investigate. have you heard people saying the ocean might be rising? it sounds truly bizarre to many of us in the news room. check out this animation coming from nasa put together showing that has happened the last 23 years. this mission showing the sea level changes. you can see in the orange and red, that's where the sea level is riding. if it's blue or white, that's where the sea level is going down. as the earth rotates you can see where it's happening in different parts of the earth. nasa is saying overall it shows water levels have increased about 6 centimeters in the last two decades. scientists say it's another indicator possibly of climate change. shay ryan is in here to show me this. it's beautiful but the camera is moving a little bit again.
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more zoomed in. >> it's not windy. >> no. our winds have really come down. that's probably why you thought it was so much warmer. >> it really did today. >> it's more comfortable out there. i totally agree. it looks gorgeous too, right? that's what laura was showing you. when we zoom in this much, that's when you get the camera shake. again, blue skies out there. the birds are flying. they're enjoying it to, i bet. look at the temperatures. 66 in lake wells. normally this time of year i wouldn't be that excited about the upper 60s. but since yesterday we were in the 50s, this is an improvement, right? if you are thinking of heading out tonight, temperatures are going to cool down back into the 50s. if you want to head out to the arena, things are looking fantastic out there. last-minute plans, you can still get tickets. you don't have to bring your rain gear but bring the extra layer.
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by 10:00, back in the mid 50s with calm winds. i still think it's will be rather comfortable. the temperatures in general are warming up right now. but we are on a roller coaster ride ahead with those temperatures. i'll show you all about that and how high we will go and how low we will dip coming up in a few moments. >> thank you, shay. after the break, why men have better credit scores than women. and it has nothing to do with all of that shopping we do. but before we go, one of the most watched videos in tampa this afternoon, ace, the guide dog trainee meeting pluto at disney. so excited he could barely contain himself. you're watching the new tampa
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>> welcome back to the new tampa bay. ladies, i need your attention. all because you're female, you tend to have a lower credit score than the men. take a look at this chart. here are the average credit scores for both sexes. you see it's 630 but then 621 if you're a woman. it has to do with the money you make. you've heard it before. women make less than men on average. so women spend more of their credit score. so their debt to income ratio, that's why ours is higher. so the question now becomes ashley glass tell us how we can
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>> because there are things that you can do. i've gathered four simple steps from things that you can do. first, pay off your balances and keep them low. next, don't make small charges on multiple cards. think about consolidating the charges to one card. if you're shopping for a home or car, do them around the same time. every time that you apply for credit, it can drop your score a little. one more tip, don't skip any payments or don't pay lessor charging more than you normally do. >> ashley, thank you. breaking news just outside of atlanta right now. a police officer shot and killed in an apartment complex in riverdale. that's about 30 minutes south of atlanta. you're looking at video a short time ago from the chopper. this happening after 11:00 this morning. apparently he was trying to serve a drug warrant. the suspect came out of the apartment and starting running. the cops started chasing him. everyone started shooting and
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and died there at the scene. we're working to get the officer's name soon. >> reporter: police in washington state are learning how to slow things down in situations like this instead of using force. what other departments across the country can learn from their training. a florida hacker explaining how he brother he can into an election server. what is being done right now to protect your information. you're watching the new tampa
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>> breaking news here on the new tampa bay. check out this fire happening in new jersey right now. firefighters trying to do their best on this one. look at these aerial pictures. this happening in an industrial park in new jersey. you see the flames over to the right and the heavy, heavy smoke billowing to the sky. this happening in an industrial park in what is called hillsborough but in new jersey.
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we're trying to figure out how this fire started or what is burning. as soon as we get more information, we will bring it to you. also happening right now, you're taking a live look at the stage for tonight's democratic debate in milwaukee. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will go head to head. we may see a different side of them both tonight. today the congressional black caucus endorsing hillary clinton. and experts say that could give her an important boost as attention shifts to minority voters. after losing in new hampshire she is promising a more aggressive edge. the victory helped bernie sanders raise $6 million in the last 24 hours. his campaign says that came from small dollar donors. he is pushing economic unfairness, promising to reign in big business and big banks. the debate is at # on pbs. for $57, a little bernie
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a woman from massachusetts created this doll after the presidential candidate. now they're selling like hot cakes onet see right now-- on e it. sy -- etsy right now. they go for $20. the republican field for candidates is getting smaller. todd, those that dropped out, at one point they were front runners. >> reporter: yeah. this is crazy. real clear politics crunched the numbers. half of the republican candidate who's at one time led the field are now out of the race. this has been a brutal race for the gop and it's definitely not over yet. donald trump continues to lead the still too big field of republican candidates running for president. it may be hard to remember but
4:48 pm
not the front runner or even considered a serious candidate. it can be hard to remember because many of the former front runners are out of the race. scott walker, rand paul, mike hobbing key and chris christie, who was one of the earliest favorites. >> some of the people who led in the polls are blips early on in the process. we're talking 2014. it may have been because people knew who they were. >> reporter: political experts say this election particularly on the republican side is for the history books. >> i think the volatility in part is reflected in just the sheer number of competitive candidates. >> reporter: those candidates have viciously gone after each other that can cause shifts in who is the front runner. social media doeses too. >> when you see the real time pile-ons, it's just not just on msnbc and fox. >> reporter: all right.
4:49 pm
south carolina where they will debate this weekend. it is unlikely that we will see any more drop-outs before that state's primary next week. laura. >> todd, why is south carolina so important? >> reporter: well, this will actually be the last time that we see the entire field of rehabilitate candidates campaigning in the same state at the same time. once we get into march we get close to super tuesday and dozens other primaries so the candidates will be scattered all over the place after that. i'm todd walker for the new tampa bay. >> thank you, todd. a hacker in florida admits breaking into a computer server of an election office. adam weiner is finding out how your information will be protected. >> it worries me that this is the kind of cyber security we're seeing in 2016. >> reporter: he hacked into a server at the lee county supervisor of elections office
4:50 pm
youtube he explains how he did it. >> i fooled it into giving me the columns and the rows. and in that database we found the user names and passwords. right to the admin log-in page. and the first attempt with these supervisor's log-in credentials was successful. >> reporter: he didn't take any information, hacking the site proving that more security is needed. on monday, their agents searched his home near fort myers and say they're, quote, actively investigating. the question now is is your voting information safe? we asked local supervisor of elections offices what they're doing to make sure that their websites are safe. hillsborough does frequent password encryption. that is key to making sure and preventing what david levin did in lee county won't happen here. >> this is very important.
4:51 pm
you don't need to live here in lee county. you could be halfway around the world to trick the system to give you information that might not otherwise be successful. >> adam, thank you. i'm hanging out with meteorologist shay ryan. she has the big giant blue h. that means it is going to got hot. >> it acts like a bubble. every time that i see the big h i'm like -- >> as long as shay is smiling, we're smiling. >> it keeps sunshine out there. and our winds have starting coming from the south. earlier today they are coming from the northeast to the east. now they're pushing southerly which will get more warm air in here the next couple of days. tonight we will be on the cooler than average side. but it's warmer than we were yesterday. and it gets even warmer tomorrow. so, again, things are working in our favor to get more comfortable. at least temporarily. now, on average we should be
4:52 pm
we should be ending the day around 72. this morning, 42 degrees. this afternoon, we've been in the mid to upper 60s. we're getting there. and take a look, tomorrow we will be up to 69. closer to average, right? saturday, temperatures take a little dip. they go a little further down on sunday. and then right back up on monday, just as the next cold front arrives. so that's why i say it's a little bit of a roller coaster the next couple of days. denis is ahead at 5:00 with an update on the rain chances. he will be timing them out and let you know what will happen on the rest of the roller coaster ride for the temperatures for the rest of the 7 days coming up at 5:00. >> thank you, shay. we want to go back out to that breaking news happening in hillsborough, new jersey to be exact. you see that massive fire happening right now. all of this in an industrial park. it's being called a depot fire. we're trying to figure out what kind of depot. you see several units in the area. the ladder truck in the middle
4:53 pm
heavy smoke can be seen for miles. all of this happening in new jersey right now. a large fire in an industrial park. no word on any injuries just yet or what exactly start this had fire. we do know that firefighters got out there about 3:10 and they have been battling this thing strong ever since. we can't tell if those are houses in the area. we're trying to figure that out. as you can see, it looks like the fire is just jumping from area to area because now they have gone over maybe two or three blocks. and you can see some flames right there on the side of your screen. heavy, heavy smoke. those firefighters are out there fighting it right now. this is happening in hillsborough, new jersey. well, it sounds like a hollywood movie script for valentine's day, but this is the real thing. two people who fell in love during world war ii just reunited after 70 years. joyce morris was 17 years old
4:54 pm
and a paratrooper for the u.s. forces. after the war, he asked her to come to the united states. she misunderstood it and thought he was already married. they didn't talk again until last year. 70 years later when one of morris' sons found thomas online. >> you broke my heart. >> i don't believe that for a moment. >> what would you do if i could give you a squeeze? >> oh, it would be lovely. >> he got to give her that squeeze. look at this. a crowd funding campaign raising enough money for thomas to go from virginia to australia to fine see see morris in person. they plan to spend valentine's day together. wow. if you're struggling to write something special for your sweetie, the now's justin went straight to the experts who do it for a living to get suggestions. >> reporter: words of love. >> you're a good man who works
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>> reporter: in a hallmark valentine's day card. >> here i am on valentine's day feeling incredibly lucky. >> reporter: you could say that she knows them by heart. >> the one that gets to share my life with you. >> reporter: because she wrote them. >> my sweet spot is probably the really deeply romantic stuff. what i call true love. >> reporter: she and andrew are two of hallmark's senior writers, written countless valentines with many of them on the shelves now. >> obviously our personal experience with love and romance comes into it. a big part of the job is empathy. you have to be able to put yourself in the middle of someone else's relationship in an authentic way so it doesn't feel like you're intruding into what about when your words end and yours begin. what should you write in this blank space at the bottom of the card? >> the important thing is to say it in a way that feels real for you. so that you don't end up sounding corny.
4:56 pm
special memory, a special experience that is only between the two of you that you could put in the card to make the person feel like i'm deeply known by the person who matters of the most to me. >> reporter: a lesson in the language of love from the people who write it. >> how many jobs are there where you get to come in and say today i'm going to focus on love and what it means to people. >> reporter: for the now, with love, i'm justin willfont. >> thank you, justin. new numbers are out from the "washington post" showing 65 people in florida last year were shot and killed by officers. another recent case in familiar parks an unarmed 18-year-old man in a stolen suv running from the cops. he tried to drown a k-9 before he was shot and killed. the departments are paying more attention to the use of force. anne mcnamara takes us inside a
4:57 pm
>> reporter: this looks like a typical day on the job. a typical call. but the typical response is what they're trying to change. >> it's not your traditional police training. it's not firearms. it's not defensive tactics. what we're trying to help students develop is that one on one personal relationship with the individuals they will be serving. >> reporter: police recruits in washington state learn how to be guardians of their communities. deescalating tense situations without weapons. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: on this mock call the suspect has threatened suicide. instead of using force they relate to them on a personal level. >> i had a relative that did that and he is a really good friend of mine. >> if you want to share a personal experience, that's deep, man. it is. it is. bringing up those emotions. >> reporter: the progressive program is getting the
4:58 pm
across the country that send officers here to train. and yes, there is push back. veteran officers will be the first to question if it puts their lives at risk. >> what we find out with veteran law enforcement officers, there are two things they hate. the way things are and they hate change. they understand this is what good police have been doing all along. >> reporter: that is still important. the physical training still just as intense. >> we are teaching people how to fight, how to shoot. all of those hard skills that we call the warrior skills. it's not warrior guardian it's finding the right balance. >> reporter: a balance they believe will save lives in the long run. >> what we're talking about at the academy is a philosophy change. >> reporter: this has become such a strong training model that president obama asked the executive director to work on the policing panel to look at law enforcement in the years to come.
4:59 pm
>> thank you for joining us on the new tampa bay. i'm laura harris. abc action news at 5:00 starts right now. >> right now, a standoff in spring hill. and the s.w.a.t. team is on the scene. tonight, the area you need to avoid and the street that's are closed right now. plus, automated phone calls and fancy e-mails. we're taking action for your money tonight. how to avoid the scam targeting anyone getting ready to file your taxes. i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm wendy ryan. thanks for joining us. first we want to start with breaking news in polk county. a man targeting young girls now charged with sextortion. >> we are live at the polk county sheriff's office with who police just arrested. marisela. >> reporter: this started on monday after the father of an 11-year-old girl contacted
5:00 pm
harassing his daughter on social media. we have a picture of the suspect. he is 25. authorities say on the app kck he called himself daddy. polk county sheriffs deputies say he threatened the young girl with posting her address online, that he would hurt her, set her house on fire and ask people to rape her if she did not give him nude pictures and videos, plus turn around and give him names and addresses of other girls. according to authorities, this investigation led them to another victim who daddy, ak a bales, targeted. we will have more at 6:00 on this story. marisela burgos, abc action news. breaking news from new jersey. firefighters are battling this large fire at an industrial park. you can see large plumes of


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