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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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according to police, evron brown was confronting a 13 and 14-year-old girl about a dispute involving his little sister that started on facebook. he showed them the magazine full of bullet, said he was going to use them on them, waved the gun, then started shooting rounds into the air. police arrested brown a few days ago but this happened early in december. police say witnesses only knew him by nickname and it took a while for them to track him down. clifton french, abc action news. developing tonight in north florida, new details about the 16-year-old boy charged with killing his 10-year-old sister. her body was recovered sunday in a field behind the home. detectives say he told them his
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they found her body. the state attorney's office is seeking a second-degree murder charge. the manatee school district could close schools and transfer kids, one of which is wakeland elementary here in bradenton. it has structural issues. so they want to move all the kids to another school, johnson middle school. but the deal? this school is more than a mile away. so not all parents are happy about it. >> reporter: the plan for state of the unions in older schools into new ones like this one. while that makes sense, some parents aren't sure. sushi considers wakeland elementary her school. >> my son did attend this school. he was able to walk. >> reporter: within weeks, manatee leaders may take steps to shut its door, sending kids to johnson middle school, which
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the foundation is sinking and will soon be beyond repair. >> if it's structurally bad, let's do something about it. i just think the district has been negligent in taking care of their property. >> reporter: the school district is in the process of redesigning the entire school district. some schools are undercapacity and others are severely overcrowded. the goal is to plan for growth and be sure schools are safe and on a budget. >> students deserve to be in facilities that we can stand behind and say, this is a facility that for the next 50 years, we believe it will be there and will be a quality facility. >> reporter: the district may close orange ridge elementary as new as next year. >> the nicer your facility is, the more you feel good about your school. >> reporter: but some parents still have questions. >> can it actually be fixed and what is the actual cost to it?
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close older schools unless absolutely necessary. >> we will lose families because they're going to be scared, being moved into something. >> reporter: the school district is also hoping to build a new high school to ease overcrowding in the lakewood ranch area. they say all the changes are not final yet and they plan on doing more community outreach and will take more steps at the next board meeting. what a day, right? temperatures in the low 80s, and with the warmth and a warm front coming in from the south, there are a few showers right now. there's an outside chance a few will roll into the coastal areas overnight. temperatures today, upper 70s to around 80 degrees around all but the immediate coastline where the sea breeze kept
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it's also creating fog later tonight offshore. by 8:00 tonight, could be a few showers rolling in as that warm front lifts north. tomorrow morning, partly sunny skies. north. then a stronger line of storms and potentially severe weather rolls in on wednesday. coming up in a few minutes. we'll take a look at 275 and jefferson, traffic flowing smoothly in the southbound lanes. northbound is a little clogged with some kind of situation, pole and accident there on the shoulder contributing to the slowdown. we have coming up what you can expect on the roads tomorrow. >> great news for drivers especially in downtown tampa. cass street is now two ways from ashley to frankland here in this area. this is all part of a bigger project to make downtown tampa more user-friendly. we have overnight closures to
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armenia and howard are closed right under 275. the good news, you'll still be able to get on and off 275 at both of those streets. in pinellas county, overnight road work at 275 and 26th avenue south and 54th avenue south. both those on and off ramps will be closed overnight. detour signs will be posted. for more information on closures, follow me on twitter. now to a dramatic rescue in the sacramento area after a series of crashes traps a driver inside a vehicle. firefighters were able to pull the driver back on to the road. highway patrol officers say the 56-year-old driver of the budget truck was going the speed limit but couldn't see the other cars in time to stop. he suffer add broken leg and burns. three other drivers and one passenger suffered minor injuries.
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for her negligence lawsuit against marriott hotelings. it stems from a case in 2008 in which a man rigged hotel peepholes and filmed andrews changing clothes. she accuses the marriott and others of allowing david barrett to book rooms next to hers, enabling him to make the videos. barrett pleaded guilty to a federal stalking charge in 2009. andrews is seeking $75 million. to be honest, i thought it was a joke. >> straight ahead, one thing you need to know before posting your child's photo online. >> and solid waste employees are racking up thousands in overtime and you're paying for it. next at 5:30, an exclusive i- team report about the employees we caught wasting time.
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coming up, students standing up for the second amendment in the classroom. why the university says it has
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we have discovered some of that behavior maybe about a year ago or so, as we became more efficient. >> reporter: managers didn't know this crew was sniffing around until we asked for the records. we followed solid waste trucks for weeks and find them riding all over the city during early afternoon hours, burning up fuel you paid for. sometimes employees stopped for meals or snacks or hung out
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we see trucks picking up garbage in the afternoon. >> getting paid to do your job, you should be doing something. >> do you have a job? >> not at the moment, i don't. >> would you like a job? >> yes, absolutely. >> need to put your time in just like everybody else. >> reporter: since 2012, residential rates are up 26%. tampa has the highest rates of any city in the region at nearly $35 a month. more than twice what customers in bradenton pay at less than $17 a month. some you're paying is going to overtime. ten employees have racked up at least $100,000 over a decade. one driver claimed $200,000. but you wouldn't guess that based on the dozens of trucks that head back to the yard hours before the shift ends. >> a driver may have to come back to the office or to our yard to attend a meeting.
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>> that needs to be determined. we have to get out and do an evaluation. >> reporter: as far as the men in truck 1277, one resigned and the other was terminated. >> any of these guys say, we only had six dumpsters to take care of, would they be telling the truth? >> they could be. >> then is that fair to fire them if they don't have enough work to do? >> if they don't have enough work to do, that's something we have already instilled in our employees to report back to our yard with your supervisor. see what other work is out there. >> will we see anybody sitting under a tree for two hours this time next year? >> i don't think you will, i promise you that. now to a hoax that has a lot of parents on alert. this photo of her baby's birth was stolen and put online all over the internet with a fake
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the photo was posted with an article in january 2015 about the first baby born in the new year. the same photo resurfaced last week with a new headlines, her 14th child from 14 different fathers. the story is going viral after a former coworker tagged karina bennett. >> i started getting more notifications that people are calling you ugly, calling you fat. those comments really started to hurt me a lot. i was seeing comments from 30,000 people. >> according to experts, all photos posted on public sites are at risk. experts say mark your pages as private or water mark your photos. do this by using the editing feature on the phone or add a water mark by using a free app
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we have a warning now about tax scams. hundreds have been targeted by scammers using clever ways to get you to hand over your money. >> how you can spot a scam so you don't become a victim. >> reporter: alex's nightmare started with a phone call allegedly from an irs official. he was told his tax refund was a mistake and he had to return it that day or else. >> they're going to come read me my rights. >> reporter: panicked, he wired $700 to the scam artist before he realized what happened. >> the u.s. treasury department says this scam has been perpetrated in just about every state, estimated thousands of people to a tune of more than $26 million. >> reporter: it can happen to anyone. this message was left on the phone of a consumer reports
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>> reporter: when she called back, sheriff's told she could avoid arrest by wiring more than $6,000 to clear her record. >> the irs never calms calls out of the blue. if you have a tax problem, they will mail you. >> reporter: other things they would never do? alex says getting the call was scary but he knows now how to spot a scam. if you suspect a scam, report to the treasury general at
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complaint online at for more on these reports, go to it's a shame we're stuck inside today. >> i popped out here and there, and it was nice. >> tomorrow even warmer. then wednesday everything comes crashing down and reminds us that winter is still here. winter. usually when we hit march, ours bit. we had a few clouds off to the south and those are providing a few showers offshore. this evening we'll have showers warm front. our next real weather issue will not be from this. this will create a bit of rain overnight but i think it should be over by in the morning.
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different story after what will likely be a very large day of severe weather tomorrow across the northern gulf coast. wednesday. temperatures right now 70s to lower 80s, tampa 76 degrees. the dew point is 59, not too terribly humid. the humidity level is going to rise tomorrow. you may notice it for the first time in a long time. it will be muggy. by wednesday, everything begins to change. we hit 78 today, nowhere near the record high of 85. still 5 degrees above normal. today just like it was this time last year. sunny and 75 in st. pete, west winds, which is significant because any sea fog that does develop out in the gulf could begin to move on shore later tonight and into tomorrow.
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keep our eyes on. sarasota right now is sunny and 74. there's the satellite picture, a little cloud cover and showers stretching in from west of sarasota and areas to the west of venice and down toward the naples area. throughout the evening a few of those showers could drop in our area. if you're just outside to enjoy the weather, you could see a quick shower. most areas won't. by tomorrow morning, it's gone. partly cloudy skies lead to mostly cloudy skies in the afternoon and maybe even another chance of showers as the moisture comes in from the south. this is where things begin to change. wednesday morning we see rain coming in, wednesday mid- to late morning and early afternoon this squall line comes through. we have colder weather on thursday. tuesday, highs right back in
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i talked about the severe weather threat. on tuesday the bull eye here, that red color means there's a moderate risk of severe weather from the panhandle of florida up through alabama and mississippi. by wednesday, what's left of that front won't be nearly as much. there's a chance of severe weather north of i-4. we'll update this on facebook and we'll be updating tomorrow as well, as things begin to develop. we'll keep our eyes on this. as always, storm shield a great way to get instant notification of severe weather where you are. southerly winds 5 to 10 knots tomorrow, could be a little sea fog especially offshore. there are the tides, and partly sunny with afternoon showers tomorrow. there will be a lot more on wednesday, potentially strong storms. changes on thursday, going from the 70s to the 60s, and low 60s
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still ahead, eggs, bacon and burgers. tonight a surprising new study about heart health. >> the one food experts say
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9 to 5 was intended to be a drama. the devil wears prada used a million dollars worth of borrowed clothing. and baby boom was inspired by 1942's woman of the year.
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coming up at 7:00 on your action news station. taking action for your health tonight, a new study claims high cholesterol foods may not be as bad as we once thought. researchers in finland say foods packed with cholesterol like eggs do not increase your risk for heart disease. they looked at 100,000 healthy men and found no link between the cholesterol, a main cause for heart issues in young people. a vaccine is being credited for dropping cancer-causing hpv among teens. doctors started recommending the vaccine for girls in 2006 and since then the virus decreased among women 14 to 24 years old. the cdc says the infections have gone from 11% to 4%. now what's coming up next at 6:00. coming up, this fire is
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with this and the incredible discovery inside the charred remains. and higher risk of cancer, the growing chances of getting cancer from floors you may have, and the mistake that kept experts from seeing it sooner. coming up, hillsborough county parents fed up with bus drivers. what's happening and what the school district is doing about it. >> reporter: it's your second amendment right. the law these students want changes and the reason they feel safer with guns on campus. >> and safety concerns at
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mounting frustration as a growing number of hillsborough county school bus drivers are showing up late or not at all. the effect on parents. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm wendy ryan. >> i'm laura harris. transportation troubles putting a strain on a lot of parents tonight. >> so what's causing all the headache and how are parents getting around it?
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with today tell me they are waiting more than 20 minutes with their children just to catch the bus. then they say there's no call, no show, leaving them with no option but to get in their car and drive. dropping her daughter off is a morning routine for pam. lately it's been delayed. >> it's been a week and a half now, like seven days that we have had to worry about, where's the bus. >> reporter: she says the bus it's standard procedure for the school district to call when the bus is at least 15 minutes late but some aren't getting a phone call. >> today was the third call we got for a late bus. call. >> the most basic function of the school district is to provide safe and reliable transportation for our children to school. >> reporter: now parents are the district says it's not


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