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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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put it, if he had the choice and the resources, he wouldn't even let his pets live the condition that's all these people are living in today. with what they describe, they should probably be living with one of these. take a stroll through the lake wells mobile home park and you may feel like you're walking in a sewer line. some of the sewer tanks exposed. the lids busted off and covered with a piece of wood. in other spots, watch where you walk. raw sewage is seeping through the grass. >> nothing was ever resolved. had to call code enforcement. >> reporter: cyndi phillips used to live here but when she called code enforcement she was slapped with an eviction notice. gaping holes in floors and walls covered in black mold. >> my stepdad got sick to the point that he was admitted to the hospital.
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ask for repairs, management blows him off. matthew used to work there and still lives there to. >> the owner of the mobile home park is dr. steven chambers of tampa. he is living the life on bayshore boulevard in a million dollars home that is mold free for sure. they are sending a team out here to assess the situation. tenants say they have complained for years. >> the man has enough money to fix the place but he doesn't want to. >> reporter: we tried to get the real story from management but were ordered to leave. >> we have nothing to say. leave the park. >> reporter: you have nothing to say about the moldy walls? community activists got the same reception last week when she tried to snap pictures. >> they didn't like the fact that i was taking pictures. they didn't want anyone on the outside knowing what is going on on the inside.
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>> reporter: a sight that you have so see and smell for yourself to believe. back here live, we were standing right here when code enforcement arrived a little while ago. and just a short while ago, the environmental division of the health department arrived. they are doing inspections of their own. we are waiting for results. ryan raiche, abc action news. >> unfortunately problems like this exist all around the bay area. we want to help you if you're in a similar situation. go to you're going to click on ryan's story link on the front page. it will bring you to his story right there on that page. if you go to the bottom, there are links for every county in the bay area for code enforcement if you have a problem or issue that you would like to report. big sigh of relief for homeowners who spent years battling kb homes. the attorney general has settled a three-year investigation for 6 and a half
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some will be used to reimburse homeowners for construction defects. they are ordered to fix homes and meet certain criteria. police need your help tracking down a female bank robber. take a look at the pictures they just sent us. they were taken inside of the sunshine state bank last night. you can see her entering the bank. here is a good look at her face. if you know who this woman is, you're asked to call plant city police. a cape coral man busted for the sextortion of girls in polk county. 25-year-old lucas bales called himself daddy on kck. deputies say he threatened a young girl saying he would post her address online, set her house on fire, and ask people to rape her if she did not give him nude pictures and videos. deputies say he also wanted hadder to give him names and addresses of other girls. >> there were people all over the world trying to prey upon your kids. there are predators trying to
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trying to get images and videos and worse from your kids. the first thing that you can do defense. >> deputies say he also threatened and tried to ex torte a second victim in polk county. now the most accurate abc action weather. >> good everyone. temperatures right now in the low to mid 60s. about 30 degrees warmer than a lot of folks start this had morning, when we were in the low 30s and frost covered a good portion of the area. didn't have to deal with that in pinellas county. most of hills bore eand areas of i-4. we hit 66 in tampa. 62 in st. pete. 63 in clearwater. that's 10 degrees below normal but we're headed in the right direction as skies remain mostly clear. temperatures will be a little warmer tomorrow morning. and a lot warmer on friday. weekend? i'll have the details and help you plan that weekend coming up in a couple minutes.
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concern over the zika virus continuing to grow tonight. 18 cases now confirmed here in florida. that makes 72 total cases in 21 different states. and the district of columbia. worries over the virus even prompting the u.s. olympic committee to say it will bring two infectious disease specialists to the summer games in brazil. the cdc reporting the strongest evidence to date connecting zika with a birth defect that causes children to be born with abnormally small heads. things are heating up on the campaign trail. the south carolina primary just nine days away. florida senator marco rubio calling out donald trump for his foul mouth. but trump says they are pulling all attack ads and say they will only run positive messages. all the way up until election day in november, we are teaming up with political fact holding
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what they say on the campaign trail and tv ads. we're digging into claims on climate change and who is funding campaigns. >> reporter: global warming has been a hot button topic with bernie sanders leading the charge against republicans. >> do you think there is a reason why not one republican has the guts to recognize that climate change is real. >> reporter: a broad stroke stereo type of republicans. >> we actually identified five who say that climate change is real and is happening. that includes marco rubio and jeb bush and john kasich who finished second in new hampshire. >> reporter: bush, christie say it's manmade. this claim is false. next is a claim that donald trump has repeatedly made. >> i'm totally self funding my campaign. >> reporter: and continue today hang his hat on tuesday night after winning new hampshire. >> self funding my campaign.
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using his own money in his run for the white house? not exactly. the big donate button on the front page of his website. >> he has raised $20 million in total so far. of that about $13 is coming from him. about $6 is coming from individuals. >> reporter: trump is by far leading all candidates in spending his own money to win. but completely self funding that claim by trump is simply half true. >> it also points out the vast majority of trump's $12 million in contributions are loans rather than donations. that means that he could expect to recoup those funds. our political fact checkers will be hard tonight. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are facing off in a debate. i will be here with our truth ratings tonight after the debate on abc action news at 11:00. a central florida family forced from their home by hit and run driver.
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after a car plowed through two bedrooms. just look at the aftermath there. orlando police say the driver was involved in a hit and run and crashed into the house just a few miles away before they could finally stop him. the homeowner, some of his kids, and grandkids narrowly missed getting hit. >> i know it had to be fast to come through two bedrooms. no one was hurt. that's the main thing about it. >> the driver, 27-year-old clemons is no stranger to law enforcement. times before. an oklahoma trooper lucky to be alive tonight after an suv plowed into him as he walked along the interstate. entire thing. you won't see the worst part but we want to warn you here. that is trooper jason interstate last month. on the left of your screen, you
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the icy road and come right at him. wow. richardson still recovering tonight from injuries to his legs and head. the s university v driver was not cited. taking action for you tonight with a recall parents need to know about. nuna baby essentials recalling 6,000 high chairs because they are a falling hazard. high chair. the problem has been reported 50 times but only four children have been injured with bruises and one cut to the for head. the first step is underway tonight to bring the newest apartment tower to downtown tampa. developers breaking ground on the 915, the 23-story tower being built on the corner of franklin and tyler streets. when finished the development will have 362ment as, a fitness center, pool, parking garage
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i wasn't guilty. and it took 18 months to prove it. the scams targeting unsuspecting scapegoats and the man who didn't realize he was being set up. romantic revenge an ex- lovers plan to get back at the woman who broke his heart. and that is a beautiful picture. started off frosty this morning. sunny and turning warmer this afternoon. but what about the valentine's day weekend? i'll pinpoint that forecast coming up coming up at 11:00, many of us take risks to get from point a to point b every day. we go along with the florida department of transportation to make sure that the bridges stay
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>> 7-hour standoff in hernando county is over. the man who barricaded himself inside the home surrendered to the s.w.a.t. team. that is new video of him being
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the sheriff's office says he wasn't hurt. he was arrested last year after an incident in the home but authorities are not identifying him yet. it went on for most of the day there on begonia street. this sign says please be aware that certain staff members can can be legally armed and use whatever force is necessary to protect our students. a principal in the town of okay won't say which staff members are armed but they go through the same background checks and training as armed security gars. this option makes sense and many parents and teachers agree. >> it may not be a solution for bigger schools. but it is what fits for our school district. >> school leaders say the firearms stay with the licensed carrier or locked up at all times. a 74-year-old polk county
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criminals could be trying to turn you into an unsuspecting drug mule. carson chambers explains how it happened to him and the prison time that he received because of it. >> a lot of people told me i should write a book. >> reporter: his cane keeps him steady on his feet. his medication makes him thirsty. >> i think it had to do with my age. >> reporter: he survived 18 months in a new zealand prison charged with trafficking more than $3 million in drugs. >> it took two years out of my life. i lost a lot. but i came back from the vietnam war feeling the same way. >> reporter: he can't pronounce what custom agents say they found in a suitcase he carried. >> reporter: it all started when he flew to south africa to
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>> i believed he was an investor, because he talked so much about investing in real estate and investing in businesses. >> reporter: he says the man never showed up. instead sent him a suitcase to bring to fiji to meet him. >> i went through everything and convinced myself there was nothing in the suitcase but clothes so i put it together and said i don't have a problem. >> reporter: he did though when customs split the suitcase open finding a load of crystal meth. now the fbi believes he is dozens of elderly victims conned into becoming a drug mules. >> they are the most clever people i have seen. >> reporter: the vietnam vet was acquitted after 18 months of prison and two trials. left a freeman in a wheelchair, wanting to warn his generation your age may make you the next target. >> growing up in a different era of time. and to us drugs was an aspirin. that is what we thought about it. i have gotten a tremendous education since. >> reporter: i'm carson
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getting a look tonight at what police is saying a case of romantic revenge that nearly turned deadly. johnson's girlfriend broke up with him on monday. surveillance video shows him leaving only to come back hours later and cut her brake lines in her car. just 90 minutes later the victim gets in her vehicle to stop. luckily she realized something was wrong and threw the car happened. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> a couple cold days. i think everybody is waiting for a little bit of a change here. >> sunshine that feels like it's warm. >> at least it was warm in the sun. >> just a little bit. >> 60s. a lot of folks said it was great. now i'm over it. we have you covered. we are looking good. i think we will be back up to where we should be the next couple of days which is in the lower 70s.
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considering what folks up north are dealing with, we have nothing to talk about. they will see windchills 40, 50 below across new england. yeah. titan doppler radar is quiet right now with temperatures in the lower 60s. we are not going to have to worry about a frost this morning. so you don't need to set your alarm a few minutes later to do scraping. a lot of folks needed to do that this morning. a lot of frost across the northern counties. there was frost reported all the way down near west palm. this morning we dropped down to 36 in lakeland. bartow dropped down to freezing at 32. tampa the official low was 42. and right now tampa is clear and 60 degrees. st. pete 62. forecast looking good. and not nearly as chilly in the afternoons over the next several days. let's go through time over the next 48 hours to see what you can expect tomorrow morning. by mid morning, you're already
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and then by later in the afternoon, upper 60s to near 70. now, we should be about 72, 73. so we're still going to be a few degrees below normal. not too bad. then saturday morning we have a front coming through. i think it will be dry. it certainly won't be all that cold either with temperatures on saturday morning in the mid 50s. and later on in the afternoon, back in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. so maybe 2 degrees cooler just because that front will come through. and i think the forecast stays about the same for valentine's day. a little cooler on sunday morning. certainly nothing close to what we had this morning or yesterday morning. satellite picture looks good. it will stay this way until late tomorrow night or early on saturday. and at that point, that's when we will be tracking a front from the north. it won't be a problem on friday. but after about 9:00, 10:00 on friday night into saturday morning, there it comes. you get up early on saturday, i guess there is an outside chance of a sprinkle, a few clouds. that's it. i don't think we will have to
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i didn't even put it in the 7- day i'm so convinced it will stay dry. it gives us a reinforcing shot of slightly cooler air, especially on sunday morning. you will be back in the 40s. then we warm back up to 70 in the afternoon. so this is a nice little stretch we will see here. we will start cool and end up warm each and every day. southerly winds at 5 to 10 knots for the boaters. not bad boating conditions through the weekend. there are your tides, your sunrise and sunset. a look at the most accurate 7- day. 69 on friday. 68 on saturday. valentine's day looks good. rain rolling in early next week at about a 30 to 40% clip. like i said, the weekend looks stellar. for valentine's day, first thing on sunday i suspect temperatures will be primarily in the 60s, cooling off to the
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hello, folks. jason garrison would miss a couple games. it looks like he could miss as many as 20. not to say that he broke anything but former lightning captain had a similar fall in his career and he broke his tibia. with garrison out, the bolts have called up slider. the two-time daytona 500 winner matt kinson did a tour today with joey chipwood the third. the big race less than two weeks away. and the boys will be running for the front row this sunday. abc action sports' john sabol talked with kinson about this year's race. >> reporter: for just the third time in matt's 18-year career he finished the season with five or more wins. he will try to use some of that momentum from last year into this season and it all starts
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>> it's fun to kick the season off with a bang. you go to daytona, the biggest crowd of all year. >> reporter: he is no stranger to the great american race. he's won it twice. in 2009 and in 2012, becoming just the 11th driver to win the 500 multiple times. >> your name on that big trophy with all of the other great race car drivers. it's an honor to be part of the daytona 500 and neat to be part of a club that has been able to win a couple of them. >> reporter: his goal is to start the season off with a win at daytona. experience is on his side. however history is not. only five drivers have won the race three or more times. but he isn't concerned about history. >> at this point in my career, i don't look backwards often. it's about what you're doing today and next. everybody wants to get a win. regardless what happens at daytona, you have to get ready
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up to make a run for a champ hip. >> reporter: john sabol, abc action sports. >> and we also found out together usf's co-offense coordinator and offensive line coach hope is leaving. that's a shocker. we're back in a minute and
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>> we have continuing coverage of today's top stories on >> and we will see you right back here at 11:00.
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tonight, the race for the white house and donald trump's bold prediction. the republican front-runner and what he said is coming, if he wins south carolina. just as his feud with jeb bush takes a new turn tonight. hillary clinton set to face off with bernie sanders, as they now battle for the south. get ready for the deep freeze. the arctic blast across more than 20 states. the dangerous commute already. it will feel well below zero across much of this country. tonight, the fbi ordering armed protesters to surrender. >> i'm a free man, i will die a free man. >> the standoff taking a dramatic turn, and we're there. the deadly gas explosion and now the charges tonight. two people killed, three


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