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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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so far things looking pretty good. >> the roads are dry, visibility is good. so no problems there. really no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about. i've been checking our cameras, this is what it looks like at i- 275 at fowler, wide open now, still up to speed in both directions. these headlights are heading towards downtown tampa. let's check drive times on 275. starting all the way back at the apex. it's taking 13 minutes to get to i-4, five minutes if you're starting off at busch to i-4 and five minutes from i-4 to the howard frankland. a quick check of the drive on the veterans expressway, still looking good, all in the green, 12 minutes in the middle from van dyke to 275. it's coming up now on 6:01. we're keeping track of three big breaking news stories from overnight. the first, apparent robbery at a tampa liquor store that took a deadly turn. >> a clerk at the store turning
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tampa police say the two men tried to rob the cut rate liquor store on north 15th street late sunday night. that is when the pair exchanged gunfire with the clerk that shot and killed one of the suspects. the clerk himself was not hurt. the other man took off. we're still working to get a description of him. this photo just in from tampa police of a driver being cited after officers say that person drove drunk and the wrong way up an i-4 exit ramp. an officer on patrol saw this car trying to drive west on the 50th street exit ramp toward eastbound traffic when the officer pulled the driver over, the officer says the driver was impaired. the driver only received a citation at this time. listen to the bizarre circumstances that left a man dead in trinity. florida highway patrol says a car side swiped an suv last night. both drivers pulled over on opposite sides of the street. the driver of the car got out, began screaming and throwing beer bottles at the people in the suv, walked over to them
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to get back to his car another vehicle hit and killed him. troopers say no charges will be filed. to bone-chilling new developments in this weekend's deadly shooting spree in michigan. >> we just learned the man accused of killing six people in kalamazoo was an uber driver that apparently picked up fares in between a deadly shooting rampage. jason dalton is expected to be in court this morning to face charges. investigators still are not sure what made him open fire outside of an apartment complex, a car dealership and cracker barrel restaurant. they say he didn't have a criminal record. the victims include a 17-year- old who was killed while looking at cars with his dad. a 14-year-old girl shot outside of a restaurant, listed in critical condition now. we're hearing from one of the passengers dalton picked up during the rampage. matt mellon says he acted strangely from the moment he got in the car. next thing he knew dalton was driving 80 miles per hour down west main street side swiping cars. >> driving through peedans, through the lawn, speeding
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came to a stop i jumped out of the car and ran away. he would not stop, he just kept looking at me well, don't you want a ride to your friend's house? i was like, well, yeah but i want to get there alive. >> all told dalton is accused of shooting eight people, only two survived. the hunt is still on for a killer who shot four people outside a tampa hooka bar and took off running. a victim, 28-year-old manuel ortiz jr. died outside of the a bar on east bearss avenue. deputies say the shooter fired into a crowd of 50 people. if you know anything there is a crime stoppers reward for tips that lead to an arrest. on the other side of the bay st. petersburg police need your help finding the person that fired a gun in the middle of a birthday party at a hotel. officers say early sunday morning a fight broke out at the holiday inn express on 54th avenue north. someone pulled out a gun, at last check one victim. 19-year-old octavius brown is
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another victim, also a teen is expected to be ok. we're working with police now to get a description of the suspect. a lot of us have family and friends in central florida and this morning deputies need help there. they are desperate to find the teen who they say ran over a sheriff's sergeant on purpose. 15-year-old jan carlos ortiz hit sergeant marcy perses while she was trying to take him into custody. deputies say she was hit so hard she was knocked unconscious. and suffered a significant head injury but luckily out of the hospital now. deputies don't know if ortiz is armed but say he should be considered extremely dangerous. in a few hours we're expecting to learn about a construction scam targeting folks in hernando county. the sheriff there says he thinks con artists have already victimized several people who have not come forward yet. erik waxler will be getting details today and you can follow him on twitter. more about the valrico rams
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targeted again by vandals . abc action news reporter corey dierdorff with what the team wants to see done now. >> reporter: good morning. lots of damage to the rams facility. that's the facility there. i'm requesting to show you what the -- i'm going to show what you the coaches say the problem is. you see how dark it is? they think that is why they keep getting targeted. four times in the last year alone. we're talking about a busted out concession stand window, smashed up cash register, giant hole in the fence. a month ago a welder was stolen from inside the building and last year a $5,000 ice machine. just before that nearly a dozen cars were broken into, in the parking lot. leaders are frustrated because they think there are easy fixes to keep criminals out. they are asking for better lighting from the park from hillsborough county. they say it's too dark and thieves are taking advantage of it.
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investigating the break-in. they hope this last break-in shows hillsborough county we really need these lights. corey dierdorff, abc action news. back to you. 6:06. if you live or work in downtown tampa you might notice a little bit of difference this morning. with the hillsborough river. it's going to be a different color. >> st. patrick's day is about three weeks away. so crews are going to test the green dye in a small part of the river. the test run for the river o green fest set for after st. patrick's day. it's nontoxic, biodegradable, used in search and rescue missions. it will be dyed between cass street and kennedy bridges. nascar driver den -- denny hamlin still can't believe his childhood dream has come true. >> he not only came on top but pulled out the closest victory ever in the race. >> the winner of the daytona 500 -- bouncing off each
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>> i think it was hamlin. >> by an inch. >> that is close. last night on twitter he posted this note that he wrote as a child, it reads "my wish is to win the daytona 500". caps so cool. schools closed. fiji grappling with the history making cyclone.
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6:10, monday morning. new information now on the dispute between apple and the justice department over unlocking the i-phone that belonged to the shooter in the san bernardino massacre. in a statement that was posted on-line last night the fbi director says the bureau owes it to the shooting victims to gain access to this phone. last week a federal judge ordered apple to unlock the phone that blocked to syed farook but apple is refusing to do that. syed farook and his wife killed 14 people during a holiday luncheon last december. san bernardino county deck anything'ses say they have -- technicians say they reset the phone's i-cloud password but the fbi says the phone itself could still have information not stored in the cloud. big day for the parents whose children were killed in the sandy hook elementary
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a judge will decide whether their lawsuit against companies that make and sell the ar-15 rifle can go forward. a law passed by congress in 2005 shielded gun manufacturers from nearly every lawsuit filed against them. today if lawmakers for the families can convince a judge the companies knew the ar-15 was not suitable for civilian use it may be possible to hold them legally liable for the massacre. temperatures in the 50s and 60s now. plan your day with us here as we look at temperature for the monday time frame here, about 65 by 9:00. through the midday hour. much like we had this weekend, temperatures back in the 70s but notice a little more cloud cover here and that is just a sign of what is to come. mid and upper 70s by later today. we have a storm on the way. it will arrive by wednesday. i'll have the timing of what we can expect, coming up. caught on camera. a man drags a shark right out of the atlantic ocean and the reason he did it will leave you
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about this, the shark that he chose. >> before we go to break breaking news just in. hillsborough county deputies want you to be on the lookout for this missing 70-year-old woman. cheryl anne herp walked away interest her home on -- and hasn't been seen since. has dementia, may not find her way back home. 5'2", 145 pounds, gray hair, blue eyes. if you see her call the sheriff
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6:15. new zealand is sending more than $1 million in aid to fiji where a recordbreaking cyclone killed at least 18 people in the island chain. there are aerial photographs of the damage, some so intense the country declared a state of month. rescuers say mass power outages are making it difficult for them to communicate with some of the hardest hit areas. tragedies like this one strike, we know a lot of you ask how can i help. we did research overnight and found unicef will be sending emergency supplies, health kits and more to the islands of fiji. if you would like to donate we have a link on our web page,
6:16 am ivan cabrera joins us now. the storm broke records for the southern hemisphere, one of the strongest ever. >> on earth based on pressure as well. south of the equator we've never seen anything like it as far as the intensity. there's the storm. here's australia. we'll fly in a little closer. this was a monster storm, equivalent of a category 5 hurricane. we call them different things in this part of the world but it's basically the same thing. it's barreled through the islands there. that's the main island but see that archipelago? that is going to be an issue because they are still having trouble reaching some of the folks, that is going to be a big problem. you can certainly help. new zealand on the way, australia as well. there it is, cat 5 across the southern hemisphere. notice that, spinning the other way as we do across that part of the world. temperatures for us in the 50s now. we have our own weather to deal
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that will be the potential for severe storms as they roll through here. we're still into the months where we can certainly get squall lines through here with cold fronts. that's exactly what we have coming on wednesday. we have plenty of time to watch it though. right now in the 50s and 60s. by later on, your lunchtime and into the evening we'll be doing just fine. titan doppler radar not expecting much on that. just a few clouds, unlike the weekend where we had full sunshine. then things begin to change as we head through tomorrow as the storm begins to get closer to us. i think a couple of showers but there's the main system, getting organized. this will be a potent low. we'll be talking about this for some time. i think they will be widespread severe weather across the southeastern u.s., even potential for tornadoes here. the conditions, ingredients favorable for that. i think we'll be to our north but for us, even on wednesday i think we have a pretty good chance of seeing some damaging winds. we'll talk about that. this is tuesday here. just a few showers, southeasterly flow, i think 30% coverage.
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you see the purples. that is the temperature contrast. it's snowing with significant snows a little further north. there comes the front and you see on our computer model forecast here this is not going to be broken up. this is going to be a main line that is going to roll through. and when you see this kind of orientation, the main threat would be some damaging winds. straightline winds as opposed to rotating thunderstorms. we'll watch a few cells ahead of it in case they develop. again, severe weather outlook for wednesday, we may go all yellow from one to two as far as the risk. on the extended forecast, upper 70s today, a few showers as i mentioned tuesday. then wednesday we'll watch that line of storms. by the way it's a cold front and it will bring us much chillier temperatures, thursday into the weekend. with highs in the 60s. fhp telling me we have a crash i-75 southbound at bruce b downs, we're working to get more details on that. also a crash reported northbound 275 right at armenia.
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any problems. traffic indicators in the green leading right up to the crash, in fact let's see if we can check your average speed there, leading up to the crash. 66 miles per hour so this crash not really slowing things down. let's look outside at the howard frankland bridge. smooth-sailing across the bridge. sometimes when we get a crash in the downtown area on 275 it can back up things on the bridge but right now you're good to go. looks like all three bridges in the green. hundreds of you can't get enough of a video we shared on our abc action news facebook page. >> it's so cute, shows a 106- year-old woman so excited to meet president obama and the first lady that she starts to dance. >> how are you? >> i'm fine.
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>> want to say hi to michelle? >> yes! >> this is so cute. virginia maclaren got to meet the president during black history month celebrations at the white house over the weekend. it comes two years after she launched an on-line petition to get an invitation to the white house. she is so cute. i hope i look this good. >> she started at 104 to get into the white house. and thankfully lived to see the day. >> it's not the only video involving president obama though that is getting buzz now. >> we're just going to hang on with her for a little longer. she's just too cute. >> tell me why you're crying.
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>> i know. he can only serve two terms. >> she's upset that the president is getting ready to leave office. she's really upset. president obama is trying to reassure this little girl that even though she's not ready for a new president he replied to the viral video "i'm not going anywhere, once i leave the white house i'll be a citizen just like you." cute. like my 7-year-old who is devastated that jeb bush suspended his campaign this weekend. she's like you got to be kidding me! >> very politically aware. >> they are. go ahead and treat yourself to the extra cup of joe. the new benefit in coffee that could help if you've had a little too much to eat and
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6:25. happening today's -- the u.s. supreme court gets back in session for the first time since the sudden death of justice antonin scalia. chief justice john roberts is expected to mention scalia's passing. he died last week while visiting a remote texas ranch. the justice was buried saturday, he was -79d years old. 79. president obama vowed to pick a supreme court nominee to fill the vacancy but republicans argue the next president should pick the nominee. this morning there is a great reason to save officer every stip of your coffee.
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reduces liver damage caused by indulging in food and alcohol. 900 studies were done in the uk and researchers say those who drank an additional two cups of coffee day had a 44% lower risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver but not the coffee concoctions with the sugar and whipped cream. that may do more harm than good. >> i don't have enough time to run upstairs between weather. five minutes is all i get. temperatures in the 70s later on this afternoon. i think we'll be in great shape for today with plenty of sunshine and temperatures into the upper 70s, i may have to share the coffee if i bring it in down here, i think a lot of us are into that this morning. no?
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coming up. getting ready for the oscars. always involves getting dressed up. the way you can help us prepare for one of the swankiest parties in town and help a charity at the same time. >> good morning. we are checking things out on i- 4, starting to get a little backed up as you head through ybor city. a lot of people tapping the brakes, but still just 8 minutes from 75 to 275 on i-4. captain al is on his way to a crash at i-75 and bruce b downs.
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tracking breaking news at 6:30. a clerk fights back against two gunmen in a confrontation that turns deadly.
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second suspect. >> we're also following a major change for downtown tampa drivers as you wake up with abc. >> this is a good traffic alert. >> i like to bring good news every once in a while. this is good for drivers heading to downtown tampa. cass street is now two ways between ashley and franklin so there it is there, in the pulsating circle. now you can go both ways on cass. this is part of a larger project throughout most of downtown where they are trying to make it more driver friendly and less one-way streets down there. take some time. in fact we still have construction in the area, west cass at north boulevard, that area in front of ut still closed and expected to be closed some time. again the longterm plan is to make it easier to get through downtown tampa. checking your bridges, this is i-4 heading into downtown tampa, pretty slow, people starting to tap their brakes. i was going to show you the bridges, considerate court
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campbell looking great less than 10 minutes to get across all three bridges, still 8 minutes to get from 357 to 275. 75 to 275. captain al is trying to find a crash on i-75 and bruce b downs, but it may be already clear? >> reporter: good morning. i checked out i-75 from fowler all the way to just about the apex, looking for this accident, in the vicinity of bruce b downs. good news is, as we got up here, can't find any sign of it so perhaps they exchanged numbers and moved out way, no lanes blocked. everyone moving smoothly. 50s and 60s now. we're doing that with mostly clear skies. we'll have a few clouds later this afternoon. more so than we did yesterday and over the weekend. with full sunshine. temperatures by lunchtime around 75. by the commute into the upper 70s but we have a frontal boundary that will begin to move in.
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a few showers ahead of it, 30% coverage. then this storm system here i'm tracking for potential of severe weather, that would be wednesday. we'll have the timing and details coming up when i see you in a few minutes. breaking news at 6:32 -- tampa police looking for a second suspect after a deadly firefight between two apparent would be robbers and liquor store clerk. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live at the scene on north 15th street. police are telling you the man killed was actually one of those gunmen. >> reporter: that's right. just got confirmation this morning that it was that store clerk that shot and killed that would be robber. this is something that is going to be key in the investigation. surveillance cameras, i encountered six of these around this building and there are also a number of them inside. investigators will be looking over those surveillance pictures to kind of get a piece of what happened here last night. investigators say around 11:00 the two would be gunmen came
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what they didn't know was the clerk was armed as well. a gunfire ensued and one of those men ended up being shot and killed in all of this. again investigators will be looking over that surveillance video from inside trying to piece the case together. that second suspect still on the run. when police got here to the scene last night they discovered one of those would be robbers right outside on the sidewalk, just a few feet from the front door where all of this happened. we're told the clerk was not hurt in this shooting. at this point the name of that man who was shot and killed hasn't been released. investigators speaking with witnesses in the area trying to gather more information and trying to get a possible id on that second suspect as well. anyone with information should contact tampa police. for now reporting live. rodney dunigan, abc action news. we got word overnight of a urgent search, for a car involved in a hit-and-run missing its rights mirror. troopers say it came off after hitting a man in sarasota last night.
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it's just west of 301. the sarasota/braid airport in the upper left -- sarasota bradenton airport in the upper left corner. the car took off, the victim is 55 years old, in serious condition now. we're told the car involved is maroon in color. 6:34. a south florida community is outraged that no one is speaking up after a 6-year-old is shot and killed while playing outside his home with some friends. king carter's grieving family is pleading for help now to find the shooters. the first grader is one of just 60 kids shot in miami-dade county in just the last year. king's aunt is frustrated that nobody is coming forward. >> i am sick, and i am tired. a 6-year-old! and a community is silent? a 6-year-old! and the community didn't see anything? in broad open daylight? >> they say somebody knows the gunman, the neighbors want that
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already a $25,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest. we have a crew and -- we will a crew in highlands county tonight. where worried parents will get answers about a sexting scandal at a local middle school. as we first told you last week investigators found naked selfies of nine lake placid cell phone. the sheriff's office is investigating to make sure none of the kids are child porn victims. an emergency theeg meeting is set for tonight at 6:30. take a second and come 209 tv and look 59 this video that florida upset. that guy just yanked a bull shark on to shore in palm beach. to use it as a prop for pictures that he's poseing with there. a reporter from our scription station in west palm beach posted it to facebook. she said he later pushed the shark back into the water but this video is concerning for a lot of people because bull sharks are considered one of the big three species that inflict serious injuries or
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facebook now. facebook page. we're checking to see if tia is taking extra steps to pocket travelers from the travelers from zika virus. we learned there's going to be educational flyers and spraying too. all the cases in florida were contracted by those traveling outside the united states. a important reminder to always lock your cars and keep pasco county deputies are looking nor this man, you see in this surveillance picture. after a rash of car break-ins at one trinity neighborhood they think this guy here has been taking stuff from unlocked cars in the foxwood community. we made phone calls this morning, we're still waiting to confirm with deputies if it's the only person they are looking for now or if there are others that may be involved as well. want to check in with ivan for a look at the forecast.
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this monday. we have sunshine, a few clouds later today. still mild though. tracking the next storm that moves in by wednesday. the timing coming up. we're looking live through downtown tampa. the drive pretty good -- the drive looking good here, just six minutes from i-4 to the howard frankland. back to you. still ahead -- roommate arrested. the cruel attack this man is accused of and the way he met his alleged victim. >> hollywood bombshell. the celebrity who is opening her wallet after a surprise court ruling forcing pop star ke$ha to continue to work along
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how much comedian bill cosby's wife knew about his alleged sexual assaults on more than 50 women? despite the fight to delay it camille cosby must testify in a oath against her husband. cosby denied doing anything wrong. although he's facing criminal charges in a separate case. a civil trial gets underway today for tampa native and "dancing with the stars" host erin andrews.
6:41 am
was secretly recorded changing clothes. jury selection starts this morning, andrews is accusing the nashville marriott of allowing a man to book a room next to hers so he could secretly record videos of her. police arrested david barrett for the crime in 2009. he pleaded guilty, was sentenced to 30 months in prison. in 2008 andrews stayed at the nashville marriott while covering a vanderbilt university football game and she's seeking $75 million in damages. still ahead -- a golden opportunity to dress to the nines. the way you can help anchor sarina fazan pick her oscars dress and what happens to that ground after oscars night.
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good morning. a handful of crashes but nothing to cause real delays. this is one roadblock in port richey at regency park boulevard and fox hollow drive. this is east of 19 so leave extra time if your morning drive takes you through that area. checking things out in pinellas county, i-275 at 22nd avenue south still wide open, up to speed in both directions. and the veterans expressway starting to slow just a little bit, 21 minutes from 54 to 275. let's check with captain al, how is it where you are? >> reporter: good morning. we're up at the pasco
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on the screen left to right. the very top there, i-75 as it hits 56, right at the very top is up to 54. see headlights from 54 flew 56, splitting outs the bottom to i- 75 and 275 at the apex. it's all moving smoothly. i heard about an accident southbound 75 at fowler. i'm heading that way. if this is in your route you may want to pay attention to this. i may have news for you there. otherwise here's ivan with the forecast. let's check on the full moon. there it is. by the way, this is the last full moon of winter. how about that. our next full moon will occur in spring. by then our temperatures likely in the 80s. we'll be close to 80 degrees the next couple of days. some changes on the way. and still some cool weather before we get into spring mode here.
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nice and mild, you can call it. by later today upper 70s. titan doppler radar pretty quiet now. widen out the shot and this is upstream. a few showers tomorrow but this is the storm we're watching because it's the one i think will likely bring us strong if not severe thunderstorms as we wednesday. breakdown. let's check in on your monday, by the time we get into the upper 70s. we'll do that in this fashion. 61 by 8:00. 75 by your lunch hour. then we'll reach highs again in the upper 70s which is a little above average for this time of year. a few showers tomorrow out ahead of the main storm but it's wednesday where we're looking for a line of showers and heavy thunderstorms and again strong-to-severe, we have our area already here, shaded in a slight risk that would be a level 2 of 5, the rest of us in green and we'll update that over the next couple of days. as far as the timing now, looks like wednesday midday would be when that squall line rolls through. by the way, behind it much
6:47 am
thursday with highs in the mid- 60s, even colder for friday with low 60s. like last weekend we'll have plenty of sunshine saturday and sunday, but unlike this past weekend, much cooler, very chilly overnight lows in the 40s. then our highs only if the 60s so we'll stay below normal heading into, well, close to march at this point. we'll see if we can warmum by next week. 6:47. in democracy 2016 -- just hours away from another battle in the race for the white house. >> tomorrow the republicans will caucus in nevada and gop frontrunner donald trump is hoping for another victory after a big win in south carolina. he scored all 50 of the state's evangelical voters snatching them from ted cruz who came in third. cruz claimed he effectively tied marco rubio for second place and attacked the fact that rubio hasn't yet won a primary. >> he was asked what state can you win? you were not able to win in iowa. you were not able to win in new hampshire.
6:48 am
when can you win a state? the answer he gave is he said, i think we can win florida on march 15th. that's a fairly amazing admission that they don't believe they are going to win in nevada. >> meanwhile an interesting endorsement for marco rubio last night. new kids on the block's donny wahlberg threw his support behind the florida senator in las vegas. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are gearing up for a fight in south carolina, as democrats head to the polls saturday. nevada caucus winner hillary clinton is favored to win in the palmetto state. now she's focused on super tuesday states like texas where she rallied over the weekend. meanwhile bernie sanders got some star power of his own with actor danny glover stumping for him. tomorrow night sanders and clinton will hit the stage for a democratic town hall at the university of south carolina. a 23-year-old miami woman beaten into a coma by a new roommate she met on-line is now showing small signs of improvement. danielle jones is opening her eyes and blinking. police say byron mitchell
6:49 am
the police report says mitchell claims it was self defense and she threatened him with a knife. danielle found him as a roommate on craigslist, now her mom wants this to serve as a warning to other women:>> maybe it can help the next person. you might think twice of letting a strange near your home before checking references. doing a criminal background check. >> doctors believe danielle has serious brain damage. police say mitchell only lived with danielle for a week. he's now held in jail without charges. this morning musicians around the country are backing pop star ke$ha in her fight against her record label using the hashtag freeke$ha. taylor swift even saying she'll give ke$ha a quart million financially. she wanted outside of her recording contract claiming she was drugged, raped and decade ago. sony said ke$ha wouldn't be harmed by honoring the deal. jesse palmer with more on this
6:50 am
fresh off his visit to a mexican prison, pope francis is urging catholic leaders around the world to oppose the death penalty. the pope spent five days touring mexico, left wednesday. now calling for one year moratorium on the death penalty. he's using the church's holy year which run through november 20th to encourage efforts for more mercy in the world. the pope says even criminals have the right to life. a historian made an incredible find in gwam. found a american soldier's world war ii dog tag, belonged to an army private named thomas davis. found on an island where davis earned a medal for bravery. the following year he was killed in one of the war's final battles. arrangements now underway to send the dog tag to his family in indiana. this morning one man's trying to set his story straight after deputies say he provoked a vicious attack between a pit bull and raccoon. the fight all caught on camera from back in march is just now going viral leading deputies to arrest two men everybody the weekend.
6:51 am
of the men, leo perry at the largo home where that fight happened. investigators say perry and his cousin's son tortured the raccoon and posted the three- minute video on his facebook page. perry said he didn't know the attack was being recorded but claims he was just training his dogs to hunt. >> because you -- that's how you train them. they don't hurt each other. you stop it. you get it where he -- gets used to that. you catch them. that is how you train hunting dogs. >> perry and his family member are now facing felony charges for animal fighting. perry is waiting for his first court appearance. all 10 dogs were taken from him. just 10 days to go before hollywood's biggest night. >> the tampa theater will have its annual oscars party.
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anchor sarina fazan's gown. the gown you choose afterwards will be donated to a young girl in need. meet the lucky local teen to wear it at her prom. before that, go to the facebook page and vote for which dress she should wear. 6:52. your morning sprint counting down to "good morning, america." >> we start with breaking news from overnight. a man is dead, another on the run after an attempted robbery at a liquor store. >> abc action news reporter rodney dunigan live again from 15th street north. >> investigators say this happened around 11:00 last night, the two would be robbers came to the store armed, ready to rob the place. what they didn't know, the clerk had a gun as well. they exchanged gunfire and one of the would be robbers shot and killed. this business here has about six of the security cameras placed outside of the business look with a number of them inside. investigators plan to look over that security footage today
6:53 am
exactly what happened here. we're told that store clerk was not hurt in this incident, by the time officers arrived last night they discovered that would be robber right out front. the name of the man hasn't been released at this time and the hunt for that other would be robber continues this morning. overnight tampa police cited a wrong way driver. an officer on patrol saw this car trying to drive west on the 50th street exit ramp toward eastbound traffic. there was evidence the driver was impaired. and only received a citation. more breaking news. a driver dead in trinity after crossing the road to confront another driver following an accident. both drivers pulled over, one began screaming and throwing beer bottles at the other people. that men went to cross the road to get back in his car another vic hit and killed him. -- vehicle. be on the lookout for this missing 70-year-old woman. cheryl ann herp walked away from her home on parker den drive yesterday evening and hasn't been seen since.
6:54 am
not be able to find her way back home. if you see her call the sheriff's office or 911. vandals have struck again at a youth football team's facility, in fact the fourth time in a year. the valrico rams have been targeted the fourth time in a year. the concession stand window busted, a cash register smashed and giant hole left in the fence. the leaders are frustrated because they think there are easy fixes to help keep criminals out and asking for hillsborough county for better lighting at the park. good morning. we have a crash reported i-75 southbound at fowler, we have several cameras in the area, can't actually find the crash but i'm seeing a lot of congestion and slowdown. again, southbound 75 just past fowler. if we check the average speeds on 7 a, this will show up -- 75, this will show you at the bottom, very slow. check this out, not much better on 275, 41 the average speed there.
6:55 am
crash at a -- at nebraska, a pedestrian struck. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. you can see hillsborough county fire rescue there as well as the sheriff's department. this is at the intersection of skipper road and nebraska avenue. apparently this happened in the southbound lanes but they are unobstructed at the moment. back to 75 at fowler, there were a couple of vehicles, they were moved to the side, wasn't a big deal. you can see the sheriffs' deputies leaving the scene here. southbound i-275 from pearce to fletcher, then foul -- bearss to fletcher, then fowler, picking up as normal but no problems. 7:02 will be sunrise. this afternoon a few more clouds than we had over the weekend but still dry. look at the temperatures, back in the mid and upper 70s. 67 by the time we get to 8:00. then we'll be tracking the next storm system, that will be moving through on wednesday, i think showers for tomorrow out
6:56 am
then the line moves through wednesday. days. have your stormshield app. it will prove through during the day so that is good but the potential is there for strong to severe storms wednesday. then a big cooldown thereafter with highs only in the 60s. want to sail like it's 1812? pete now. today the 19th century replica is offering a two-hour cruise around the bay, it starts at 10:00 this morning. stay tuned. >> yes. weather should be nice. >> fantastic, not windy. >> "good morning, america" is coming up next. >> keep up to date on air, our mobile app, facebook and twitter.
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good morning, america. donald trump on a roll. >> we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. just won. >> the gop front-runner celebrates big back-to-back wins now all eyes on the nevada, the next vote casts tomorrow. can marco rubio and ted cruz stop his momentum. the uber driver accuseded of killing six people. reportedly picking up fares during the rampage. now those passengers are speaking out. >> we were driving through median sfls and uber is responding to the attack. amazing escape. a megabus evacuated just moments


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