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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm wendy ryan. >> i'm ashley glass. a dangerous combination at a tampa park, a child and loaded gun. >> carson chambers is live with more tonight. >> reporter: the owner of the gun was his mom's boyfriend and was not even here at the time. he was out on the pier when the gun went off. >> then there was an ambulance with the little child only stretcher. >> reporter: a 6-year-old boy who made a dangerous discovery in his mom's diaper bag. police say the boy pulled the trigger in a busy park packed with families picnicking and playing. >> it scares me.
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with my grandchildren. >> reporter: the handgun left unattended by 27-year-old ricardo marquez. >> ridiculous. that should never happen. >> reporter: they say he stashed the loaded revolver in his girlfriend's diaper bag and her 6-year-old got hold of it. >> looked like a family party, so i don't know what happened. >> reporter: marquez went before a judge this morning facing two felony charges, negligence and tampering with evidence. officers say he tried to toss the gun into the bay. >> to think on a sunday afternoon when this park is full of people, anyone -- it could have been me, you, any little child that was down there. >> reporter: and that grandmother is right, it could have been anybody. luckily that bullet didn't hit anyone and they did recover the shell casing. carson chambers, abc action
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an update to a story we brought you at 4:00 today, a school bus crash in sarasota county now all cleared. it happened at waters and pine brook street in venice around 3:00 this afternoon. the student there attended venice high school. action air 1 flew over the scene there. three students and the bus driver had minor injuries. we're told the driver of the other vehicle was at fault and taken to the hospital. 18 students were on the bus at the time, all picked up or cared for. now to breaking news out of california, a small plane crashes on a street outside l.a. just moments ago. it's reported the plane's passenger's side wing was ripped off and fuel was spilling on the road. no one was hurt but two cars nearby were damaged. new tonight at 5:00, a 5- year-old girl playing with
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her mother's boyfriend is now facing charges, coming as a relief to neighbors. >> reporter: deputies say this girl was within arm's reach of pipe bombs and grenades. this is other things she was able to play around, shotgun casings. >> this is not a life for nobody or any animal. so we're not okay with any of this. >> reporter: these pictures show the pipe bombs, grenades and guns atf agents and deputies found inside this venice home during a welfare check, all things a 5-year-old girl was reportedly allowed to play around. >> no, we're not standing for this. we don't want this in our neighborhood. >> reporter: residents nearby are learning they were likely put in harm's way by their neighbors but they are more concerned with the 5-year-old girl, who many took in, clothed and even fed. >> she would stay at my house for almost a week and finally
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home if she wants. >> reporter: according to deputies, neighbors taking the girl in may have saved her life. they claim the inside of her mother's home was a drug den with paraphernalia and spice strewn about, deputies describing the living conditions as filthy, dirty and deplorable. >> they don't care about her. if they were willing to do this and put her life in jeopardy over drugs or whatever they were selling, then they don't need a kid. >> reporter: dcf did remove the girl from the home. neighbors say this is the best chance the girl has at a better life. good afternoon, everybody.
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the upper 70s to low 80s. we have a warm front streaming in from the south and we have a chance of showers rolling in tonight through first thing in the morning. look at temperatures right now, 81 in lake wales, and throw in a cold front and all the warm temperatures for the enhanced risk of severe weather across the area first thing on wednesday morning. that is something we'll touch on over the next couple days. at least for the time being, overnight. i'll let you know if that's an issue for the morning commute, coming up. new developments tonight, the man accused of a horrifying shooting spree over the weekend appears in courted to facing six counts of murder. we are learning what may have saved some children from the attack. detectives say jason dalton shot 8 people in three places in kalamazoo, michigan. one woman shielded a group of
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out hope for the youngest victim, a 14-year-old girl once believed to be brain dead but now giving two thumbs up. dalton is an uber driver and passengers say he gave them rides between the shootings. >> joked and said, you're in the the shooter, are you? he said no. i said, are you sure? he said, no, i'm just really tired. >> uber says dalton passed the background check and police confirm he didn't have a criminal record. police body cameras continue to be a hot topic but are they always reliable? we went digging into the issue with a look at whether or not
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>> reporter: this is body cam video of an incident in pasco county in july. investigators say the suspect is aiming a rifle at deputies. we count at least 21 times deputies demand the suspect lower his weapon. he raises the rifle, then this. after about six shots, the man is still warned to drop his gun. then two more shots. the suspect lived. you can see he had a rifle. the body cam video helped justify the shooting in a matter of moments. >> without a body camera, this could have taken days and potentially weeks. >> reporter: that's a good example. but we found times where body cameras don't work. >> is there room for improvement on how you track the data? >> tonight at 11, the most common reasons the cameras fail.
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are against them, tonight at 11:00. turning now to breaking political news tonight, senator ted cruz now calling for his communications director to resign, saying he districted a fake video showing marco rubio disrespecting the bible. tonight cruz says that was a grave error of judgment and that's not the type of campaign he's running. >> throw the kind of insults at marco rubio that he throws at me every single day. if other candidates choose to go into the gutter, we will not do the same. >> in iowa cruz was criticized for sending e-mails to caucus goers. the u.s. supreme court justices are back to work today, nine days after the death of justice antonin scalia. saturday friends and family
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old at a mass in washington. the president is vowing to nominate a candidate for the seat. first responders in hillsborough county sharing a heartwarming video tonight, a photo on social media showing them saving a cat and dog. they pulled them from a house fire in tampa friday and used oxygen masks to revive them. the owners also made it out okay. right now tampa is getting ready for the luck of the irish, testing out a new type of dye in preparation for the river o' greenfest on st. petersburg day. administrators say the process has been improved to ensure the river is safe and clean. >> in the past we have used powder.
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we premixed it in a tank and hoping to use a valve to control the flow better. should be a lot cleaner. >> the dye is biodegradable and nontoxic. tonight, many are too afraid to do their job. coming up, push for harsher penalties for those who attack an agent on duty. >> and anger and outrage, a desperate plea from the family of a miami boy shot and killed in a drive-by shooting. >> reporter: a man fires a gun at a bus stop. how the whole thing started
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right now a family is demanding answers after 6-year- old king carter was shot saturday afternoon.
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shooting and one bullet hit the boy. the shooters took off. tonight a $25,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. >> a 6-year-old, and the community doesn't see anything in broad open daylight? >> sunday afternoon they placed in his honor, placing stuffed animals near where he was shot. the school superintendent is calling for an end to the violence, saying more than 60 children have been shot in the past year, 24 of them killed. a judge will decide today whether a lawsuit stemming from the sandy hook elementary shooting can move forward. nine families and a schoolteacher are suing companies that make the type of gun used in the attack. since the passage of a 2005
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federal gun makers, nearly every lawsuit against a gun maker has been dismissed. several attacks on real estate agents in the bay area have sparked a debate among lawmaker, discussing tougher punishments for the attackers. several attacks happened in st. petersburg last june, then another in whitfield estates in manatee county, then last month another attack in river view. and we'll break down the new proposed punishments and what it means for the victims involved. >> we're almost totally defenseless. >> reporter: you may not think so, but one showing changed jenny's mind. >> i never expected this. now that we know people are actually targeting us, we have to take different steps.
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august of last year, 63-year- old bruce carter attacked her in a bathroom while she showed him a vacant house. this was one of multiple attacks on realtors in tampa bay. >> you have to think, i can be tricked. that's what happened to me. i was tricked. >> reporter: today lawmakers in tallahassee are trying to stop that from happening. a bill would make it tougher on violent offenders to attack an agent while showing a property. right now it's a second-degree misdemeanor. anybody. >> reporter: now she carries a taser and her coworker carries a gun. magnum, very small. i can carry it in my pocket. >> for me, i will always think of it and when i go through a house now, i will always be
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>> the bill passed through its first committee meeting today. according to the national realtor board, attacks on realtors are up 500% in three years and 70% of victims are female. what a great weekend. >> soaking it in. changes are coming. >> big changes. we're going from hot to cold and stormy and in between. >> a little bit of everything. >> what else is new? offshore. there are some showers down across the southern sections of the viewing area offshore. that will continue through later this evening. the big changes, they arrive wednesday morning in the form thunderstorms. this is a warm front. that's going to be coming through later tonight into the
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there will be showers out there. no thunderstorms, just a couple showers. they could linger into first thing in the morning. outside that, tomorrow will be warmer and muggier, higher humidity but mostly dry. the real rough stuff arrives probably mid-morning on wednesday. temperatures right now all over the place, from the mid- to upper 70s across most of the region to the lower 80s from highlands, desoto county, didn't break any records today but awfully close in many areas. lots of sunshine and winds coming in off the gulf, which can lead to sea fog. that might be an issue tomorrow, ahead of the front on wednesday. this is a satellite picture. you can see the cloud cover coming in from the south and even a few showers. this is a brush fire across southern hardee county and desoto county, so that's not rain.
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will continue to lift north through the evening. there it goes. by tomorrow morning through the afternoon, the line comes through. this is the area, wednesday, that we're going to be tracking as it races through. we have potential for some severe weather wednesday mid- morning. overall rainfall totals through wednesday night, most folks have a decent chance to get about an inch of rain. this is how you play wednesday. check us out later tomorrow and tomorrow night. expect citrus, sumter, pasco county, your rains roll through mid-morning, maybe a little earlier. the rest of us late to early afternoon on wednesday. these forecast highs on tuesday, even with more cloud cover, going to feel warmer than the last few days because the humidity is going to rise. granted these temperatures are not anything to throw a stick
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upper 70s to low 80s. mid-70s across polk county, 80 in lake placid. wave these temperatures good- bye wednesday because we'll see averages about 20 degrees colder than this on thursday, friday and saturday. not looking for a freeze, but we've got big changes in stores. winter wasn't done yet, you had to figure. southerly winds 5 to 10 knots, gulf temperature still 60 degrees. that's why the fog is an issue, warmer air over the cooler water leading to sea fog offshore. so there's a look at the most accurate seven-day forecast, rain chances about 20% tomorrow, not a big deal. wednesday the rain chances go up significantly as we cool off by thursday. right now it's being called the charlie sheen effect. coming up, why so many people
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controversial actor on social media tonight. >> reporter: there's plenty of buses in hillsborough county but not enough drivers. the strain it's putting on drivers and last minute changes they are forced to make to get
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new tonight at 5:00, the charlie sheen effect, trending on social media right now. a new study shows the actor's announcement last year that he had hiv prompted the greatest number of hiv related google searches in the u.s. in more than a decade. more than a million of those involved public health related information including searches for symptoms and testing. researchers say there are more than 6500 new stories on google alone in the first day of the
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decade-long decline in news reporting about hiv. an impromptu dance party erupts in the middle of the white house thanks to a very excited visitor. virginia began a social media campaign nearly two years ago to meet the obamas, explaining in videos online that she was so happy to finally see a black person in the nation's top job, and the president took notice. next at 5:30, shots fired at a bus stop. how a dispute between children
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>> ahead at 5:30, why manatee's school superintendent says this makes the most sense for
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good evening. one man's attempt at scaring a group of kids left him in jail. >> reporter: i'm at the bus stop where middle school children wait for the bus every morning right next to the big child's park here. it's in this area where the 23- year-old man approached those
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according to police, evron brown was confronting a 13 and 14-year-old girl about a dispute involving his little sister that started on facebook. he showed them the magazine full of bullet, said he was going to use them on them, waved the gun, then started shooting rounds into the air. police arrested brown a few days ago but this happened early in december. police say witnesses only knew him by nickname and it took a while for them to track him down. clifton french, abc action news. developing tonight in north florida, new details about the 16-year-old boy charged with killing his 10-year-old sister. her body was recovered sunday in a field behind the home. detectives say he told them his


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