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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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concerns and her fear that it could happen again. lauren. >> reporter: the two boys attend pinellas secondary school. it's an alternative school for those who have broken the code of conduct. the mother says the 17-year-old worked to lure her son off of what she thought was a secure campus and over into the woods intending to assault him. >> you send your kids to school and you expect them to be safe. >> reporter: this mother who we are not identifying to protect her 11-year-old is angry and her son forever changed. >> esther identified. >> reporter: she says this 17- year-old was allowed to be in the same room as her 11-year- old at the school. she says the teenager lured her son out of school with the promise of mcdonalds and took him to the woods and attempted the unthinkable. >> bear hugged him from behind and attempted, you know, to sexually assault him. >> reporter: investigators say this happened twice before.
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the other at a local group home. this woman told us her son was one of the victims in 2013. >> he should be locked up. >> reporter: this mother says her son was able to fake an asthma attack and able to convince the teenager to call his mom at the office building. >> he told the woman at the office he is trying to rape me. and she said what? he said he is literally trying to rape me. >> reporter: the teen was arrested. he admitted to police that he tried to sexually assault the 11-year-old. >> it's pretty traumatizing. >> reporter: now this mother wants to know how her son was able to leave what she thought was a secure campus and why this teenager was allowed to be around her son. >> how does this affect him for the rest of his life? >> reporter: her son is not in school because he doesn't feel safe. now, pin be lass schools didn't say much because of student privacy rights but they say they do have qualified staff supervising all of the district schools and they do receive
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reporting live in pinellas park tonight, lauren rozyla, abc action news. >> lauren, thank you. to a traffic alert in lakeland. police just tweeted this image from harten boulevard southbound. police are asking people to avoid the area. spread the word if you know anybody going by that way. no word on any injuries there. a man who investigators say sent his daughter plunging to death his. he is not mentally competent to stand trial but he is getting better. for now he will remain in custody at a state mental hospital. an autopsy showed the 5-year- old was alive when a st. pete police officer saw him throw her off the bridge back in january of 2015. three calls to 911 to report a suspected drunk driver. but deputies never respond. the driver in question right
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those calls for help spanning almost half an hour. jacqueline joins us now. i understand that you spoke to that caller who feared for his life and the safety of many others; right. >> reporter: wendy, he absolutely did. this ordeal unfolded behind me on state road 54 west of i-75. i'm going to go ahead and tell you what you're about to see and hear is even scarier than what it seems given how busy this road is. >> oh. >> reporter: this cell phone video shot by a concerned motorist appears to show a driver of a pickup truck nearly hitting a motorcyclist. >> i thought there was going to be a head off collision. >> reporter: growing concerned kyle who was driving on state road 54 decided to call 911 when he neared this car dealership. it was 4:52 sunday afternoon. >> they must be intoxicated. running people off the road. they're all over the place. >> reporter: he says the call
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miles west. when he hung up, he thought help was on the way but continued following the driver dixie. >> he gets out of his truck and staggers holding on to cars as he goes into the store. >> reporter: according to sight. that's when weiss who was parked in the parking lot called dispatchers for a second time. >> he went into the winn-dixie and came out and empties his truck out. he had six beer bottles at least. >> reporter: a very frustrated called dispatchers for a third and final time at 5:21 p.m. >> he went inside with more beer it looks like. >> reporter: weiss told abc action news that he finally received a call back from a deputy at 5:27 p.m. asking where he was and where the drunk driver was. >> and he said sorry there's nothing that we can do about it now if he is parked. if he comes back out, we will keep an eye out for him.
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sheriff's office says there were 19 units assigned at the time of the calls. >> i want to help out when i can. i was putting him on a platter for them. >> reporter: records also show that countywide there were 39 calls placed to 911 during that 29-minute time frame that weiss was calling for help. county officials say calls to 911 are prioritized by severity. we can't say how many were in service or responding to calls during that time frame. we're live tonight in pasco county, abc action news. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good evening, everyone. we continue to track very rough weather across the deep south. louisiana, mississippi, alabama those are all tornado warnings. and the large red box is a tornado watch. that's going inform to -- to be
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the deep south. tomorrow morning, whatever is left of that comes this way. now, the storm prediction center says the yellow area, there's a slight chance of severe weather tomorrow. i would not be surprised in fact i expect a tornado watch will be issued for part of the area tomorrow morning. but not for everybody. we will take a closer look at that and the weekend forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. a close call tore a sarasota county deputy caught on camera. in this dash cam video you see the deputy driving down i-75 yesterday afternoon. in the distance a wrong-way driver coming right at him. you see him there in the break- down lane. deputies were able to stop the driver, 21-year-old ryan flurry. his blood alcohol level was three and a half times the legal limit. thankfully no one was injured. tonight a 13-year-old is in custody after taking off on nearly a two-hour crime spree. deputies say the teen first
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avenue south, stole a van and tried to break into a store. you can see surveillance video of that teenager even trying to climb up on the store's roof. the owner then chases the boy away. he then goes back to the day care and steals yet another van. >> our vans are our way of transporting these children to and from school, to and from field trips, that kind of thing. without those vans, that kind of service can't be offered to the children for the families. >> the teen crashed the second van at 78th street south and madison avenue. he tried to steal a bike and then hid in a wooded area where deputies finally caught him. >> turning now to democracy 2016. we are hours away from the battle for the republican race. nevada caucuses. donald trump is far ahead in nevada. but caucuses tripped him up last time in iowa.
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beat him at the ground game. trump is the overwhelming leader in the republican race. so far he has managed to capture 67 delegates. his nearest competitors, ted cruz and marco rubio with 11 and 10 candidates each. carson chambers shows us tonight historical indicators say trump may have already wrapped up the gop nomination no matter what happens tonight. >> wow. >> reporter: calling out a protester in las vegas. >> i would like to punch him in the face. >> reporter: donald trump is demanding attention and delegate votes and history is on his side. >> it's true that a republican that has not won new hampshire and south carolina has not been successful at getting the nomination. >> reporter: it's not just history working in trump's favor, it's tradition. at a liberal arts university, a student mock convention picks him as the incumbent nominee.
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trying to make a successful prediction. and that's way more than reading polls. >> reporter: the mock convention is billed as the most accurate in the nation. students have predicted correctly 19 of 25 election cycles, only making two mistakes since 1948. then there's technology giving us insight. >> as the nevada caucus unfolds tonight, we're getting a look at the google numbers, what people are searching in nevada when it comes to republican candidates. look at this, this is donald trump up here. he takes about 56% of the google search engine searches. >> reporter: but susan mcmanis says no one can predict in an unpredictable election year, not at all when you have a candidate like trump in the race. >> is this a usual election, not particularly. >> reporter: the primary will be another key forecaster to keep an eye on. it's not over until voters get their say. >> there's only one thing that
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>> reporter: in tampa, i'm news. >> florida's presidential primary is three weeks from today. if you haven't made up your mind yet, there's a great tool to pick out your candidate. here it is. this quiz let's you go as in- depth as you want about the main issues in the race. anything from abortion, gay marriage, gun control, obamacare, whatever you want. you go there and it will tell you which candidate you side with the most. we posted the link on and have also tweeted out a link. >> it is really bad. i have cried a lot. it's really bad. road rage, the minor encounter that set it off. get more money back on your taxes. the top five credit and deductions you might be missing and how you can qualify for
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>> welcome back. tonight a tennessee family is fearing that a grandfather will not survive an act of road rage. bobby dillard was driving slow near nashville. another car swooped around and stopped in front of him and that driver got out and flunk open dillard's door. police are not sure if things got physical but dillard was so scared, this is what happened next. >> it was a massive stroke. he had a massive stroke. it's one of the worst ones they have seen. and it's just -- it's just horrible. >> dillard's heart rate and blood pressure spiked so quickly it caused a stroke and put him in a comb a the man has been arrested but police are not sure what happened. he is now being moved to hospice care. prosecutors looking at possible chargers for a 4th
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into a fight with players and parents. coaches and parents flood the court. prosecutors are now reviewing this video and witness statements to see if assault charges will be filed. you can get more money back on your taxes right now. tonight abc action news reporter jackie callaway is taking action for your money, revealing the top five credits and deductions you might qualify for. >> here is what you need to know to take full advantage of these tax breaks before you file. the first biggy, don't miss out on sales tax deductions. every tax paying floridian should take advantage of the sales tax break. people overlook the fact that they can add on major purchases. >> if you buy a car, you buy a boat or an vv, you can add that to the standard deduction for sales tax.
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school or maybe you went back to college, you have two options for write-offs. make sure you that don't take the wrong one. the first is the american tax opportunity tax credit. it provides a tax credit of up to $2,000. >> you get a tax credit which will reduce your income tax liability dollar for dollar. >> reporter: you will want to compare it to the deduction for qualified higher education expenses. >> you can deduct on the face of the return up to owe/believe up to $4,000 on the front of your tax return. >> reporter: congress also rescued the deduction of mortgage interest premiums. >> you can take it off as an additional expense on your return. >> reporter: here is a big one for the senior crowd. those 70 and a half and older must take distributions from their retirement accounts. if you direct that distribution to a charity, it's a double tax break. >> you do not pay any income
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will get the deduction for making that charitable contribution to the charity. >> the biggest mistake that tax preparers see, if you bought insurance from the obamacare marketplace, make sure that you're taking all of the credits allowed. on an upnote, the following deadline has been pushed back this year. it's april 18th because of a holiday in washington, d.c. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good evening, everybody. check that out. beautiful sunset across the area. it's hard to imagine that in 12 hours we will already have clouds rolling in and even the threat of some severe weather. although i think main sale and areas down to the south your chances will be quite a bit lower than if you lay up to hernando beach, north in citrus county and the big bend in the panhandle. that's where everything is going on right now.
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numerous tornadoes railroad reported. it will be a long night for folks in louisiana, mississippi and alabama. this will probably end up being the worst tornado outbreak since 2011. what is left of that arrives here by mid morning tomorrow. there won't be anything close to what is going on up north but it's something that we can't write off completely as i think there's a chance that we could be under a watch box, especially citrus and hernando county northward over tomorrow morning. there's nothing out there now but i think that's probably the way that it's going to play out. mid 70s right now. beautiful. we topped out at 80 degrees today in tampa. the morning low, 65. so the satellite picture, breezy out there today. warm. a couple of showers out there. if you're going out this evening, you have nothing to worry about. it will be dry and breezy and it will be pretty much perfect for this time of the year with just a few clouds. overnight, most of the area stays dry. even through first thing in the morning, while i do think there
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think most of the heavier rain arrives between 8:00, 9:00 and lunchtime. in fact, by 10:00, you can already begin to see that line moving through. as i said, based on what we're thinking, if there was a watch issued, and that's an if, if it was, it would be maybe citrus, hernando county northward. there's a decent chance of rough weather later tomorrow across the extreme northern sections of florida and even tonight for the panhandle. they will have a high probability of tornadoes. the line comes through by lunchtime. there will be gusty winds. maybe 40 to 50 miles per hour winds with the embedded thunderstorms and there is the possibility of a quick tornado. nothing close to what is happening in the deep south tonight. by tomorrow evening, it's over. northwest winds pick up and our temperatures will be almost 20 degrees cooler for high temperatures on thursday than they were today. so winter not done with us yet.
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from the storm prediction center. the yellow color indicates a slight risk of severe weather. even less than that for southern florida. we will watch this and we will be updating all night long. and ivan and shay and myself will also be here tomorrow morning just in case things get rough. at this point in time it appears that most of the damage and the really severe stuff will be pretty much from the panhandle of florida, right on up toward the northeast. stay tuned. check us out tonight at 11:00 as conditions begin to change. we know that can happen quickly in our neck of the woods. the rain and the storms tomorrow morning. then look at thursday. the high, 66 on thursday. and 61 on friday. morning lows in the upper 30s to low 40s on friday and again on saturday. but at least the weekend will be sunny. hello, folks. interesting night at the arena. andre in net. surprisingly a game time decision is.
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arizona on their back end of back to back nights. these type games are ones that teams should take advantage of. even arizona played last night, the bolts don't know much about them because they haven't played them this season. you probably will get a lot of this early in the game. >> they're dicey games. that's one of those where you kind of have to get a feel for them in the 1st period to see in my head i think okay these guys match up against these guys but you don't because you don't know the guys well. we just continue what we have been doing the last few games and stick to our plan and we should be okay. >> let's hope so. four in a row would be sweet. they have a game in hand and detroit is only a point behind. meanwhile the rays are in day two of spring training. 62 of 64 players have reported. position players aren't due
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all the big names are in. jennings is the lone big name that is not. cash is impressed with not only how many are in early, but more importantly how they came into spring training ready to go. >> we were very confident that these guys would come into spring training. we didn't necessarily know early but we knew they would come in in shape and ready to play. now they're here early and it will make us better. tennessee varsity coaches getting together to dispel accusations by six unnamed females that there is a hostile sexual environment on campus. the suit stated the school had a clearly unreasonable response to the incidents reported. and that caused the women to endure additional harassment. suspiciously the ad and chancellor were out of town. the coaches said the press
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it was their idea rather. last week we wondered where usf fits in the big 12 conference expansion plans. well, who is going to make that decision? tonight at 11:00, we're going to talk more about this hot topic. that's tonight at 11. we're back at a minute and
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>> we have continuing coverage of today's top stories on >> we will see you right back here at 11:00.
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? breaking news tonight. the state of emergency this hour. multiple tornadoes reported already. the devastating damage. we're on the scene. about to power right up the east coast, 45 million in the path. also breaking, the new surveillance images of the alleged uber gunman. where he was in the hours before the rampage. the race for the white house, and tonight, the showdown in nevada. donald trump lashing out at ted cruz. and what trump said when asked why he's not taking on marco rube roe. breaking news on the zika outbreak, right here in the u.s. tonight. authorities now confirming more than a dozen new cases of the disease sexually transmitted. late details coming in now. and the reporter on the field, the "dancing with the


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