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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we're tracking another cold front. by wakeup time saturday. clouds and maybe a couple of showers.
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forecast in 60 seconds. this is abc action news. i love you people. get out and vote. we're going to make america great again. we are going to win all the time. we're going to bring our country back and we are all going to be proud once again to be citizens of this incredible country. i love you. i love you. now at 11, a standing ovation at the sun dome. >> donald trump telling a sold out sun dome he is going to turn the country around. >> good evening. tonight's crowd so large it
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>> just to get a glimpse and hear the republican front- runner in person. we are live at the sun dome, michael. >> reporter: james and wendy, incredible, energized stadium and it was like a basketball arena about to go into overnight than a political rally. all of the supporters from donald trump hanging on to every single one of his words. donald trump took over the usf sun dome like he owned it. with more ten thousand people inside and thousands more that couldn't get in from the outside. >> do we love the military? we love the military. >> jeb bush. >> and you know in his own way he is a vicious guy, that little vicious streak because he is a gutless guy. >> and, of course, how well he
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build that wall. >> some supporters waited in line for more than five hours to get good seats excited to see the reality tv star turned politician in person. >> we are about ready to fall off a cliff and our freedom is just not there. it's being stripped every day. little by little by little. >> i think he will be a strong leader because i love donald. >> why. >> because he says the things i think. >> out of the more than ten thousand screaming fans a couple of protestors did make it in, donald was not rattled and urged supporters to keep the momentum going all the way to november. >> we are going to solve the problems. we are going to make our country so strong. we're going to win again and again. we will win so much but here's what you have to do, you have to vote or we're wasting our time. the movement ends and that's the end of it.
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florida, a lot because he needs to win this state to win the nomination. he is setting his sites on south carolina and will arrive saturday's south carolina live in tampa. abc action news. protestors holding a rally outside the sun dome and making message. >> protestors saying they don't like donald trump's message telling carson chambers it has no place on the usf campus. well a lot of the folks in line here waited a long time but never got up to the door to get in. they say they have tickets but ended up watching the speech on the phone. donald trump took a beating tonight. from protestors. >> a lot more people than i expected.
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>> great to be out here and to see this activity. >> first thousands of line that wrapped around the parking lot. >> the last stretch going in was by far the loudest. >> we don't want racist politicians on campus. donald trump has made homophobic remarks. >> and protestors got their message out and law enforcement stood by protecting their free speech. >> just like with the remark he said about immigrants specifically moslems. >> and a lot of the folks that did not get into see donald trump but had tickets ended up on the sidewalk. in tampa i'm carson chambers. abc action news. a lot of donald trump supporters going home and some inside standing in line trying to get inside when donald trump finished on stage and some wept
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>> you hear the media say these things but you don't know until you hear it for yourselves so i got a taste of it myself. trump bragging about the overflow crowd saying he broke on record that elton john set another 5000 people were outside the dome. you can read more on good evening, everyone. skies are clear for the time being with temperatures in the 50s across most of the area. temperatures will steady out over the next few hours because we are going to see some clouds roll in with a front and even a chance of a couple of sprinkles, bulk of the area would have to worry about fog or sea fog but other than that once we hit 6:00 this will wind down quickly. the bottom line is that there
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if there is you will probably be sleeping through it unless you are an early riser. clouds in the morning and then sunshine. a cold front that means cold air behind it and i will tell you how low it will go if we are talking freeze in a couple of minutes. tonight two hillsborough schools are recovering from a scare that ended them in the hospital. the district saying that kids ate something that looked like cereal and laced with marijuana. marisela burgos live at sergeant smith middle school. how are the kids doing tonight. those two students were released from the hospital and school officials said they were told the packaging of that food resembled candy or cereal.
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to the hospital. this happened thursday night at sergeant smith middle school. hillsborough county deputies said they bought some kind of school for another student for 20 bucks on campus and ate it. authorities say it had on it forbidden fruit, fruit loops, 200-milligrams of thc. >> that's the ingredient in enemy that gets people high. >> teresa is on the alliance. >> all of the marijuana laced candy and stuff that i have seen online it looks similar to the actual product. >> she heard about the investigation. >> i think parents need to read up and educate themselves about the danger and the consequences and to say just because something looks like candy doesn't mean it is safe. detectives sent the package to the florida department of law enforcement for testing and wants to know where it was and
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>> i don't want for it to happen here. >> reporter: this case is under investigation. nobody has been charged at this time. reporting live. marisela burgos, abc action now to breaking news in tampa. police investigating a shoot on sly avenue. officers found a man with a grazed wound to the face. detectives saying he is not cooperating with the investigation. new developments on the zika virus. authorities confirmed two new cases in florida. two u.s. women miscarried after being infected with the zika virus. the women were being monitored by their doctors. the virus is being found in the placenta. something that is concerning to health officials. tonight poke superintendent kathryn leroy looking for a new
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the school board accepting her resignation called to discuss her future. under fire since superintendent greg rivers accused her of harassment from which she was cleared. people in the community supporting her including her secretary. regardless of what tonight's outcome might be. it is a privilege to say that i leroy. executive assistant thank you. asking for $230,000 to walk away from the job. that includes 30,000 in legal fees. in polk county. three suspects in a triple murder behind bars. a u.s. marshal's task force arresting jamal smith in miami. two others are accused of helping him kill three people in lakeland on january 6th. a traffic stop kills two people and the pair facing charges for id theft. the florida highway patrol pulled over two people north of fletcher for violating the moveover law.
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so the trooper searched the car finding 638 pieces of stolen information and two magnetic strip readers used to scam personal information. a boss booed and shouted down in his own factory. what he told the workers that almost started a riot. one of these cars has been involved in a serious collision. can you spot the wreck? coming up see how others did on our challenge. the tell-tale signs to watch out for. why some men may soon need permission from their wives to
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a prescription welcome back. now to a story going viral. an entire factory shut down. we moved production from our facility in indianapolis to monterey mexico.
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and getting pink slips all at the same time. this video showing it happened to 1400 workers who work at carrier central air- conditioners at an indianapolis plant this week. united technologies which owns carriers deciding to move the factory to monterey mexico to save money. the manager telling workers they must continue to make quality products as the company works to shut them down. we must remain committed to manufacturing the same high quality products. tonight some heating and air-conditioning company are boycotting carrier and the executives that made the decision saying they understand what it is like struggling to feed a family. spring brings the busiest car buying season but would you
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jackie calloway tells us about the top three signs. >> reporter: our challengers found it difficult to choose. >> i can't tell any difference. >> we spent a recent afternoon to take the challenge. >> there is an orange peel here on this door. >> reporter: the test was tricky even for an expert like veteran car dealer nick stampos. car fax brought in three nissan altimas and we asked people to choose the car repaired after a serious front end collision. >> don't judge a book by its cover. >> reporter: a mistake made by our participants. >> you would think the one that looks newer because if it was a bad collision they would have to fix it all. >> reporter: only one of the challengers spotted the rear wreck. >> this car had two stickers. >> reporter: the mechanic dan o'calla showed us the signs.
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>> reporter: look for misalignment of parts. >> you can see a significant difference between the bumper. >> reporter: and check for discoloration. and check for scratches on screws and bolts. >> that tells that the parts have been removed. >> reporter: you can see the screw marks that hold the front end in place. none of the test takers noticed the paint discoloration or the marks on the bolts and only one spotted the orange peel paint on the door. >> it is very hard. >> reporter: which is why car fax's chris fastso says it is critical to know a car history. something a car fax can provide. >> there are people that will hide the problems and sell the car without telling you about the hidden issues. >> reporter: remember not ever
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to pull the history and bring a mechanic. go to and click for action. a teacher is locked out of her classroom and all she was trying to do is comfort a student. she had taken two friend to the store for hot chocolate and that landed her on administrative duty. the student's father gave her permission but graph violated school policy. she needed somebody to talk to. she was distraught. i felt that she was in crisis. >> a life as well as other students have been told to trust your teachers and go to them and that's what i did. >> graph is just five months from retirement, she now is fighting the significance with an attorney. >> men laughing about regulating viagra. a nurse wants men to get
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wives and visit a doctor twice to be approved for pacheko. her bill also restrictions viagra to married men only. the bill admits it won't be approved likely. a utah senior buying flowers for every single girl in his school. 800 in all. 17-year-old hayden godfrey working three jobs and saving for nearly two years to pull off his surprise. the teen saying he got the idea in middle school when he noticed some girls didn't get anything on this romantic holiday. here as abc action news there is one guy that makes sure the women are remembered on valentine's day. reck colby works behind the scene in our production department every valentine's day he leaves a box of chocolates and rose for every woman so thank you rex for being an awesome guy and kind and giving.
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decades since he has been here and once again got a beautiful flower and chocolate. and somany others. >> he went to so many places. >> such a sweet guy. >> and to the women out there happy valentine's day. bundling up is an issue for us again. you look outside and we had a beautiful day today but it is kind of hard for me to sit here and talk about how chilly it is going to be when this is going on. this is the northeast. windchills this weekend. valentine's day morning, 25 to 35 below zero! and that extends all the way to philadelphia through the jersey show and new york and boston. this is the coldest weather of the year. for us, we are going to just sort of be on the fringe of some of those chillier temperatures by sunday morning and we will see low 40s and maybe some 30s. don't think we will see a freeze this go around. there is a look at doppler radar.
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front it should stay rain-free. maybe just maybe a sprinkle offshore between 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. with temperatures right now anywhere from the low to mid- 50s come wake up time we are still staying in the 50s and low 60s in the area. clouds will come in for a few hours but they won't last long. if you sleep in on saturday you will be right back sunny and cooler in the afternoon. right now upper 50s to low 50s clear skies. satellite picture talk about clear skies it was pretty much perfect. temperatures back to where they should be, lower 70s and not a air out there. now the dry air that has been to the south. you know what? another front is coming in and it will give us a rein forcing interesting forecast. if you need to make your plans tomorrow morning you should be
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rain. here is the thing the air is so dry where we are i find it into any type of rain. however a couple of clouds and maybe sea fog early but the wind pick up a bit and that won't be an issue. by 8:00 look at what happens, gone by lunchtime, we are sunny and stay sunny right through saturday night and valentine's day morning. here is what is going on. the winds will shift quickly to the east by sunday look at what happens, all of a sudden we start tapping an easterly flow and meaning clouds from clouds are possible, polk county and highlands. i don't think it makes it to most of our viewing area. so whatever you have planned outdoors i think it will be nice but it will be colder tomorrow night and sunday morning than tomorrow morning to thicken by monday and we tuesday.
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in the low 70s today. and tomorrow in the low 60s across our northern counties and maybe mid-70s across the metro and a little bit cooler and every bit is sunny by mid- morning in the afternoon. sunday morning is when we will cool back down maybe upper 30s to low 40s. right now i don't think we see a freeze but we will keep our eyes on it, bill will be around to give you all of the latest details. the wind will pick up behind the front. not terrible. north winds at 10 to 15 knots valentine's day, the forecast looks good and another front for monday and tuesday and week. thank you, dennis, we will
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they pick up a win.
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the highlights in sports. hello folks. if you want a piece of the playoffs you have to win games at home and did the bolts do that in dramatic fashion.
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with under a minute about steven stamcos on a power play to send this game in overtime. nashville is no match for the bolts 3 on 3 in ot. tyler johnson gets a run on the wing and that's it, folks. the bolts pull out a 4-3 overtime victory. a big two points earned in the 9th straight win at emily arena. a key to whether the lightning make the playoffs is between now and the deadline. tonight's win helps and hopefully the first step to offset what has happened in the past three years. >> deadline deals have helped the bolts with the acquisition of braden coburn and brian calloway but the team has taken a hit including john cooper's
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the bolts struggled leading up to the deadline. >> no one new about that step. but we will change that. >> i suppose there is maybe a little truth with a new coach and new staff and everything going on. i don't think that is happening this year. there is good news to the lightning, in two of the last three years, the bolts have won 12 games after the trade deadline passes as well as clenching a spot in the playoffs. >> we have seemed to take a turn in march and there is little correlation but nothing that i would sit here and say i
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>> reporting for the lightning. abc action news. there is a sense of frustration in the stamcos camp. steve in is taking time mueller over. is it possible that lightning would like an answer and if no go they want stamcos to release his clause and truth be told it would be egregious on the bolts to not get compensation for stamcos and not look good on stamcos's part if he didn't
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leave the bolts holding an empty bag. sensitive?
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abc action news brought to you by morgan and morgan, for the people. florida state fair, a night parade tomorrow night. the weather sunny on valentine's day, chilly and snuggle weather on saturday night, sunday morning and through sunday afternoon as well. continuing coverage on our top stories on have a good night and a
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- george clooney. plus dave salmoni and animals. with cleto and the cletones. and now, most of all, here's jimmy kimmel!


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