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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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fears of the zika virus, it may already be here in florida. >> no far confirmed cases of that virus spreading through the bite of mosquitoes here in the u.s.. >> first, we'll check in within ivan to find out what you need >> not as much as yesterday. >> weather and traffic together. >> today, northwestern ji that comes synergy, we are talking about the fog. >> what specific roads are being impacted. >> i can tell i generally this is a patchy fog situation. >> it is not widespread. >> tampa, 10 miles visibility. you go further south andyou run through fog. >> hillsboro and lakeland at the lower miles as well and bart are getting in as that as well >> we'll lift up by 9:00 and all of us getting into
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look at the temperatures now. this is not ourweather in the morning. you don't want to get out in a t-shirt here. you will want want a jacket. nool bylunchtime, this is going to get mild for us here, upper 60s and we'll push for 70 degrees and get ready for the weekend, we'll be detailing it in a few minutes. >> i love these maps because you can specifically where the fog is over eyed with the roads being impacted. >> this is great technology that ef showing up in the hello. yellow. >> we'll try to find out where he is and what's going on out there in just a few minutes. let me show you these maps of all the fog we have been talking about. we can zoom in sdp show you wherethis fog is hating along the i-4 corridor. >> and further south along the i-75 corridor all the way dout
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>> braid don and sarasota, you will want to be careful along i- 75 and state roads 70. . use low beams out thereand slow down and leave some space in front of you. opening our camera, you can see how thick it is in some places. >> i-75, north of gop, and then you head to down tampa, take a look at this, >> it is pretty clear. >> a quick check of your derived time right now. >> crossing the bay in less than ten minutes. >> breaking news on the zika virus this morning. doctorsare testing a detroit women to see if he's the first person to contract sooe ta >> she may have been infected by a mosquito bite right here in florida. >> donna tuden remains in the hospital suffering flu-like
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for days. >> the cdc has not confirmed if she got a mosquito bite coming up right now at 5:33. >> the candidates spent the night in milwaukee. >> with teamed up with credible the arguments were made. >> hillary clinton immediately the economy and opening statement. >> take a look at how she characterize the frustration of working for americans >> i know a lot of people are angry for the economy and for a good cause, >> americans have not had a race for 15 $years $14 years. >> clinton to be mostly telling the truth. snl if youlook at the meeting household income.
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sanders' rail against wall street and his response. he claims by addressing economic equally, he would also collect racial and in justices. >> listen closely to what ls he had to say they lost half of their wealth. >> our team said, this is true, the teen tried to reveal the statement from the real estate brokers. african-american lost up to 61% of their sh as a result of the bubble. >> let's take a look at this photo.
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looking at finding this guy. >> he was nor club rain saturday morning and eight victims shot and two died. >> officers do not want to call him a suspect, but they want to talk to him to find out what they knows. officials say a near by shoot out sending blets to the affordable classrooms. >> multiple rounds were fired and one of those blelts ended up going through a classroom window and hitting a wall and landing right near the floor. >> comfort by a teacher with tears in her eye and recognizing how close tragedy struck. >> police say this was the second shooting near a school in miami this week. >> the first one is wednesday outside of high school. >> police have made an arrest
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the last people surrendered fbi agents yesterday morning. >> all four of them face federal felony charges of conspiracy from keeping our deputies were not able to do their citizens. >> they want the government to turn the land over to locals and released and two ranchers set to jail for setting fire. deputies with sharing details. al mother and daughter facing charges after authorities spotted an ap . they found three children in a locked room and child neglect. the kids are now staying with the relatives.
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>> other chech members are accused of paying miranda to >> orlando backed this church and offering miranda's $3$3000 for her silence. al warming about scammers trying to intimidate you. automated phone calls. the irs. the irs says agents would never call you, they only use certified mail to reach you. >> future cast county is offering friedenal screening. >> kids at the age of 1 threw 18 can get to the clinic. >> now, the best part aside from this being free, you don't
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students in faith county and it will come ahead and decide the school board whether or not they'll continue. who came to their rescue saving
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welcome back, thanks for waking up with abc on this
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bay and not too cold out there. >> their 3:01. there is a fog out there. >> details on traffic and weather just a minute away. >> donald trump is turning the heat here in florida with more than a month to go for primaries. >> trump is picking up pennsylvania for his own. >> abc action news, anchor lindsay logue is live right now at u.s. staff with a look of what we can expect tonight. >> good morning lindsay. >> reporter: dan and deiah, thousands of people will packed u.s. supporter supporterers. s. >> he's coming off that huge win in new hampshire and he spent most of the week campaigns and his focuses is on
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south louisiana. >> you can bet on the unpredictable and what became normal remarks. >> from now on, he's on his best behaviorer and he squares not to square. >> feven it is not a bad word. if it is a little bitoff, they would kill me >> i will never do it again, actually. >> motors in the south threw out the bible saying they are turned off by trump's language. >> we won't know until march 15th when florida votes, can trump win? >> they'll split-t accomplishment put trump at the top. >> the doors here open at 5:00. >> you need a ticket to get in. they are free and i justchecked the website. the tickets are still available. >> for more information rally at
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on abcactionnews. >> today t board will describe whether kathryn lose her job. sthoo board members admitted they could not substantiate any of their neighbor's plan. >> 16 minutes until 6:00. al case of home grownterrorism. this is martin, he's accused of threatening to fire bombs and shoot people at the islamic center. >> smith plans to lee guilty today for levering e-mail afte in dez. >> agents searched his home. >> he's facing up to 20 years
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morning, federal investigators say they'll launch a second search for the wreckage of el farrow ship that sank back in bahamas. >> investigation will be look at that black box to gain more insight of that shipwreck >> after losing engine power and getting caught, while traveling from jacksonville to san juan puerto rico. >> well, some areas we have cool temperatures with the dew point, we can make clouds that way and when it is at the service, we'll call it fog. it is patchy where ithas formed. it is below half a mile in some areas and certainly slowed down. >> heading into western man stee and sewatee and sarasota is down. >> if you are traveling on the ode, we'll have clear
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we have warmed upbut nicely compares to yesterday. >> we had that freeze warning, not the case this morning. >> we'll warm things up later this afternoon as we check on our seven-day forecast, a lot a lot is going on here and let's talk about today with temperatures at 70s which where we should be this time of the year >> and then as we head into the weekend, of course, we have valentine's day weekend that's coming up. don't forget that as we check in the forecast. temperature in the upper 60s and the secondary problem will move through and that means we'll wake up with temperature in the 40s. a little bit cool if you are up early, otherwise, after that, we'll warm up with temperature in tuper 60s and the next rain chance is come gz up on monday sdb tuesday. >> the issue this morning, we'll continue to check in on
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>> we are look at visibility patchy in some areas >> we'll check in with corey, he's on his way to a serious motorcycle crash in pinellas county. he'ssouthbound at a u.s. 19. the crash happened at u.s. 19 north of gandy. he's on his way there now. >> as soon as he gets there, you will be able to give us more details. >> this crash happened at a u.s. 19 north of gandy and a mort crashed here and a two north boind lanes blockedbound lanes are blocked. >> you may want to consider taking 49th street as your ill mate. >> corey is headed that way and he will have more. >> some of the technology that we are telling you about and the fog that we are dealing with, all in the yellow. >> south of that, bartow, you can see it there. north ofthat, and further south, we have some fog in the
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know of our d.o.t. cameras that is the furthest south on i-75 and take a look at how thick it looks right here. >> this is not in the brandon area. >> i-75, north of 01, you will twoont use low beams out there and leave distance between you and the car in front of you so you don't run into them unexpectedly >> use some caution when you are driving out there again. >> it is patchy so it may pop up in different areas. >> we'll keep our eyes on this crash. >> we have two northbound lanes blocked there. >> we'll have more for you on twitter and facebook. a couple accused of having sex at an ferris wheel are due back in court. >> phillip says he met the woman after getting into a fight.
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committing sex acts in public, it happens last friday on her 21st birthday. >> students are lucky to be a live this morning. >> they noticed their bus driver was having some kind of medical episode. >> the bus went past the exit for their school. >> his eyes were fluttering so the bus driver kept on swerving and it was a continuous swerve. >> what happened to the driver is still a mystery. >> no students were hurt. coming up, if you use uber, they may owe you some money. why the companies are so to cough up millions to riders. >> coming up this morning, some new styles, you can never laid
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take a look at that right now, that's a picture from the river gate tower camera in tampa. >> over the bay area, harbor
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beginning of a horror movie, all that will fog out there this morning. >> we need like scary music or something >> expect sharks or somebody to come >> it is spooky looking. >> ivan is watching the fog for you and janelle. they'llhave a complete look at traffic and weather coming up. >> we are taking action for your money with a warning about scammers trying to in tim nate you. >> crooks are pretending to be from the irs claiming that you >> the irs won't call you, to help you. new this morning t raid sharing company is setting two >> riders for a safety background checks >> if the judge approves, 25
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will split about 28. 5 million. >> have you driven a ford earlier lately? >> the most since the early 2008s. >> the growing popularity of suv, sports are going to introduce four, all new models the next four years. >> they offer more space and fewer efficiency have improved in recent years. >> the new suv will not replace the model. >> if you are into heart, you will love this. >> you don't have to leave the country to do that. >> we raenl commission a recreational of van go's exhibit on monday. >> the museum is renting out that room for $10 a night on
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if you are looking for something to do, here in the bay area tonight of the sail, >> maybe you have gone before friday of every month. the sales is at 3:33,south franklin street. >> the water front bar and they'll have live music >> ivan, do people need to bundle up tonight? >> i will walk along the trucks >> food trushg is always delicious. cold. we have a front. >> i will let you know what to expect when it gets here and when our next best rain chance is. and frightening scene playing out over night as a struck landing on top of a two car and slammed into a home.
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this crash? >> every bone in my body sakes y aches. >> the reason this traveler may have made history as the
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into the news room, we learned the name of the truck driver accused of going into this river view home and landing on top of two cars >> rodney is going joining us
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>> reporter: 37 years old yordi y ramos, he's charged with dwi and property damage. they're trying to get their hands on his driving record. we discovered he's from sarasota. >> neighbors on the scene when we got here told us this guy tried to run off. >> i guess this explains it. >> now, this sets the scene for you at 3:00 this morning. neighbors tell us the guy came rolling the streets here and crash into this carport and flipped on top of two car and damaging those vehicles as well as a third and damaging his truck and you can see the damage left behind obviously from that home. police chief it or not. no one was hurt in all of this. >> thankfully, an ak ti scene here. active scene here. investigatorerhaves been speaking with the family and trying to determine what happened in the moments before
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to determine where. at this point, it is unclear if it is even safe for the family to be in this home tonight. you can sighpretty much is a mess out here and the entire community is pretty shocked by this. again, the driver has been identified 37 years old ramos. >> again, thankfully no one was hurt in all of this t. we'll be out here throughout the morning gathering as much information as we can and we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it. >> we are live on abc action news. >> we are off to a busy start this frida morning. >> we are also monitoring breaking development on the zika virus. >> before we get to that, avan is joining us checking some


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