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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  February 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> today on the new tampa bay, a loaded gun shows up at an elementary school and goes off. we get to see exactly where it happened, who pulled the trigger and where it might have come from. plus, we all want to be these people today. finally we get the chance to meet florida's powerball winners and hear their modest plans for their $300 million. and some of our local beaches are getting major props worldwide. i'll show you that beach forecast. and some things you can do now to help plan your spring break
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it's 4:00 and this is the new tampa bay. >> but right now we want to get to the loaded gun on an elementary school campus. >> luckily it was a parent and not a child that found it. lauren rozyla is live where it happened. walk us through it happened and how the gun went off. >> reporter: yeah, guys. it started a little after 8:00 this morning. a mom was dropping her child off for the before care program right here when she noticed there was a gun on the ground. so she immediately alerted a school employee who went and they found a janitor who came up to the gun, thought it was a pellet gun so he picked it up and tried to make the gunner safer, he tried to empty the pellets into the ground. >> the employee did not intentionally do anything that he felt like was putting anybody in harm. he felt like he was acting in a prudent way.
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to do what he did and discharged it. >> reporter: district leaders say that janitor should have contacted the school resource on campus right away and should not have fired that gun. the school district says though it's still too early to tell if he will be disciplined. no students were around when the gun went off because like i said it was during the before care program. only 60 kids were on campus. they say it's very important that they try to figure out who may have left the gun there. >> lauren, along those lines, do deputies have any idea who left the gun on campus? >> reporter: that's exactly what they're trying to figure out. as i had just mentioned, they're looking through some of the surveillance footage and some of the actual clues on the gun itself like a possible registration number to try to determine. but it may be too early to know if the person who left the gun
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charges. but this is of course a complete weapons free zone. so there's still a lot of questions tonight. >> thank you, lauren. finally the florida winners from melbourne beach have finally come forward to claim their piece of that record- setting $1.58 billion jackpot for the powerball. we want you to meet david and maureen smith. taking home the lump sum of $528 million. they're actually going to get $327 million after taxes. what are they planning on doing with the money? maureen says she wants a massage. her husband says he wants a new truck. but it's clear both of them were pretty shocked. >> you always think about what you're going to do. when it happened, it all went out of my head. i want to help special people in my life. >> the couple married since 1980 say they are headed to
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duty security system. i don't blame them. both were secretive about their family. their winnings should be in the bank in the next two days. the longest two days of their lives. the other two winning tickets bought in tennessee and california. right now we have a cool look at fog hovering over the tampa bay area this morning and then lifting. this is a time lapse view from our river gate tower camera today. shay, the fog can cause a lot of problems for the morning commute but it's neat to look at. >> this vantage point, it looks awesome. the great news, if you're concerned about fog interrupting your commute tomorrow morning, at this point it doesn't look likely. we will continue to monitor that and let you know if it changes. check out the great conditions outside right now. 73 in tampa under sunny skies. clearwater at 73. and st. pete at 70. winds are coming out of the west to northwest primarily at
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and our wind speeds will be between 5 to 10 miles per hour overnight. that helps keep the fog from lingering overnight and tomorrow morning. at least for tonight, did you know that the universal circus starts tonight at ray jay stadium. there's no rain in sight. the temperatures will quickly fall into the low 60s by 8:00. and then hitting the upper 50s by 10:00 tonight. the circus will be at raymond james stadium through sunday. there are plenty of days left. if you're wondering about the daytona 500, i have that forecast for you coming up in just a bit. >> thank you, shay. right now yet another app you might not ever download but you need to know about right now. it's called whisper. it's marketed as the best place to discover secrets around you.
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tell us it's where the university of texas football player met a 14-year-old girl that he tried to meet for sex. he was part of a larger sting targeting men who prey on underaged girls online. he was in the bay area last record breaking quarterback michael grove spent $2,000 to county jail. he turned himself in yesterday after finding out there was a warrant for his arrest. deputies say there was a fight at his house back in december. the guy he hit had a broken nose and busted tooth. right now we're talking about privacy. apple won't help the fbi break into an iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters but the supreme court ordered them to do that. syed farook and his wife killed 14 people at a holiday party last december.
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battle with police. apple says creating a way to bypass security to access the phone could jeopardize the security of millions of phones, putting everyone at risk. the fib has tried to unlock the phone for months but it hasn't worked. todd walker talked to a former police investigator who says this case is unprecedented. >> reporter: he expects apple's decision to go to the supreme court. >> the keys to the kingdom may be in the telephone. >> reporter: police lieutenant sutton says the feds asking apple to crack its encryption is unprecedented. >> when the fib asks for help, that's really serious stuff because they have they they they have tremendous resources at their disposal. >> reporter: this is the first major case where the court has ordered a company to hack its own product.
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but then there are so many privacy issues. apple says it has no sympathy for terrorists but it had implications far beyond the legal case at hand. apple says the feds can't guarantee the program wouldn't be used beyond the current case. >> i can't imagine the frustration of the investigators. >> reporter: apple has five days to appeal the order. i'm todd walker for the now. >> even if you're not worried about zika, what we learned about the virus today may have you worry about the men in your life. plus this. one country is going to great lengths to search for aliens. >> reporter: china is really serious about its search for aliens. so serious that it is forcing thousands of people out of their home in order to build this giant radio telescope. it's called fast.
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southwestern providence. construction started back in 2011. experts say the telescope could henry searcherring finally discover extra terrestrial life or it might not find anything. residents are being relocated to create a sound environment. in years past the communist party have moved people and have been argued against saying that relocated residents don't get enough warning or money. the residents will be paid $1,800 u.s. dollars for their troubles and they may be able to say they lived in the place
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>> officials say this was well planned. the explosion was from a car bomb. you see the flames and the chaos and people yelling in the background. sirens going off. it was targeting military vehicles with people in them. a turkish diplomat was supposed to visit but because of the attack it has been canceled. one more case of zika in florida down in broward county. now 22 cases in the state. this while hillsborough county is trying to free up half a million dollars to stop the spread of the virus in the tampa bay area. adam walser has a look at who
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and the people who are actually safe. >> reporter: a public service announcement from the florida public of health might be silly but the state hopes it gets your attention about draining water and covering up from mosquitoes without sending people into a panic. >> everybody throughout the state and the country are working with their obstetricians to try pregnant women who were traveling and could have been infected. >> reporter: health officials say zika has been found in the semen of infected men and it's not clear how long it stays there and if it can be transmitted through sex which is why local doctors say men should be tested after visiting mexico or south america. blood donation is even impacted in the tampa bay area. there are blood donations areas that are asking people who come in to give blood if they have been traveling overseas, specifically to places like south america or to mexico over the past 28 days. if they have, they're even
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now, some good news, pets like my dog cooper here, can't get the zika virus. it's a different kind of mosquito that bites animals and causes them to get things like heart worm disease. zika will not affect dogs and cats. >> if we saw a person who developed the symptoms and the test but not traveled, that would really take it to another level. >> reporter: so far all of the infected people in florida got infected outside of the country. >> we do have brand-new perspective coming in from the hillsborough county supervisor of elections office looking at voting trends. they tell me 1,045 people switched from no party at all to the democratic party. 805 people switched from no party at all to the republican party. important to know, these numbers will change over the
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registration forms and parties are counted up. something interesting, 385 people switched to no party affiliation, meaning they chose not to vote in the march 15th florida primary. do any of the presidential candidates flat out scare you? that's the question at hand in a new u.s. poll. likely voters were given the choice of four options. enthusiastic, satisfied, dissatisfied or scared. and most said the idea of donald trump winning the republican nomination or hillary clinton winning the democratic nomination scared them. "usa today" points out this highlights the bitter divide in american politics. regardless, they're still doing well in other polls. trump is leading south carolina with 38%. he is followed by cruz at 22%. rubio has 14%. bush 10%. followed by carson and kasich.
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dropped after the less debate and voters are less likely to trust him on social issues and foreign policy. the republicans are starting a two-night showdown. >> needles to say, there's a lot at stake. we will only be hearing from three of the remaining candidates. they will be in greenville, south carolina. tomorrow night jeb bush, john kasich and donald trump will be speaking in columbia. they won't be debating each other. this will be like a town hall style meeting event on cnn with questions from voters and candidates appearing on stage separately. with that, it's the last national forum before the republican primary in south carolina. that's this saturday. it's important to note here this is a more diverse state compared to iowa and new hampshire. the winner of the primary in five out of the last six elections went on to be the candidate.
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colorado couple celebrating a big, big anniversary. their 77th anniversary today. one of the longest marriages in the country, just short of the record of 81 years. the now's anne mcnamara has the secret to staying together all that time. >> reporter: 77 years. >> we were married that long? wow. >> reporter: february 17th, 1939. >> unbelievable, huh. >> reporter: this is a picture from their wedding day, not long after they met. >> from what i understand, they went over to his friend's harry who she was supposed to have a date with but she met howard and she fell in love. >> reporter: they have been together ever since. >> he will be 100 in june. so he wants to make it that far. >> reporter: their son thomas takes care of them in his home.
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son being in a family where parents stay together. >> reporter: giving them photographs to fill in the blanks that dementia, alzheimer's and old age entered into their love story. howard has trouble seeing so he touches her arm. >> he still watches over her even though he can't see and everything. he's right there for everything she does and he helps her. >> reporter: mill dread says the secret to the longevity is. >> not to be -- for years. do your own thing. ride. >> reporter: but today, they're all going out to lunch to celebrate one of the longest marriages in the country. a love that has outlasted 12 president departments, five wars, and today marks 77 years together. >> can't think that far back.
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>> well, they have five children. they're now great great grandparents. we can all take a cue from them about love and family. how. >> et. >> that's awesome. i was trying to do the math. i don't think my husband and i will make it to 77 years because we would be well over a hundred. >> back in the day people married earlier. you know what is really cute is this weather right now. i love it. it seems like, shay, it's cool in the morning but it gets perfect for us to get off work and do something cool. >> so true. this weather really is fantastic out there. lots of folks taking a walk on the beach. gosh, wouldn't than awesome to be out there right now. blue skies and sunshine. it is gorgeous. take a look at the temperatures. 74 in sarasota. venice, 66. lakeland at 73. inverness at 77. bartow at 72. in and around tampa bay, as
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looking great out there right now. at 70 degrees. and in tampa, 73. so for the rest of the night, check out the futurecast. motion. see how nothing is happening? this is stopping at 8:00. nothing going on. you almost think that i'm just messing with you because there's nothing going on. no clouds, no rain. not a drop of rain in sight over the next 24 hours. did you notice there's no fog either? the forecast really is looking great for the next 24 hours. and even into the weekend, we are looking at a beautiful forecast for the daytona 500. we're looking at sunny skies, mild and dry and temperatures in the low 70s. i'll show you what to expect in tampa bay over the weekend and the beach forecast coming up in just a little bit. laura. >> thank you, shay. also coming up on the new tampa bay, the wood, you heard me, the wood you're hearing about in your parmesan cheese may not be that bad.
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>> that parmesan that you sprinkle on your pizza and pasta may not just be cheese. companies are claiming they're selling you 100% cheese when it's really fillers made of wood. it's called cellulose it's in product like diapers and papers and plastics. castle cheese is in trouble. they're sold at target. their so-called parmesan cheese has 0 parmesan in it. none at all. this isn't the only company misleading cheese lovers like you and me.
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great value 100 grated parmesan cheese, 7.8% cellulose. if you want to talk about kraft, well that one has 3.8% of this cellulose not so bad. but you want to check the label. a cheese technologist is saying it is a safe additive. if there's 2 to 4%, you're kind of safe and it actually helps your digestive system. ashley. >> pope francis is rounding out his five-day trip in mexico. he is at a town boarding the u.s. he is offering prayers for people who died trying to cross into the u.s. [music] >> this morning you're hearing it there a band, huge crowds greeted the pope in mexico city. he told mexicans to dare to dream, not giving into a sense of hopelessness as they deal
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he went to juarez once said to be the most dangerous city on the planet. city leaders say this shows how far it has come since the being named the murder capital of the world. >> images like the ones you see here, so many refugees trying to get out of syria to get to europe. but it's not that cut and dry here. the university of chicago's journal of politics released a study looking at immigration throughout the last 30 years. it says there is some connection between a refugee crisis and the threat of terrorism. but there's also a benefit. economic growth and technological innovation. it may actually hurt a particular country by banning the refugees. why this map could look different, especially close to places families frequent.
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>> right now i want you to take a look at your screen. this right here is a sex offender map. this is within five miles. a five-mile radius of our station. that's right across the street from raymond james stayed up. all the dots are registered sex offenders. soon there could be fewer dots here is why. the commission detailed a plan to make stricter safety zones. commissioner sandy wants to ban sex offenders with victims under 16 from living within 2500 feast a day care, library, park or school. the buffer zone right now is only 1,000 feet. some have concerns this may make newer communities and susceptible.
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as this is crafted, that it's not crafted in such a way that our rural areas end up being a dumping ground for sexual offenders ask sexual predators. >> pasco county passed a similar ordinance. today the vote was 7-0. unanimous. to keep working on this project. now to an exclusive investigation. dozens of whistleblowers are coming forward and alleging widespread problems inside the medical center, putting veterans at risk. right now two federal investigations are underway in response to a joint investigation from our scripps washington bureau and our sister station wcpl. correspondent mark greenblatt has discovered serious conflicts of interest involving leadership. >> i've been going to the v.a. hospital for a good 30aers. >> reporter: ted dicky has counted on the v.a. for all of his care. >> i have a rapport with a lot
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>> reporter: but when he needed his second hip replacement, the v.a. didn't have a surgeon and referred him outside. >> the way of running the hospital is not doing the surgically farming it out. >> reporter: 34 whistleblowers in all, including 18 doctors say veterans are getting short changed, even put at risk. >> many services have been devastated and they're incapable of carrying out their necessary functions. >> reporter: long time surgeon richard joins other whistleblowers say it began when the acting chief of staff came on board two and a half years ago and went to work cutting costs and should say cutting corners. >> there's unrest throughout the hospital. >> reporter: he says she got rid of every specialist in total joint replace manies and the v.a. confirms it is left with an orthopedic surgeon that can
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no one can do shoulders or hips. >> i have seen surgical instruments that once we open that sterile pack, they will have pieces of bone or other debris from previous surgeries still on the instrumentation. >> reporter: mike brooks is a 20-year navy veteran and has worked here since 2008. they say the chief of staff has failed to correct the resources to correct the problems. >> it is the microscopic things that we can't see that is the problem for that poor patient on the table. >> reporter: and in fact we found under the tenure, the rate of mersa infections has increased. >> nurses and technicians will come to me and say, you know, i just feel terrible about this.
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forms to get things corrected. but the forms don't seem to go anywhere. >> reporter: while whistleblowers criticize cost cutting measures they have concerns about her pay. >> it is common knowledge at the hospital that she is gaming the system. >> reporter: she earns $128,000 but also paid as a cardiothoracic surgeon getting $194,000 in pay for that. what is at issue? >> she is in the room when surgeries happen but i can't say that i've ever seen her pick up a scalpel. >> reporter: multiple sources say she only serves as an assistant and never worked as the operating surgeon since arriving in cincinatti. who oversees her, hettrick. they worked together more than a decade ago in illinois. he wrote a prescription for 50
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wife. in 2013, eight weeks before he landed the cincinatti job, she gave mrs. hettrick another hydrocodeine. the problem, illinois regulators say her controlled substance license expired back in 2011. >> was the person allowed to receive the prescription? from what i can gather, they were not. >> reporter: jeff miller of florida chairs the house committee on veterans affairs. >> i believe it needs to be fully investigated. >> i'm with scripps news. we have been trying to talk to you. >> we understand that you have written controlled substances for hettrick's wife. why did you do that?
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the prescriptions, he walked out of an interview. but just days after we met with officials at v.a. headquarters, the agency launched an internal investigation and called for a second inspector general investigation. the v.a. also removed hettrick from all oversight of the cincinatti hospital pending the outcome of the investigations. scripps news in washington. >> and for more on our investigation and access in- depth interviews and documents that will be added throughout this week and next week, log on to ahead, a way to protect your identity so the scammers don't file your taxes before you can. the new tampa bay is back in
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>> right now if you haven't filed your taxes yet, you're worried about thieves filing ahead of you to get your money, florida is one of the states that allows you to get a pin number to prevent that. they will get you hooked up with a number. and the grandparents scam too where seniors get bogus calls telling them their that their grandkids had in trouble and need to send money. it's a scam. it's at the gardenville center at 9:00 a.m. lunch is provided. best part, it's all free. all you need to do is call and register. then they don't run out of the free food. the number to call is on your screen. it will connect you to the hillsborough county sheriff's office for registration. laura, you're talking about another way to protect your information.
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>> it does. most places i go to i can't use the card that has got the chip. now we're asking the question why is that. the ceo of visa says of the more than 3 quarter of a million places accepting visa in the u.s., only 17% of those places are accepting the chip cards right now. part of the reason, the existing credit card readers last 7 years. there's no rush for the stores or restaurants to replace them. for the store that's actually do have them, they don't want to teach cashiers and customers how to use them even though it's simple. it's ironic because the stores are now liable for the fraud. instead of a bank, if the customer has a chip card but can't use it. many restaurants won't use the technology until later this year because the software has to be updated to including handling tips. still ahead on the new tampa bay, potholes costing you and me billions.
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>> breaking news to tell you about on the new tampa bay. you're about to see a deputy- involved crash in pinellas county. this is happening on overton road. lots of traffic in the area. you see right there in the middle of your screen it looks like one lane is getting by. people are walking around. emergency personnel in that area trying to figure out exactly what happened. again, just one lane getting by on that side. we're still trying to figure out what happened. as i said, this happened just a short time ago in pinellas county. as soon as we get more information, we will bring it to you. how many times have you been in your car, hands on the wheel and then bank of america, you hit a pothole. >> too many times. it's that big jolt. it can mess up your car too. we're learning how much pothole
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take a look. >> i absolutely hate them. >> reporter: brittany theodore is right there with 15% of all u.s. drivers who say their vehicle has been damaged and repaired all because of a pothole in the last five years. this is according to new numbers from aaa. that repair part is not cheap for brittany. at least $500 in recent years she says. >> money that i have to waste on tires. i could be using it somewhere else. >> reporter: those brand-new numbers from aaa show pothole damage has cost american drivers $3 billion annually in vehicle repairs over the last five years. to help save you money and hassle, aaa offers this advice, always scan the road ahead and make sure to drive three to four seconds behind the vehicle in front of you. since your tires are the only real cushion between your vehicle and the pothole, you want to make sure they're properly inflated.
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a spare tire and it's properly inflated. the one on the new tampa bay's vehicle is on the undercarriage. report through the city of tampa website using a quick form. also use the free mobile app. it's under service request. pothole, cave in or sinking repair. >> this is important. you want to hear this. in some cases you can make a claim and get reimbursed for the money you had to shell out to fix your car because of a pothole. i posted the information on my facebook page. check it out. where to call if your problem pothole was on a city, county or state road. right now we have a live look at a ted cruz rally at a prep school in south carolina. he hasn't made it to the podium but everybody already sitting in their seats ready to go. in the meantime, trump is threatening to sue cruz over
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the ad trump is upset about is from a 1999 interview when he said he was pro choice. well trump is now saying his views on abortion have evolved. he is now pro life. the south carolina primary for republicans is this saturday. take a look at these satellite pictures we just got in. the u.s. confirming that china has developed surface to air missiles on an island in the china sea. world leaders have worried about them building up missiles to create a military strong hold. beijing said yeah we've had water and air defenses in the area for years. also saying the missile launch is appropriate and reasonable. six other countries in the area can't agree who owns that land. back to that flint river crisis in michigan. the contaminated water crisis.
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this one adding insult to injury. a new study show the people there pay the highest rates for water in the nation for something they can't even use. they looked at the 500 largest water systems in the u.s. people in flint paid about $864 a year for water service. let me give you context here. that's nearly twice the national average. that's 7% of the average household income in that area for water they can't use. the study claiming a water bill shouldn't be more than 3%. i want to give you a live look outside right now. this is apollo beach. if you are lucky enough to get outside tonight before the sun goes down, enjoy the sunshine, you have to do it. >> yeah. >> it's nice. the fog is long gone, shay. how is the rest of the week looking. >> it's looking great. if you liked today's weather you will be happy with the next few days. take a look. it's hard to tell what you're looking at here. it looks like the state of florida. this is actually a satellite and radar image. but there's nothing going on
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cause you any problems. there is nothing headed our way either. so we have a nice stretch of gorgeous weather. and tomorrow, plenty of sunshine again. and over the next several days, we're going to be warming up with all of that sunshine and no big cold fronts to roll on through. if you're thinking, is this beach weather? i guess it depends on what your expectations are. 70 is the high out of clearwater beach tomorrow. i don't think that's bad at all. and 61 is the water temperature. plenty of sunshine. it may be breezy at the beach tomorrow. overall we're looking at a fantastic forecast. it keeps getting better the next couple of days. up to 72 as a high tomorrow in tampa. inland areas will make it to the low 70s. tons of sunshine. not only tomorrow, friday, saturday and sunday. we're close to 80 in tampa on sunday. that means some of our suburbs are likely to hit 80. so, yeah, the warm-up has kicked into gear. there's no rain in sight.
4:51 pm
that's denis and he will be in at 5:00 with that update. >> shay, all of that adds up to beach weather for me. let's take a look at clearwater beach. this is one of our beachy hot spots in the area. just today it was named by trip advisor as the number one beach in the entire country. saint pete beach is number three. the now's candace avillas tells us how to save on spring break. >> reporter: andy says his spring break planning came easy with the help of a travel agent and knowing his budget. >> this year we have our budget set. i'm going to spend x amount of dollars while i'm down there. >> reporter: it's no secret destination vacations add up fast. >> the key is to plan and budget. spending a lot doesn't relate to having a good time. >> reporter: brian has a few
4:52 pm
first up, set a daily budget and use cash. >> maybe hedge it by 10%. if you have $300 set aside for that day, throw in an extra 30 bucks and mutt that in your pocket. a lot of people will take the credit card and swipe all day long and spend $600 on a $300 budget day. >> reporter: have the cash on you already so you don't use atms, adding atm fees. >> when you take a family of four or five out, you might spend $40 to $50 on breakfast. save a few bucks by staying at a hotel with breakfast. taxis add up fast. research public transportation. next up, always recheck your purchases. sometimes you can find better deals closer to your vacation. >> you might find if the hotel was not successful in booking
4:53 pm
you have up to 24 hours to cancel and rebook. >> we're going to head back out to pinellas county for that breaking news. this is on ulmerton road. you see the massive backup. a deputy or a cruiser was involved in an accident. we can't see a cruiser in this video. what we're trying to figure out is if he was in an unmarked car or what happened. this is in the area of belcher road as well. only one lane getting by. three lanes are blocked. they are waiting for another team to get there and investigate what happened. we don't know how the deputy is doing at this time. we're trying to find out if anybody else was involved in the crash. den, this is ulmerton road and belcher. it is 4:53 so this is going to be a headache for a lot of people. we're trying to figure out how the people in the car accident are doing right now.
4:54 pm
we will keep you up to date especially on at news starting at 5:00. in the what will they think of now category, check this out. >> we do have new video of a laser engraving data into a tiny wars glass disk. it's etching in five dimensions, each disk holds up to 360 terabytes of information. here it is. this is the same as the storage on 22,000 iphones, if you can wrap your mind around that. scientists are presenting this today at a conference in san francisco. >> i won't get that error message that i don't have any more memory. they expect the national archives to be next. they're designed to last for billions of years. good to know we will have that forever. it's early but the
4:55 pm
in for the holtest toys your kids and grandkids will want for this holiday season. >> i can't believe we're talking about this already. there are five trends right now according to the experts at the u.s. toy industry association. number one, drones and robot toys. no surprise. there will be drones specifically for children and robots will teach concepts like coding and building. >> i like that. the next one could be a good thing. toys helping with family bonds. that includes board games and crafts and outdoor games that keep people together. >> number three, letting children being a creator. toys and crafts teach them to cook, design and build. you will see more things like kits for jewelry making and videographery -- videography sets. >> the steam skills toys. that includes kits for teaching the kids advanced math and the board games where kids can
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>> and finally there will be a lot more collectibles. we're talking about novelty collectibles. collecting certain toys. that's has been popular. but experts say you can expect to see them everywhere this year. all right. if you're a mom or watch young children, you might read a lot of blogs about all sorts of topics. you might notice there's been a lot more real talk about kids dying senselessly. the now's sarah rosario shows us who is provoking the conversation. >> reporter: they're your pride and joy. full of life, happiness and energy. but believe it or not, 41 children just like these in the tampa bay area didn't make it past the age of six all dying from preventible causes. >> it's real and can happen to anyone. >> reporter: blogers raise awareness to prevent needles child deaths. a three-year campaign hosted by
4:57 pm
>> we are the people who say it will never happen to me and it does. >> reporter: of those 41 preventible deaths more than half were in hillsborough county alone, all dying from one of three main causes unsafe sleeping, drowning and shaken baby syndrome. >> i think as parents and as a blogger, we have to educate people. one of the main focuses of the campaign is to teach parents how quickly things can happen. take for instance this doggy bowl. kids think to splash and play in. if you're not paying attention, a kid can drown in as little as 20 seconds. >> it's quick and silent. that's it. and that changes your life forever. >> reporter: in the past four years, drowning deaths totaled the equivalent of aiken der garden class in our area alone. we have covered several of those preventible deaths. last june a 4-year-old in plant city drowning in a pond near a wedding reception. this lakeland father arrested after shaking his five month old last year.
4:58 pm
out to parents who don't know the statistics and save lives. >> these are really scary. if i can help prevent one death, if i can educate one parent, judge university like i was educated, then i have done my job. >> reporter: from tampa, sarah rosario for the new tampa bay. >> well, it's time. grab your phone, get on facebook because now is the time to enter our ticket give- away. every day this week we have a clue word to help you win four vip tickets to see the dave matthews band at the mid florida amphitheater. >> unfortunately it will be one of the last times you can see them because they're going to take a year off. here is your chance. go to our facebook pages. you can go to mine or ashley's or shay's or abc action news. you have to enter on a computer. so many people said i can't find it. so you have to go on your computer. you will see this tab. you click on the tab. it opens up. you put the code word in and
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and today's code word since you're watching guitar. guitar. pretty simple. come back again tomorrow and we will give you a new keyword and you will have a chance to win all week. >> of course all of us will be back here in the same place, same time, 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. abc action news at 5:00 starts now. >> privacy versus safety. tonight the battle between apple and the fbi and the ramifications it could have on the privacy of all americans. plus teen sex bust. tonight the nfl hopeful in a different kind of uniform tonight. we're taking action for your safety on how to protect your children from online predators. right now a loaded gun found at an elementary school and fired off by an employee. we're learning whose gun it is and how it got there. good evening, i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm wendy ryan. thanks for joining us.
5:00 pm
tying up traffic in pinellas county. >> it's a traffic alert near belcher road. this is a live picture. a deputy was involved in an accident there. it looks like one lane of traffic is now getting by. this could tie up traffic for quite a while during the ongoing investigation. we still have not gotten any word on the condition of the deputy or the other driver involved. we will continue to give you updates throughout the evening. back to our top story right now. the owner of a gun found on the ground outside of an elementary school has been located. a parent dropping off their child at rock crusher elementary school in citrus county was the first to see it before anyone was hurt. a school employee actually picked it up thinking it was a toy and fired it. abc action reporter lauren rozyla joins us live outside of the school with details how the gun even got there. lauren. >> reporter: and we just learned the name of the parent


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