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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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-- toe tow truck driver. tonight we are getting this first look at allison hoffman and her latest mug shot. >> we are just learning now that this video here, we shot just last night was of hoffman's confession to the highway patrol trooper. >> carrot joins us live with hoffman's court appearance this afternoon. we also spoke to the sister of the victim. >> it is certainly devastating for this family. the case struck in nerve with many of you because we are talking about a repeat dui offender who now sits in jail, accused of killing someone and then leaving the scene. that victim's family actually is offering compassion to the woman behind the wheel and him message for everyone out there on the road. >> she watched as the woman accused of killing her brother,
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roger perez was on the howard frankland bridge early monday morning helping someone with car trouble. after perez started loading the car onto the recker, he got inside the toe truck cab and then hears it large plume. >> i didn't see him, and then suddenly i saw his shoes. >> police identified the driver as allison hoffman. a tip led police to hoffman in saint pete where they arrested her. for those who knew and loved roger perez come up they are frustrated she was able to drive at all after three previous dui arrests. >> there are people that do wrong in their lives, and they have more lives than a cat, but then you have the person that does good and suddenly their life is gone, and a heartbeat. >> while the family is devastated, his sister hopes will happen is a wake-up call for allison hoffman. >> i know that we all make
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she has caused. not just for us, the ones that lost him, for her own family as well. >> she only reconnected with her brother recently when she moved back here and said he was a kind and humble man. now she's trying to cherish the memories and make it simple request to everyone on the roads. >> we are living things, not just something you hit and pass byand hoops. slow down. been held in the pinellas bond. she could end up going to digitally face additional charges there. meanwhile, the roger perez funeral and set up a go fund me page to help counter the costs. tracking down the two people in
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they say the couple is using a credit card that was duplicated or compromised in some way. the surveillance video is from the public's on hillsborough in savanna. you could be eligible for a reward. >> right now a sulfur springs woman is being held without bond. ashley weathers was arrested yesterday afternoon. police say she and the victim got into an argument at sulfur springs park and that is when eisai weathers stabbed the other woman several times. the victim is recovering in the hospital tonight. weathers is being held on bond with aggravated battery charges. cozy coleman is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. the charges stem from a fight at ducky sports bar. surveillance video shows
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the face and pointing a gun at him outside. he was ace starter on the 2002 super bowl championship team. he also has to previous domestic violence arrest in hillsborough county. >> covering pascoe county, zephyrhills high school let their football coach go and now the former reggie roberts is now under agency. eric wechsler shows us what he is accused of doing and why it is just the latest issue at the school. >> zephyrhills police sergeant reggie roberts two weeks ago, when he talked about losing his head coach position. >> school officials say a lack of discipline led to the change putting accusations that they number of players were involved in sexual assault. police never filed charges in that case and the school discipline the students. now to school workers have given statement saying that
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and even his gun unattended inside the school office. the superintendent kurt browning asked for zephyrhills police to investigate and officials to find out if robert used his position to intimidate school officials and secretly record meetings. dpd can't comment right now because it's an open investigation. >> there is mutual distrust going on right now between the high school and the police permit and the city. if it can't, the pascoe sheriff's office might be brought into the mix to police the school. officials met today to talk about the issues, but didn't come to any solution. >> i will definitely miss it. >> supporters in the community failed in attempts to get roberts job back. we couldn't reach him today about the latest accusations against him, and meanwhile, the
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new coach that is on campus full-time. >> good afternoon everyone. things have quieted down you to flee. and i know a lot of you woke up to this, lightning, thunder and very heavy rains and gusty winds. but once everything cleared right on cue earlier this morning, we will have cleared out beautifully and skies are clearing out. and, take it look at the next chance of rain coming up in couple of minutes. >> more money will be freed up to fight the stick d virus. the board of county commissioners proposed $475,000
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tomorrow's meeting. meanwhile, a surge in paralysis around the world is believed to be linked to zika. the disease is called . another country is hoping to help those with disabilities nationwide. david jolly is starting the gas pump act which would require all self-service gas stations to place aed call on the pump -- a d on -- the cow on the pump that would provide assistance. >> this is the first thing to do for many people in our community and across the country, and i'm privileged to have one small part of this. >> into thousand 11, hillsborough county first passed the ordinance with this drivers with a disability.
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to adopt the program in 2014. and we are just now learning that supreme court justices funeral will be held this saturday. his chair is draped in black wall and a drape is also over the courtroom doors. his funeral will be held saturday at the basilica of the national shrine of immaculate conception, the largest roman catholic church in north america. >> in democracy 2016, marco rubio taking the lead and ted cruz calling him a liar. rubio accuses crews of false attacks over planned parenthood and immigration. >> and especially in this era where everything is seen and instantly reacted to, you can't get away with that.
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himself today saying politics should not be about name- calling. instead he says he will campaign on his record and point out the flaws and records of donald trump. and that will be held in south carolina on saturday. right now the justice department claims that several people were held hostage have been freed. we are told the men were returned to the us embassy in good health. >> some hills hillsborough county students getting a big surprise. head coach tony dodgy and his wife, lauren, spent the day reading to young kids. he was just named the pro football 2016 hall of fame inductee. while it has been sometime since he coached and him but, giving back to the community was a big goal for him and
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players to do as well. >> it's to help our city, not just win games on the field but make it a better place to live. fortunately we've had lots of guys who took that in and made it difference in the community. >> so far, the dungeons have read to more than 2000 second graders the school year. two their family reading foundation, each child receives a book to take home. >> learning to budget at a very young age. how kids are preparing to manage their own money and make tough financial decisions. >> and ahead at 5:30 p.m., what restaurants should transgender
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can school no idea how to budget under budget debt and college debt. grade.
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believe this is the key to securing the county's future. >> this empty lot is where hillsborough kids will get their very own finance park, and this is what it could look like. lifelike businesses were kids can learn real money managing skills. >> for years, ten oh students have been coming here to their finance park and pride village. after studying in business, they all get jobs and get to contract with adults in this concise community. >> it is investment in the future. >> now kids in hillsborough will get a similar activity through junior achievement. they will explain their own finance park community. >> it's good to learn early how to manage her money because out of college you don't want to have a bunch of debt. >> race and led to the palace finance park, the shopfront in pinellas will be sponsored by real
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>> you get to see the businesses and it helps you design on a -- decide on any future career. >> eighth graders will learn personal budgeting. >> what is more important, your house or buying this new videogame? you have to know how to manage it. >> i think they walk away with a deeper understanding about not just academics but life decisions. >> more importantly, those behind the effort give kids critical life skills. >> and these kids say they can't wait to get started. >> and him but tonight, lauren rosella, nbc news. >> they are always looking for real-world educators to help teach their trade to other
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through on abc action . >> the number of grandparents taking on ape rental role is on the rise in the us and experts say it's likely to continue. drug addiction, military deployment are among the reasons why. by all estimates, two and half million grandparents are raising their grandchildren. states are trying to place foster children with relatives, however this can put a strain on grandparents, many of whom live on the fixed a fixed income and are managing chronic illnesses. >> after that rain dumped overnight, it turned out to be a perfect today. >> it did, but it was stormy last night. it's funny how things have changed because many of you mentioned, you woke up in the middle of the night. at first it was like, let's turn on the tv and see what's
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the heaviest was off to the east and down to the south. we look from south tampa out over the bay, uniform. and rain totals, everybody got rain as is usually the case in our area, and around lake wales, 3 inches of rain, to to two and half inches of rain in parts of highland county, in pascoe county about an inch or inch and half. areas anywhere from about a quarter inch, anywhere up to 3 inches down to just about eight and 7-inch fell. we had all that lightning but luckily we had no reports of any damaging winds. we did have power outage outages for a period of time in the overnight hours, then as wendy mentioned, beautiful. and buy sunrise there was a lot of sunshine. tomorrow morning, i think we
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fog will start being issued again with all the rain that we had. this is pretty common when we get a pretty decent event, and there's ground to be some fog across the area. temperatures in the 60's, the satellite picture and the rain has cleared out, then that just pummeled folks across southeast florida. to reported the f1 tornadoes, and, if you look at what's going on across the area right now, some severe weather to calm weather, tranquil weather, that can lead to fog. so tonight by 11:00, we are already seeing the possibility of some very dense fog across the northern counties, but watch what happens in the overnight. by 2:00 a.m., many folks are down to near zero visibility. you should set your alarms early.
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telling you to do the same thing to do the scraping of the frost. tomorrow morning you might want to set your alarms early because visibility could make it a slow go through the morning. we are talking significant fog, widespread fog and probably dense fog advisories across much of the area. that is by 8:00, but then by 10:00 it burns off, and by 11, we are sunny and beautiful. we could see more of that possibly thursday and i think we will start to see less fog and more warmth as we head into the latter stages of the week. so there it is, widespread fog and the dense us will be the interior counties but i still think some of that will make it back to the beach, and the rest of the day is sunny and completely dry. rain chances are pretty much nonexistent until next tuesday. even though this was a cool front, we are not expecting cool temperatures. we are looking right back in
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closer to the beach, and that is -- when you go east of interstate 75, then we are looking at mid- 70s right on through the weekend. now long-range rainfall, sunday through monday, nothing. by tuesday, that's been best chance for any rain, and until then we are going to be dry and beautiful. for the boaters, northerly winds at five or ten knots, 3 feet off shore and a light chop on the day. 56 or 57 degrees in clearwater beach, sunrise at 7:06 a.m. and sunset at 6:22 p.m. so that tops out around 70 degrees. result look at florida's most accurate seven-day. sunny right into the weekend, into early next week. highs in the mid- 70s and picture-perfect weather with the next chance of rain not
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delivering a verbal low blow. ache apology from many pack manny pack he out. >> and why what this couple does for a living prepared them for their baby's early arrival. >> the unexpected slip up that authorities used to capture a man who impregnated a 12 -year-old girl almost a decade
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>> welcome back. he's known for his fast hands. >> but an a time world champion boxer getting attention for his mouth. manny pacquiao apologizing for disparaging comments about gay people. he said quote if we approve of male on male and female on female, the man is worse than animals.
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philippines. >> a paramedic makes a surprising calm 911 call after delivering his own baby in the car. >> i'm off duty right now but i work for harrison, and my wife just delivered the baby in the front seat. >> a very pregnant kaitlyn her son told her husband it was time to go to the hospital, but as a nurse, she knew it was already too late. >> it also started to play into being a nurse. they say, when you start feeling the urge to push, and then it's probably going to happen. >> the same thing would have happened if we were in the back of an ambulance. >> rob pulled over and used his training to deliver a healthy baby boy. >> next up at 5:30 p.m., a toddler taped and tied up with
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little hands say it was all in fun. >> it's easier for people to look at trends people as wrong. >> and ace school decides where to let transgender students use the restroom. >> up next at 5:30 p.m., the one thing you will need to make traveling in the bay area much
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>> tonight at 5:30 p.m., board members torn over where to allow transgender students to use the restroom. >> one sarasota school already allowing students to use the restroom of the gender they most identify with. now leaders are considering
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districtwide. sarah introduces us to the student that ignited this debate. >> i look at the bathroom situation and dislikes segregated bathrooms. >> senior neck quinn is taking a stand not just for his school but all students in sarasota county. >> i was born as a boy but i had to do other things for people to see me that way. >> nate says in order for it to stick, and needs to be countywide. >> i am not confused. >> today district leaders consider that proposal but they all have strong opinions on what should and shouldn't be allowed. >> i know i have four granddaughters that i know would be appalled. >> i think if they went to the


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