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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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monday. right now action news is starting. right now a school district on edge. a teacher behind bars. tonight, the inappropriate communication she is accused of having with a student and why there could be more victims. parents in a panic. tonight, what was found inside and the worried parents who dropped everything to pick up their children. good evening. thank you for joining us. we want to update you on the boat fire happening right now in pinellas county. this was 30 minutes ago as firefighters battered the blaze. there were people on the boat when someone noticed the smoke.
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to the hospital. we are live right now on the scene. >> reporter: there were two people on the boat. the owner says he is okay and his friend is okay. he suffered minor injuries to his arm. docked. you can see the change in color of the wood because the fire was so intense. you can see the pieces that have been burned. back over here all the way in the distance there are police still out there investigating the case. i did talk to the owner >> reporter: he said they were both on the boat and for some reason there was an explosion. he does not know where it happened. they were both able to get out
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both on the boat it back for some reason there was an explosion. he says he is thankful they were both able to get out before the boat floated away. we did talk to the fire department to is investigating, trying to figure out why this happened and they said it will take several hours for them to complete the investigation. right now with the for parents at hillsborough high school. the school locked down for most of the day as police search for what ever put a a hole in a window on the second floor. >> reporter: i want to show you where this happened. it happened in this building right here. police went from classroom to classroom searching for students, using a a metal detector to text the students for weapons. parents and police lined the street, a complete lockdown,
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and fear from parents and students. >> if i don't make it i want to to know i really love you. >> reporter: that is the message he received from his daughter, thinking there was a shooter in the school. he immediately left work. >> we are currently under a lockdown. >> reporter: parents were kept up to date with automated messages. the lockdown lasted through the day. >> we had to sit on the floor. >> reporter: students telling us they were kept in their classrooms, lunches were delivered and bathroom breaks are under for under escort. tonight, everyone feeling relief.
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them. >> reporter: the school did dismiss at its normal time today. i want to tell you there is a basketball game scheduled tonight and we are told it is still going to happen. reporting live in tampa, clifton french. tonight a school teacher accused of praying on her student. stacy hooks allegedly sent nude pictures to the teenager and traveled to meet him for sex. lauricella is here to explain why the sheriff is issuing a a plea to parents. >> reporter: this is where stacy hooks is being held. she texted nude photos of herself to her 14-year old student. feelings of betrayal as kids attend the middle school. >> i have noi have no words to say to her. >> reporter: stacy hooks is accused of having a sexual a sexual relationship with her student.
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you are in charge of children. children. >> reporter: the sheriffs office says stacy hooks texted nude photos of herself to her student. investigators also say she traveled to meet him for sex. >> cases like this we tend to find there has been a slow seduction process. the young person has a lot of confidence in the adult. >> reporter: police say the relationship started in may and ended when the victims mother filed a report. >> they are doing search warrants at her home. they are looking at her computer. >> reporter: tonight, parents of students who interacted with stacy hooks are being asked to talk to the children. stacy hooks was also a football coach.
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may be more victims. the district says they plan to put her on suspension without pay and plan to fire her. lauren rosella, abc action news. we had to put up with a lot of extreme weather this winter but this weekend is why a lot of us live in florida. temperatures right now in the mid-70s. we hit 75 today in tampa. maybe a few showers and clouds on the east coast. what ever you have planned for the weekend the weather is going to cooperate. temperatures will be flirting with 80 before the next front arrives. the search is on for a teenager accused of running over a deputy. the deputy was attempting to
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warrants. when he saw the deputy he started to drive off and hit her with his car. the deputy has a head injury. she was released from the hospital this afternoon. the woman accused of killing a tow truck driver on the bridge this week is back in hillsborough county. she is being held on $750,000 bond. she was arrested after leaving the scene of the crash monday morning. a friend tipped off police that she was at his apartment. police say she admitted to the crime when she was arrested. she is now charged with leaving the scene of a deadly accident. right now people are paying their respects to judge antonin scalia. in a private ceremony his son
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and the first lady also pay their respects today. >> he influenced a generation of judges, lawyers and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> he was an american hero. >> the funeral service will take place tomorrow. the vice president will attend the funeral. police asking for help to figure out who left this dog for dead on the side o a road. police say a good samaritan rescued the dog. a witness spotted the man letting the dog out of a pickup truck before driving away. tonight the dogs owners have been located and say he was stolen from their yard. they are headed to animal
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these men behind bars, police say they were busted as part of an undercover prostitution sting. all of them -- one of them tried with possession of marijuana. police searching for the mean death by police searching for the man seen in these videos. they say he stole the signer close and pushed a female a female officer to the ground when she tried to stop him. the ice rink at the arena has been transformed to dirt ahead of this weekend dirt bike competition. cross riders will battle it out starting saturday night at 7:00 7:00 with amateur racing on
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to just be able to get up and do things. >> something most of us take for granted. coming up this new feeling of freedom for this injured vet. this little girl being called a hero. coming up the lesson she learned that saved
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he went from being a paratrooper to a corporal egypt. carson chambers shows us how the veteran is getting a huge a huge boost to help him live independently. >> i remember the sound. >> reporter: if you think your weaknesses make you weak he is proof that they don't. in ambush in afghanistan left him counting the four limbs he can't use. now he and his family count his blessings.
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children motivated him to recover since 2007 to compete 2007 to compete as a wheelchair athlete. >> for it -- for me it is something i can do. >> reporter: but traveling was always dependent on someone else. he was always torn between his recovery and his family. >> there is almost always a choice. >> reporter: two nonprofits help and they raised money to by a wheel -- and they raised the money to buy a wheelchair acceptable van. a ride that is freedom and strength for this wounded veteran. also, for his family.
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carson chambers. right now a five year old grandmother. she sprang into action during a fire at her home all thanks to a preschool lesson. months ago her class visited a fire station to learn about what to do in a fire. the teaching came in handy when a stove in her home caught on fire. her mother says the little girl jumped out of her bed and let her grandmother to safety, even making sure the dog was okay. >> what did you do? >> i got out of the house. >> even after escaping she ran door to door looking for water
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the fire chief says her accents prevented a tragedy. a mother take actions to save her baby overnight. she threw the child to first responders from a balcony before jumping herself. police say a staircase in the apartment was blocked forcing people to find a different way out. one man died in that fire. if you don't have weekend plans come up with some. you are going to want them. >> i will plant my vegetable garden. right this second i am motivated. >> the beach will also be a great place to be. the sunset is always beautiful. remember the water temperature is a little chilly but for folks visiting on spring break or just enjoying the sunshine that water will probably feel
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it is in the lower 60s. right now lower 70s across the area. it is about where we should be this time of the year. this morning we started out on the cool side. this is that nice time of the year. this weekend temperatures will continue to climb. right now in tampa it is 73, clearwater is 73, st. pete is a little bit cooler at 68. still a lot of sunshine covering the area. the wind is something we have been talking about, remember, when you get a strong wind that brings in the atlantic moisture and sometimes that cloud cover moves across the state. that is what is happening. because the wind is coming out
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much better chance of warmer weather. there is a lot of dry air and that certainly let us know what is coming. because the wind will be staying around long enough to give us a shower i think the east flow will return come sunday and monday, when the temperature at the temperatures will really start to climb. we should see some areas at 80. the closer you are to the beach the cooler it will be. tonight, partly cloudy skies. tomorrow morning you can begin to see how the clouds come out of the east >> reporter: regardless there will be more sun than there will clouds. no matter what you have planned for tomorrow -- and regardless there will be more sun than there will be clouds.
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for tomorrow it will be tremendous. tuesday into wednesday we have got a friend coming in, at this point the model does not know if it will be a significant rain event. i want to say it is not a a possibility but i am leaning more towards from scattered showers as opposed to a severe threat. we will not take that off the table yet. be sure to stay tuned this weekend. look at these temperatures on saturday. along the coast you are low 70s. when you go inland you are upper save in these to near 80. that is how much of an effect that cool golf water will
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cool is a relative term. for us, 61 is on the way up. we have a very pleasant forecast ahead. take a look at the weekend. 75 on saturday. 76 on sunday. by monday we are up near 80 for much of the area. tuesday into wednesday is when the next storm system comes in and the rain chance will increase. clearing and cooler by thursday. a big helping hand in flint, michigan. coming up, the nba legend delivering hope. teenagers caught on camera breaking into a home. the lingering fear they left
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we want to make a correction to a bond amount we made area, we reported she was being held on $750,000 bond, that bond has not been revoked. the hillsborough county judge a revoked that bond so she is being held right now on zero bond. the city of flint, michigan getting help from some retired stars. the players delivered 30,000 cases of water to the community college. derrick coleman says it is all about outreach it back helping
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>> when you see people in need, out of the kindness of your heart that is what you do. you reach out and help. that is what it is about. >> students and players for the an assembly line to move the water into the building. those stars say they will be back with even more help. next, 28 guns, 15 arrest, one big a drug problem. coming up, the issue forcing bay officers to crack down on heroine. the florida teenager accused of taking a being a doctor is still in trouble. a school employee caught taunting a room full of
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that is what is killing the kids and that is why these law enforcement agents are committed to working together to stop it. >> two counties, and two major drug bust, in manatee county 15 people arrested and in hillsborough county 51 people taken off of the streets. good evening. tonight how these drug sweeps aren't just taking down drug dealers but also saving lives. >> reporter: these people are peddlers of harrowing and cocaine, friday morning a task force announcing the arrest of 15 of them.
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bottom with the users and work the way up. >> reporter: this man, was one of the worst dealers in manatee county. they arrested him, he got out and now is back in jail. >> all they are concerned about is money. >> reporter: some drugs are made in florida and some come from mexico. >> in 2015 manatee county was number one in the state for heroin addiction. >> i am very angry about the drug abuse in this town. >> reporter: her brother was a user, he overdosed about six months ago. she says, after he got out of the military his use was a slippery slope.


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