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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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volkswagen took off and fhp is looking for him. there's quite an extensive scene as fhp gathers evidence surrounding the crash if you have info you're asked to call fhp. once again they are looking for a black volkswagen likely to have heavy front end damage. no indication on how long the investigation will run into the rush hour but as we know, as volume builds on bay area roads it will become only more dangerous of a scene if you're heading from st. pete to tampa along the howard frankland bridge, approaching the hump please slow down, remove the investigationors a little area to work so we don't have any there. we'll bring you updates on air and on line traffic -- @tampabaytraffic and are you seeing anything else i can show what you the scene looks like now with our fdot camera. you can see the flashing lights, two of the northbound lanes, the outside lanes, are
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getting through now and because it's early traffic is still pretty light. let's check drive times, in the middle it's taking 8 minutes to get across the howard frankland, typically takes about six minutes to get across the bridge. we also have this crash that fhp is calling a possible fatal crash. this is in clearwater, happened eastbound olmerton road at fountain parkway. this is just east of the carilon parkway. drivers have to get off at roosevelt and get back to 275 and come around that way because again the eastbound lanes are blocked. so if you're heading here you definitely want to leave yourself some extra time. we're also following this crash from earlier this morning in port richey, fatal crash southbound u.s. 19 at ridge road. we just got word this the southbound lanes are now open so no more delays on u.s. 19 but it has been a very busy and tragic morning on bay area roads so if you are leaving
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let's talk about the weather. it was a gorgeous weekend, i think a lot of people are hoping that continues today. it's the last day of the fair. >> yeah, the roads certainly are not an issue now. usually there's fog and wet roads. not the case but we're seeing a few more clouds as we head through later this afternoon. in fact it will be, i think ok for the fair or anything else you're doing outside but won't be like saturday or sunday where we had full sunshine and temperature in the low 70s. the temperatures we'll hang on to but not the cloud cover or the sky here. we're going to be a little more cloudy as we head through later today. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. so certainly not chilly if you're stepping outside early this morning, a light jacket if you're sensitive that would be it. otherwise you don't need much. titan doppler quiet. widening out the view though, a couple of showers beginning to move in across the southeast, most of these vaporize here but we're looking for the line of showers and storms to move in.
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early tomorrow morning for lunchtime and evening commute, isolated showers, coverage 20% today. more on the heavy rains coming 6:03. from overnight. as janelle mentioned the investigation still on in port richey and u.s. 19, in to what crash. 2:30 this morning troopers say the motorcycle somehow crashed ridge road. a friend of motorcyclist said the victim may have been speeding at the time. no one else was hurt. we're told the driver of this car may have died after slamming into a pole in clearwater after 4:00 a.m. that car is wrapped around the pole. st. pete police worked to free that driver, we're checking up on their injuries now. look at this cell phone video now of an intense car fire that happened on 275 overnight. fire officials tell us the person inside luckily got out safely. once his car burst into flames
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we're still waiting to find out exactly what caused that fire but authorities tell us it was not caused by a car accident. meanwhile pinellas county authorities are working on a troubling case now. they are trying to figure out how a 4-year-old got his hands on a loaded gun and then fired it. police say the boy was playing with a cat at home on yale street when he went into a crawlspace under the house and found that loaded gun. he took it on the porch, fired one shot into the ground and thankfully no one was hurt. the grandmother tells police she has no idea how the gun got there or who it belongs to. officers tell us the gun is not registered and they believe someone hid it under the home. this morning mystery surrounding justice scalia's death as an epic brawl over his replacement plays out in washington. >> his family doesn't want an autopsy saying the 79-year-old justice died peacefully in his sleep while on a hunting trip in texas over the weekend. also overnight we got some
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we're going to show you now. of the private plane that is carrying his body leaving el paso international airport for virginia. funeral arrangements are still being set now for the conservative justice who spent nearly 30 years with the nation's highest court. president obama meantime says he will appoint scalia's successor "in due time," in an hour of his death being announced. the senate majority leader mcconnell declared "this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president." democrats and republicans have reason to fight for who gets the nomination because of how it could shift the balance on the supreme court. without scalia it it splice down the middle -- split down the middle. the debate over what should come next dominated the campaign trail over the weekend. >> it's outrageous that republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president
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duck president to essentially capture the supreme court in the waning months of his presidency. >> the florida former governor jeb bush says the president has the power to make his decision but pace based on the past choices the senate shouldn't confirm someone who is out of the main steam. >> more on this in the next half-hour. 6:06. new this morning, deputies in central florida hoping your friends in the orlando area can help solve the murder of an 81- year-old-year-old. deputies are looking to talk to the two people you see here. tessy grandfatherham and her boyfriend david buchan. deputies found the body of her father julian grandfatherham at his home in -- gresh ham at his home in taft and the pair be persons of interest. they may be in a bathe ford taurus, keep an eye out for them. bainl.
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police will face more charges now that he's been caught. a bradenton police dog gets the credit for helping nab willie burton. officers say burton had several warrants from his arrest but ran from police sunday afternoon, down 7th street east. police k-9 tracked him and found him behind a shed and bit him. he's now charged with resisting arrest. we're waiting to learn if the number of zika virus cases in florida has grown. at last check 20 people in eight counties have the virus. florida health officials say all the cases are travel related and also this morning we are now aryg from a south florida medical student about what it was like to have that virus. christ i -- christof says after returning from a medical mission in haiti last year he developed a rash all over his body, had had a high fever and crippling headache, even pain behind the eyes he says he recovered after four days but now he's planning on returning
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others about the outbreak, especially pregnant women. >> it's heartbreaking for mothers who are pregnant, must be terrifying to have that possibility. >> as we have told you zika is linked to severe birth defects. we know that so many of you have questions about this virus so we're taking action to help you get answers. the state has set up a zika hotline. the number is on the screen now. we also have posted this on our abc action news mobile app. 6:08. still ahead, no choice but to shoot. the chain of events leading up to a deadly encounter between
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welcome back. 6:11. police in california are looking for the people who fired blow darts at two tourists walking on the iconic golden gate bridge. the 5-inch darts hit the victims separately, one became lodged in one man's leg, another hit a woman's knee cap. fortunately both victims of fine but highway patrol troopers say they've never seen this before and are stumped about why someone would target these people. officer are testing the darts now to make sure they were not dipped in dangerous chemicals. pope francis is visiting the southernmost state in mexico. yesterday he went to a
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city and blessed children there. today he'll hold mass at a songer stadium hoping to instill faith in the least catholic state in the country. the pope is set to depart mexico and head back to rome wednesday night. let's check with ivan for a look at the forecast today. >> we have more clouds today and a couple of showers by later today but i think the heavier rain waits until tonight. we're tracking a pretty good line that comes in tonight and early tomorrow. the timing coming up in a few minutes. we are also tracking breaking news, a deadly crash on the howard frankland bridge. shutting down several northbound lanes, janelle is helping folks commuting to hourslong investigation.
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good morning. we are following some breaking news. a fatal crash on the howard frankland bridge, a tow truck driver was struck and killed when he was loading a truck, or another car on his truck. police now looking for the driver of a black volkswagen with the front end damage. look at the scene here, you can see the flashing lights. this is the northbound lanes, two outside northbound lanes blocked now on the bridge. cars are slowly getting by this. i did just check your drive time, it's taking eight minutes to get across the bridge now. that is just two minutes slow. however, if you're heading out the door now, by the time you get here that drive time is
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want to consider taking either campbell causeway. unfortunately, we are following clearwater. scene. this is eastbound olmerton road in the feather sound area, just east of carillon parkway. a car into the pole. fhp reports this as a possible fatal crash. so right now all the eastbound lanes on olmerton road are blocked. i'll show you this on a match. cars are taking roosevelt, getting back to 27 r5 to come around that way. 275. a pretty lengthy detour so reef yourself extra time. and a quick mention in front of countryside high school in clearwater they are doing some watermain repairs so right now, 580 westbound is completely closed, also known as main street. from mcmullen booth to landmark. you have to take mcmullen booth to enterprise to work your way around that. this is going to cause trouble
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police are making -- countryside. police are making sure traffic gets there safely. follow me on twitter @tampabaytraffic. right now take a look at one first street northeast in washington, dc. the supreme court building. the steps there blanketed in snow. it's snowing and 22 degrees in washington now. the nation as capitol again expected to take a pounding. folks who have to work have to contend with snow, sleet and freezing rain. the powerful line already dropped several inches of snow on the american states. create -- midwestern states. >> at least 40 cars contracrashed in a two mile stretch of road in indiana. indiana state police say the most serious injury was a broken leg so they are pretty lucky. freezing temperatures created a scary scene at a ski resort in new hampshire. dozens of people were left
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hours after the tram they were in stopped. you're looking at some cell phone pictures from inside the trams. a service break issue is being blamed for stopping the tram. rescuers later repelled 48 passengers to the ground one by one. look at this. firefighters battled with a six- alarm fire in recordbreaking cold, a battle between fire and ice truly. the temperatures so cold water from the fire crews' hoses froze over. one firefighter had to be rushed to the hospital, a dog trapped inside that auto repair shop was killed. at home -- our weather this weekend was beautiful. >> can we talk about the northeast for a second? 25 to 35 below wind chills. some wind chills reached 40 below. historic event across the northeast they have not seen since the 1950s. >> come on down folks. >> i was talking to my friends in boston and sent them
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and the low 70s. boy, if you -- if you're up early, if you're vacationing this week or expecting someone, after tomorrow morning this is going to be spectacular, through the week but we have a front to get through. it will bring rain and i think it will be heavy as we head through tonight and into tomorrow. starting with a nice head start in the upper 50s to low 60s. that will set the stage for another mild day. in fact i think warmer than yesterday. warmer but cloudier, with a southeast wind so we'll take that. that is the way it goes here. as i widen out the shot, you can see they are still dealing with frigid temperatures across the northeast. ic rebound with 30s and -- quick rebound with 30s and 40s eventually but boston 5 now, improved from yesterday with below zero temperatures. there's the front that we're watching here. it's right along the tennessee valley. it will push to the south and east. out ahead of it we have a southeast wind today thavmentd will warm you us -- that will warm us up but also cloud cover
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not too concerned about that. it's this line here that comes in and barrels through, through the morning hours. look at the timing. couldn't be worse for a tuesday commute as it heads to the south and east. rather quickly by midday you'll wake up with heavy rain and then lunch will be sunny with temperatures in the 70s. today partly sunny with temperatures about 75. i think we'll be in the low 70s as we head through tomorrow, with morning rain, it will be heavy with thunder and then we clear out for wednesday through the end of the week. as i mentioned thereafter great weather with highs in the 70s and full sun. 6:20. have you flown out of town lately? there's a ton of construction at the airport. big expanse project. after months of work we'll look at one of the major milestones. in three hours tia will cut the ribbon on a concessions distribution center. comes a week before the airport unveils its first two new restaurants. aunt anne's pretzels and bay
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restaurants and shops expected to open at tia this year alone. trained thief. turns out a lady jewel thief's accomplices were also her teachers. the dangerous lessons they are accused of passing on to this woman. it's not easy being famous. coming up, the jaw-dropping way comedian bill murray lashed out
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coming up on 6:25 -- new information about the so-called diamond diva, female jewel thief who stole millions of dollars of jewelry from five states including florida. >> there are reports now that abby kemp trained for months just to get ready for the robberies. fbi documents show two brothers made her practice her heists and told her exactly what to take from the stores, even taught her how to use zip ties on employees. one of the brothers we found out was known to the fbi, he was wanted for two violent bank robberies. stay tuned, coming up on "good morning, america," find out the other stunning things that kemp might have learned from this dangerous pair. actor bill murray accused of throwing two cell phones off a second story balcony in california. murray was at a restaurant thursday night when the two fans started to take pictures of him. witnesses say they were actually just feet away from him and using their flashes on the cell phones.
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to buy them new phones and they will not not press charges. we're going to palm harbor now. in fact with a gorgeous sunrise over the weekend. thank you, brian davis checking in with us on facebook, we can always be found there and we'll share your pictures not only facebook but twitter as well. as far as the forecast today, sunrise 7:08. it will be cloudy and in fact more clouds today than sunshine. 20% coverage as far as a few showers, then a heavier line of showers and thunderstorms rolls in tonight. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. i'm thankful to be alive. kite have been dead:i could have been dead. >> she's talking about her brush with death. she was not the only victim. the violent crime spree that came after this brazen attack. >> the popular smartphone app that one family is blaming for a tragedy that killed two young people. we're following breaking news
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killed by a hit-and-run driver. we're also hearing there is now another crash on the howard frankland in the same direction heading northbound. this is causing a mess out there if you're heading to the bridge. more on how long it's taking to cross coming up in a few
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hillsborough county -- lanes closed on the howard frankland bridge, heading northbound to tampa. 2:30 this morning troopers say a volkswagen hit a tow truck loading up a disabled vehicle. corey dierdorff is live now not far from where this happened. corey? >> reporter: bad news getting worse. we learned of another accident on the howard frankland bridge,
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this one is the inside lane so only the middle lane getting by now. fatal accident on the outside lane. this taking place behind me over the hump. all i'm seeing now is brake lights approaching the hump. so may be better to take the gandy bridge or courtney campbell causeway. let look at the video closer to the accident. as we stayed back to try to stay safe. it's a very dangerous spot this happened in. fhp telling us 2:30 this morning a tow truck driver was in the process of loading a car in the back of his tow truck when struck by a black volkswagen that killed him. the driver took off and fhp is looking for them. there's quite an extensive scene is a fhp still gathers evidence surrounding the crash. any info you're asked to call fhp. again they are looking for a black volkswagen with heavy front end damage to the passenger's side. it's a dangerous area, so we stayed far back due to the fact that investigation is going on with rush hour traffic starting up. the delays already starting
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see is brake lights. from here it looks like it may be better to take one of the other bridges, courtney campbell or gandy bridge. what are you seeing from your technology in the traffic studio? i think you're right. this is what the area looks like now, you can see all the flashing lights, cars just crawling to get by this crash site. looks like two lanes are open but again it's very slow, let's look a little further back here -- when you get to the bridge from pinellas county. cars already starting to stack up and as corey mentioned we have reports of another crash, northbound on the howard frankland bridge, blocking a lane as well. let's check your drive time across all three bridges so you can make an educated decision on what to do here. still in the green on the courtney campbell causeway, and the gandy bridge but howard frankland, 14 minutes. if you're heading out the door now i expect this time to get a lot worse by the time you get there. you may want to consider to take one of the other two bridges this morning.
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another very serious crash in clearwater eastbound olmerton around carrillon parkway. captain ale al is over the crash now, what are you seeing now? >> reporter: i flew bayflight for seven years, saw a lot of accidents but this one is one of the worst i've ever seen. the car was literally wrapped around that pole there. that is eastbound old meren to road in the feather sound -- old merton road in the olmerton road in the feather sound area. after 5:00 a.m. i came here and everything was closed except the turn lane. it's flashing like it is now. two lanes are open so traffic not disrupted there at all but like you said the howard frankland, i'm seeing brake lights. i didn't see the other accident but i'm going to go back and take a look. we're starting with a mild day with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. by this afternoon back in the certainty. so for those of you headed out to the bus stop, 59.
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today unlike the weekend, more clouds, a couple of showers, back to rain coverage at 120%. that is nothing compared to -- 20%. that is nothing compared to what we have. we have a front rolling in tonight and early time. by this time tomorrow we'll be raining pretty hard. we'll talking about the timing in a few minutes. 6:33. we're following breaking news now into the newsroom. deputies on the hunt for the people behind a violent home invasion in tampa. they tell us an unknown number of intruders forced their way into the home on jr manor drive, off waters avenue west of the veterans. one we hear opened fire shooting one man inside the home. we have a crew on the way to the scene now, and hopefully we'll get more information on who police are looking for, also to find out how badly the victim was hurt. also covering manatee county, we're making phone calls and trying to get more information about a deputy- involved shooting that killed a man. >> the man who was killed, mark
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shot by a deputy outside his own home following a domestic disturbance call. investigators say his wife called 911 after he pulled a knife and threatened to harm her and her -- himself. she was able to get out of the house and run next door to a neighbor. by the time deputies arrived stoddard was standing outside with the knife. according to the sheriff he was drunk and also say he had already cut his own wrists. deputies say they repeatedly told him to drop the knife but he would not, then say he approached the deputy in a threatening manner and that is when he was shot. investigators are saying that deputy had no choice. this morning a man accused of killing a college football player during a party in daytona beach is now being hold in jail without bail. police say lamont postal jr. shot and killed a man at a golf club, lakevius johnson, a linebacker at a nearby university. he faces first degree murder charges. two teens are behind bars after deputies say they robbed
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including one woman who says the teens brutally beat her. vanessa martinez says sheforts walking from her car to -- she was walking from her car to her apartment when the teens jumped her and grabbed her purse. they beat her with a pistol and took off with her purse, cell phone, keying even her shoes -- keys, even her shoes. >> i tried to turn around but he pulled his gun out on me. so i just paused and looked. and i just said lord please be with me. >> deputies arrived to investigate, they heard shots fired just down the road in that same apartment complex. turns out another man had been beatennened robbed, shots fired through his front door hitting his roommate in the leg. the teens' crime spree continued at a neighboring apartment complex where deputies say the suspects beat and stole from a third victim. two boys were both arrested. the pasco sheriff is
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string of burglaries in land o' lakes yesterday morning. they happened along state road 54. the first at divers city supply. the next at sally beauty supply. then the mainstream boutique. if you know who this person is you're urged to call the pasco county sheriff's office. 6:35. you have just hours left to enjoy a bacon bomb explosion burger, funnel cake pizza or a peanut butter and yelly bacon committees delia. i'm talking about the final day of the florida state fair. gates open 9:00 this morning, close 9:00 tonight and weather permitting the midway remains open for at least an hour after the gates close. it's shooting day at the fair for a lot of folks. a lot of kids heading out. what kind of weather can they expect? will it hold out? i think it will. we'll have more cloud cover today. the first day of the fair was pouring. it was cold. we are going to be mild but we are going to have more clouds than we had over the weekend and the rain coverage at 20%.
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you are wanting to be extra safe, maybe a little poncho or umbrella but again isolated showers so i don't think we're going ohave too much problem with the coverage at 20%. put futurecast in motion and see what happens here, southeast wind and then by 2:00, 3:00, these won't be thunderstorms and won't be heavy downpours, just pop-up showers you can see across the area. there you see about 20% coverage so not much. the heaviest rain, again, that waits until tonight and early tomorrow. i'm janelle martinez in the traffic center. we're following breaking news, a fatal crash on the howard frankland bridge, tow truck driver was killed trying to load a disabled car on his truck. this is a hit-and-run, police are looking for a black volkswagen. you can see this is causing major backups on the howard frankland bridge. coming up, i'll tell you exactly how long it is taking to get across and if you should take one of the other two
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[singing] [singing in foreign language] >> breaking overnight. fire consuming an elaborate stage during a cultural dance. the reason this could cost india more than just repairing
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6:40. a massive fire breaks out during an event to showcase the
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of india. flames started underneath the right side of an elaborate stage. the crowd waved to dancers to warn them of the fire. the flames ended upen gulfing that entire stage and its scaffolding. despite this inferno there are no reports of injuries, the incident viewed as an embarrassment for the indian government which is seeking foreign investment. 6:41. philadelphia police are looking to see whether the popular app snapchat played a role in this deadly crash you see here, this fiery crash. a lot of teens use this app so we know this is troubling for parents. back in december three young women were killed when the car they were in slammed into a parked tractor-trailer and then as you saw burst into flames. the uncle of one of the women killed says she and her friends were using a special filter on snapchat that records their speed and encourages driers to speed -- drivers to speed. >> one of her friends told me she was snapchatting throughout
6:42 am
showing their speed, how fast they were driving, what they were doing. i'm not blaming this for the death of my niece but i hope somebody gets something out of it an puts it down while they are in the car. >> the family is now planning to subpoena those final snaps to help police in this investigation. still ahead -- take look at this, a live look now at the howard frankland bridge. quite a mess on the bridge now. several northbound lanes of the howard frankland are shut down, a deadly crash on that bridge is being investigated. a tow truck driver hitching a car and the bridge was hit and killed. authorities are still looking for the driver responsible. janelle has your workaround
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good morning. breaking news. these are live pictures from action air 1 of the howard frankland where we have a tow truck driver who was struck and killed. police are now looking for the driver of a black volkswagen who took offer. right now you can see the backup, only two lanes getting by. captain al, what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: i'm seeing the backup grow, certainly from st. petersburg toward tampa. extending all the way to the end of the bridge itself. so this accident is actually more on the tampa side just before you get off there. so four lanes as you get all the way to the accident, then compresses to two.
6:46 am
so if you're headed this way perhaps gandy bridge or courtney campbell would be a better choice at this point. back to you. we can see the location from the fdot camera. flashing lights taking up two lanes of traffic. other two lanes scwinching together to try to get by again causing major delays on the howard frankland. let's look at this on the map so you can see the other three bridges and how they compare. we're down to 5 miles per hour crossing the howard frankland and leading up to the crash. the courtney campbell causeway almost 70. so that is looking good now. 612 on the gandy bridge so if you're heading out the door -- 62. you may want to consider the other two bridges this morning. we're also unfortunately following another very serious crash that fhp is calling a possible fatal. this happened in clearwater eastbound only olmerton road near the fatherrer sound area
6:47 am
near the publix there. there will be flashing lights there as police investigate that. it's been a busy morning on the roads but as far as the weather is concerned, looking pretty nice for folks heading to the fair? absolutely. heading to the fair or whatever else you're doing. as we get sunshine out there now, temperatures in the upper 50s, throughout 60 degrees. i think we're back in the 70s today. the difference will be more cloud cover as you saw there. we have crystal clear skies yesterday and saturday with low 70s. i think we'll do a little better as far as the temperatures today. 60 tampa now. generally in the low 60s elsewhere. titan doppler looking good but by later today we're going to have the southeast wind that will pop a couple of showers. then we'll watch this, moving in tonight and into tomorrow morning. that will bring us a pretty good downpour so i do think that will certainly impact our morning commute. this is just sporadic stuff. this is isolated, 20% coverage,
6:48 am
couple of showers moving in with southeast wind, then on futurecast we'll put it in motion for tonight and into tomorrow. there you see a more organized line of showers and storms rolling in. but it will be a quick mover so it will be in and out, in fact we'll start with the heavy rainfall, 5:00 a.m., everything pushes to the south and east by 7:00, 8:00, then back in the sunshine through the middle part of the day so we're in pretty good shape. temperatures in the mid-70s for today. that is how it's going to hold. tomorrow, rain early and temperatures dropping into the low 50s so it is a cold front but the air behind it not that cold. so we'll be down to 71 on wednesday. then actually a gradual warming trepid thereafter but no -- trend there after but no rain. highs will be in the 70 the upcoming weekend. 6:48. the unexpected death of supreme court justice antonin scalia over the week touched off a fierce political battle. republicans insisting that president obama should not nominate a replacement.
6:49 am
will move forward and pick a nominee even as the gop dominated congress threatens to block that successor. who will the president pick? the biggest names mentioned -- shi and kelly are both circuit court judges. other possibilities include jacqueline ngywen, could become the first asian-american on the supreme court. eliot spitzer under investigation for allegedly assaulting a woman in a manhattan hotel room. the 25-year-old told police spitzer is her boyfriend, said he choked her in his hotel room in midtown manhattan. spitzer resigned as new york governor in 2008 during a prostitution scandal. a spokeswoman for spitzer says there no truth to the assault allegations. in democracy 2016 -- hillary clinton deciding
6:50 am
important than keeping her lead in nevada. instead of traveling across the country to appear at a palm beach county rally the former secretary of state will stay in nevada where her race with bernie sanders is tightening up. nevada holds its democratic caucuses saturday. instead former president bill clinton will attend that rally in riviera beach on behalf of his wife today. former florida governor jeb bush is getting help on the campaign trail. the former president george w bush will join his brother in south carolina today. that state holds its republican primary saturday. jeb bush is hoping to gain momentum following his fourth place finish in new hampshire. this morning donald trump remains the favorite to whip the republican presidential nomination according to a poll taken after saturday's gop debate in south carolina. the debate many believe florida senator marco rubio won. 42% of those polled believe trump is the most likely of the six remaining candidates to win the republican party's nomination. rubio trails far behind in
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we're exactly a month away from the florida presidential primary. tomorrow is the last day for you to either register or change your party affiliation in time to vote in the primary. because florida is a closed primary state only voters registered with a particular party can vote for that party's candidates in the primary. australian police announcing one of the largest history. worth of liquid methamphetamine or ice, they also seize the nearly 4 1/2 pounds of crystal meth, hidden in gel bra inserts and art supplies. in prison. asking the federal government help treat people affected by crisis. governor snyder wants medicaid expanded to people under 21 along with pregnant women. the governor says about 15 thousand more flint residents
6:52 am
approves the request. the flint water supply became contaminated in 2014 when the city started to use water from the flint river to save money. the fbi is now investigating. tonight tampa mayor bob buckhorn is going to officially declare today, february 15th, florida craft beer day in tampa. >> meant to recognize the way local breweries impacted our community. buckhorn will officially make that proclamation at the probing historic building. the muddled race for oscar gold got clearer. "the revenant" took home awards for best picture, best director and best actor at last night's baftas, british version of the academy awards. leonardo di caprio picked up his first ever bafta for "the revenant." kate winslet won best
6:53 am
join us february 28th for the oscars. academy awards air here on your abc action news station. your exclusive live red carpet coverage starts 7:00 and then that is followed by the 88th annual academy awards at 8:30. your morning sprint counts down to "good morning, america." a deadly hit-and-run on the howard frankland we've been following all morning. >> corey dierdorff has been on the scene and has more on what troopers are looking for. >> reporter: good morning. on the howard frankland bridge is a standstill all the way overpass on the st. pete side of the howard frankland all the way past the hump where this fatal crash is. fhp now investigating. taking a live look from action air 1, fhp telling us 2:30 this car in the back of the tow volkswagen that killed him.
6:54 am
looking for them. you can see the live pictures as fhp gathers evidence. if you have info you're asked to call fhp. once again it's a black volkswagen with heavy front end damage to the passenger's side and captain al has been up above the scene. you can see the extensive backup. i'm thinking one of the other two bridges. what are you thinking? >> reporter: absolutely. you're right. absolutely i would do the gandy bridge perhaps to get across now. or even the courtney campbell causeway. if you're coming to tampa it's going to be very slow, northbound 275 from pinellas county to hillsborough county. you can see the backup extends as corey says, almost backed up to 4th street so it's already building considerably. they have two lanes blocked, two lanes are getting by but because of the slol at this time of morning -- volume at this time it's going to be a heavy ride. we have a close-up view, two lanes open, two lanes blocked causing page delays across the bridge -- major delays across the bridge.
6:55 am
the howard frankland bridge now. 9 on the courtney campbell and 8 on the gandy bridge. another serious crash, riverview northbound 301 completely blocked at panther trace boulevard. you may consider i-75, that highway moving better now but avoid this area in riverview. janelle martinez has been telling you all morning not to take that bridge, looks like no one was listening. goodness, unbelievable stuff. we're looking for milder weather today, temperatures in the mid-70s. by later this afternoon the difference will be slight chance of a shower, about 20%. then that line of heavy showers and storms rolls in tonight into early tomorrow. 6 5 :5. a bradenton man dead and manatee county deputy off the streets after a fatal shooting. it started with a domestic disturbance call at a home.
6:56 am
he had been drinking, had a knife. when police got there they say he had the knife, refused to drop it and approached the deputy in a threatening manner, that's when he was shot and killed. investigators trying to figure out how a 4-year-old boy got his hands on a loaded gun and fired it. st. pete police say 5:00 yesterday afternoon that boy playing with a cat outside his yale street home. went into a crawlspace and found the gun. it's likely to have been hidden under the house. this morning the airport is celebrating the completion of the first project of that massive expansion. the new concession center will provide with you more food choices when you travel. stay tuned. "good morning, america" next. >> janelle will monitor the crash on the interstate on the howard frankland, she's got updates on our mobile app, twitter @tampabaytraffic. >> see you at 9:00.
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good morning, america. a battle brewing over the supreme court. the race to replace justice scalia is on. republicans fighting to keep president obama at bay. >> it's called delay, delay, delay. >> promising to block any nominee. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say we're not going to give up the supreme court. the president stands firm. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities. >> as we learn new details about justice scalia's final hours as millions honor his legacy. storm warning. winter weather moving in.


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