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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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any fog. this map here can tell us exactly where we're seeing the fog now. the areas shaded in yellow. a little bit in sarasota. if we zoom in we can see we have fog in spring hill. if you're driving up the suncoast parkway you may want to use caution there. along i-4 mainly east of i-75 to plant city. this is where we're seeing the thickest of it now. as i open up my cameras, let's see if it works, let's open up the cameras and we can look at what the foggy conditions look like on i-4 there. look at that. hard to see when you're driving around. so again just use caution as you head otothis morning. out this morning. we've confirmed in the last hour a church in haines city badly damaged after it caught fire last night with congregation members still inside. it's on 26th street north. we're told everyone got out safely, our crew is heading to the scene now and we'll go to
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live look now at a shooting investigation underway in bradenton. one person in the hospital after someone fired shots along 59th avenue east very early this morning. lindsay logue is on the scene now and is working her sources there. we'll go to her live coming up at 6:30. we got to get to even more breaking news now. a university of tennessee football star is facing charges in pinellas county. mckenzie crowder was arrested in an internet sex sting. >> abc action news reporter rodney dunigan rod is live at the pinellas county jail. turns out he's accomplished on the field and in the classroom. >> reporter: that's right. we got a bit of a latebreaking news as well. we heard he bonded out of jail this morning, bond set at $50,000. so he's a free man this morning. check this out. we were on the university's web site and found out he was not only accomplished on the football field but off as well. for the past two years he's
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so obviously this is a pretty smart kid but investigators in pinellas county say what he's been doing the past few weeks on the internet not smart. let's go to video if you can. detectives say for weeks this 23-year-old football star, mckenzie mac crowder thought he was talking on-line to a 14- year-old girl. while investigators say he even sent this teen four, i repeat, four explicit pictures and when he showed up for sex he discovered he's actually been going back and forth with detectives and not a 14-year- old girl. during that interview detectives say crowder admitted to sending those four photos and admitted that he knew he was communicating with someone that he believed to be 14 years old. back here live investigators say that this was all a part of a major sting to lure in adults who have actually been going on- line to actually try to have sex with teens. another interesting side note to the story as we've been searching the web site on the university of tennessee there it turns out that this player participated in the outback
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first time he's been in this area in the past few months. for now reporting live in pinellas county, rodney dunigan, abc action news. in a few hours a cape coral man accused of preying on local children will face a judge here in tampa bay. polk county deputies say lucas bales started at least two girls in our area after meeting them on the messaging app "kik." according to documents an 11- year-old victim says bales threatened to set her house on fire and tell people to rape her unless she sent naked photos. we're waiting to find out if the woman arrested for a deadly hit-and-run on the howard frankland bridge early monday morning is going to face any additional charges. an arrest warrant shows allison huffman admitted to driving the car that hit tow truck driver roger perez but she says that she was too scared to stop. perez was helping two stranded motorists on that bridge when he was hit and killed. his family is devastated.
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but, i really hope that she -- she realizes the pain she's caused not just for the -- for us, the ones that lost him, but for her own family as well. >> huffman is in jail in pinellas county, she's being held on $750,000 bond. but she'll eventually be moved to hillsborough county where we're hearing she could face more charges. as soon as we get word on that we'll send a push alert. bombshell developments in tallahassee. might put the brakes on red light cameras in florida for good. lawmakers are pushing forward a bill to ban the cameras starting in july of 2019. supporters of the ban say that the cameras are a money grab for cities and counties and don't actually keep people safe. the florida house will vote on that measure next. people who live and worship in historic tampa neighborhoods are worried their entire communities could be gone within the next five years if the tampa bay express project becomes a reality. the idea of the tbx project is
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toll lanes on major roadways. but the state will have to buy about 100 homes and businesses and demolish them to make room for the new lanes. the latest meeting last night in seminole heights people came hoping to explain their side and why they are so concerned about this project. instead they tell us project leaders told them to that they would be selecting beautification prongs for their areas to go along with the expressway. >> i feel like we've been brought here to agree with the project. and in reality i don't agree with the project. most of the people in here don't agree with the project. >> a final meeting is still set to talk about the project. that is set to take place in late spring. today police officers from more than a thousand miles away are in tampa bay to make sure a fellow officer's sacrifice is never forgotten. officers from san antonio, texas will present an honor chair in memory of tarpon springs officer charles condack. shot and killed while
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before christmas, 2014. san antonio police have been traveling the country for three fallen officers and delivering them in person. board is considering a proposal to allow transgender students identify with. workshop yesterday to consider the proposal. pineview and osprey and leaders are considering allowing it districtwide. rights issue but district leaders have strong opinions about this proposal. >> it's uncharted waters. the last thing we want to do is get sued by making the wrong step. >> for now it's something the school board says it will consider but is not yet ready to make a decision on. since the district doesn't have a policy it's up to each school to decide on the issue and most handle it on a case by case basis. about three hours the brawl between hulk hogan and gawker
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we told you in the past he wants $100 million from gawker claiming the web site violated his privacy by leaking transcripts of a sex tape. today his lawyers are expected to ask that certain evidence not be presented when that case goes to trial. the intense storms we saw early yesterday morning in tampa bay and along the east coast are an important reminder of how important it is to be prepared for severe weather. >> today tampa first responders will help hundreds of people stay safe thanks to donated weather radios. the new program will provide those radios to managers and homeowners association leaders of every mobile home community in tampa. the hope is to give the vulnerable communities advance warning in case tornadoes or severe weather strikes. apple vowing to fight an order to help in the terror investigation of the san bernardino shooters. what they say could open a can of worms for your privacy. >> we've been talking about
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this is state road 60 at i-75. that fog got there so thick right now captain al says he can't launch in action air 1. you'll likely see some of the fog on your way to work this morning. take care, janelle and ivan
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breaking overnight -- apple is fighting a first of its kind ruling ordering the company to help the fbi break into an i-phone that belonged to the gunman in a deadly mass shooting case. >> it belonged to san bernardino gunman syed farook who along with his wife killed 14 people at a holiday part last -- party last year. the autoerase function clears everything from the phone after someone enters passwords incorrectly. the fbi wants apple to disconnect that feature. and apple says it could create a back door that could be possibly used on future devices. a headline case returning to the spotlight, when a woman accused of cutting a stranger's unborn baby from her womb goes on trial.
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attempted murder charge. the victim was trying to buy baby clothes through craigslist. sadly her baby girl didn't survive. watching fog this morning. in fact when action air 1 gets grounded after a helicopter you know there's patchy fog. it's not everywhere but if you're traveling heads up. lakeland a quarter mile visibility. down to a mile and a quarter in brooksville, then pockets of denser fog across portions of hillsborough and pinellas county. the fog will lift by the time we get to 8:00, 9:00. then very nice, upper 60s, low 70s with full sunshine this afternoon. forecast the next seven days coming up. 6:12. still ahead -- beyonce on blast. the crime a sheriff is blaming
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we have new video of the aftermath of yesterday's tornadoes in south florida. they flipped over boats at fort lauderdale beach. one boater was actually trapped in a cat were catma ran for most of the morning as ef tornadoes tore through. luckily that person escaped safely. >> this is -- >> take a look. one man in pompo beach deciding to drive through one of yesterday's tornadoes. he's yelling curse words as debris flies around him. some hitting his car.
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the tale and we posted the whole video on facebook so you can watch it and share with friends. >> i did something similar with the fog today. i may have heard someone else in the car today but not recommended to punch through a tornado. incredible. scary to see the motorists out there. that's what we had through yesterday. we're now up to, a dozen or more tornadoes. what an el nino season. this is what you get in florida here, lots of tornadoes. we also get cool temperatures with a front rolling through and that sets the stage with clear skies and calm winds for this. fog this morning, down to a quarter mile visibility in areas between 7:00 and 9:00. we'll begin to lift the fog then. that is the only issue. if you're going to be dropping off the kids this morning. 52, light jacket but by the afternoon we should hit around 70. low 70s, plenty of sunshine and fine-looking forecast as we go into the next few days. here's what's left of that boundary that came through yesterday, the front, just high
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that front snakes across the eastern u.s., well out to the east. that's the one that brought the snow across portions of the northeast where they are digging out. 40s now from crystal river heading into brooksville. then we hit the 50s a little further to the south. the difference along the coast today will be -- we'll have temperatures in the mid-and upper 60s and then the rest of us will be in the low 70s through the afternoon, with that fog lifting and then plenty of sunshine and then plenty of sunshine and then plenty of sunshine again. how about this extended forecast? low to mid-70s through the upcoming weekend if you don't have outdoor plans get going because this is good stuff. and early next week we get a bonus day monday before getting back to rain as the next front comes in tuesday. we are watching that fog out there. behind me you see fog at i-75 and fowler. cars though traveling up to speed, make sure you use the low beams, not the high beams. that just makes it worse. take a look at this contrast. tampa side of the howard
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also no crashes out there slowing things down. just a few fender-benders. check them out on twitter @tampabaytraffic. let's check the drive time across the bay. 9 minutes crews the courtney campbell causeway, just 6 minutes across the howard frankland and 8 minutes on the gandy bridge. your drive on the veterans, where we're seeing fog, especially once you get to the suncoast parkway but looking good, all in the green, 17 minutes from 54 to 275, and down there at the bottom, just six minutes to get from waters to 275. a month long multimillion- dollar mystery will end in just a few hours. >> the person in melbourne who announced. >> that person was one of three $1.5 billion. so far all we know about this lucky ticket is that it was
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we're live streaming the announcement today. >> i have relatives in melbourne. i don't think it's them. perfect afternoon weather today as japan launches a rocket carrying a space observatory. the astro h satellite will study x-rays from black holes and cosmic ray particles. scientists hope the data will help them answer some of astrophysics' biggest questions. how authorities were finally able to catch this teen accused of playing a dangerous game. first a business site that want your business. >> reporter: new details about a blockbuster new phone. >> a video posted on the samsung indonesian web site hintsz the next phone could be water resistant and wireless
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a new shopping site only sells items that last forever. >> every product listed at buy me ones comes with a lifetime warranty. while it's not a big selection it has toys, cookware, furniture, even socks. how about this for a simple duty doodle. the work of a cyclist using a gps app that tracks his progress to create drawings by riding dozens of miles around cities. >> he says he pours over the map of a city before plotting what figure he'll draw through his movements. >> that's those are your "tech
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two chicago 911 operators are off the job for not sending police to a home more quickly. >> an officer responding to that house later killed a man calling for help. quinntoniola grier called 911 the day after christmas claiming his life was threatened but after three calls a dispatcher finally sent an officer to the scene. you may remember one of the officers responding shot and killed la grier claiming the teen came at him with a bat. also shot and killed a grandmother in what police say was an accident. beyonce is being blamed for causing a scary scene outside the home of a sheriff in tennessee. gunshots were fired there monday night, luckily no one was hurt.
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is a as a result of her controversial performance at the super bowl. >> beyonce's video and how that's kind of led over into other things that seems like, about law enforcement. >> the sheriff's office spokesperson says robert arnold was commenting on a statement from the national sheriff's association, it called beyonce's performance anti- police entertainment. during her performance backup dancers wore outfits similar to the style of the back panther party. the -- black panther party. the fbi is investigating that sheriff for corruption charges. he's accused of selling e- cigarettes to jail inmates. repairs on a broken sewer main that flooded a florida neighborhood with this nast mess. it flooded that neighborhood with sewage water in fort lauderdale and covers several blocks. the sewer line broke near an apartment complex, even flooded parked cars. city officials are telling
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all costs. let's check in on the school day forecast as we talk about foggy conditions that we're starting with. will give way to sunshine as we head through later today. as a result of that i think we're talking about an "a" minus. do you agree? check in with me on facebook and twitter and we'll see. after school forecast looks fantastic. temperature around 70 degrees but because the air is so dry, by the time we get to 6:00, by the way sunset 6:22, quick dropoff into the mid-60s. we'll set the stage again for overnight temperatures in the 50s. we'll talk about that and the extended forecast taking you into the weekend in a few minutes. lots of breaking news from overnight. including a shooting in bradenton that has deputies scrambling. the update our crew just got about the shooting victim's condition. >> every dumpster in a central florida neighborhood being
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abandoned -- for an abandoned newborn baby. we're digging into the mother's past. >> and breakings news in haines city. a fire at this baptist church on 26th street north. the baraca first haitian baptist church. everyone escaped safely. we'll have updates throughout the hour. >> i'm janelle martinez in the traffic center, and we are tracking the fog. i-75 and fowler, pretty foggy.
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6:29. in haines city, polk county. everyone got out safely from this baptist church with worshippers inside. the baraca first haitian baptist church. corey dierdorff just arrived on
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a close call for that congregation. >> reporter: absolutely. haines city fire rescue still on scene. you can see from the live pictures, extensive damage to the church and the roof has collapsed. what we know so far, last night while church members why inside a fire broke out. luckily everyone got out, no one was hurt. due to how extensive the fire damage is as you can see the state fire marshal has been called to the scene. that investigators haven't arrived yet. the church a total loss but everyone got out without injury. we still don't know the cause of the fire but as i show you live pictures and zoom in, you can see the extensive damage in this church. everything just destroyed, this loss. this community out here. morning long to find out out here and how those parishioners are doing this morning. and on-line at live in haines city, corey dierdorff, abc action news
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this is i-75 at fowler avenue. a lot of fog out there now. it's really thick in some areas. want to check in now for team coverage on this fog with janelle and ivan. they are tracking where it's thickest now. >> i'm with janelle. we talk about this technology that we have, i have my weather computer feeding information into the traffic computer which is how we can get so precise as far as where the fog is and janelle can essentially tell us what roads are being impacted. >> you can see the areas shaded in yellow. that is where we're seeing fog now along i-4. if i zoom in a little you can see it's really heavy south of sarasota, all along the i-75 corridor. so those are areas you want to be careful when you're heading out this morning. >> it's real patchy so you hit some highways and visibility is good. other areas it's not. you can see here this jackknifes well with what we just talked about here. you work further south and st. pete checking in with full visibility.
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all of this will begin to lift. 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. we'll be in fine shape then and we'll talk about plenty of sunshine for later this afternoon. as we check your planner, highs today once again low 70s. we're going to do that with low humidity and plenty of sunshine. a few tweaks to the extended forecast. we'll talk about those in a few minutes. first to the traffic center. janelle? >> you can see the fog, i-4 just east of i-75 where we're seeing fog east of 75 all the way through plant city. so again you want to use caution if you're heading out the door now. no crashes because of this fog. a couple of fender-benders but nothing to slow things down. if you're heading out on i-4, maybe from lakeland into tampa your drive pretty good now, just 25 minutes, just a couple of minutes slow to get from county line road into downtown, 9 minutes at the bottom from 75 to 275. your drive across the bridges still in the green, looks great
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on the bridges this morning. all three under 10 minutes. 6:32. we're monitoring an overnight shooting in bradenton. one person is in the hospital recoverage from gunshot wounds. abc action news anchor lindsay logue joins us live with an update. good morning, again. >> reporter: good morning. while the victim is in the hospital the shooter at this hour is on the run. deputies are still trying to figure out who pulled the trigger and they are still working to find out if the suspect and the shooter -- or the suspect and the victim rather knew each other. the shooting happened before 2:00 at this house on 114 59th avenue east. dozen of deputies swammed the home and blocked off part of the street overnight. they had evidence markers placed in the road and on the sidewalk near the house. at this point it does look like this is an isolated incident. deputies still can't tell us what led up to the shooting.
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suspect description but as we said the man shot did survive and can hopefully help determination piece -- deputies piece together this crime. more from the manatee county sheriff's office, as soon as we get that we'll bring it to you. lindsay logue, abc action news. take a look at this new video of a mangled truck that crashed near tampa's international mall while you were sleeping. right now tampa police are looking for the driver of this toyota tacoma. that person apparently ditched the truck after slamming into a tree with so much force that it slipped split that tree in two. we're also still waiting to find out who the driver is and if that person was injured. meanwhile, some disturbing new revelation abouts a central florida woman accused of abandoning her newborn baby. documents show that the department of children and families has investigated that woman susan richardson before for threatening to kill her longtime boyfriend. richardson admitted to giving birth to a baby girl at an orlando area apartment complex monday afternoon.
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placenta in the parking lot. right now there is no trace of that baby. cadaver dogs and bloodhound are all searching for the baby girl but at this time officers are not sure if that newborn is alive or dead. we're checking to see if an accused killer will appear in court this morning a day after deputies finally nabbed him. deputies say jeffrey dejesus cerino shot a man after a fight boiled over last weekend. we're told he stabbed a man at his girlfriend's home before he was confronted by two others in a nearby parking lot. he's charged with second degree murder. citrus county deputies arrested a clearwater man they say had 10 pounds of maryb -- marijuana in his car. lanell barnes was stopped after blowing through a stop sign. deputies say they found 10 pounds of pot worth about $10,000. the arrest report says he was driving to the panhandle to sell the drugs, now facing
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michael paluska showed you the pasco county road destroyed by flooding in last summer's torrential rains. this morning we're learning how big a problem the potholes the rain created really are. aaa says in five years 16 million americans, including 6% of drivers in the south report their car sustained enough damage it required a repair after hitting a pothole. another issue, aaa says the tire inflater kits that are replacing spares in new cars can't even provide a temporary fix for pothole damage. coming up -- we're going to tell you where the fog is densest. i'll check with janelle martinez and i'm going to track the next cold front, that is all ahead. more than 200 violations at a popular tampa restaurant. the gross revel revelations that landed it on the "dirty dining" list. >> this woman arrested after
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we told you she won't be spending time in jail. "good morning, america" is now digging deep to find out if she was punished at all for putting countless lives at risk.
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a former alaska airlines
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flying a passenger plane while drunk. david arnston entered the plea in a los angeles courtroom yesterday. prosecutors say he was legally under the influence when he flew two alaska airlines flights in 2014. he's free on bond but faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted. the u.s. and cuba now have an official agreement to start regularly scheduled flights between the two countries, for the first time in more than 50 years. the u.s. and cuba signed an aviation agreement yesterday. u.s. airlines can now request rights to the routes but u.s. airlines must strike deals with cuban aviation officials. u.s. authorities hope it will be completed by this fall. today is the last day pope francis will be in mexico since arriving last friday. today he'll visit ciudad juarez, border town. he's scheduled to have an outdoor mass in the city's central park. he's expected to talk about immigration to the u.s. and poverty prevalent on both sides of the border. u.s. officials say 30,000 people will watch the mass just across the border at the sun bowl in el paso.
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6:40. live look at i-75 near u.s. 301. foggy conditions in many parts of the bay area. visibilities dropping to near zero in some locations. it will affect your drive to work and school. janelle and ivan team tagging it. team tacking it this morning. >> that works. >> getting you around the thickest spots coming up. our crew just arriving at breaking news in haines city. a fire at a baptist church on 26th street north. thankfully everyone got out safely.
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you might run into fog. this is i-75 north of 301 in the brandon area. cars seem to be moving up to speed here but again we do have patchy areas of fog. this map, the area shaded in the yellow will show you exactly where we're seeing that fog. if we zoom in we can look at the streets affected. mainly i-4 here in between the east of i-75 and plant city. i can even open up my camera and show what you it looks likes in that area. there's a look at i-4 just east of 75. cars again seem to be moving up to speed. traveling up to speed and good thing there are no crashes or breakdowns to report there. let's check drive times on some of the majors. u.s. 19 southbound, 11 minutes from tampa road to east bay. 24 minutes on the veterans,
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and just a minute ago i got word of a crash just after gunn, southbound vets with roadblock so i'll keep watching that and let you know if we see any delays on that. dale mabry moving just a minute slow, four minutes from fletcher to waters. typically we check in with captain al at this time but it's so foggy out there he wasn't able to fly this morning. that doesn't surprise us. right? no, not at all. in fact we're continuing to see pockets of dense fog out here with visibility reduced but case in point, look at this, how patchy is it? a clear view now across portions of downtown tampa. at the airport now visibility at 10 miles. that means unlimited but these are reporting stations. so as you travel say from tampa to clearwater there will be some pockets of fog in between those full visibility stations. just keep it in mind. where we have the fog reported, zephyrhills, quarter mile visibility. lakeland likewise, brooksville to two miles.
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of course by 8:00, 9:00 that fog will lift, then setting up for a nice day. temperatures around 71. so let's plan this as we check in on the numbers, 54 this morning and then 69 by noon. take lunch outside, you're not going to need a jacket, low 70s by 4:00. then 50s once again, setting up another cool night as we head through tonight. low to mid-70s with full sun through the upcoming weekend. our next shot of rain is actually coming in on tuesday. that is the next front so we'll have the clouds increasing late monday and then by tuesday we'll have showers moving in. until then enjoy, looks great in the next few days. 6:46. we have some new information on a south florida teen accused of impersonating a doctor even treating real patients. we just found out that malakai love region bonded out of jail overnight. he aelectedly performed a physical on an undercover officer.
6:47 am
reporter approached him about the charges. >> you've been practicing medicine without a license according to this -- >> that's per what they say. >> reporter: how do you feel? >> i hurt because of the accusations and allegations but like i said it's not the first time i've been accused and i will pursue this and when i do you guys will know. you'll be the first to know. >> the health department says he did pretend to be a doctor and even advertised himself as one on a web site and facebook page. right now we have two stomach churning stories that may have you thinking hard about the food you usually enjoy. we start with a stunning "dirty dining" investigation into a popular sandwich shop that revealed more than 200 violations in less than a year. brocato's sandwich shop has been searching up meals on east columbus for 40 years. when state inspectors recently showed up they found spanish bean soup, cooked green beans,
6:48 am
items stored at dangerous temperatures. inspectors also wrote up sinks being used outside and food being prepared outdoors, a repeat violation. the restaurant owner told news a statement -- this will make you think twice before sprinkling parmesan on pasta. a new report found that what you thought was 100% cheese may actually be wood. worse yet there might not be any parmesan cheese in your favorite product at all. read up on both stories when you get settled to work. just pull up the pages on or abc action news app. we turn to democracy 2016. three days to go until two states go to the polls and president obama is now weighing in on one of the biggest names in the republican race. a lot of people are talking
6:49 am
on why he thinks donald trump won't be president. american people. i think they recognize that job. >> this man has done such a bad job, set us back so far and for him to say that actually is a great compliment. if you want to know the truth. >> of course donald trump's issue with president obama goes back years. trump started the birther movement after he demanded the president offer proof he was born in the u.s. during his campaign for re-election. the six remaining republican presidential candidates will try to convince south carolina voters tonight and tomorrow why they should vote for them. each candidate will answer voter questions during two televised town hall meetings. ben ben, senators ted cruz and marco rubio are participating this evening. donald trump, jeb bush and john kasich go at it tomorrow. meanwhile, the democratic candidates are making big pushes now, trying to capture african-american voters. >> hot on the heels of similar comments from bernie sanders, hillary clinton addressed the
6:50 am
michigan, a prime ministerially black city. >> ask yourself, would this have ever occurred in a wealthy white suburb of detroit? absolutely not. >> today clinton will open field offices in orlando and jacksonville, a month ahead of the florida primary. this just in, a new poll finds hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a statistical dead heat in nevada. the cnn poll finds 40% of likely caucus attendees support clinton, 47% support sanders. the vermont senator's surge has the clinton campaign so worried she skipped a planned visit to south florida earlier this week. president obama says republicans have no constitutional grounds to refuse to vote on a supreme court nominee, that vote replaced the late justice antonin scalia. he says there's more than enough time for the senate to consider a nomination and says
6:51 am
president obama says he plans to nominate someone who is indisputably qualified for the seat. there's a new breed atop the dog world this morning. >> the westminster kennel club last night named best in show at its 140th annual dog show. >> best in show dog tonight, for 2016 is the german shorthaired pointer. [ cheering and applause ] >> the german shorthaired pointer cj! >> 3-year-old cj beat out more than 2,700 other dogs to win the most prestigious dog competition. joining his grandmother, carly as a winning german shorthaired pointer, who won in 2005. another dog stole america's hearts. this guy -- "dario" caused the announcers and crowds to crack up as he tried to gnaw through his handler's left pocket to get to the treats. sadly the treats were in the other pocket.
6:52 am
westminster kennel show on gma. in the morning sprint -- first in haines city everyone escaped safely from a baptist church that went up in flames overnight with worshippers inside. want to get to corey dierdorff, who is on the scene with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. this is off 26th street in haines city. this is the baraca first haitian baptist church. haines city fire rescue still on scene awaiting the fire marshal to show up. you can see the roof collapsing. this area here as well as this area here and unfortunately that building is a total loss. like you said there were actually people in the church worshiping when the fire broke out. you can see just how hot this fire was. like you said haines city fire rescue doing their best to save the building but just extensive damage inside. a couple of people from the community have come up, saying this is very bad. we'll have the latest at 9:00 on abc action news.
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news now out of bradenton where a man was shot overnight. deputies say just before 2: 00 somebody shot a man in front of a home on 59th avenue east. the victim survived, is in the hospital now. the shooter though is still on the run. deputies say this is a high crime area, they tell us there have been close to a dozen incidents including burglary and assault on the same street in just the past year. also breaking overnight. a university of tennessee football star busted in a sex sting in pinellas county. 23-year-old mckenzie crowder was locked up after a weekslong investigation. deck stitches say he thought he was talking to a 14-year-old girl. detectives. investigators say he even sent the teen four explicit pictures. he was actually talking to an undercover deputy and it's part of a major undercover operation by the sheriff's office targeting men who use the internet for sex with teens. leaders in hillsborough county will vote today on whether to devote nearly
6:54 am
efforts for the zika virus, including more spraying throughout the county. three zika cases have been confirmed in hillsborough county. if you drive down alderman road for your morning commute you may notice more officers than usual. officers are teaming up to educate people about the rules of the road, to reduce crashes. officers are handing out tickets to warn people of dangerous behaviors like jaywalking or not yielding to pedestrians. good morning. i have a crash to warn you about. southbound veterans just when you pass gunn, a crash here, to 13 miles an hour leading up to this crash. fhp is reporting some road blocks, you might want to leave a little early. let's check drive time now, to see what it looks like on the veterans. 24 minutes from van dyke to 275. it's just about five minutes slow. looking a little better if you can get to dale mabry, that is running about 20 minutes from van dyke to 275.
6:55 am
4 just east of i-75, and the main area of fog that we're dealing with is on i-4, east of i-75 all the way through to plant city. so if you're heading that way make sure you use caution, put on the low beams and stay away from the high beams because that just makes things worse. ivan, how much longer is this fog going to hang around? >> an hour, and then we'll be in much better shape. fog lights point down to the ground so you don't get the reflection. as far as the rest of the forecast after the fog is lifted, we're in good shape. this afternoon a good jump in the upper 60s around noontime. 4:00 lower 70s with, well, evening temperatures cooling back off into the upper 50s. that is how it's going to go. the next few days we're looking at more of the same. sunshine. i don't think we'll have the fog issues with enough wind tomorrow morning. then mid-70s for friday. that will kick off a pretty decent weekend. well, scratch that, it's not decent, it's fantastic on saturday and sunday with highs
6:56 am
our next shot of rain is coming in with a front, movers -- the florida winner in last month's $1.5 billion powerball himself or herself today. that winning ticket was bought at a publix in melbourne. we'll live streel stream the announcement on our mobile app starting 1:30 this afternoon. not us. >> i don't want to see it. >> i hope it's somebody i know. stay tuned. "good morning, america" is coming up next. >> we're following a lot of breaking news this morning. we've got you covered on the abc action news app. download it and check it out for updates throughout the day on all the big stories.
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good morning, america. breaking news, the fbi takes on apple demanding the tech giant help with the terror investigation. are critical clues to more plots hidden on the phone of the san bernardino shooter. why the ceo is refusing to help. it could affect everyone with a smartphone. teaming up to take down donald trump. ted cruz, marco rubio and even the president taking aim at the gop front-runner. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> as hillary clinton tries to avoid another bernie sanders upset, a brand-new poll showing them in a dead heat ahead of the next big vote. winter warning. a new alert about dangers on the ski slopes.


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